A Quick Guide to Living Room Arrangement

You already have your eye on some Amish furniture, and maybe you’re thinking about adding a new table to your dining room, but how do you arrange your living room? It’s much easier than you think, but if you’re trying for the first time then it can probably become a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Tips for Setting up your Living Room with Amish Furniture

Starting with your living room, you can really make a difference with the best Amish living room furniture, but where do you begin? We tend to start with the sofa.

Amish FurnitureSofa – Place your sofa at a prominent location in your living room – either against the wall or in an area where it will face the television. Make sure that there is adequate space to walk around it, and ensure that it’s not taking up the entire living room.

Endtables – In our Amish furniture store, we offer plenty of end tables whether they’re the alive edge or fully formed. These tables can be placed at either end of the couch, or you can place one against the wall to hold a lamp.

Coffee Table – You’ll find that we not only have the best Amish furniture for sale, we also have some of the best coffee tables. Just like our end tables, we have a great selection of live edge furniture as well as more domesticated styles. The coffee table needs to be placed near the sofa, but once again, make sure you can walk around it while being able to sue it.

Chairs – The couch provides lots of seating but chairs can give you the little bit of extra you need. An empire style chair can be amazing for the company, but recliners are good for relaxing at the end of the day. Position your extra chairs near the walls or in the vicinity of your couch.

TV Stand – If you look through our online Amish furniture store you will find plenty of plasma TV stands, and they are well suited to your living room. When you are setting it up, place it at the head of your living room and make sure that it is well within view of your couch and the rest of your chairs.

Use the Best Amish Furniture

When you buy Amish furniture you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re making an investment into the future of your home. Our store contains some of the best pieces you’ll find anywhere, and you’ll discover that they can last for generations, giving you something to pass down to your children. That’s just not a claim you can make with most pieces of furniture! Make the right investment and make your home look amazing.


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