Whether you’re looking to add seats to a breakfast nook, or you’ve put a full bar in your home and need seats to go with it, you’ll need some high quality barstools. Here at Amish Showroom we pride ourselves in creating beautiful pieces that will look amazing, wherever you use them. There’s several options available to you, so let’s break them down and find you the perfect barstool.

Swivel Or Stationary

Firstly, do you want your barstools to swivel around, or do you want a stationary seat? Both have a lot of benefits, so you’ll need to decide which one is right for you. We can offer both, so you can pick one out that suits you best. Our Bellingham swivel barstool is perfect for you if you want your seat to move around. You’ve got lots of customization options here, so you can have seats made that will suit your home’s décor.

Back Or No Back

Next, consider whether you want a back on your bar stools. Stools with no backs give you that classic bar feel, so you can create the right atmosphere in your home bar. If you’re using the stools in your kitchen though, you may want backs on them for comfort as you eat.

If you want a backless stool, then the Allerton bar chair is just what you’re looking for. These classic barstools again come in a range of wood types, and the fabric top allows for a comfortable seat. They come complete with tacks in a range of finishes too, so you can choose details.

Barstool Finishes

Finally, you need to pick the finish on your barstools. As mentioned.above, there are so many options when you pick out your stools. If you choose our Bayfield barstools, for example, you have the option to pick from a wide array of wood types. Is cherry, elm, or walnut going to be right for your home? You’ll also have the option to add arms too, which are perfect for extra comfort.

On our barstools you can change out the fabrics too, to fit in with your home’s existing look. You can choose from a range of leathers, so you can have a color that’s more red, brown or black that fits your needs. You can also go for a fabric finish, if that suits your home more.

On some barstools you can even adjust the height of them, so you can get just the right height to fit your bar. We aim to give you as much customization options as possible, so you’ll have the barstool that’s just right for your home aesthetic.

Need Help Choosing?

Is this more choice than you were expecting? Then we’re here to help you find the right barstool for your needs. You can visit our showroom and see the options we have, and get help from our experienced staff. If you want to order from home, you can do that too. Simply visit our site and check out all the options that are in stock, so you can order everything without leaving the house.

You can check out more on our Facebook Pinterest Instagram and YouTube pages too. There’s lots to see here, so you’ll get plenty of inspiration. See how our pieces are being used in real homes, today.

We’re proud to offer so many options when it comes to barstools. Wherever you want to use them in your home, you’ll be able to find the right stools for you. If you want to find out more, just get in touch and we’ll be ready to help you choose.

Bookcase Designs with Storage

A good bookcase can be used in almost every room of the house. Place them in the study to hold all your books, place them in the living room to hold games and DVDs, or in your kitchen to hold your family cookbooks. They’re versatile pieces that you can use however you need.

Here at the Amish Showroom, we have lots of different bookcases on offer. We have many that come with drawers, which are always popular as they offer you even more storage space. Looking for the right bookcase for your home? Here’s what you need to be looking for.

Drawers To Suit Your Needs

 As well as plenty of shelves, many of our bookshelf units will come with drawers. We’ve even created models that have drawers for specific needs. For example, you can have drawers that are designed to hold file folders, as you’ll see in our McCoy Bookcase AMB and CLR models. These will be great in the study, as you can store important documents in them and have them within reach at all times. As well as this, you won’t need an extra piece of furniture to store your files, either.

Enclosed Bookcases

Take a look at our bookcases, and you’ll find there’s plenty of options for open as well as enclosed cases. The enclosed options will use glass doors, so you can keep the contents of the case protected, while you can still see inside. This makes them perfect for kitchens when you want to store and display china. They’re also a good option if you want to display collectibles. Our Morgan Bookcase is a great example of this, so take a look and see if this model is for you.

Get Extra Storage

As mentioned above, we offer bookcases that have file drawers in them. That’s not all we offer though. Plenty of our bookcases have drawers that can hold almost anything you can think of. Need somewhere to keep pieces that you want to keep out of sight? Pick one of our bookcases with drawers, so you can store them while displaying other pieces on the shelves.

Lots Of Custom Options

Have you found a bookcase on our site that looks a like a great fit for your home? Don’t forget to consider adding custom options.  You’ll be able to choose the overall height, depth, and number of shelves in your piece. When you’re ready to order, just call the showroom.

Choose The Look Of Your Bookcase

Do you want the Cooper Bookcase for your home? Then you can change out the wood type, to match with the rest of the items in your home. Choose from rustic cherry, oak, brown maple, and more. Once you pick the wood, you’ll be able to choose the stain and the hardware, so you can get just the look that you want.

Follow Us Online

Need more ideas for your home? Then follow us on social media, where we regularly post ideas and our latest pieces. You can find us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Keep an eye on our posts to see what we come up with next.

Choosing bookshelves with drawers gives you more options when it comes to storage. Find a home for everything, and display the items that you want to show off in your home. With all the options available on our website, you’re going to find something that’s perfect for you.