Amish Furniture Sleigh Beds to Consider in 2019

Create a fresh new aesthetic in your bedroom by changing what is, without a doubt, the most important piece of furniture.

With a new bed, you can make your personal space more comfortable, and in some cases more practical. With countless designs available today, you could even dramatically change the look and feel to bring your room up to date for the new year.

Sleigh beds follow some traditional design cues, and at the Amish Showroom, we add modern touches to keep things fresh. Whether you want traditional, ultra-contemporary, or transitional, our wood and stain choices will help you to get the results you desire.

Find the best bed for your needs by starting with three Amish Furniture sleigh bed options available to order online today.

Old Classic Sleigh Bed with Bookcase

Here’s a gorgeous piece of handcrafted Amish Furniture that combines both form and function into one very attractive package. Having extra storage on your headboard can help you to keep your room tidy and uncluttered. A bookcase headboard is the perfect place to store the book you’re currently reading, electronics like smartphones and tablets, or even your everyday jewelry like watches and bracelets.

Our Old Classic Sleigh bed is available in oak and other woods, and pricing starts with a Queen Size that measures 63.5 inches wide by 99 inches long. Amish Furniture craftsmanship means you get features like dovetail slats and heavy-duty bolts that will last a lifetime and beyond.

If you love the design but would prefer a more traditional sleigh bed without a bookcase, then consider the Old Classic Sleigh Bed. Customize your material selections online or talk to us today to learn more.

Avondale Bed – Timeless Amish Furniture Beauty and Craftsmanship

The Avondale Sleigh Bed presents itself with a modern two-tone aesthetic that would look wonderful in either a modern or transitional home. If you demand elegance, quality, and breathtaking looks, then this could be the ideal option for your bedroom makeover.

We have designed the Avondale Bed to fit with a range of modern styles, or, you could pair it with a full Avondale suite to achieve a unified aesthetic throughout your bedroom. Dressers, nightstands, and chests can help to fill the rest of your room while offering practical storage solutions.

Although pictured in a unique two-tone stain, we can finish the Avondale Bed to meet your requirements. A low footboard is available upon request.

The Riverview Bedroom Suite is a Stunning Example of Amish Furniture Beauty

Sometimes it’s the simplest designs that take your breath away. The Riverview Mission Bed is a sleigh bed with elegant curves and a modern minimalist design. Finished in a dark stain, this bed would fit perfectly into any modern home where high-end elegance is demanded.

The arched headboard is pure class and distinction, and the footboard is available in either a standard or low option. This bed or the entire Riverview Mission suite would be perfect for a master bedroom, with options like chest drawers, nightstands, and dressers available to order.

For modern homes, we recommend the darker stains, as they work well with other design elements that are typically used in contemporary settings. Pictured is the full suite in Brown Maple with an Onyx stain. Of course, you can explore your own sense of style at the Amish Showroom, and our master craftsmen and women can finish the Riverview bed or full suite in a stain of your choice.

Wood selections include Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Cherry, Brown Maple, Elm, Hickory, and Walnut. Whether you want a deep and rich grain from an elegant wood, or something more affordable and understated, we’ll help to turn your vision to reality.

Amish Furniture Sleigh Beds Made to Last

All our Amish Furniture is heirloom quality. Our collections are made to last the lifetime of your home and beyond. An investment in an Amish bed is an investment for the long-term, and you’ll love how our sleigh beds carry their timeless beauty throughout years of ownership.

Quality construction methods and the absolute best materials make Amish Furniture the first choice for discerning homeowners. Explore all our products at the Amish Showroom online.


Design a Standout Entryway with Amish Furniture

Your entryway is one of the most important areas of your home, setting the mood and becoming a point of focus any time that you have guests around for socializing and celebrations. It’s somewhat surprising to learn that many homeowners don’t place any special emphasis on their entryways when decorating. Whether your front door opens to a large space or a relatively compact hallway, there are several creative decorative choices that you can make with Amish Furniture.

Your entryway should be both practical and impactful, and with the following ideas you could turn a cluttered and ordinary entryway into something both impressive and inviting.

Declutter with Amish Furniture Hall Seats

Hall seats could easily become the highlight of your entryway. Add one to a modest or mid-sized entryway hall, or, add two on opposing walls for a large entry foyer. Hall seats offer organized coat storage, shoe storage, and some models even have baskets and cabinets for miscellaneous items. We can custom build hall seats to your size requirements, with the stain and wood of your choice.

Take a look at the Baltimore Hall Seat as inspiration for your own home.

Add Stylish Hidden Storage Solutions

Clutter is something that can quickly occur in the entryway of even the most organized home. Your hall or foyer could quickly become the dumping ground of shoes, kid’s school bags, coats, and other items. Without storage solutions, it can become almost impossible to keep everything clean and tidy.

Hall seats go a long way towards meeting your storage needs, but you can add even more with hallway benches that feature hidden storage. Our Amish Furniture Lattice Weave Drawer Bench is a popular option that has created functional hidden storage in countless homes. Our Lift Lid Mission Bench is another possibility that could suit your overall style concept.

Add Seating with Entryway Benches

Adding casual seating to your entryway will help to keep your home practical and inviting. With Amish Furniture, you can add benches that are exquisitely designed and expertly handcrafted.

The Harvest Trestle Bench is a beautiful option with elegant legs that scream high-end quality. For something even more flexible, consider the Henderson Bench with extensions.

Mission Benches are also a fantastic option, creating both class and distinction in your entryway. The highly detailed design of the Lowback Royal Mission Bench is particularly beautiful.

Office Furniture is Perfect for a Large Foyer

If your home features a large foyer that opens into adjoining halls and rooms, then you’ll have ample space to fill with practical and beautiful Amish Furniture designs.

Office furniture designs are perfect for foyers, allowing you to add seating, bookcases, and other pieces that can make a great first impression.

Tall and prominent bookcases work well in entryways, and they can be combined with occasional tables and upholstered chairs to create a quiet corner of your home that will immediately stand out for every guest that walks in your door.

If size matters, then our Boulder Creek collection can create a strong visual impact. Heirloom quality craftsmanship showcases the natural wood grain on our Amish Furniture. Store books, photos, and small decorations on your entryway bookcases. Take a look at the Boulder Creek Double Bookcase for a large foyer where you need to fill space. For a more compact entryway, consider the single 6ft Boulder Creek Bookcase. Stain and wood choices are available to complement your existing décor.

Our beautiful upholstered client chairs and benches can pair a bookshelf or occasional table.

Buy Amish Furniture Online for Your Entryway

With just a few additions you could turn your entryway into something you’re truly proud of. Whether it’s adding seating or hidden storage, or even a bookcase or armoire, your entryway deserves the same attention that you would pay to any other room in your home. Explore the Amish Showroom today to discover timeless Amish Furniture that will add lasting beauty to your home.


Kitchen Designs 2019 – Remodel with Amish Furniture Cabinets

As the heart of your home, your kitchen requires special attention. Function, beauty, and convenience are perfectly balanced in the best kitchens. Color plays a critical part by setting the mood and influencing your decorating choices.

Your home deserves the beauty and lasting quality of Amish furniture, and the growing trend of darker hues could inspire you to get your remodeling project off the ground.

Black or Dark Cabinets for 2019.

Using black as the base of your design doesn’t mean that everything needs to be finished in a darker shade. Beautiful kitchen design all comes down to balance.

Dark stained Amish Furniture cabinets can be combined with light quartz counter-tops to create a striking contrast that works well in both ultra-modern and transitional homes. Even if you choose dark counter-tops, you could use a white or bright color on a back-splash to break things up.

Black is often thought to be monolithic or even imposing, but it’s all about how you use it. In some designs, it’s possible to alternate your cabinet colors to keep things interesting and attractive. A contrasting white kitchen island in a predominantly black kitchen can reinforce the sense of space and beauty. Feature walls painted in pure white will bring light into a black kitchen with reflective surfaces.

Hardware also makes a significant difference, offsetting darker Amish Furniture cabinets to bring a sense of luxury and style. Gold pairs perfectly with black and is elegant in its presentation. Add gold accents on hardware for cabinets and drawers, hand towel rails, or even gold lighting fixtures can all help you to achieve an aesthetic that stands out.

Amish Furniture Cabinets and Features Made to Last

Black kitchen cabinets make a bold and stylish impact. kitchen cabinetsQuality is tangible. It’s something that you not only see, but you can feel it whenever you are in your kitchen. The way a cabinet opens and closes or the smoothness of a utility drawer could make or break your kitchen design. With Amish Furniture you get lasting quality and practicality.

Our handcrafted Amish furniture cabinets are made from solid timber and will last for generations. An investment in Amish kitchen cabinets is one that will continue to pay off.

We can finish our cabinetry in hard wearing solid paint or dark stains of your choice. You don’t have to go down the route of solid black if it doesn’t work with your sense of style. Graphite or Onyx stains are ideal for darker kitchens.

The extra options you get from Amish Showroom will provide you with convenience. Keep your kitchen clean and organized with sliding trash cans. Conveniently store your favorite gourmet and everyday ingredients with a hidden spice rack. A sliding pantry or fully integrated wine rack will make your kitchen the perfect place to prepare meals and entertain.

Soft close drawers and doors can be added as options to give your kitchen a sense of elegance and luxury, while also protecting your Amish furniture cabinets from damage.

A handcrafted designer kitchen will give you the option to execute your own ideas without limitation. When you want the best for your home and your family, Amish Showroom can deliver.

A Handcrafted Kitchen from Expert Amish Furniture-makers

The time-tested quality of Amish furniture is world renowned. You can have the best in your home when you design a custom kitchen with the Amish Showroom. Furniture is handcrafted, made to order, and are fully customizable to meet your specifications.

Create your own interpretation of the modern black kitchen or incorporate something entirely unique. Make your kitchen your own. Talk to us today about our options and look forward to a better kitchen in 2019.


Epoxy Trends for Amish Furniture 2019

Wooden Amish Furniture is prized for its longevity and natural beauty. Amish families have handcrafted their furniture in the United States since the early 18th century, and popularity of both antique and contemporary pieces has grown phenomenally since the 1920s.

Today, people associate Amish furniture with unrivaled craftsmanship, natural hardwood construction, and durability that can last for generations. If you’ve looked at any of the most recent collections at the Amish Showroom, then you will also know that Amish furniture is perfectly suited to contemporary lifestyles.

While all our work is rooted in tradition, we are not afraid of branching out to embrace current trends and even new materials. Epoxy is one material that we use in creative ways to bring traditional Amish Furniture ideas into the 21st century.

What Makes Epoxy Perfect for Modern Amish Furniture?

When designing new collections and one-off pieces of furniture, we always think long-term. Amish furniture should be able to withstand daily use while retaining its beauty for generations to come. Traditional finishing methods like painting and varnishing can provide decades of beauty before furniture needs to be refinished. With epoxy, we can extend the durability even longer, while also allowing for custom designs that simply can’t be achieved with traditional materials.

The most basic use of epoxy would include finishing a tabletop, countertop, or possibly the tops of dressers and armoires. We also take things a little further, by using epoxy as an integral material in our custom tabletops.

Transparent finishes, solid colors, and even special metallic finishes can be created by our master Amish furniture makers.

Epoxy Trends to Inspire You in 2019

Wondering how epoxy could be used for the furniture in your home? Let’s look at some of the most exciting trends of the coming year and how they could be used in your home.

  • White Epoxy to Pair with Solid Timber – White epoxy resin can be used creatively with Amish furniture to create a striking contrast. Rich walnut is an example that can be combined with white epoxy for an ultramodern look on your tabletops in 2019.
  • Metallic Epoxy Finishes for Unique Amish Furniture – Our metallic epoxy finishes add sparkle and shine to any piece of furniture. This epoxy is perfect for commercial tables in bars and restaurants, or even for use on a solid timber bar top. Metallic epoxy finishes are also excellent for custom barstools and casual seating when you want something that truly stands out. Silver and Gold will dominate in 2019. You’ll also find pigments like copper, electric blue, and more to choose from.
  • Garnet Epoxy for Rich Furniture – Beautiful, rich, and deep garnet red is an excellent choice to pair with a variety of woods. The darker your base wood, the better it will look with garnet epoxy resin. Combine two pieces of living wood with a garnet center and you’ll have a contemporary table that pays tribute to the beauty of nature.
  • Black Epoxy for Dramatic Finishes – Black furniture is making a comeback in 2019. Dark woods can be combined with black epoxy finishes or multi-piece tabletop designs that are dramatic and eye-catching. Black epoxy can be finished to a high sheen to give you a beautiful modern aesthetic.
  • Use UV-Epoxy to Protect Tabletops and Other Furniture – You don’t have to use solid pigments when you want to protect your furniture for generations. Conservatory and sunroom furniture and tabletops can be finished with a special UV epoxy that prevents discoloration and damage. Whatever trend gets you excited about redecorating in the New Year, UV-Epoxy can ensure that your heirloom quality Amish furniture is both beautiful and protected.

The Best Epoxy Resins for the Best Amish Furniture

At the Amish Showroom, we have a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Our timbers are carbon neutral and harvested from our own sustainable forests. Epoxy finishes help to protect tabletops and other furniture, leading to longer lifetime and less resource consumption.

We’re also very particular about the epoxy we choose to work with, which is why we choose EcoPoxy, a high-biomass epoxy resin that is more environmentally friendly than other options on the market.

Whether you want to protect a natural tabletop, or if you plan to create something totally unique in 2019, you can contact us today to discuss ideas for custom epoxy Amish furniture.



New Office for the New Year – Amish Furniture Selections

A beautiful and functional home office can make you more comfortable and more productive. Whether you primarily work from home, or if you simply need a space for occasional work and personal projects, your furniture choices will have the most significant impact on how your office looks and feels.

If you want quality, features, durability, and timeless beauty, then Amish furniture is an excellent choice. With the collections at the Amish Showroom, you can design an office in contemporary, traditional, or even transitional style, giving you an aesthetic that inspires you and allows you to focus.

The new year is coming up, and it’s the perfect time to design your new office. Here are some of our favorite pieces that could inspire your home office redesign.

Bold and Commanding, or Understated and Minimalistic? Amish Furniture for your Office

Office Amish FurnitureJust because there are generations of tradition behind Amish furniture, it doesn’t mean that our furniture collections are stuck in the past!

Our office desks have the timeless beauty of natural timber but can be designed and stained to conform to current trends. Even a large piece like a wooden desk can suit a modern home!

Take the Boulder Creek L Desk as a fitting example. With beautiful curved edges that flare out, this desk has a presence and it can really make a statement in a large office. It’s also practical, giving you all the space that you need to work, with plenty of storage. This desk would be perfect as a computer workstation, or it would even make a great writer’s desk. Choose a darker stain like rich tobacco or graphite if you are looking for traditional wood furniture that has a modern twist.

Our furniture can be fully customized, so talk to us if you have any special requests like embedded power strips or even a charging station for your electronic devices.

If you’re looking for something simpler and more traditional, then consider the Boston Open Desk. This large 72” desk is perfect for writing, drawing, or even for a laptop or all-in-one computer. The versatile desk is also great for kids and teenagers to use as a study desk.

You’ll be able to choose from our quality wood selections and stains so that the Boston desk works with any type of décor.

Add Amish Furniture Bookcases or Display Shelves to Your Home Office

Home Office Amish FurnitureDon’t forget about shelves and bookcases to complete your office. Or, you could choose a desk that has everything in one!

The Bridgefort Mission Corner Desk is one option that brings everything together. You get convenient shelves for documents, display shelves, cabinets, and generous drawer storage. You can also consider the Bridgefort Corner Desk Topper to combine with our other designs.

Our Kincade Bookcases are classically designed and perfect for a traditional home office, whereas our Bentley Bookcases are more modern, with a utilitarian open design. The Bentley design is perfect for books and display items.

With the Amish Showroom, you’ll always have the freedom to combine different collections that work for you. If you need help choosing, then simply call us today or talk to us now through our Live Chat.

You can view all of our bookcases and open shelves here, with something to fit any style.

Everything You Love About Amish Furniture for Your Home Office

At the Amish Showroom, we continue to innovate and change perceptions about what Amish furniture can be in the modern world. We have immense respect for tradition, which is reflected in all our collections, but we also like to bring fresh ideas forward with modern designs using traditional handcrafting.

We can even create custom epoxy desktops or large worktables, to give you office furniture that is utterly unique.

Whatever look and feel you are aiming for, you can design your ideal new office for the new year. Our pieces are made to last for generations, so you’ll be making a real investment. Browse the online showroom today and plan an office that brings out your best qualities in whatever work it is that you love to do.


Dining Table Trends 2019 – Redecorate with Amish Furniture

The new year is the perfect time to give your home a fresh look. You don’t have to make massive changes to increase comfort and style in your home, and even a simple change of furniture could do the trick. With modern Amish Furniture, you can explore a range of both unique and familiar styles, all of which are perfect for modern home design.

Even if you’re exploring a more traditional or even transitional aesthetic, you’ll be able to find handcrafted pieces that will impress friends and family.

Dining room tables are used daily, often becoming the most functional furniture pieces in any home. If it’s time for the latest look, then your dining table is the perfect place to start. Here are some of our favorite trends for 2019 with beautiful Amish furniture examples.

Live Edge Amish Furniture Dining Tables Bring Out the Beauty of Nature

The live edge trend has been taking off towards the end of 2018, and it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest trends of the new year. When looking at live edge Amish furniture it’s easy to see why!

Live edge takes the natural beauty of timber and incorporates it into functional designs that will improve your home. Live edge can be used in almost any setting, whether you are going for a classic design, something modern, rustic chic, or anything in-between.

Live edge furniture is unique by nature, so you’ll enjoy something truly special in your home. We can customize furniture to use live edge tabletops, and our unique Amish furniture manufacturing methods ensure that you’ll be making an investment that lasts for many years to come.

The beautiful Bellingham Live Edge Trestle Table is a great example of how natural timber can be crafted into an eye-catching Amish furniture design.

Hair Pin Legs for Artistic Flair on an Amish Furniture Dining Table

We’ve seen changes in trends not only on tabletops but on the very legs that hold them up. Hairpin legs aren’t a completely new innovation, but they’re starting to become increasingly popular and could be perfect for your home if you want something out of the ordinary.

As the name suggests, hairpin legs are designed to resemble a straight hairpin or bobby pin, depending on the exact aesthetic that is desired. Some hairpin legs use more creative designs, such as having two offset pieces that curve around to form a single leg.

These are perfect for modern homes, homes inspired by early 20th-century design or any home where conversation-inspiring furniture is desired.

The Silverton Dining Table is a fantastic example of how a simple hairpin design can be used to create a table that is both modern and traditional at the same time. Minimalistic and eye-catching, this might be the piece that inspires your home redecoration in 2019.

Organic Lines and Materials Will Shine in 2019

Amish Furniture Dining TableNext year will continue the recent theme of natural materials with clean organic lines. Combining perfectly straight edges with natural lines is a terrific way to take advantage of this trend.

Amish furniture naturally uses these design elements, sometimes without even trying. That’s because we use the highest quality natural timber that allows for the wood grain to come alive. Even when tabletops are perfectly straight, the grain can create smooth natural lines and shapes that simply can’t be found with synthetic and manufactured materials.

You can even incorporate organic lines and materials by choosing a table that follows an industrial design philosophy. The Alpha Industrial Dining Table is a standout piece in our collection that combines the very best of manmade and natural materials. This table features a live edge with a rich grain and industrially styled metal legs that bring it all together. Useful as a dining table, this would also make a great planning or art table in a stylish studio.

Darker Stains Will Rise in 2019 Amish Furniture Design

Light stains are incredibly beautiful and can work well in a range of home décors. In addition, darker stains, especially slate and gray tones will dominate interior design in the coming year. You don’t need to choose all dark furniture in your home. Grey and darker stains can be used to create an impact on just a few select furniture pieces. Consider finishing your dining table in a darker option for a more monolithic aesthetic. Our paint, stain, and epoxy options are virtually limitless, so talk to us about the aesthetic you’re looking for and we’ll customize your Amish furniture to suit.

Make your home stand out in the new year with a beautiful custom dining table.


5 Bedroom Trends for 2019 – Amish Furniture Ideas

The new year is the perfect time to refresh your home with a brand-new bedroom. Amish furniture designs allow you to explore your creativity with functional collections that are both beautiful and long-lasting

New interior design trends are emerging, and you’ll be able to incorporate many of these into your handmade furniture choices. Let’s take a look at five trends that will dominate throughout 2019.

#1 Fabric Headboards and Occasional Tables

Fabric and leather upholstered headboards are coming into style as we move into 2019. They offer a sense of class and distinction.  With light and bright fabrics you can make a room feel warmer and more welcoming. We custom make our Amish furniture bedrooms suites. If you have something unique in mind, then let us know and we can work with you to make it happen.

Occasional tables will also become more commonplace in bedroom design for the new year. These tables can offer convenience and work well as decorative pieces. Add fabric upholstery to an occasional table to accessorize with a headboard and bring a fully flowing style to your bedroom.

#2 Gold Hardware and Bold Dark Stains

New Amish furniture master bedroom styles and even the emerging West Coast Style can benefit from dark stains like Espresso, Onyx, and Graphite. Hardware can help to bring contrast to a dark bedroom suite, and gold will be the hottest hardware choice of the new year.

Gold hardware is classy and transcends any era. This means that you can use it in a bedroom suite whether you are going for a traditional look, something modern, or a transitional style that falls somewhere in between.

Talk to us today for custom hardware options on your handcrafted Amish furniture.

#3 Custom Amish Furniture Nightstands with Charging Stations and More

This trend allows you to bring practicality to your beautiful Amish furniture. Our furniture has its roots in Amish tradition, but we are very much in touch with the modern age. Handcrafted nightstands can be made to incorporate unique features that make your bedroom more convenient than ever.

Options include:

  • Phone, tablet, smartwatch, and other device charging stations. USB or standard outlets can be incorporated seamlessly.
  • Bedside nightlights can be installed in nightstands.
  • Hidden compartments can be designed for convenience and security. A locking compartment on a nightstand is perfect for heirloom jewelry, wallets, cash, or even a handgun for your personal protection.

Talk to us today for ideas on how to make your nightstands more functional.

#4 The West Coast Style Will Continue to Grow

The West Coast Style has been popular in 2018 and we see that continuing into the new year. This style is big, uses rich and dark stains, and in many cases incorporates elaborate styling that offers a sense of luxury. Large homes, period homes, and transitional modern homes can all benefit from elements of the West Coast Style.

If you have the space and you aren’t afraid of making bold furniture decisions, then you’ll love collections like the Beckenridge Suite.

#5 The Standout Master Bedroom is Back

Interior design has taken on a minimalist approach in recent years, with modest styles that feature clean lines and understated features. If you’re interested in substantial bedroom Amish furniture with bold designs that create a presence, then you’ll love our concepts for big master bedrooms.

Options like the Empire, Heidi, and Ironwood suites will evoke a traditional aesthetic with all the modern construction innovations that only master Amish furnituremakers can provide.

These collections can fill out even the largest space and can make a bedroom feel luxurious. With a full bedroom suite, you can ensure that all pieces match and complement each other.

Custom Made Amish Furniture for a Bedroom You’ll Love

Explore all your bedroom furniture options at the Amish Showroom. We deliver throughout the United States, allowing you to enjoy timeless Amish designs that will last beyond the lifetime of your home. Whatever the trend is that gets you excited about a bedroom redesign, you’ll find the best examples available to order today.


Benefits of Amish Furniture Pantry Storage Cabinets

Is Your Kitchen as Convenient as it Could Be?

A beautiful kitchen is a wonderful place to start and end your day, and it could even become the entertainment hotspot of your home. Of course, if you want to get the most from your investment, then your kitchen should also be functional.

Expert kitchen designers can help you to achieve the perfect marriage of beauty and functionality, and you won’t find better concepts than those at the Amish Showroom.

Our tradition of quality handcrafted Amish furniture carries right through to our custom kitchen designs. You can see it in everything from the quality of our soft close drawer mechanisms, to the practical functionality of our pantry storage cabinets.

Benefits of Pantry Storage Cabinets

Amish furniture kitchensThe traditional idea of a pantry is unsuited to modern lifestyles and the demands of the average homeowner. In your own kitchen, convenience should be a priority. Both traditional beauty and modern designs can be paired with pantry storage cabinets that go beyond what you are used to.

Large opening cabinets could reveal hidden drawers with ample pantry storage. You can also benefit from pantry storage that utilizes space that otherwise might be wasted. For example, a small vertical space could be used for a sliding cabinet or spice rack that is perfect for the ingredients that you often go to when preparing your favorite meals.

Modern pantry storage cabinets keep your kitchen cleaner and more organized. You could group ingredients according to their purpose or even by how often they are used. Have everything close on hand in a storage pantry, and then use a larger general-purpose pantry for bulk items and large containers.

Pantry storage cabinets are convenient, and the options are virtually limitless. Hidden drawers, large cabinets with shelves, or sliding racks can all help you to get the functional kitchen you need with a fully streamlined look.

Hidden Storage

Our designs also carry over to cupboards and drawers that won’t be used for food storage. Sliding drawers can be used to store pots and pans or your small kitchen appliances. You’ll have everything fully integrated with no interruption to your kitchen aesthetic. Below is an example of how we can produce large sliding drawers for additional storage. You could use a similar design for trash storage.

Amish Furniture Cabinetry Can Last the Lifetime of Your Home

Amish furniture kitchensOur Amish furniture is handcrafted to last for generations, and the same care and attention to detail carries over to our pantry storage cabinets and drawers. Finish your cabinets today with the stain or paint of your choice, and you could easily refinish them in the future to update your home.

When you want to make a real investment that stands the test of time, Amish furniture kitchens can deliver.

We perform all design and construction in-house, and can offer the highest quality Quartz countertops to give you the beautiful luxurious kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of.

Custom Amish Furniture Options for a Look You’ll Love

A new kitchen can be uniquely your own with Amish Furniture designs. Master furnituremakers can build your kitchen cabinetry in a range of wood choices with stains or solid paint colors that will define the look of your home.

Want something dark and ultramodern? There are options like Onyx and Expresso stains. Combine gold hardware with dark cabinets and you’ll have a modern kitchen that stands out.

If you’re looking for a more traditional aesthetic and like the trend of aged wood, then you could choose distressed rustic timber with a solid paint color. Pastel colors will be big in 2019 if dark isn’t quite your thing.

Hardware and finish combinations are virtually unlimited. Talk to us about your concept and we’ll make it happen.

With pantry storage cabinets, hidden trash storage, and other custom options like integrated wine racks, you can have the modern kitchen of your dreams. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and it deserves the attention to detail and lasting quality that Amish furniture makers can provide.

Contact us today to start planning your 2019 renovation.


Bar Stools and Benches for 2019 – Amish Furniture Ideas

It’s time to start exploring your decorating ideas for the new year. You can give your home an exciting fresh look at the beauty and comfort of Amish Furniture online.

Amish furniture not only lasts for generations; it’s made for the ages. Always in style and always reliable, our handcrafted collections will add both beauty and functionality to your home. If you’re ready to start redecorating, then you’ll need to start with the pieces that inspire you.

2019 will be the year of creativity where you can mix and match to get a completely unique look that reflects your own personality.

Barstools with Unique Personality and Amish Furniture Quality

Amish Furniture barstoolsBarstools are perfect for a home bar, games room, man cave, or even for use as kitchen stools. At the Amish Showroom, we take the idea of a quality barstool and move it up to the next level. Standard or swivel stools are made with the finest American timbers sourced from our own sustainable forests. There’s nothing that can come close to the elegance and longevity of handcrafted wooden barstools.

Our heirloom pieces can be used for generations, making your 2019 furniture investment one that will last.

Two-tone is the style for the new year, and with our custom furniture, you will have absolutely no limit on your own creativity. Not sure what will work? Talk to us today and we’ll give you ideas that help you to incorporate the latest trends into your home.

Forget the Safe Options When Decorating with Amish Furniture in 2019

You’ll want to get creative with your finishing options in the new year. Two-tone Amish Furniture barstools are coming into a trend, and this will continue well beyond 2019. Use a bright eye-catching color for the base and choose something traditional for the seat. A solid red base with a deep stain on top will create a beautiful contrast that is perfect for modern and transitional homes.

Even if traditional stains are more to your liking, you can still get a beautiful contrast with a custom upholstered seat top. Combine a rich stained base with a light leather or fabric seat. Pictured here is the Belmont Barstool with Maribeth, topped with a contrasting bone seat.

You could also go simple and traditional with our handcrafted Barrel Barstools. They’re available with a selection of seat materials and are suited to almost any style of décor. Talk to us for custom finishing options.

Benches for Your Dining Room? Make it Work in Your Home

Amish Furniture barstoolsLooking for something different in your dining room? Forget chairs for 2019 and consider an expandable bench that brings both style and practicality. Benches are perfect for long and narrow formal dining tables, offering to seat for large families, parties, holiday celebrations, or any time that you need some extra space. You won’t fret over your seating arrangement when you have expandable benches made by the Amish Furniture experts in Minnesota.

The Wasilla Bench is a beautiful option with clean lines and gorgeous handcrafted legs. Available in options like Brown Maple, Cherry, and Oak; you can choose a finish to perfectly match your décor. Solid paints are also available for a country home, distressed, or rustic chic look.

If you’re looking for a simpler, modern style, consider the Shelby Expandable Bench with leaf inserts that extend up to 96 inches! Perfect for seating all your family and friends on a special occasion.

Handcrafted Amish Furniture is a Lifetime Investment

There’s no shortage of selection when it comes to modern furniture, but the quality can sometimes be lacking. Why purchase mass produced furniture that will quickly wear down and fail, only for you to spend again and again. Amish furniture can last for a lifetime, whether you’re choosing a barstool, bench, or even a full dining suite. Make a real investment that lasts for generations.

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