Create West Coast Inspired Bedrooms with Amish Furniture

You can’t look past Amish furniture when you want the highest quality, longest lasting, and most beautiful natural wooden furniture. Amish collections have a place in America’s history, and they’re also very much a part of the contemporary style.

Our Amish Showroom is based in Minnesota, but we ship our products all over the United States, and design collections focused on both traditional and modern ideas. West Coast Style is one example of a design philosophy that pairs perfectly with our furniture collections.

It’s incredibly popular today and quite a departure from what you might see anywhere else in the United States. Learn about this unique style and you could discover new ideas for your bedroom.

Amish Furniture is Perfect for West Coast Bedroom Design

West Coast Bedroom DesignWhat is it that makes the West Coast Style unique? It’s all about big, bold, and eye-catching furniture. Whereas some design styles call for subtle pieces that are understated and even minimalistic, the West Coast Style takes a different approach where furniture pieces are large, prominent, and room-filling.

When it comes to upholstery and linen, look for heavy quilted fabrics in darker shades. In some cases, you could blend dark and light, using light colored flooring like designer tiles, deep pile carpet, or even light stained hardwood floors.

The West Coast Style is dramatic in its presentation, so it’s ok to go for some contrast. We recommend keeping the furniture dark and then creating your lighter shade contrast with other features or decorations.

If you have mid or large-sized rooms in your home, then you will find that the West Coast Style works perfectly. Of course, you’ll also need to have the right bedroom furniture pieces for everything to come together.

Take a look at this bedroom designed in the West Coast Style using the Breckenridge Collection. A combination of light and dark has been used, which helps the bedroom furniture to stand out even more. You’ll also notice that the size of the furniture immediately creates an impact. West Coast Style isn’t for the fainthearted, but if you’re adventurous enough to explore furniture that you might not have otherwise considered, then you will be rewarded with results just like this.

Go Big and Bold with All of Your Furniture

A bedroom inspired by the West Coast Style will need to be consistent when it comes to your furniture. Armoires, dressers, jewelry boxes, and nightstands etc. should all follow the principles of big, bold, dark, and dramatic.

You could even add beautifully functional custom items, like the Colebrook Jewelry Mirror. A hidden pull-out jewelry box is the perfect way to safely store your precious collection. You can even gain a security advantage, as we craft these to such high standards that nobody would know the extensions were there!

It’s All About the Color

Large furniture would feel too imposing with light stains, so we advise leaning towards some of the darker and more modern tones. Graphite, Onyx, and even Espresso are perfect for West Coast Design. All our woods can be finished in your stain of choice, although we recommend Brown Maple and Cherry to bring out the best results.

You’ll see exactly what we mean with the Hampton Bed. It has a strong presence with the beautiful handcrafted foot and headboard. The headboard is larger than average, which helps to make a real statement in your bedroom design. You could go even darker with the stain, with full customization available when you order Amish furniture online.

You can view our stain options right here, giving you even more inspiration for a West Coast Style bedroom using Amish Furniture.

Beautiful Bedroom Amish Furniture Available to Browse Today

You don’t even need to leave your home to find the best Amish furniture for a West Coast Style bedroom. Amish Showroom is your gateway to heirloom quality furniture that you can buy for any room in your home. Custom options, including soft close drawers, stains, and wood selections mean that you can get the perfect dark and bold furniture, or anything else that you have in mind.

Browse today and make a furniture investment that will last for generations to come.



History of Oak – An Amish Furniture Favorite

From the earliest days of Amish furniture to the collections that you can buy from the Amish Showroom today, Oak has been a mainstay. This traditional material is native to North America and has been used throughout our history. From building the homes of the earliest settlers to creating heirloom quality furniture pieces around the turn of the century, Oak has always been the first choice.

Today, Oak still prevails as a premium material for several reasons. We use it extensively at Amish Showroom, and the wide grain pattern makes it easy to distinguish. It creates beautiful furniture that is hardwearing and functional.

Fun Facts About Oak

Oak is long-lasting, the wood is incredibly hard and strong, and maintenance is extremely low. It’s also near impervious to insect and fungal attack, thanks to the high tannin content in the wood. This means that the harvest from Oak forests is highly consistent and sustainable.

The average Oak tree today can grow for up to 200 years, but there have been examples in history where Oak has lived for up to 2000 years! A single Oak tree can produce up to 2,000 acorns each year, and a single acorn out of every 10,000 will grow to become a mature tree. Oak forests can essentially sustain themselves, and with close management, we ensure that ours flourish. Acorns that don’t grow into trees re-enter the ecosystem as food for bears, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, elk, and deer.

If you want to choose a wood species from sustainable forests and that will last for generations, then Oak is the way to go. You can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by choosing furniture that is not only inherently eco-friendly, but that can be passed down through your family, even beyond your lifetime.

Examples of Oak Amish Furniture from Our Collections

As master furnituremakers, we’re passionate about our wood species, and we could tell you all day about Oak’s beauty, longevity, and versatility. We also understand that you probably want to get right along to see examples of why Oak is so coveted in the furniture market.

A great starting point would be our Bent Paddle dining room chairs. Like all our furniture, these can be selected in Oak and customized with a stain of your choice. Arms are also an option if you want a slightly more formal aesthetic. With a hoop back design, solid Oak construction, and additional support underneath the seat, these are dining chairs that can last generations.

If they’re not quite your style or you simply want to consider more designs, then take a look at all of our dining chair options.

Moving away from the dining room, the bathroom is another place where you could get great value and impressive looks from Oak Amish furniture. Treated and stained Oak can work perfectly in even humid bathroom environments. A bathroom vanity made using Oak will outlast any MDF vanity that you’ll find on the market. You’ll be making a real investment that can stand the test of time. Choice of hardware, stains, counters, and faucets can allow you to create a unique design that is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between with transitional style.

The Garland Vanity Double Bowl is a great example, and you can see more of our options here, along with custom kitchen cabinets.

Stains Bring Unique Aesthetics to Oak Amish Furniture

Oak responds well to staining, allowing you to bring a whole new aesthetic to handcrafted furniture while retaining the unmistakable and beautiful natural Oak grain.  We have over 15 shades to choose from.

Oak Wood

Versatile Amish Furniture for Every Home

Handcrafted Amish furniture can be used in every room of your home. From dining room collections and bathroom vanities to office furniture and kitchens, we do it all. Baseboards, cabinets, beds, cribs, bookshelves… the list goes on, and everything is made to the highest standards using a combination of both traditional and contemporary techniques.

The highest quality timbers and our commitment to quality make every piece a real investment. Your home deserves better than average. Explore our Amish furniture online, and see why Oak, Walnut, Maple, and other beautiful timbers will never go out of style when shaped by master furnituremakers.


Boulder Creek Collection Handcrafted by Amish Builders

Boulder Creek CollectionAmish Furniture is known throughout America for its timeless quality, an aesthetic that never ages, and its flexibility for any home. It’s perfect whether you’re following traditional decorating ideas, transitional style, or even modern concepts like rustic chic.

The best Amish Furniture collections stand out immediately. They inspire you to make bold creative decisions with quality heirloom pieces that stand the test of time. At the Amish Showroom, the Boulder Creek Collection is popular with homeowners who want something that bridges the gap between past and present.

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your home with versatile bedroom furniture, then this is the collection for you.

It Starts with Quality Timber

Material choices are critical to long-lasting furniture. Amish furniture is made from natural timber sourced from sustainable forests. We insist on the highest quality materials that offer longevity as well as inherent natural beauty.

The Boulder Creek Collection features 1” solid wood tops. Curved edges soften the aesthetic to keep things modern and fresh. The subtle design means that pieces in this collection can pair well with other furniture and upholstery.

Because we make all our pieces in the house, you’ll have the option to choose from oak, quarter-sawed white oak, brown maple, hard maple, walnut, elm, hickory, cherry, and rustic cherry. You can get a smooth and clean look or even something that is slightly distressed and ready for a rustic chic interior.

Custom made furniture means that you can add your own personality to every piece.

Luxury Amish Furniture Pieces That are Grounded in Tradition

Luxury Amish Furniture PiecesThe feel of quality and luxury should never come at the expense of function. We design furniture to be used and loved for generations. Whether you’re looking for a bedroom suite or dining room furniture, this collection will impress you. Start by looking at some of your options, and you’ll gain an idea of just how much you can improve your home with this exquisite furniture.

The bedroom selection makes an immediate impact with unmistakable class and style. From nightstands to dressers, you can meet all your storage needs while designing a beautiful room that you’ll love to come home to. Choose a Boulder Creek Amish furniture bed as the centerpiece of the room and build around it. You can choose various options like soft-close drawers for an elegant and smooth closing mechanism that prevents slamming and damage.

Nightstands don’t just complement your other furniture choices. They also serve as storage for books, electronics, and other accessories. We even offer customization options. Want to include a charging station or add a night light? Talk to us about your design concept and we’ll craft you something that you won’t find in any regular showroom.

Boulder Creek Amish FurnitureAdd an armoire for a classic take on a well-organized wardrobe. Perfect for rooms where you are limited by space, or even to add to a dressing room or walk-in wardrobe. Armoires can even be used as mood-setting furniture in a bedroom when you aren’t using it primarily for hanging clothes. The heirloom quality and timeless craftsmanship will make an armoire an investment that lasts generations.

You’ll note that the Boulder Creek Collection features handcrafted Ebony inlays. If you love them, that’s great! For many, they bring out the style of the furniture. If you prefer a more uniform look then these can be omitted completely. As always, with this bedroom Amish Furniture, you’ll be able to choose your options based on your own sense of style. There are no wrong choices when it comes to your preferred aesthetic.

Hardware, as always, can be fully customized. Mirrors can be chosen depending on your needs, whether you’re looking for a mounted dresser mirror, freestanding mirror, or even a wall mounted mirror.

Wood stains will transform the furniture, and you can see a selection of the most popular stains here. If you want a modern, minimalist, and monolithic design in your furniture, then onyx or even graphite could be perfect. Choose a warmer stain on oak wood if you’re looking for something bright and inviting.

Explore the Best Amish Furniture Being Made Today

Craftsmanship, standout looks, versatility, and absolute beauty help to make Boulder Creek one of the best Amish furniture collections available today. View pieces for bedrooms and other areas of the home at Amish Showroom, and discover one of the best investments you can make in your home.


Why a Bathroom Vanity is one of the Most Important Pieces of Furniture in your Home

There are obviously many different pieces of furniture in your home and with that being the case it can be rather difficult to simply pick one out that you would consider to be the most important. The bathroom vanity, however, is certainly up there as far as importance goes, and we’re going to spend some time talking about it today. You would obviously spend quite a bit of money on Amish furniture, and the vanity is well worth it.

Why is the Vanity Such a Great Piece of Amish Furniture?

Amish Bathroom VanityIt all starts with the fact that the vanity becomes the focal point of your bathroom the moment it is installed. It is much the same as your sofa or your kitchen table. When it comes to Amish furniture for sale, there are definitely certain pieces that will stand out more than others. Today we’re going to discuss a few important aspects of the bathroom vanity that you might not have known about.

Vanities Can Use a Multitude of Surface Materials

The bathroom vanity could use one of many different surface materials, for example, you might go for a nice granite surface or you might choose to display marble. The surface materials that you can choose are nearly limitless so make sure you check into all of your options as you buy the best Amish furniture.

Free Standing vs. Wall Mounted

You have the option of using a free-standing vanity as opposed to a wall mounted vanity which will save you time and give you more of an advantage if you happen to be going the DIY route. Let’s take a quick look at the difference.

Wallmount Bathroom VanityThis is the most common type of vanity and it simply mounts to the wall. It does require you to find a stud and screw in, so keep in mind that it is not the most DIY friendly solution.

Freestanding Bathroom VanityYou will find plenty of these at the Amish furniture store and they are perfect for the DIY installer. You will also find that they’re great in the event that you want to replace the vanity later on with minimal hassle.

As you can see, there is a lot to appreciate when it comes to bathroom vanities. Choose yours carefully and make sure that you get the right one.


Shabby Chic Decorating for 2019 – Perfect for Amish Furniture Designs

The latest interior design trends are always exciting and often inspiring. Whether you are moving, building a new home, or if it’s simply time to redecorate and maybe even remodel, then you’ll benefit from learning about the emerging trends for this year and next.

Shabby Chic is one style that has steadily risen in popularity this year and it’s set to explode in 2019. If you love the tradition and quality of Amish furniture, then this style is likely to appeal.

What is Shabby Chic and How Does it Relate to Amish Furniture?

Shabby Chic, also known as Vintage Chic or Country Chic, is a modern style that incorporates the rustic, imperfect, and sometimes run-down aesthetic of traditional furniture with modern color elements. People who have incorporated the Shabby Chic style typically do so with cool pastel colors, particularly blues, greens, yellows, and pinks.

Shabby Chic can be used to restore old furniture, or, you can purchase new handmade rustic furniture, and have it finished in the Shabby Chic style. There are no major rules outside of the use of rustic or vintage furniture, and the cool pastel color palettes that are so popular today.

How Can You Incorporate Shabby Chic into Your Own Home?

It’s important to distinguish the difference between rustic furniture and antique display furniture. If you own expensive antique collections, then they’re probably not going to be suited to the Shabby Chic philosophy. Shabby Chic furniture should be comfortable and usable, rather than just for display.

Amish Furniture online is popular for Shabby Chic because even some classic pieces can be easily refinished, and they will work perfectly in modern homes that incorporate the latest style trend.

The quality of the best Amish Furniture is another reason to use it in Shabby Chic. Unlike some highly decorative antique furniture, vintage Amish pieces are in most cases as sturdy today as the day they were made. Amish pieces handed down through the generations are often well-worn and well-loved. Refinishing these pieces in satin pastel paints could breathe new life while instantly modernizing your vintage furniture.

Of course, you don’t have to use old furniture. Modern Amish furniture is also well suited to the Shabby Chic design style, particularly when you choose rustic inspired pieces from the collections at the Amish Showroom.

The Shabby Chic style can be used for kitchen furniture, bedroom collections, living room furniture, and even custom made cabinetry for a kitchen that blends the very best of the past and present.

Color Choices for Shabby Chic Style Amish Furniture

Shabby Chic colors are subdued and cool. Taking the vibrancy out of your usual color palette can make your home feel warmer and more relaxing. Amish furniture and even cabinets finished in pastel hues will help your home to feel colorful and bright without the use of any garish colors that could ruin the whole aesthetic.

Take a look at our color wheel and you’ll get an idea of the tones that are popular in Shabby Chic. You can have custom made Amish furniture and cabinets finished in durable Sherwin Williams oil-based wood paints. Satin finishes are perfect for pastel colors, as they reflect less light and can form a highly desirable patina after many years of use.

How Much Color is Too Much?

It’s recommended to choose a color palette for each room (or even one for your whole house) and try to work within the confines of it. Four to eight colors would be suitable for finding your own Shabby Chic style.

Note that not every piece of furniture in your home needs to be pastel colored to work well with a Shabby Chic concept. White and light gray furniture is neutral and will work with almost any hue in the pastel spectrum. Try to minimize your use of black furniture which can clash heavily with pastels.

The Best Custom-Made Amish Furniture Online

The Best Amish Furniture makers can supply custom collections that help you to achieve your Shabby Chic vision. The highest quality furniture and cabinets can be passed down through the generations, and refinishing is always an option for when inspiration leads you to the next big trend.

View our products online and contact us today for custom finishing options.


Need the Perfect Gift? Consider an Amish Furniture Jewelry Box

Looking for the perfect gift for the holiday season? Whether you need to buy a very special gift for a wife, mother, daughter, or even a close friend, choosing something that is handmade and original is always a good move. With the Amish Showroom, you can give a gift that is both beautiful and long lasting, by choosing one of our handcrafted jewelry boxes. They’re produced by the finest Amish furniture makers and can last for generations.

Present something that is truly functional, and that will be used and cherished every day.

Amish Furniture Makers Craft Exquisite Jewelry Boxes

Amish Furniture Jewelry BoxNo matter the valuation on a jewelry collection, each piece usually holds special sentimental value. Protecting jewelry, particularly heirloom quality pieces, is absolutely essential. A drawer or even a simple jewelry dish just can’t do justice to a collection, which is why giving the gift of a jewelry box is a great idea. A quality box made by Amish furniture artisans will protect jewelry from damage while also keeping the collection organized.

You might think that a handmade jewelry box would be expensive, but that’s not the case. Take a look at our 12” jewelry box as the perfect example of how something simple can provide a lot of value and make for the perfect gift this holiday season. Boxes are sectioned into twelve compartments which all feature a luxurious velvet lining that is available in classic black or a beautiful deep red.

Although this box is simple in design, it looks gorgeous and can be finished to match an Amish furniture dresser, armoire, or even a nightstand. Timber choices include oak, cherry, hard maple, or even deep full-grained walnut. Order online and you could have a handmade jewelry boxed delivered before the holidays, ready to be presented at the perfect moment.

Dresser Top Jewelry Cabinet for Larger Collections

Dresser Top Jewelry CabinetA small jewelry box is perfect for smaller collections or casual items that are worn regularly. For larger collections, particularly those that have been built up over a number of years, you could consider a dresser top jewelry cabinet. These are handcrafted by Amish furniture makers using both traditional methods and modern innovations. As with all our products, you can customize the wood and stain to get the perfect aesthetic.

Our 17.5 Inch Dresser Top Jewelry Cabinet is the perfect gift for anyone who has a real love of fine jewelry and wants to protect every piece in their collection. A combination of standard and sectioned drawers are used in the design so that there is complete flexibility for all jewelry types. There are also two velvet-lined wing doors with included jewelry hooks for bracelets and necklaces. This jewelry box also opens to reveal a compact mirror.

This would be the perfect gift for a very special person who is having trouble organizing and protecting their jewelry, it looks great with handcrafted Amish furniture and the customization options can make your gift truly unique.

Gift an Investment Quality Amish Furniture Jewelry Dressing Table

Jewelry Dressing TableSmall jewelry boxes and dresser top cabinets are perfect for when you want to give a life-lasting gift at a reasonable price. In some cases, you may want to take things to the next level, particularly if you are buying a gift for somebody very close to you, such as a spouse or family member.

A Jewelry Dressing Table combines the functionality of a jewelry box with the convenience of a dresser. This is the perfect piece of furniture to help when accessorizing daily or for special occasions. There’s a place for every piece in even the largest collection, and because this is handmade Amish furniture, it will last for years and can be handed down through the generations.

As always, we offer customization options for wood species, stain and finishing, and upholstery on the included stool. This is a truly impressive gift when you want to give something that will be cherished for a lifetime and beyond.

Explore Our Complete Range of Jewelry Boxes and Amish Furniture Online

There are more options to choose from and every piece can be ordered and customized directly from our online store. Enjoy the best Amish furniture shopping experience, whether you a purchasing a special jewelry box gift for someone this holiday season, or even if you’re looking for the highest quality furniture for your home or business.

Browse the store today and see the difference in beauty and quality from handmade Amish furniture.


Get Creative with Color on Custom Amish Furniture

Color isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when you think about home furnishings. Although most people recognize that color does play a role in the appeal and even the overall beauty of furniture, it’s usually the design, shape, and even the features that are given the most attention. Particularly when it comes to wooden Amish furniture, it’s easy to lean towards traditional stains.

You can make more of a statement with your furniture when you choose a colored finish. Beautiful Amish furniture can be finished in epoxy of any hue, particularly when working with a lighter wood like white oak. Solid paint colors can also be chosen for custom Amish furniture online, providing you with bold, fashionable, and damage-resistant furniture.

If you’re thinking about buying new furniture for your home this winter, or if you’re simply starting to research your options for the new year, then exploring your color choices will be an essential part of the process.

Paint and Epoxy Finishes for Amish Furniture

Although most natural timber Amish furniture is sold with traditional varnish and resin finishes, you could also choose to have your furniture coated with solid paint. Much like resin and varnish, high-quality paint can protect your furniture to ensure that it lasts for generations. Paint can be refinished if it wears over time, and because we use high-quality Sherwin Williams paints, you will enjoy durability and showroom-quality looks for many years to come. Oil-based paints for use on wooden furniture are available in both gloss and satin.

Color on Custom Amish FurniturePastel colors have been seen at a number of high-profile furniture and interior design conventions this year. People are becoming more adventurous with their color choices, and various hues of blue and green have been particularly popular. Some publications have referred to the current trend as the ‘Ice Cream Color’ trend. Think seafoam green, faded lime, sky blue, and baby blue. Pastel colors are more neutral than the vibrant colors that have trended over the past few years.

The advantage of using pastel colors on painted Amish furniture is that they will clash less with your other furniture pieces. Because pastels are cool and subdued, they’re far more likely to work with traditional and transitional design, particularly if you use a single pastel piece of furniture as a visual feature in a room. Of course, pastels also work great in modern homes, particularly those that have predominantly neutral interior design of white, mushroom, beige, grey, and brown. Pastel blues and greens will add a splash of color and personality, which could completely change the way that you look at your interior spaces.

EcoPoxy resin finishes can also be colored to give your furniture a unique look and lasting appeal. The resins we use can be pigmented to create any color that you want to work with. We can even create specialist finishes for the truly adventurous. Colored glitter and metallic finishes can be used for one of a kind furniture. Luxury jewelry boxes, a games table for your den or man cave, or even epoxy coated wooden countertops can be finished to bring life and color into any room.

While pastels are definitely going to be popular over the next year, you don’t have to limit yourself to the current trend. With the freedom to fully customize your Amish furniture, you can choose anything that resonates with your personality and your overall interior design.

Still Not Sure About Color? Talk to the Amish Furniture Experts

If you’ve never carefully considered colors and typically lean towards standard natural wood finishes, then you could gain a lot from some expert advice. As makers of the highest quality furniture in America, we know more than a thing or two about color. We can make recommendations based on individual pieces and collections, or even based on a certain mood that you are trying to create. Color can also help to create authenticity if you are designing a traditional or transitional home, and we’ll be able to let you know exactly what works.

Explore our collections online or talk to us today to get durable, functional, and richly hued furniture that will make your home more beautiful than ever before.



What are Graduated Drawers in Amish Furniture?

When you are on the lookout for Amish furniture, one particular piece you might be looking for an Amish dresser, and you’re probably going to hear the term ‘graduated drawers’ thrown around quite a bit. So, what are graduated drawers exactly and why do they make such a difference? When you buy Amish furniture there is little doubt that you are looking for something unique and something that will really make your room pop. Amish furniture alone can pull this off, but graduated drawers can really help to add some personality to your space.

An Explanation of Graduated Drawers in Amish Furniture

Amish Graduated Drawers FurnitureGraduated drawers start at the bottom and work their way up to the top with each drawer becoming smaller as you go upward. The bottom drawer, for example, will be fairly large and is perfect for keeping clothes, while the next drawer up might be better for undergarments. The uses for each drawer set will vary for person to person, and once you reach the top you will find that the drawers are much smaller but there can be more of them in the structure.

In Contrast to a Regular Dresser

As you might know, a regular dresser can only sport a certain number of drawers, most having about four to five at the most, depending on just how tall the dresser actually is. This is simpler but it is a bit limiting as far as functionality goes.

Considerations with Graduated Drawers

There are some drawbacks with graduated drawers, especially in terms of how they are designed. One of the biggest problems is the size of the bottom drawer, as if it is given too much space it will be far too deep. In fact, many would refer to this travesty as the ‘toybox’ effect. In other words, you don’t want your bottom drawer to look like a toy box.

Choose the Best Amish Furniture

As you look for Amish furniture online you will find that there are many options with graduated drawers being just one of them. Look around, find something that you like, and make sure that your room has a unique, one of a kind dresser unit.