Tips for Protecting your Investment in Amish Furniture

Amish furniture is expensive and there is simply no way for us to get around that. If you’ve tried less expensive furniture in the past then you already know that there is a reason to avoid it – there is nothing worse than a chair made from particle board or a dresser that falls apart within the first year. If you’re here reading this then it can only assume that you’ve finally come to the realization that cheap furniture just doesn’t make the grade. With that being the case, you’ve decided to look into Amish furniture prices, and after you spend that kind of money, you certainly want to make sure you take care of the pieces that you do buy.

Tips for Taking Care of your Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture MaintenanceAmish furniture is much like any other piece of furniture that you would keep around the house and there are certain things you can do to take care of it. Let’s go over some of the more obvious things now:

Keep it Dry

This should be a matter of course for any surface in your home – you want to make sure that you’re keeping it dry to avoid rotting or mold growth. It might not happen overnight, but if you leave your surfaces wet too often it will happen sooner than you think. Old growth wood used in the best Amish furniture does help to keep water penetration down to a minimum but as always, common sense does need to be used.

Consider Sanding and Staining

This is a more advanced technique with Amish furniture but if it is something that you can pull off, then more power to you! After a time the stain on your furniture might begin to fade or even degrade. If you want to return that piece to its former glory, you’re going to need to sand it down and restain it.

Avoid Running into It

If you can, always make sure that there is adequate space to maneuver around your furniture so that it is not constantly bumped or jostled. Amish furniture is tough and can take a beating, but you will still want to be as careful as possible.

Perform Routine Maintenance

With even the best Amish furniture you will need to make sure that you are performing routine maintenance. This means tightening screws, adjusting bolts, and so on. This basic maintenance will keep your furniture in good shape for many years to come.

Keeping up with your furniture maintenance is crucial, so follow the above tips and make sure you keep your furniture pieces is a pristine condition for many years to come.


The Top Two Types of Amish Furniture Designs

Not every piece of Amish furniture is created equal, these handcrafted pieces vary in design and have aspects that make each piece unique. This even comes down to the style itself, the two main ones being the Shaker and Mission styles of furniture made by the Amish. Each style has its own unique history and distinctive characteristics that make them stand out compared to other furniture options.

Shaker Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture DesignsThe best Amish furniture made in the Shaker style is easily identified by its subtle curves, round wooden knobs, and tapered legs. The features of this furniture style are traditional and have a gentle appearance. Maple wood is the ideal wood for Shaker furniture, but many pieces have been made using cherry, maple, and pine. This style is often used for bedroom and dining room sets but has also been applied to baby furniture.

The beautiful and simple Shaker style is wonderful for its tapering design that is used to keep furniture light and sturdy. Tapering helps to eliminate excess materials to keep a piece lighter and turned legs offer the same, strong support as thicker pieces. Shaker Amish furniture also doesn’t feature any inlay, veneers, or other woodwork to make it stand out. The furniture showcases a humble lifestyle paired with durability and functionality with a simple, yet elegant beauty.

Mission Amish Furniture

The Mission style of Amish furniture takes some inspiration from its Shaker cousin but has its own distinctive characteristics to tell it apart. The straight angle, sturdy slats, and stable legs are the focal point of this type of furniture. Mission furniture typically has a darker stain compared to the earlier version of the Shaker style pieces. The Mission style does feature some ornamentation, but it still calls for a simplicity in its design.

Durability and functionality are still present in the Mission style with exposed joinery showing off the beauty and strength of the furniture. One of the most distinctive features of this style of furniture is the parallel slats that are present to give the appearance of strength. The uniform lines and the harmony of each piece of the furniture are tedious to make, but it showcases a truly deep appreciation for each Mission style piece made.

Each style of furniture carries with it the reputation of durability and longevity that makes it an excellent addition to any home. The furniture is built to be used every day and over time will become a natural fit to any household.


The Use of Tapering in Amish Furniture

You already know that the quality of Amish furniture is not to be argued with, but are you aware of any of the aesthetic techniques that are used? One used in the best Amish furniture is tapering, which can be seen on many pieces, and while it was seen often in the mid-century pieces, it tapers off (no pun intended) in the latter half of the 20th century. We are however seeing a resurgence of tapering in modern interior design, meaning it is going to be in just about any Amish furniture store that you come across.

Tapering in Amish Furniture – You’ve Seen It Before

Amish furniture for saleThe tapered leg is a product of the Mid-Century Modern period, and even if you aren’t a huge fan of that period there is a good chance you’ve already seen it. Tapering is defined as a gradual thinning as legs become closer to the floor, and it has been used since ancient times. Now, it is the defining feature of Mid-Century Modern pieces. Nearly any antique furniture you see today will probably use tapering of some kind, making it an essential part of furniture design.

Something to keep in mind is that not all tapered legs are created equal – there are some that are set at an angle rather than straight down, with that profile shape which immediately identifies them as a vintage piece of furniture. Some pieces have a rounded leg and some have a square tapered leg, both of which are unique and very useful in furniture design.

The Function of Tapered Legs

The purpose of tapered legs is two-fold if you haven’t guessed yet”

Aesthetics: Yes, tapered legs look great and they go well with virtually any kind of décor, especially if you’re going for the mid-century look. They can be used on dressers, tables, couches, and even coffee tables.

Functionality: The secondary function of the tapered leg that you see in a lot of Amish furniture for sale is weight. You can still have the full support of a standard leg while significantly decreasing the weight of the piece, making it far easier to move. This especially comes in handy with beds as they are large and sometimes need to be moved.

There are many different styles and form factors which you’ll find as you look for Amish furniture online. Make sure you get something that will suit your needs and most importantly, take advantage of that tapered leg style!


Dovetail vs. Rabbet Joints in Amish Furniture

When Amish furniture is being constructed in Oregon there is a heavy emphasis on using the correct joints to hold a piece together and to enhance the style. People unfamiliar with the subject may not realize how important joints are when it comes to furniture. The joints are the primary focal point for many pieces of furniture and are the key to bringing everything together and it from falling apart. Furniture with low-quality joints will wobble and weaken over time due to their poor construction.

Dovetail Amish Furniture

Dovetail joints are one of the most common ones used in Amish furniture and will probably be the first one people encounter. Dovetail joints are characterized by their interlocking fingers that allow for one piece of wood to be connected to another. Chances are the furniture people own probably has dovetail joints like in the front of a drawer that will have tail-shaped cut-outs and there will be pins that stick out on the sides of the drawer to hold it together.

The advantage of this joint is the sheer strength and durability it offers, especially when it concerns hardwood furniture. The wood is interlocked which means there’s less likelihood of the pieces pulling apart and combined with the hand-picked quality of Amish furniture for sale it’s a combination made in woodworking heaven.

Rabbet Joints

Amish FurnitureRabbet joints are another common feature to be found in Amish furniture and chances are people have them in their own home. The joint works by having a reinforced butt joint that has one or both pieces notched perfectly to be fit together. The joints are then reinforced using nails or screws to keep them locked together.

Rabbet joints are popular for woodworking since they’re easy to make and quite strong compared to others. The joints are used mainly for the corners of cabinet pieces, but they’re more commonly found being used for shelving.

The quality of the joints speaks volumes on the type of craftsmanship of Amish furniture for sale and how well the furnishings will hold up over time. Dovetail is used primarily in drawers and is a strong indicator of quality craftsmanship while rabbet joints provide critical support for the corners of cabinet pieces and shelving. Good quality furniture will make use of both of these woodworking joints when they’re needed during the construction.

Searching for the telltale signs of these joints shows quality craftsmanship and ensures the furniture will be serviceable over a long period of time. Amish furniture is typically made using 100% wood and can last for a lifetime if built right. The furniture is made with functionality, durability, and longevity in mind to ensure it’s able to last for generations. Each piece of furniture carries with it the rich history of generations worth of master craftsmanship, trial, and error.

Keep an eye out for these joints in furniture when shopping around since they’re a strong indicator it will last. Well-built furniture is meant to stand the test of time and continue to be serviceable for several years or more.


Three Amish Furniture Facts You Didn’t Know

Amish furniture has a long and rich history surrounding it, with pieces today showing the craftsmanship learned and perfected over several generations. The furniture showcases a distinctive style which varies in appearance, ornamentation, and decoration that’s still celebrated today. Prime examples of the quality craftsmanship can even be found in museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Smithsonian Museum in New York City can be seen on display.

Amish Furniture is One of a Kind

Amish furniture for saleAmish beliefs often prevent the use of electricity so most of the woodworking tools used in the shops are powered by the pneumatic or hydraulic power that is able to run on a diesel compressor. There are a couple of communities that will permit some technology and allowances are made when it involves woodworking. Woodworking is a mainstay in many Amish communities, the crafting of the furniture responsible for supporting multiple families within the community.

Due to these restrictions, each piece of Amish furniture is unique since it’s crafted with durability and functionality in mind. Each piece of lumber is hand-selected for the specific piece of furniture in mind with great attention paid to the grain of the wood. When you purchase a piece of furniture made by the Amish, you’re purchasing a one of a kind piece with no other like it on the market.

The Green Product

Hardwood furniture has always been in great demand for its sustainability and durability, Amish furniture, in particular, is known for being made out of 100% wood which means it’s considered a green product. In the unfortunate event, the furniture breaks down or is damaged beyond the point of repair, when it’s disposed of it won’t harm the environment. The wood is able to break down naturally creating little to no waste and there is little if any harmful byproducts to worry about.

Collection of Wood

The best Amish furniture for sale is typically made from high-quality hardwoods like pine, northern red oak, cedar, quarter sawn white oak, hickory, cherry, walnut, maple, mahogany, maple, and beech. People who have a favorite kind of wood can often find it without much issue, one of the most popular being northern red oak. The northern red oak is known for its long-standing durability, warmth, and color and is typically found in the Appalachian Mountains in the Eastern U.S.

White oak is another popular lumber that is harder than red oak, but the antique appearance of the wood makes it an ideal choice for the Shaker and Mission styles of Amish furniture for sale. The cherry, on the other hand, is one of the most easily recognizable woods used due to its light reddish-brown color that will continue to darken when exposed to heat and light. Maple wood is also another popular option for Amish wood furniture for the wide spectrum of beauty it offers and has been showcased in many fine pieces.

Amish furniture for sale carries with it years of tradition, history, and generations worth of perfecting craftsmanship. Each piece of furniture is unique with its own characteristics and will last for generations to come.


What is Amish Furniture? A Brief Overview


When you hear the word ‘Amish’, you automatically think high quality, and it’s not a coincidence. The Amish take great pride in every single thing they do whether they’re raising cattle, cooking, or building furniture. Before we go any further, what are the Amish? Why is their work so revered, and why is it of such high quality? There are a few reasons, but it all goes back to understanding who the Amish are and what they stand for.

Who are the Amish, and What is Amish Furniture?

Amish furniture storeFirst of all, the Amish are a religious sect that exists across the country. Living isolated, highly regimented lives, they have rejected most modern ideas, which extends to food preparation methods, the use of electricity, modern transportation, and more. This separation from modern life gives them the ability to concentrate on the more important things, such as family, and of course, construction methods for the greatest furniture in the world.

This is something that you will easily find at any Amish furniture store, and you should take note that most Amish furniture is manufactured by those from Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. One of their most notable attributes is the fact that they are made from 100% wood without the use of either particle board or laminate. In addition to that, for the most part, Amish woodworkers tend to stick to the more traditional methods which sets them apart from most other furniture manufacturers in the United States.

A Legacy to Pass On

The Amish have laid their roots in America’s soil in more ways than one. Their methods stretch back through the generations, with virtually nothing changing over the years in terms of their construction methods. These methods passed down through the years, ultimately result in a product that virtually anyone can be proud of.

If you choose to invest in Amish furniture, you will be getting a piece that is of the highest quality, and something that will last for a lifetime. Not to mention you will be able to pass it down to the next generation. By investing in Amish furniture, you are creating a legacy that you can be absolutely proud of, and one that will be highly functional.

Where to Buy Amish Furniture

Fortunately, you won’t have to rush to Ohio or Pennsylvania to buy the best Amish furniture. These days you can buy Amish furniture online, and it won’t take long for it to be delivered right to your home. Just make sure you’re buying from legitimate, authentic dealers, and that you’re getting the right style for your home. Do some research, ask the right questions, and most importantly, get a great piece of furniture for your home.



Looking for Amish Office Chairs in Saint Paul?

How do you ensure that your office has the most functional, durable, and beautiful furniture? Amish office chairs in Saint Paul would be a great way to start!

Amish furniture has quickly risen in popularity in the United States, thanks to a high level of quality, beautiful classic and contemporary designs, and hand-crafted durability that will never let you down. While once a secret of true connoisseurs and antique hunters, Amish furniture is now available to order for your business, through The Amish Showroom.

The Difference in Quality is Evident with Amish Office Chairs in Saint Paul

Amish Office Chairs in Saint PaulWhen you want your office to stand out, Amish furniture will help you to achieve your goal. The collections available at The Amish Showroom have been designed to give a luxurious, classy, and timeless element to any office. Whether it’s your personal office at home, or if you need furniture for your firm, Amish office chairs in Saint Paul will impress you from the moment you lay your eyes on them.

Amish furniture is based on centuries of tradition, but that doesn’t mean that our furniture is stuck in the past. We offer modern office chairs made with beautiful natural timbers and leather upholstery. Swivel computer and executive chairs are available, whether you are looking for something subtle, or for high-backed options that have strong presence.

Amish office chairs are also available in lounge and client styles, with and without armrests. Benches are also available for waiting rooms or for decorative purposes in upmarket office spaces.

Durable and Made to Last with Ecopoxy Resins

Amish furniture has long been prized by antique collectors for its unique beauty and durability. Our Amish office chairs in Saint Paul are truly heirloom quality. Our combination of traditional and modern construction means that our office chairs and other furniture will outlast anything else that you would find on the commercial market.

We use beautiful and long lasting Ecopoxy resins for finishing. This epoxy can help preserve our wood products for decades. Our furniture won’t fade, it is resistant to denting and scratches, and you can choose from a variety of stains to perfectly complement your décor. With Ecopoxy on Amish office chairs in Saint Paul, you will see the natural beauty of timber but have the durability and longevity that no other furniture can offer.

Ecopoxy is made with high biomass content, so it’s safer for the environment. At The Amish Showroom, we are committed to preserving our natural resources, and the use of Ecopoxy is just one of the ways that we achieve this.

Explore Our Collections Today

Don’t wait to start shopping for Amish office chairs in Saint Paul. With our complete inventory available to buy online, you don’t even need to leave your office to get the highest quality American made furniture today. We sell direct to our clients, allowing for the very best prices without high overheads.

You deserve luxury in your office, and you’ll find it right here at The Amish Showroom.


Buy Amish Bedrooms in Lakeville, Minnesota

Class, tradition, and heirloom quality. These are just some of the words associated with the best Amish bedrooms in Lakeville. When you are decorating your home, quality furniture should be at the top of your list. Your furniture will do more than just set the mood of every room. Making the right selections will mean that you can enjoy comfort, durability, functionality, and the very best aesthetic.

Amish furniture has experienced a surge of popularity in the last decade. Long admired by discerning homeowners and antique collectors, the quality, and beauty of Amish furniture is no longer a secret. If you want to design beautiful Amish bedrooms in Lakeville, Minnesota that will never go out of style, then we have the best collections at Amish Showroom.

What’s the Secret to Amish Furniture?

Amish bedrooms in Lakeville, MinnesotaThe True secret to quality Amish furniture online is that there’s no real secret at all. Amish bedrooms are crafted with tradition, using the best materials and construction methods. It’s the attention to detail that goes into every piece that allows Amish made furniture to stand out.

Take the materials for example. With modern mass-produced furniture, materials are usually selected to keep profit margins high. Manufacturers also use the lightest materials so that they can reduce their production line and distribution costs. At The Amish Showroom, we don’t believe in cutting corners and we don’t see value in using sub-par materials that won’t stand the test of time.

Our Amish bedrooms in Lakeville are made with natural timber using a combination of both traditional and modern furniture making techniques. While we always retain traditional methods when it makes sense, we are also well aware that some modern techniques can allow for better and longer lasting furniture. Our goal is always to build furniture that is of heirloom quality.

We create Amish bedrooms in both traditional and modern styles. Buying Amish furniture online doesn’t mean that you will be stuck in the past. Many of our collections are perfectly suited to contemporary homes, even those with the most modern architectural design. Of course, if you are creating a period home, then we have authentic pieces in Amish, traditional, and mission styles. Whatever it is you’re looking for, and whatever aesthetic you have in mind, Amish bedrooms won’t disappoint you.

Sustainable and Responsible Materials Used for Amish Bedrooms in Lakeville

Our natural timber Amish furniture can be crafted in a variety of wood species, with stains and coatings of your choice. For hard-wearing tabletops and dressers, we use EcoPoxy finishing products that are made from high-biomass content that is safer and less destructive for the environment.

Amish bedrooms in Lakeville have deep-rooted traditions in the past, but they’re perfectly compatible with modern styles and those that are starting to emerge today. Browse our collections and see for yourself just how beautiful you could make your bedroom when you choose Amish Furniture.


Bring Out the Beauty in Your Home with Lakeville Minnesota Amish Dining Tables

The kitchen is often noted as the beating heart of any home, and the dining room is an extension of it. Whether you have a separate dining room for formal events, or a more casual open plan kitchen and dining space, the furniture that you choose will have a massive impact on your comfort, the presentability of your home, and even convenience.

If you are looking for the best options in Lakeville Minnesota, then Amish dining tables could be the perfect solution. Handcrafted with tradition and passion, beautiful, and hardwearing; Amish furniture could provide an heirloom quality investment that brings out the best in your home.

What’s Special about Amish Dining Tables in Lakeville Minnesota?

Amish furniture has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and for some very good reasons.

Amish dining tables in Lakeville MinnesotaWhile Amish furniture was once limited to a market of enthusiasts and antique hunters, it is now easy to buy high-quality new furniture, including Amish dining tables for both modern and traditionally inspired homes.

Amish dining tables in Lakeville Minnesota will provide plenty of benefits, with some of the most important beings:

Handcrafted designs that are unique and eye-catching. Amish furniture takes inspiration from both the past and present and is available in different styles to fit in any home. It doesn’t matter if you want modern, classic, or transitional style, Amish dining tables in Lakeville Minnesota can give you the standout aesthetic that makes your home one of a kind.

You’ll find unparalleled quality with Amish dining tables. Collections are designed and crafted by master carpenters, using a combination of the best traditional and modern construction methods. Amish furniture is made to last and pieces are good enough to be heirloom quality. When we talk about making an investment in your home, we really mean it, as high-quality Amish pieces can last beyond your lifetime.

Amish dining tables are made with durable finishing products that can stand up to the demands of modern living. A combination of natural timber and epoxy resin tabletops mean that scratches, indentations, and other types of damage can be significantly limited. At the Amish Showroom, EcoPoxy finishing products are used extensively. These are high bio-content to give you beautiful finishes that are environmentally friendly. Our tabletops resist ultraviolet damage from sunlight and artificial light, and they’ll retain their immaculate looks for far longer than mass-produced furniture.

Create the Home You’ve Always Wanted

Amish dining tables in Lakeville Minnesota will make your dining area more beautiful, you’ll appreciate the long-lasting tabletops, and the detail in craftsmanship and design will make your furniture a real talking point.

Explore our collections today for the highest quality Amish furniture and handmade Amish dining tables in Lakeville Minnesota. Your home deserves the very best, and there’s quite literally nothing on the market that can compete with the quality or beauty of modern Amish collections.