Choosing the Best Pub Tables and Bar Stools for a Home Bar

Furniture will be one of the most important decisions that you make when designing a home bar. If you want your bar to have a look and feel that is reminiscent of a commercial pub or club, then you’ll need to find the best quality Amish Furniture that you can get your hands on.

For beauty, functionality, and longevity, nothing can perform better than Amish Furniture. We have years of experience based on centuries of tradition and combine the best of the past and present to bring attractive designs into your home.

Whether you are adding a bar to a man cave or den, or if you’re building a larger dedicated bar as a feature in your home, you can find the best solutions at the Amish Showroom.

What Kind of Look do You Want to Achieve?

Bar Stools for a Home BarJust like any furniture you choose for your home, looks are important. Having a general aesthetic in mind could help you to choose the best Amish Furniture from our extensive catalog.

You could approach this just like a commercial bar owner would. Think in terms of a demographic. Do you want a bar that appeals to a youthful audience? Or, are you looking for something more refined, traditional, and targeted towards more sophisticated clientele? By getting into the mindset of a commercial bar owner, you’ll be sure to impress friends and family when you are next entertaining…

  • Bars targeted at younger demographics typically aim for sturdy but simpler furniture that is utilitarian in nature. Plush seats and intricate designs are usually avoided in favor of options like our Simple Mission Stool.
  • For bars targeted at an older or more sophisticated clientele, owners will typically go for rich natural timbers, leather upholstery, and elaborate designs that portray class and distinction. To get an idea of the look and feel that you would find in the most exclusive bar or pub, simply consider our Boulder Creek Swivel Bar Stool. Boulder Creek stools are available with plush leather upholstery in a variety of colors.
  • You’ll find a variety of tables that are perfect for use in a home bar. Many are interchangeable with different stool designs, depending on the look and feel you want. We can even create custom tabletops using epoxy, or, you could choose quartz Cambria tops for durability and elegant presentation. The Lacrosse Pub Table is a beautiful example of a simple and elegant bar table that could be perfect for your needs.

Do You Have a Preference for Specific Materials?

Amish Furniture is known for its lasting quality and beauty. We’ve touched on some material combinations, such as wood and leather. There are even more options to consider if you choose Amish Furniture for your home bar.

Amish Furniture for your home barOak is a popular wood used in Amish designs. Maple and Walnut are also used for their strength, longevity, and inherent natural beauty. Whether you want painted or stained furniture pieces, we can offer the perfect wood to match your chosen aesthetic and your budget.

If you have questions about materials and would like help selecting the perfect furniture for your project, then you can always reach out to the team at Amish Showroom for expert advice. You could learn about some materials that you may not have considered, or, you could simply get an overview of the advantages of specific materials for your home bar.

What is Your Budget?

A budget will ultimately decide the type of furniture that you are able to purchase. Our bar and pub furniture collections are competitively priced, especially considering the value that you will get from our heirloom quality furniture. Amish Furniture is made to last for generations in homes and you’ll continue to enjoy your investment for many years to come.

You don’t need to compromise when it comes to building your perfect home bar. Traditional and modern styles, extensive material selections, and lasting quality will ensure that your bar stands the test of time. Create the perfect entertainment spot or a personal retreat for a game and media nights with the help of Amish Furniture online.

Browse Amish Showroom for beautiful bar furniture today.


Three Amish Furniture Bookcase Beds You Can Buy Online

Bookcase beds are the perfect way to make your bedroom more practical. When you choose designs from the Amish Showroom, you’ll also add beauty and a touch of elegance to any room. Find your next bed with three standout bookcase designs from master Amish Furniture craftsmen and women in Minnesota.

Handmade Amish Furniture Bookcase Bed – A Classic Design for Your Home

For a bed that is perfectly suited to a contemporary home, look no further than our understated yet effortlessly elegant Bookcase Bed 017.

The uncomplicated design belies the quality of the construction. All-natural timber with not a trace of particleboard or composite insight; this is a bed that can be passed down through the generations. We use all of our Amish Furniture expertise to create a sturdy frame that uses a combination of seamless dovetail joints and heavy-duty bolts

Choose your wood, your stain, and you could have a custom-made Amish bookcase bed that will look wonderful in any home. No frills and no fuss, this is a classic design with the hardwearing quality that has made Amish Furniture so popular today.

Old Classic Sleigh Bookcase – Timeless Beauty with Practical Function

Amish Furniture Bookcase BedSleigh beds are a nod to the past when furniture was grand, elegant, and rich with elaborate design features. The Old Classic Sleigh Bookcase Bed is the perfect example of how Amish Furniture tradition can be brought into the modern era.

Featuring a simple partitioned shelf, this bed takes care of daily storage needs for items like alarm clocks, smartphones, decorative ornaments, photos, books, and anything else that you want to keep on hand. Most of our bedroom Amish Furniture can be customized with charging stations for your electronic devices, so let us know if you have something special in mind for your next purchase.

The beautiful panels and curved edges are perfect for both traditional and transitional homes. With the right stain, this sleigh bed would also fit well into a contemporary design home or apartment.

Wood selections include Oak, Brown Maple, Cherry, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Elm, Hickory, and Walnut. Choose a darker full stain with Oak to bring the aesthetic into a modern home. If you are looking for a rich traditional finish, then choose a light stain with Walnut or even Cherry to bring out the full natural beauty of the wood grain.

Available in both Queen and King sizes, this is a bed that is perfectly suited to your master bedroom or any other bedroom in your home where you want to present a style that is both elegant and practical.

An Elaborate Amish Furniture Bookcase Bed with Ample Storage

Amish Furniture Bookcase BedAre you looking for an Amish Furniture bookcase bed that offers more than just your basic storage needs? Our 017-B Bookcase Bed has a simple American design with an elaborate storage solution built right into the headboard. A combination of shelves and side facing drawers take care of all your basic storage needs. Whether you need to create storage in a small bedroom, or if you simply want a backup storage solution to maximize the space that you have, this is one bed that you will want to consider.

The headboard shelves are perfect for storing everyday jewelry, watches, books, electronics, photos, and anything else that you may wish to display. Choose the bed for a spare bedroom and provide your guests with practical storage space. This design would also be perfect for kids and teenagers, with plenty of space for their favorite books, ornaments, tablets, or even portable game consoles.

We custom build our beds and you can choose the best wood and stain to match your existing furniture. Choose a darker stain like onyx to turn this classic design into a contemporary bed that is suited to a modern home.

With exquisite craftsmanship, these heirloom quality Amish Furniture beds will last your lifetime and beyond. Don’t compromise when it comes to the furniture in your home. Explore all your options at the Amish Showroom today and make an investment that you’ll be proud of.



Buy Amish Furniture Rustic Beds: Bring Out the Beauty in Your Home

Are you looking to create a rustic, traditional, transitional, or even a ranch style home? Country style Amish Furniture beds offer exquisite styling with the finest hand-construction. They create presence and personality in any bedroom, and you can even accessorize with a full suite to create a look and feel that you will love.

Take a look at three standout collections available at the Amish Showroom today.

The Elegant Dumont Suite – Perfect for a Modern Home

Do you want to incorporate some country heritage while retaining a contemporary look and feel for your furniture? The Dumont Collection is elegant and rich in tradition, yet it fits well into both modern and transitional homes. You can have an authentic country feel, no matter where you live.

The Dumont Suite, including the standout Dumont Bed, is handcrafted by Amish Furniture makers. We use a combination of traditional methods with modern design innovations. When you buy Amish Furniture online, you can make a true investment that can be handed down through the generations.

If you demand comfort and quality, the Dumont Collection is an obvious choice. It’s also the most contemporary of all our country furniture in terms of aesthetic, so it’s perfect if you want to mix a little bit of the past and present when designing your bedroom.

Big, Beautiful, Rustic Charm – The Vandella Suite of Amish Furniture for Sale

The Vandella Suite> including the gorgeous Vandella Bed is a tribute to rustic furniture used on the American frontier during the 19th and early 20th centuries. This collection has the character that you won’t believe, with every piece telling its own story through the select Rough Sawn Brown Maple.

This furniture is perfect for a country home, a ranch, or any home where you want to bring in some of the old traditions while still getting excellent craftsmanship and lasting quality. The Vandella Bed is handmade by the best Amish Furniture craftsmen and women in Minnesota. Rough Sawn Brown Maple timber is specially selected for its natural beauty and rustic appeal.

The accent of the Lone Star and other design features will have you thinking that you’ve just stepped back in time. Somewhat surprisingly, the Vandella Bed can even fit into a modern home if you make the right interior design choices. It works best when paired with the full Vandella Suite, including our six-drawer dresser, double drawer chest, and Vandella nightstands. You can mix and match pieces in the collection to suit your needs, allowing you to fill a bedroom of any size.

Don’t compromise when you want rustic furniture for your home. This is one piece of country style Amish Furniture that is for the bold and adventurous, who know superior quality when they see it.

The Gorgeous and Understated Houston Suite of Country Amish Furniture

Don’t settle on your country style Amish Furniture without first taking a look at the Houston Suite, including the fantastic Houston Bed with oversized headboard. This collection is for you if you like the look of Rough Sawn Brown Maple but want to learn more towards historical country design rather than the full rustic aesthetic.

Clean lines, traditional construction methods, and oversized design features could fill even the largest bedroom with personality. You can customize the Houston Suite to include the accessory furniture that you need, including nightstands, dresser/drawers, armoires, and chests.

Explore the complete range of Houston Amish Furniture online. We exclusively use Rough Sawn Brown Maple to achieve the country look and feel in this collection.

Design Your Perfect Country Inspired Home with the Amish Showroom

Find heirloom quality Amish Furniture online at the Amish Showroom. We are expert furniture makers with the most talented Amish craftsmen and women in our workshop. Our furniture pieces are unique and will last for generations. Amish style is versatile, and you can find the perfect collections to match your own personality and home design.

From the rugged and rustic Vandella Suite to the simple elegance of Dumont Amish Furniture, you won’t find collections like this anywhere else in America.

Explore the complete range today and look forward to a fresh look in your home this year.


The Benefits of Amish Furniture – Choosing Your Living Room Furniture

Your choice of living room furniture will have a massive impact on how comfortable you feel in your own home. Whether relaxing with family or hosting guests, you’ll need comfortable and presentable furniture. Sofas, lounge chairs, and ottomans should be as attractive and inviting as they are hard-wearing and long lasting.

If you want all your expectations to be met and even exceeded, then it makes sense to start with Amish Furniture. At Amish Showroom, you can browse a selection of the highest quality Amish couches, ottomans, and chairs, all finished in beautiful fabric upholstery, leather, or ultra leather that allows you to explore your creativity.

Here are the reasons why Amish Furniture is the ideal choice for your home.

Unsurpassed Durability and Beauty When You Buy Our Amish Furniture

Amish Living Room FurnitureAmish Furniture craftsmen and women rely on centuries of tradition and innovation to create heirloom quality furniture that can last for generations. Unlike low-quality mass-produced furniture, you won’t find veneers, composites, or particle board on any piece of our high-quality Amish Furniture.

Wood selections like Oak, Walnut, Maple, and many more can offer quality that goes beyond your lifetime.

  • Amish living room furniture pieces like couches, chairs, and ottomans are completely unique. Even when selecting pieces from a single collection, each item will have its own personality due to natural wood grains that shine through your stain of choice.
  • You can raise the aesthetic in your home to a whole new level, with an elegant look and feel that simply can’t be achieved with mass-produced furniture. With the help of Amish Showroom, you’ll enjoy living room furniture that reflects your own sophistication and sense of style.
  • Amish furniture is low-maintenance with minimal polishing required throughout the lifetime of natural timber furniture. Upholstered furniture can be carefully hand-washed to retain bright colors with soft inviting fabrics.
  • The durability of Amish living room furniture comes from more than just the materials that are used. Special construction methods that have been passed down through the years will ensure that your furniture is ready for daily use, and the furniture won’t become loose or unstable even after many years of ownership. If you’re tired of wasting money on furniture that simply doesn’t last, then you’ll love the quality that you get from our unique Amish collections.
  • The sheer range of woods, stains, and fabrics that you can choose for your furniture will allow you to explore your creativity without limits.

Examples from the Amish Showroom

Amish living room furnitureDurable, beautiful, and completely unique; Amish Furniture combines both form and function with furniture that will never let you down. Take a look at some select pieces from the Amish Showroom and begin to visualize just how much you could improve your living room.

The McCoy Morris Chair is a beautiful piece of living room furniture that exudes beauty, class, and distinction. Shown here in plush black leather with a matching footstool, the McCoy Morris Chair can also be handcrafted with fabric upholstery.

For a living room chair that would be suitable for the head of the household, look no further than the Queen Lounge Chair. Add this as a feature chair to complement your living room suite or purchase more than one to use in addition to your sofa. These lounge chairs are also perfect for entry foyer decorating, games rooms, studies, libraries, and home offices.

Our Diamond Loveseat can be created using fabric or leather to work perfectly with your interior design concept. The design is typical of handcrafted Amish Furniture, with extensive paneling and detailing that you simply wouldn’t find on the mass-produced furniture of today. Although a traditional design, the Diamond Loveseat (also available in single chair and sofa configuration) can be heavily stained to provide a very contemporary appearance. Onyx stains are particularly impressive when used in modern homes.

We’ve barely touched on all the options available from our master furniture makers. Be sure to explore our Living Room options today.

Create a Living Room You’ll Love to Spend Time In

Love your living room again with new Amish Furniture in 2019. From end tables and ottomans to large sofas, love seats, and chairs, you can find the perfect solutions at the Amish Showroom.


Amish Furniture Armoires are Perfect for Space-Starved Homes

Storage solutions for clothing and other personal items are essential for a well-kept home. The problem for many today is that apartments, townhouses, and other small homes can lack usable storage space. One solution to this problem is the addition of specialized furniture that can both beautify and add practicality to your home.

If your home is starved for space and if you are running out of ways to keep organized, then it’s time to browse the handmade Amish Furniture armoires available at the Amish Showroom.

Beautiful Amish Furniture Offers More Than Your Average Wardrobe

Amish Furniture ArmoiresWhen you think of a simple wardrobe you probably think primarily of utility and function. While a storage solution like a wardrobe should always be practical, your home also deserves lasting beauty.

Amish Furniture armoires are undoubtedly a step up when it comes to beauty, quality, and even practicality. Our collections are deeply rooted in tradition, but bring new innovations in materials, timber treatment, stains, and even design. When you want furniture that will stand the test of time, lasting for generations and far beyond the lifetime of your home, Amish Furniture is the obvious choice.

Take a look at some of our standout pieces today and explore our complete collections at the Amish Showroom online.

Elegance and Functional Design – Lexington Armoire

Stately, elegant, and suitable for traditional, modern, and transitional homes. The Lexington Armoire is an excellent storage solution which can be used in bedrooms, halls, spare rooms, or anywhere in the home where you need functional and beautiful storage. This piece would not look out of place in a large foyer or even in your study.

Reverse panels create depth in the presentation, and the Lexington Armoire has a flush finish that is perfect if you like clean lines and minimalist designs. You’ll find wood selections aplenty, which can be combined with our stains so that you can perfectly accessorize with the rest of your furniture. Oak is perfect if you want to choose a light or dark stain, or, you could choose something more exotic like walnut if you want breathtaking woodgrain that exudes class and distinction.

A combination of drawers and a generous wardrobe will meet all of your storage needs in the bedroom or anywhere else in your home. The Lexington Collection is the epitome of functional and Beautiful Amish Furniture.

The Vandella Wardrobe Armoire for a Rustic Home

Rustic design choices allow you to create a modest style in your home without sacrificing natural beauty or durability. The Vandella Wardrobe Armoire is one of our standout furniture pieces and shown here in Rustic Rough Sawn Brown Maple with an Almond Stain, you can see just how well the slightly distressed aesthetic can present itself.

Not just about the looks, the Vandella Wardrobe Armoire is practical with a large opening wardrobe with a hanging rail and adjustable shelf. There’s also an undermounted drawer that can be upgraded with our soft-close mechanism to add a feel of lasting quality that will help to protect your furniture.

Handmade by master Amish Furniture craftsmen and women, this is a piece of furniture that can be handed down through the generations. If you want heirloom quality for your home, you need to look no further than the Amish Showroom.

Modern Beauty with the Caledonia Armoire

Amish Furniture ArmoiresThe Mission Style is a favorite of many homes throughout America. The Caledonia Armoire features sweeping lines combined with the classic Mission aesthetic to offer you something that blends both tradition and modern beauty.

Our Amish Furniture Caledonia Armoire can create lasting beauty in your home while offering you the practical storage that you need. Place this model in a hall for linen storage or use it in a bedroom for everyday clothing and other personal items. With a combination of draws and a large opening wardrobe cupboard for hanging and folded clothes, you’ll be able to keep your home organized and tidy.

Available in beautiful natural timber including Brown Maple, White Oak, and even Rustic Cherry, you’ll be able to choose a finish that complements your existing décor.

See Our Range of Amish Furniture Online Today

Whether you need to add storage to a bedroom, or if you want to create a whole new kitchen with Amish Furniture and handcrafted cabinets, the Amish Showroom is the best place to start. Centuries of tradition go into every collection, and our construction methods combine the best of time-tested and modern approaches to ensure that you get heirloom furniture that will last.

View our armoires and more with easy online ordering today.