What Specialty Finishes Can I Have on My Amish Furniture

Amish furniturePurchasing Amish furniture can be an amazing addition to your home or office. Amish furniture is renowned for its grace and stability. There is little that can stand up to the craftsmanship of Amish furniture, certainly not the mass-produced, flimsy, products that are the common stock of most stores these days. Amish furniture is always handcrafted by families who have passed their secrets down through the generations, perfecting their craft along the way.

With the advent of stores online who retail Amish furniture for the craftsmen, it is now easier than ever to access Amish furniture. No more trips to the country to order, check on and retrieve your furniture. All of your choices come shipped directly to your door. The only issues left are your choices. Educating yourself on your various choices of woods, styles, and finishes will bring you ever closer to lounging in your gorgeous new furniture.

What Is Finishing in Amish Furniture Anyhow

Wood finishing is the process of refining and protecting the surface of the wood to provide lasting benefits to the finished piece. Often wood is stained during the finishing process, this consists of adding a pigmented compound that changes or deepens the coloring of the natural wood. The staining process happens after an initial sanding that removes imperfections and evens out the surface of the wood.

After the staining, a protective layer is added to the wood which seals in the stain and gives the wood more water resistance than it would have naturally. The finishing layer usually consists of waxes, varnishes, or shellac. These finishes also serve to make the finished piece easier to clean and maintain.

What Finishes Can I Have

Amish ShowroomWhen you are choosing your finish for your Amish furniture, there is quite a few specialty finishes available that are not to be discounted. Burnishing is a technique where the stain is added to the outer edges of a piece, giving it an antiqued look. Distressing is a specialty technique that is most often done with painted furniture but can be done with stained pieces as well. The paint is rubbed off on the edges and in specific areas (like table and chair legs), to give it a more rustic and used/worn look.

An item can be lightly or deeply distressed depending on preference. Another interesting finish is two-toned, where different parts of an item are stained with darker varnish whereas others are bleached or left natural. Controlling the sheen level is another way of customizing a finish, sheen can range from glossy to matte. Regardless of the finish you choose, you can be guaranteed that your pieces of Amish furniture will be beautiful and heirloom quality.


Stains Used in Amish Furniture Pieces

Amish made furniture is a fast-growing genre of furniture choice. Known for the craftsmanship, beauty, and durability, Amish furniture is a superb choice for everything from family furnishings to professional offices. The wide variety of classic styles coupled with the warmth of natural wood tones makes the furniture perfect for any decoration theme. Additionally, Amish furniture is a green choice, using locally sourced materials and hand manufacturing with little use of electricity, making it perfect for a society increasingly concerned with its carbon footprint.

What is the Difference between a Finish and a Stain and a Varnish in Amish Furniture

Amish furnitureWood finishing begins by sanding down the surface of the wood to remove imperfections and create an even surface. Staining is a process where the color of the wood is changed permanently, generally of a darker tone than is natural for the wood used. Making a wood tone lighter is usually called bleaching. Staining happens after the sanding of the surfaces. Oil-based stains, which are the most common, consisting of pigments mixed with mineral spirits. These are rubbed into the wood until the desired tone is achieved. Water-based stains have the advantages of a wider range of colors and fewer fumes than the oil-based stains.

Stain only provides color to the wood, not a finish. Finish is the final step of manufacturing that adds water and environmental resistance to the piece. It also adds shine and makes the piece easier to clean. Typical finishes used include wax, lacquer, varnish, and shellac. Most Amish furniture online and in stores is finished with a standard catalyzed varnish. This is recommended by most Amish craftsmen because it provides a high degree of protection, is easy to maintain, and enhances the appearance of stained wood. Catalyzed varnish is formulated from resins, pigments, and solvents and can be cleaned simply by using a non-abrasive damp cloth followed by a dry one.

What Suits Your Plans

Amish furniture is available in a wide variety of stains, both natural woods tones and colored stains. The shade of the stain will vary based on what choice of wood you request and the way in which the wood is milled. While there is a myriad of stain samples available online, for ease in creating your dream furniture, you can order a variety of stain samples delivered right to your door. You can use these samples to match paint colors for walls and even fabric samples for your furniture and curtains. Amish made furniture is a timeless addition to your home and family, the better informed you are in your decision making, the more enjoyable the finished product will be in your home.


How Do I Protect and Care for My Amish Furniture

Congratulations on your investment in the quality of Amish furniture! After you have finished admiring your piece, if that ever happens, you might find yourself wondering how you protect this solid wood work of art so that it lasts you for years to come. One of the benefits of Amish furniture is the durability and strength of the finished product. Also key is the ease of upkeep, it takes very little to routinely care for solid wood furniture. Another lasting benefit is the ease in repairing everyday wear on your Amish furniture.

Trust Your Craftsman

Amish furnitureThe Amish have been perfecting their hand manufacture of furniture for generations. They source only the best products, using old growth hardwoods that are perfectly seasoned and hand finished with all natural products for a lasting sheen. The materials are almost always all locally sourced, grown by Amish farmers, milled by Amish millers, each family along the way with generations of experience under their collective suspenders. The patterns most commonly used by the Amish have been tested and refined for centuries, these traditional patterns have made the cut and been tweaked for better performance by seasoned professionals. They use solid joinery such as dovetailed joints to join their pieces and the wood is quarter sawn or plain sawn which makes for a sturdier finished product.

Get into A Routine

One of the natural benefits of the materials used in Amish furniture manufacturing is that they lend some water resistance to the finished product. No natural wood product is completely impervious to water, especially if left sitting but Amish furniture does resist most common spills. Simply wipe them clean with a soft rag making sure to get all of the spills. A damp rag dusted over the wood at least weekly is the majority of the upkeep you will need to keep your furniture looking its best. Regular wipe downs with a natural oil will lend shine to your furniture while also cleaning it and adding a bit more moisture resistance.


The best way to avoid having to do detailed repairs to your furniture is to prevent them. But as with all of life, accidents do happen. To maintain the integrity of your pieces, it is important that repairs are handled as quickly as possible. Anything that cuts into the finish of your furniture, scratches, nicks, some types of dents, should be handled with natural waxes and oils to restore the wholeness of the finish and protect from moisture digging deeper into your piece. For longer marks and broken parts, it would be best to consult with a local woodworker or Amish craftsman. With the minimum of care and upkeep, your Amish furniture should last long enough to be handed down to future generations.


Why Does Amish Furniture Use Old Growth Wood?

The Amish are meticulous in the sourcing and crafting of their furniture. They only use the best, seasoned, old growth hardwood in their pieces. They utilize patterns that have been handed down through the generations and perfected over time. Each piece is handmade under the careful eye of a seasoned craftsman. Amish furniture has become popular because it is not only beautiful but durable and heirloom quality. Most of those attributes relate directly to the use of old growth hardwood.

Amish Furniture Doesn’t Get Much Tougher Than This

Old growth wood is among the toughest of woods on the planet. The mechanisms that enable a tree to survive for decades and even hundreds of years, each season adding growth and bulk to its form, makes for a fiber that is desirable for its durability. These trees are denser and have often been cultivated by generations of the same family. Milled in the quarter sawn or plain sawn methods, Amish furniture withstands decades of hard use by an active family while still retaining its form and luster. When a building made of old growth wood is torn down, the wood is a hot commodity as it can be repurposed make more times before it has no life left in it. This is one of the reasons that reclaimed barn wood pieces are so popular.

Rot and Bug Resistant

Due to the rigid structure of old growth wood, the tough fiber that has stood through countless seasons of the changeable weather common in Amish settled areas, it is less prone to rot. The same softness that makes new growth wood pliable makes it susceptible to taking on moisture and swelling. A well-seasoned piece of old growth wood has an intrinsic resistance to water–no wood is completely rot proof but old growth wood attempts to be. Another benefit of the rigid structure of old growth wood is that insects such as termites have a hard time finding a purchase in this wood. It would take a mighty determined infestation to chew through a piece of old growth wood furniture and as insects, like most of nature, tend to take the path of least resistance, they are going to go for softer woods that are easier to consume and digest before they will attempt something as unyielding as old growth wood.

Heirloom Beauty

Amish ShowroomLast but not least of the reasons the Amish utilize old growth hardwood in their furniture is the natural beauty of the wood and heirloom quality of the finished pieces. The Amish believe in hard work but they see no reason for extraneous work when simple would do just fine. The dense fibers of the old growth hardwood add a unique shimmer and sheen to each piece of furniture, giving it a unique, yet uniform appearance. Amish furniture was likely made originally to furnish the homes of large Amish families and needs to last through the years. Through this process, the craftsmanship was perfected and Amish and non-Amish alike reap the benefits.


Give Your Kids Room an Upgrade with Amish Furniture

Do you have children whose room needs a makeover? Perhaps you need to upgrade from a toddler room to a big kid room? Or you need to make room for another child in the room? An excellent choice for children’s furnishings is Amish made furniture. It seems like a lot of children’s furniture these days is made to be disposable with flimsy materials or it is made very age-specific necessitating replacement as a child age from preschool to school age to tween. Amish furniture is a smart choice for every growing and busy family.

Durability is Essential

The durability of handmade, authentic, Amish furniture cannot be matched by anything mass produced in a factory setting. The Amish use traditional patterns that have been perfected over time. All Amish furniture is handmade using milling that makes for a stronger finished product and joinery that is the strongest available such as dovetail joints. The Amish use only solid, seasoned, hardwoods and all natural finishes. This furniture is made to last through not just one child but many and the grandchildren to follow.

So Many Choices

Amish furniture offers a variety of styles that will integrate smoothly with any decor. So when your school-ager transitions into a tween and decides they need to redo the room in all black or cheetah print, the furniture will not need to be replaced. There is a wide variety of bed sizes available including twin over twin and full over twin bunk beds for those inevitable slumber parties. Storage comes in a vast array of sizes, heights, and forms, from simple chests of drawers to blanket chests. Toy boxes and bed stands are also available, all with warm wood tones and the quality you expect from heirloom quality furniture.

Convenience for Busy Parents

One of the most modern conveniences of Amish furniture, of which most people are unaware, is that it is now possible to shop for Amish furniture online! No more time wasted making multiple trips into the country to order, check on, or pick up your furniture before you can start your redecorating process. You can shop for a new room for your son while you sit on the sidelines at his soccer match! You can choose your pieces, get information on the craftsmen, and an overview of the process as well as customize pieces to meet your needs in any place that you can access wifi! It’s the perfect solution for today’s time-crunched parents!


What About Amish Furniture for My Kitchen and Bathroom

Amish furniture has always been a favorite for anyone seeking new furnishings for their home or business. Amish tables and chairs have been passed from family member to family member for ages. Beautiful, well made, with styles that never go out of fashion, Amish furniture is the perfect addition to any decor scheme. But what about the parts of your home that you do not traditionally think of when thinking of Amish furniture? Are there Amish furnishings for your kitchens and bathrooms?

Amish Kitchen Options

Aside from the usual kitchen table and chairs, there are a variety of options when it comes to Amish craftsmanship in your kitchen. The Amish specialize in breathtaking cabinetry, with dovetailed drawers, and the warm hand finished all natural wood sheen. All Amish cabinetry is made with the same solid wood and techniques that are the hallmark of Amish furniture. Cabinetry can also be customized to fit perfectly within the space you have. If your cabinets are just the way you like them, there are still pieces such as freestanding islands to consider. Who couldn’t use the extra counter space and a few more places to sit? Not to mention the extra storage space.

Amish Bathroom Additions

As with your kitchen, there are plenty of varieties of cabinetry styles that could be customized to fit your bathroom. Another lovely bathroom addition is an Amish made lavatory, both single sink, and double sink varieties can be created. These lavatories can be either freestanding or built into your bathroom walls. They are available in a wide variety of traditional styles that will stand the test of time as you change decorating schemes over the years. Depending on your space and bathroom needs, a custom Amish made vanity could be an excellent addition.

Possibilities are Endless

When considering which pieces of quality Amish made furniture to add to your kitchens and bathrooms, be sure not to limit yourself to items categorized for these rooms. You might find shelving in an office category that perfectly fits your vision for additional storage, or a ladder display stand for a towel rack. Browsing the pages of your online Amish furniture store you will find sideboards, clocks, chests, and even jewelry boxes that can fit into your kitchen or bathroom.

Amish Furniture is a Stellar Choice for Every Room in Your Home

Amish furniture choices are not limited to rocking chairs and hope chests. In these modern times, all of the best inventory of Amish craftsmen are in reach of anyone with an internet connection. A quick browse will show you choices for every room in your home, even your kitchens and bathrooms. When you buy authentic Amish furniture, you can be sure that you are getting quality items that will last. All Amish furniture is handmade using techniques that have been honed over the centuries by Amish families who take pride in their work.


Why is Amish Furniture the Right Choice for my Growing Family?

Amish furniture is a popular choice among the most haute decorators. Rustic and kitsch are ever popular styles in decorating and country style is experiencing something of a revival. But Amish furniture isn’t just for the hottest decorators, Amish furniture is an excellent choice for a family. Amish furniture is a durable and lasting choice for a family, large, small, or burgeoning.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

The Amish use only quality materials that have proven their worth over centuries of use. The Amish use only solid wood for their furniture and the wood is milled in such a way as to be stronger in the overall finished piece. The patterns used in the furniture are traditional patterns that have proven the test of time. The furniture is designed to be solid, crafted and finished completely by hand. The joinery is made by hand and is part of the wood, the Amish tend to use dovetail joinery to add strength to a piece.

Stands up to Wear and Tear

Amish furnitureThe Amish are known for having very large families so it would follow that their most popular Amish furniture styles would be designed to last through many children. Indeed Amish furniture is considered heirloom quality. It will last through your children and grandchildren, probably longer. The all natural materials and added strength through construction ensure that any piece you buy will stand up to the worst your children can throw at it.

Easy to Keep Up

Children are not the most graceful of creatures. They spill things, they knock things over, they make a mess in general for most of every day. Amish furniture is perfect for busy families because cleaning and upkeep are so simple. Simply wiping the wood down with a damp cloth regularly and using an all natural oil every once in awhile keeps the sheen and beauty of your piece. Spills aren’t an issue as the finish gives the wood a natural degree of water resistance, simply wiping it away should suffice. Scratches, nicks, and rings, are easily remedied with a natural oil such as walnut oil.

A Perfect Choice

The durability of Amish furniture coupled with the low technology crafting methods and natural materials used make Amish furniture a very green choice for home furnishings. So many families today are concerned with reducing their carbon footprint. Choosing to buy Amish furniture gives you not only great looking furniture but the satisfaction that you are helping the environment with your choices.

The last but not least benefit of choosing Amish furniture for your family is that you can shop for Amish made furniture from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you can get the internet. There are many sites online that work with Amish craftsmen to connect with consumers all over the world. These sites maintain a warehouse of the most popular designs and often allow you to customize in order to get the perfect piece for your family!


How to Buy Authentic Amish Furniture Online

Amish furniture is a perennial favorite for the savvy decorator. The classic styles and warm wood tones can fit into any decorating scheme and the pieces are created to stand the test of time. In the past acquiring Amish furniture required a lengthy trek consisting of multiple trips into Amish country to order, check on, and pick up the pieces that you desired. There are many sites online that purport to sell authentic Amish furniture, but how do you know that you will be getting authentic Amish made furniture when you order from a website. We all know that the Amish eschew technology, they do not maintain websites, do they?

Where to Buy Amish Furniture

It is very important to protect yourself as a consumer by doing your homework before spending a considerable amount of money on a piece of furniture. Vetting the websites you utilize is vital. Look for sites that do not shy away from providing their physical addresses and contact information. You should be able to find information on their warehouses, craftsman, and inventory. Look for sites that have quantities of information on the styles in which they specialize as well as information on the timeline from ordering to arriving at your door. You should be able to access reviews from other customers and the best websites have endorsements from the Better Business Bureau or other consumer protection entities.

How Do I Identify Authentic Amish Furniture

Authentic Amish furniture is always made from solid wood. You will not find cheap veneers and pressboard in an authentically Amish made piece of furniture. The wood itself will be quarter sawn or plain sawn. Quartersawn and plain sawn wood is more stable and shrinks less, it also lends itself to a more beautiful final look as the rings and lines in the wood add shimmer and flecks. When wood treated this way is finished by hand with sanding and varnish, it is far superior in appearance to anything factory made. Amish furniture is almost always joined using crafted joinery such as dovetails, anything stapled and nail gunned together is likely not authentic Amish furniture.

Protect Yourself but Enjoy Your Shopping Experience

The internet has brought the world closer together than ever before. This enables you to find information on nearly anything you want and shop for anything you want from the comfort of your own home. This means that you can have quality, heirloom ready furniture made by authentic Amish craftsman in every room of your home. Armed with the tips mentioned, you will be able to determine the best sites with the best inventory of authentic furniture to fulfill your every desire. You will have the quality and beauty of a handcrafted, solid wood creation delivered from Amish country to your door.

Save Time and Buy Amish Furniture Online in Washington

Amish furniture is highly sought after in Washington for many different kinds of homes and businesses. Classic styles that suit any design scheme coupled with durability make Amish made furniture a worthwhile investment. Authentic Amish furniture is handmade using tried and true techniques and all-natural materials. This makes the pieces durable and beautiful.

Most people believe that purchasing Amish made furniture is a huge time sink, with driving to a showroom or an Amish business then returning after the order is complete to pick up the pieces you have ordered. With today’s busy schedules, most people do not have the time to make long journeys, regardless of how badly they want to obtain quality furnishings. It is exactly for this reason that many Amish furniture retailers have expanded their businesses into the online marketplace.

Finding a Reputable Site for Amish Furniture

There are many sites online that purport to retail Amish made furniture. It can be anxiety-inducing to try to choose one. The vast majority of Amish sects eschew technology as a tenet of their faith. This means that Amish craftsmen are prohibited from running websites and selling their wares on the online market. In an effort to bridge that gap and open up the customer base, there are Amish furniture expositions in Washington which are highly attractive to non-Amish retailers. A good retailer will develop a relationship with the Amish craftspeople, setting them up to become the middleman for the non-Amish searching online for quality furniture.

  • Choose a site that can tell you who their craftspeople are, the materials they use, and the quality they produce.
  • Choose a site that is vetted with local business organizations and has published feedback of their business practices.
  • Choose a site that allows for ease in answering questions and doesn’t just take orders via an online cart process.

The site and the store representatives should be knowledgeable about styles, wood choices, finishes, and the personal talents of each craftsman. Shopping online gives you the ability to check and cross-check various sites in a short amount of time.

Why Buy Online

Buying online is a viable option for both those who can not travel the distance to a physical Amish furniture store and those who do have the ability. Shopping online gives you access to parts of the country that you can not reach by car in a reasonable amount of time. When you buy online, you will have access to a larger inventory than you would in a small family run local shop. Each retailer has access to multiple families run Amish manufacturers This will undoubtedly save you time as well as giving you a greater choice in furniture pieces. You will have choices of many styles, stains, wood, and upholstery options, no longer being constrained by what is only available locally or the style of the local craftsmen.

You can create the perfect combination that works for you all from the comfort of your own home! Another benefit of purchasing furniture online is delivered right to your door. You do not have to worry about coordinating your delivery through local services. It also saves wear and tears on your personal vehicles. Because many of the online retailers also maintain warehouses, you may not have to wait for a piece that you desire to be made by the craftsman then sent to the staining facility before it is ready to be shipped to you. This can shave months off of your shopping process!

The Choices are Yours

Shopping for a quality piece of Amish furniture, or a whole house full of Amish made furniture, is easier and quicker today than it has ever been. Although it might feel out of place to search for Amish furniture online due to the Amish beliefs about technology, there are many caring companies who have set up as middlemen online to assure that you have access to valuable furniture you desire for your home!