Two Amish Furniture Collections That Could Make Your Home Perfect

There’s nothing better than having a home that is perfectly decorated with high quality and beautiful furniture. At the Amish Showroom, we craft and directly supply the best Amish furniture online, and we’re confident that we have the versatility in our collections to improve every room in your home.

Whether you are designing an office or a study, a new dining room, or even a master bedroom, our furniture can give you the ‘wow’ factor that you’re missing. If you want furniture that ‘s going to last the lifetime of your home and even beyond, then you’ll love the three collections that we’ve showcased below.

Bradbury Style Trestle Table for Your Kitchen or Dining Room

Trestle tables are a great alternative to the more common leg tables. With a trestle design, your Amish furniture can stand out, and you’ll see the full extent of the craftsmanship on the underside support of the table.

The Bradbury style offers a magnificent dining table for casual dining in a kitchen, or it can even be used in a formal dining room. The table is available in sizes up to 48” x 72”, and you will be able to select different American timbers including Hickory, Hard Maple, and Rustic Cherry. The tabletop edged can be customized whether you want mission style or a beveled edge, and the solid wood construction will last for years in your home.

The Bradbury style is a great option if you want something that is elegant and that is still relatively affordable.

Amish Furniture Collections

The Ironwood Suite for a Gorgeous Master Bedroom

In your master bedroom, you should spare no luxury. You deserve the very best, and that’s exactly what you could have if you choose the Ironwood Suite of Amish furniture online.

This special collection is available for order in Rustic Rough Sawn Brown Maple. It looks spectacular and can suit both modern and traditional homes. It leans more towards the traditional side, but not in a way that would make it feel outdated.

This is real heirloom quality and could easily be passed down for generations. The collection includes items like side tables, a storage chest, a handmade bed with a spectacular headboard, and dressers/tallboy drawers depending on what your needs are. You can choose from different items in the collection to get the perfect fit for your bedroom.

There’s Plenty More to Choose When You Buy Amish Furniture Online

We’ve only touched on two options here. There’s plenty more to see when you browse our online store. Most of our furniture pieces are customizable, and our collections offer plenty of flexibility so that you can decorate a home in a way that reflects your personality.

Browse our Amish furniture online and give your home the true luxury touch that you deserve.


Three Reasons to Consider Amish Furniture for Colleges

Obviously, not every college will want to consider using Amish furniture but there are some more prestigious colleges out there that really need to up their aesthetic. Today we are going to discuss three different reasons that you should be considering using Amish furniture for colleges, and some of them might surprise you.

Amish Furniture is More Durable

If you know anything about the Amish, anything at all, then it definitely should not surprise you that their construction methods product products that are truly made to last. Using methods that have been passed down from generation to generation, the Amish produce pieces that can stand the test of time. Dovetail joints keep drawers in place for years, and the solid wood used ensures that it won’t be broken or cracked. When held in comparison to furniture from big box stores, you will quickly find that Amish furniture is a much greater investment. It is not made from MDF or particle board, and it does not use substandard joints, especially for drawers.

Amish Furniture

It Simply Looks Better

As soon as you step inside any Amish furniture store or look at Amish furniture online, you will know that you’re not looking at your run of the mill furniture. You are, in fact, looking at something absolutely amazing that can bring you to another place and time. These pieces will look amazing in any setting, but for high-end college, they can really bring the aesthetic to the next level. In other words, they’re definitely something that you’re going to want.

It Has More Functionality

Amish furniture for sale tends to be far more functional than some of the other options out there. For instance, furniture from big box stores tends to be very basic, while Amish furniture finds plenty of new ways to integrate storage. Under-bed storage, for example, is always much better implemented in Amish furniture than in any other type. The same goes for coffee tables and virtually anything else in the Amish furniture arsenal.

Amish furniture can be used for a wide range of different settings. It could be used for a living room, or, as mentioned above, it could be used for a school. No matter what type of environment you place it in, it is going to look absolutely amazing and will raise the aesthetic value of the space that it is in consideration. As always, make sure that you are getting the real deal, and that the furniture you get fits well with the environment. Take into account color, size, and even the hardness of the wood. There is a time and a place for all types of Amish furniture!



The Four Types of Beds you Need to Know About

Solid wood furniture, Amish furniture in, in particular,s a sterling reputation and amazing designs that cannot be ignored. The moment you walk into a room that has been outfitted with items from an Amish furniture store, you know that you are in the midst of pieces constructed with quality in mind. If you are outfitting your bedroom with Amish furniture for sale, then you should know about the different bed styles and what they can bring to your setting.

The Headboard and Frame – A Staple of Amish Furniture

Amish furnitureIf you’re looking for something extremely basic, then this is it. A basic headboard and frame don’t feature any rails, and the headboard can be changed at any time. You have the option of leaving the headboard standing free, or you can attach it to the wall using brackets so long as you can find two adequate studs.

Headboard with Side Rails

Taking it up a notch from the previous entry, it’s pretty much the same thing but with simple rails on each of the three sides. It is more decorative than functional, but it is a great aesthetic for any bedroom.

The Platform Bed

Platform beds have been around for many years as any Amish furniture store will tell you. These might be one of the first you see when you look for Amish furniture online, and will most definitely end up in your collection at some point.

The Sleigh Bed – For Those who Want to go All Out

You’ve seen sleigh beds before – they’re pretty much in every bedroom that has the space for them. Basically, they consist of a platform with a headboard and footboard, with the footboard curving out in the way that an old-fashioned sleigh does. These won’t be delivering presents on Christmas Eve but they can make your bedroom look absolutely amazing. Their area a few different design options, for example, there is the traditional style that has the headboard and footboard while the modern style only has the headboard and the matching rails. Going the traditional route is preferred for most people but it should only be embraced if you have the extra floor space to support it. The biggest problem is the footboard which curves out and claims more space than many people are comfortable with.

Among Amish furniture pieces, beds can be some of the most beautiful. Either highly ornate or extremely plain, beds can bring quite a bit to your life, and are most definitely something that you will want to put a lot of thought into the next time you are redecorating.



Make Your Home Beautiful with Amish Furniture Oregon

Oregon has a deep connection to American history and the migration of early settlers to the West Coast. Because of the rich history of the State, it only makes sense that your home furniture should tell a story too. You can buy Amish furniture Oregon that is crafted with traditional methods and that will effortlessly combine with your existing décor in a contemporary home.

Rich Tradition and History in Every Piece of Quality Amish Furniture Oregon

Amish communities live without complication and focus on family and tradition. Handcrafted furniture has long been a part of the Amish culture. Expert craftspeople have worked for generations to develop the styles that are used in Amish furniture Oregon, but that doesn’t mean that the collections are stuck in the past.

If you have been interested in Amish furniture but were concerned that it wouldn’t be suitable for a modern home, then you will be quite amazed by what you can buy at the Amish Showroom.

Elegance from the Past but Perfectly Suited to the Present Day

Amish Furniture OregonTrends come and go, but the quality is something that can always be appreciated. When you buy Amish furniture Oregon you will be amazed by the handcrafted quality. You can see and feel the knowledge and painstaking process that goes into every piece of furniture. Whether it’s a luxurious desk for your home study or a modern entertainment center for your family room; Amish furniture is built to last.

With the quality comes to style that will never be out of fashion. You can purchase the best Amish furniture Oregon that looks as if it was made in the previous century. This will be perfect if you have a traditional home where the styling takes cues from the past rather than the present.

Of course, many of us live in modern homes today, so there’s also Amish designs that are contemporary and they would look wonderful in an architecturally designed family home, or even a new apartment or condo development.

The range that is available is second to none, and you can even have custom pieces produced if the standard options don’t quite match the aesthetic that you are going for. Kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, kid’s rooms, and master bedrooms – there’s something for every corner of the home when you choose Amish furniture for sale Oregon.

Why Compromise When You Want the Best for Your Home?

Today’s furniture manufacturers cut corners to deliver the lowest possible prices. Cost is important, but it should never be the only thing that you consider. Amish furniture Oregon is competitively priced, but we will never sacrifice longevity to save money or increase our profit margins. We have direct control of the manufacturing process, starting with the raw materials. This allows us to keep the costs reasonable while still offering premium furniture that will last your lifetime and beyond.

Buy Amish furniture Oregon and make a real investment. Heirloom quality pieces will look great in your home today, and the lasting quality means that they’ll be cherished and used by future generations.


Furniture for Every Room of Your Home from our Washington Amish Furniture Store

A beautiful and modern home can be made from traditional materials, and this is especially easy to achieve when you choose Washington Amish furniture.

Amish design and craftsman ship has long been considered amongst the best in the furniture industry. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans, using the finest materials and finished to perfection with long-lasting stains and upholstery.

If you want your home to be elegant, warm, welcoming, and beautiful, then it’s time to look at the collections from our Washington Amish furniture store.

Every Room of the Home Improved with Our Washington Amish Furniture Store Selection

Washington Amish furnitureIt doesn’t matter if you need furniture for the bedroom or bathroom or anything in between. Amish furniture Washington is created for every room of the home, and you can find both modern and classically inspired collections that will turn your ordinary home into something quite special.

The beauty of Amish furniture is apparent from the first time that you lay eyes on it. These pieces are handcrafted, rather than manufactured on some cold production line in a country that you’ve never heard of. Amish manufacturing supports local industries and helps to strengthen our economy, keeping jobs and skills where we need them most.

The materials are sourced locally from sustainable forests, and hardwearing natural materials mean that your furniture can easily last the lifetime of your home. We like to refer to our handcrafted Amish furniture as heirloom quality because it will literally last for generations when properly cared for.

Do You Need a Single Item or a Complete Collection?

Whatever kind of furniture you need, you can find it on our Washington Amish furniture online store. Pieces and collections can be navigated based on the room that you are purchasing for, and we include professionally shot high definition photos so that you can get the perfect impression of what the furniture would look like in your home.

If you don’t have time to go around all the local furniture warehouse showrooms to be disappointed by mass-produced flat packed furniture, then it’s time to do things the right way with our Washington Amish furniture store.

Get Lasting Quality and Customized Furniture

Not only is our furniture designed to stand the test of time; it can also be designed to meet your exacting specifications. Because we are both the manufacturer and the retailer, we can customize existing collections or design something that is uniquely yours. Choose from American hardwoods and luxury fabric upholstery or leather, and get the furniture that you’ve always dreamed of having.

Our direct to consumer sales model means that we have the most competitive prices for online Amish furniture Washington. If you’re ready to make changes in your home with furniture that represents your values and sense of quality, then it’s time to explore the Amish Showroom today.


Fall Home Redesign Tips – Start with the Furniture

We’re currently in the midst of summer, but fall will be here before we know it, and with it comes to a very important responsibility: making sure that you have the right furniture. So, here’s the big question: are you ready to redesign your home for fall? If so, then it’s time for you to consider buying Amish furniture.

Amish Furniture for Fall – It Only Makes Sense

Amish FurnitureIt’s going to start with choosing the right color furniture for your living room and that isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. So, how do you do it? We would recommend that you start by choosing a base color and working your way out. What piece of furniture would you like to consider the centerpiece for your setup? Some people would choose the couch, and we agree that it’s a great starting point. A couch with a heavier stain would pair well with lighter chairs, and you can contrast the theme around the living room. While this might seem like a horrible mismatch of colors, it works very well in practice and can help to draw the eye to a variety of different places around the room.

Update your Bedrooms

The living room is a great place to start, but you spend a lot of time in your bedrooms and you want to make them look good. It all starts with making sure you have the right type of bed installed, for example, you could choose a four-poster bed, or you could go with the more traditional sleigh bed. The minimalist approach, with the standard headboard and bed frame, is also a good option, so consider that if you are running low on funds.

Think About that Patio

If you have an enclosed patio then you should most definitely visit an Amish furniture store. Amish furniture for sale can help to bring that patio to life in the same way it brought your living room to life. Add some new seating, and perhaps even add a new table in case you want to have an outdoor meal – fall is a perfect time!

Consider the Type of Wood

Ultimately, you will need to think about the type of wood that you want to use in your fall home re-design. You are most likely moving away from the big box furniture, so a serious jump in quality is going to be inevitable. That being the case, you could choose hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is often preferred due to its highly durable qualities but is also more expensive. Additionally, you will not see many hardwoods with ornate designs as they are much harder to carve. Softwoods, on the other hand, allow for far more creativity.

Fall is coming – make sure you look for the best Amish furniture online and get your house in order. There has never been a better time to give your home a complete makeover.


Does Amish Furniture Work in a Modern Home?

If you’re looking for new furniture then you may have some reservations about buying traditional handmade items. Classic furniture traditions are sometimes seen as outdated and not suitable for a contemporary home.

If you stick to this mindset then you will actually be missing out on some of the best furniture that you could buy today, particularly when it comes to Amish furniture for sale online.

Amish design collections definitely do honor the best traditions in furniture making, however, they’re anything but outdated, and there are some key reasons why you should consider Amish handmade furniture when you need nothing but the best in your home.

Amish Furniture Has Kept Up With Trends

Furniture trends come and go, but the quality is timeless. Amish furniture for sale online takes the best of modern trends without losing what makes Amish design so great in the first place. You could choose furniture pieces for your computer, for your high definition entertainment system, or even for your kitchen that is fitted with all of the latest appliances and modern conveniences.

The furniture collections that you can choose can range from the purely traditional, right up to modern designs with the sharp lines and clean edges that are so popular today. When Amish furniture incorporates modern trends, it does so in a tasteful way that will make your furniture stand out. When you look at your new furniture you won’t be concerned about whether or not it’s suitable for modern times. Instead, you will wonder how the designers and craftsmen were able to blend the traditional and the modern in such a way that the furniture feels as suitable in the present as it would have in the past.

It’s All About the Quality

The quality is a big part of what makes Amish furniture so perfect for a modern home. Quality and craftsmanship is timeless. An exquisite piece of furniture made 100 years ago isn’t any less impressive because of its age; just like modern Amish furniture is not any less impressive because it takes design cues from the past.

The quality of the materials, including rare hardwoods, as well as impressive stains and upholstery, mean that the best Amish furniture can work with any kind of home design and décor choices. Your new furniture will elevate your interior design and make your home more comfortable and practical, and you will have confidence knowing that your furniture will stand the test of time.

In many cases, your new Amish collection could become heirloom pieces, and they’ll be just as impressive in the next 50 years as they are today.

Where to Buy Amish Furniture for a Modern Home

You can buy Amish furniture online without ever stepping into a showroom. This makes your shopping experience as convenient as possible, and with the high-resolution images, descriptions and configuration tools at Amish Showroom, you won’t feel like you’re losing anything compared to shopping the traditional way.

Explore our range today, and see how Amish furniture can be beautiful, contemporary, and perfectly suited to your lifestyle.


Amish Furniture Ideas for your New Condo

There are a lot of great benefits to buying a condo and while you might not be able to customize the outside you can do whatever you wish to the inside. In our opinion, there is where Amish furniture for sale comes into the picture. If you were thinking of going for less expensive furniture then think again: you’ve already spent a considerable amount of money on the location, so why not go the extra mile with the furniture? Amish furniture has a lot of benefits, so let’s take a look at just a few of them.

Amish Furniture will make your Condo Look Great

Amish furniture for sale onlineYour condo already looks good, but now you can make it look absolutely great by adding a few decent furniture pieces. Big box furniture from your local retail store has nothing on the majesty of pure, solid hardwood from the Amish furniture store and under the right lighting, and paired with the right colors, it can be something right out of a dream.

Ideas for your Condo

There are plenty of ways to make your condo look great, and we would always recommend starting with the living room. Your front room can certainly benefit from the entertainment center, of which we have plenty right here in our store. You could also add a coffee table or even some seating. If you want to go the extra mile then we would strongly recommend using accent lighting to illuminate the pieces that you want to show off. It doesn’t need to be an obvious ploy, but just enough to help the flow of your room and to draw eyes to the right places.

After you have finished the living room you can move on to bedrooms which call for furniture that is not only beautiful but perfectly functional. A sleigh bed, for example, offers plenty of stability but often you will see storage beneath that bed, expanding your available bedroom options. At the end of the day, you can never have too much storage and Amish furniture makers are outstanding when it comes to creating useful but practical items.

It’s a Higher Quality Item

If you are looking for a higher quality item and something that will last longer, then you certainly want to start looking for Amish furniture for sale online. As you are shopping, you will need to keep in mind that there are different types of wood and we aren’t talking about the difference between pine and oak. Hardwoods and softwoods are a serious consideration, though admittedly softwoods can be a little bit less expensive than the alternative. The only problem with softwoods is that they cannot take as much of a beating as their harder cousins and are therefore best placed in areas that do not see a lot of traffic. For example, if you were to have a coffee table then you would almost definitely want to go with a hardwood like oak, but if you were buying a bedroom dresser or an end table, then you could definitely get away with purchasing something made from pine.

No matter which type of wood you choose to invest in, you can rest assured that it is going to last for a very long time, as Amish furniture tends to do.

Turn your House into a Home

The fun part about moving into a condo is turning a simple house into a home. You can do this with a mix of your personal belongings and of course the furniture that makes the home more comfortable. Consider our suggestions and make your new condo shine.