Wine Servers

Wine Servers

 A good wine server is just what you need to finish off your dining room. They have a classic look, and of course make it simple to store and serve wine to go with your meal. Want to pick the right one for your home? Here’s what to look for in a wine server.

Lincoln Buffet w wine rackEasy Wine Storage

All good wine servers should, of course, have ample space for you to store wines. You can choose one with a wine rack included, so bottles can be stored and accessed as needed. For example, the Butler’s Wine Rack we offer has an optional wine rack right in the center, so you can place in all the wines you want to offer with your evening meal.

Wine Glass Storage

As well as the wines, you need ample glass storage. When you have both, pouring a glass right at the table is easier than ever. Again, the Butler’s Wine Rack has an overshelf top that has racks for your glasses. The Dillon Wine Server also has a stemware rack, that sits right above the wine rack. This allows you to access everything you need, quickly and easily.

Plenty Of Storage

As well as wine racks and stemware racks, you may want lots of storage in your wine server. It’s not just wine that you’ll want to keep in it. You can keep napkins, china, cutlery, anything you want in a good server. It keeps everything on hand, so you don’t have to keep running back to the kitchen during a meal.

That’s why we ensure all our servers have lots of drawers and cabinet space, so you can store what you need in them.

Customization Options

Once you’ve found a wine server you like, here at the Amish Showroom you can customize it. This will allow you to make the server fit in with any other pieces you have in your home already.

For example, take a look at our Connor Sideboard. You’ll be able to choose the wood type, as well as the stain. You can select the hardware too, so the finished piece will be unique to you.

McCoy Wine BuffetFinding The Right Wine Server For You

Ready to start looking into wine servers for your home? The best first step is through our website and social media pages. These will show you the options we have, and how they fit into your home. Follow out Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube accounts for more.

You can call us to find out more, as we’re always happy to help you select a piece for your home.

The right wine server will add the finishing touch to your dining room, and make it feel complete. As well as this, it’s a highly functional piece that allows you to have everything you need within arm’s reach. Pick up your wine server from the Amish Showroom today, and you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of wine with your evening meal, without leaving the table.



Whether you’re looking to add seats to a breakfast nook, or you’ve put a full bar in your home and need seats to go with it, you’ll need some high quality barstools. Here at Amish Showroom we pride ourselves in creating beautiful pieces that will look amazing, wherever you use them. There’s several options available to you, so let’s break them down and find you the perfect barstool.

Swivel Or Stationary

Firstly, do you want your barstools to swivel around, or do you want a stationary seat? Both have a lot of benefits, so you’ll need to decide which one is right for you. We can offer both, so you can pick one out that suits you best. Our Bellingham swivel barstool is perfect for you if you want your seat to move around. You’ve got lots of customization options here, so you can have seats made that will suit your home’s décor.

Back Or No Back

Next, consider whether you want a back on your bar stools. Stools with no backs give you that classic bar feel, so you can create the right atmosphere in your home bar. If you’re using the stools in your kitchen though, you may want backs on them for comfort as you eat.

If you want a backless stool, then the Allerton bar chair is just what you’re looking for. These classic barstools again come in a range of wood types, and the fabric top allows for a comfortable seat. They come complete with tacks in a range of finishes too, so you can choose details.

Barstool Finishes

Finally, you need to pick the finish on your barstools. As mentioned.above, there are so many options when you pick out your stools. If you choose our Bayfield barstools, for example, you have the option to pick from a wide array of wood types. Is cherry, elm, or walnut going to be right for your home? You’ll also have the option to add arms too, which are perfect for extra comfort.

On our barstools you can change out the fabrics too, to fit in with your home’s existing look. You can choose from a range of leathers, so you can have a color that’s more red, brown or black that fits your needs. You can also go for a fabric finish, if that suits your home more.

On some barstools you can even adjust the height of them, so you can get just the right height to fit your bar. We aim to give you as much customization options as possible, so you’ll have the barstool that’s just right for your home aesthetic.

Need Help Choosing?

Is this more choice than you were expecting? Then we’re here to help you find the right barstool for your needs. You can visit our showroom and see the options we have, and get help from our experienced staff. If you want to order from home, you can do that too. Simply visit our site and check out all the options that are in stock, so you can order everything without leaving the house.

You can check out more on our Facebook Pinterest Instagram and YouTube pages too. There’s lots to see here, so you’ll get plenty of inspiration. See how our pieces are being used in real homes, today.

We’re proud to offer so many options when it comes to barstools. Wherever you want to use them in your home, you’ll be able to find the right stools for you. If you want to find out more, just get in touch and we’ll be ready to help you choose.

Bookcase Designs with Storage

A good bookcase can be used in almost every room of the house. Place them in the study to hold all your books, place them in the living room to hold games and DVDs, or in your kitchen to hold your family cookbooks. They’re versatile pieces that you can use however you need.

Here at the Amish Showroom, we have lots of different bookcases on offer. We have many that come with drawers, which are always popular as they offer you even more storage space. Looking for the right bookcase for your home? Here’s what you need to be looking for.

Drawers To Suit Your Needs

 As well as plenty of shelves, many of our bookshelf units will come with drawers. We’ve even created models that have drawers for specific needs. For example, you can have drawers that are designed to hold file folders, as you’ll see in our McCoy Bookcase AMB and CLR models. These will be great in the study, as you can store important documents in them and have them within reach at all times. As well as this, you won’t need an extra piece of furniture to store your files, either.

Enclosed Bookcases

Take a look at our bookcases, and you’ll find there’s plenty of options for open as well as enclosed cases. The enclosed options will use glass doors, so you can keep the contents of the case protected, while you can still see inside. This makes them perfect for kitchens when you want to store and display china. They’re also a good option if you want to display collectibles. Our Morgan Bookcase is a great example of this, so take a look and see if this model is for you.

Get Extra Storage

As mentioned above, we offer bookcases that have file drawers in them. That’s not all we offer though. Plenty of our bookcases have drawers that can hold almost anything you can think of. Need somewhere to keep pieces that you want to keep out of sight? Pick one of our bookcases with drawers, so you can store them while displaying other pieces on the shelves.

Lots Of Custom Options

Have you found a bookcase on our site that looks a like a great fit for your home? Don’t forget to consider adding custom options.  You’ll be able to choose the overall height, depth, and number of shelves in your piece. When you’re ready to order, just call the showroom.

Choose The Look Of Your Bookcase

Do you want the Cooper Bookcase for your home? Then you can change out the wood type, to match with the rest of the items in your home. Choose from rustic cherry, oak, brown maple, and more. Once you pick the wood, you’ll be able to choose the stain and the hardware, so you can get just the look that you want.

Follow Us Online

Need more ideas for your home? Then follow us on social media, where we regularly post ideas and our latest pieces. You can find us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Keep an eye on our posts to see what we come up with next.

Choosing bookshelves with drawers gives you more options when it comes to storage. Find a home for everything, and display the items that you want to show off in your home. With all the options available on our website, you’re going to find something that’s perfect for you.


January Featured Products

Happy New Year!

Get a more in depth look at our January featured products.  All of this month’s picks are currently available to be viewed at our showroom.  Not local to us?  We ship to 48 States!

Allerton Bar Chair is shown in Brown Maple with Onyx stain and 28-23 Rink Fabric with Nickel Tacks.  This bar chair is customizable.  Select your wood type, stain, fabric or leather, and your tacks.  Play on contrast with this stool by selecting a dark stain and light colored fabric.  Place them at your island or around a pub height dining table.  Available in 24″ H and 30″ H.

The Xavier Trestle has a stunning live edge top and metal “X” base.  Pair this table with the Tifton Dining Chair with a live edge top on the chair, to really showcase that element.  The matching bench shown, is the same length as the table.  We recommend this option, because live edge tables are not able to expand and this provides you with the most seating.

You could also pair this trestle table with the Eagle Dining Chair with wrought iron, to showcase the metal detailing. The Eagle is a very comfortable chair with a wood seat.  The seats are scooped out to provide the most comfort.

The Xavier dining table is shown in Rustic Walnut with a clear stain.  The clear finish allows the true natural beauty to shine through.  Rustic Walnut is going to have knots and cracks.  Rustic wood has more character and adds a special touch to the furniture.  No two tables will be identical. If you want the beauty of Walnut wood with out the knots and cracks, order Walnut instead of Rustic Walnut wood.

The Westmere Bedroom Collection is also shown in Walnut. This bed features two thick live edge slabs held with metal detailing.  All of the matching case pieces feature live edge tops.  The live edge profile will be unique to each board. Available in a Queen or King size.


To view more of our January Featured Products check out the Home Page.  We specialize in custom furniture.  Select your wood type, stain or paint color, size*, hardware, and other special features. If you are not local to us and are wanting to place an order.  Shop our online store.  We can send you stain samples once your order has been placed or before you order for a small fee. Check out our shipping section to see costs to your area.

Amish Built – French Cottage Dining Furniture

French Cottage design aesthetic, is a perfect blend of Victorian and Farmhouse influences.   Here at Amish Showroom, we offer French Cottage Furniture in every furniture category whether you want a Dining Set, Bedroom Suite, or Occasional pieces.  French Cottage furniture can feature intricate hand turned legs, tufted fabric, and smooth grains.  It typically will not feature heavy textures, straight clean lines, or wide wood grains.

Lincoln Buffet w wine rack

We no longer live in an age where Amish Crafted directly translates to Traditional Oak Furniture.  Amish Showroom offers a multitude of options so that you can customize your furniture.  The Lincoln Buffet is shown with a painted base and stained top, this effect is called two-tone.  We can use any Sherwin Williams paint color, and offer large varieties of stain.  When having your furniture painted consider selecting Brown Maple wood, the natural wood grain is easily hidden under the coat of paint and provides a clean look. The ivory paint color adds a warm hue that is typical in this interior design aesthetic.  Most French inspired sideboards, hutches and buffets will have a wine rack in them.

French Farmhouse TableFrench Cottage Dining Tables can feature any number of design elements from Victorian to Farmhouse. This Dining Table will lean more towards the Farmhouse design with the hand turned legs and rounded corners on the table top.  This table can be built with up to 17 leaves!   You could also get this table with two-tone stain or two-tone paint.  For more options click the link here.

The Granby Dining Table leans more towards the Victorian design aesthetic. It’s signature curved legs are handcrafted and absolutely stunning.  Pair with a modern dining chair or a fabric chair to create a warm inviting dining space. Shown in Brown Maple with stain.  French Cottage homes will feature rich brown tones as opposed to natural or reds. Note that this table does have the square top with mission corners to really show off the curvature of the legs.

French Cottage Dining Chairs can have fabric or wood seats, typically leather seats are not incorporated into this design but all of the chairs shown here do come with leather options. We have hundreds of fabrics for you choose from!  The great thing about French Cottage is that you can go more modern or more vintage in your dining space depending on which chairs you select.

Want to check out some more fun ideas in this design or explore other interior design categories?  Follow us on Pinterest!  You can view our entire French Cottage Board there.


Create Your Own Reading Nook with Amish Furniture

Every day, billions of people around the world sit down with a favorite book, magazine, or even a tablet or e-reader. While many assume that books have fallen out of fashion with modern audiences, the opposite is true. A 2016 Pew Research study found that 73% of Americans read at least one novel in that year. The number was identical when the same survey was taken five years earlier.

Of course, there’s also the real reading enthusiasts, who sometimes read a book a week. For smaller novellas and collections, some even read a book a day!

Reading is a pastime that has never died down, and it probably never will. Learning, exploring people and stories, and traveling to fantastic places will never get old.

You can create your own reading nook to celebrate your love of books at home. With a few Amish Furniture pieces, you’ll be able to design the perfect space.

Amish Furniture Helps You Create a Comfortable Reading Nook

McCoy Rocker 960 MROWhen you’ve found a quiet corner of your home, you’ll need to think about seating. Peace and quiet are necessary to become fully immersed in a good book. A comfortable chair can help you with that.

Some of the best Amish Furniture chairs are also the most comfortable for book reading. The beauty of choosing custom made furniture is that you can get the exact fit for your style and needs.

Want a formal reading area? Consider an office chair and a side table. If you want something more relaxed, why not choose an Amish Furniture rocking chair?

With extensive options, you’ll be able to quickly choose a chair to suit your needs. Take a look at a few of our favorites below:

  • The Mission Rocker is a beautiful traditional piece of furniture. With our quality leather upholstery, it could become your favorite reading chair. You can even order a matching ottoman for your reading nook.
  • Want a larger rocker with a fully upholstered seat and back? Consider the Bow Arm Slat Rocker. It’s configurable with fabric upholstery, leather, and a premium American wood species of your choice.
  • The Lewis Rocker is a fantastic minimalist option for a post-modern home. Simple and elegant, this rocker offers affordable Amish Furniture quality.
  • The Aunties Rocker is another stylish traditional rocker with quality that will last a lifetime and beyond. Relax with a new novel on this chair and you’ll easily let your mind float away to another world.

See all our rockers that are perfect for reading. View the full range of Amish Furniture online.

Organize Your Books and More with an Amish Furniture Bookcase

Boston Bookcase 72"Don’t forget about storage when you create your home reading nook. A quality Amish Furniture bookcase will keep all of your books and accessories neatly stored. Do you have kids who will be reading in the nook? A bookcase would be an excellent way to teach them about organization and tidiness.

We offer several handmade bookcases. Amish furniture quality means an heirloom investment with outstanding quality and design. Our bookcases use select American woods and the highest quality hardware. We even offer cabinet bookshelves with stained leaded glass if you are looking for something premium.

  • Consider our Morgan Bookcase for a truly exceptional storage unit in your nook. Glass shelves, sliding doors, and two storage drawers will cover all of your reading needs. Keep books, tablets, and other reading accessories safely stowed away.
  • If you are filling a small space and want something minimalist but beautiful, take a look at our Ashton series. These shelves are perfect examples of Amish Furniture quality and heritage.

Love Reading with Beautiful Amish Furniture Online

Enjoy your favorite hobby, teach your children about the joys of reading, or simply create a new corner of your home where you can rest and relax. A reading nook is a perfect place to escape from your busy lifestyle.

Choose the best Amish Furniture online and your investment will pay off for a lifetime. Just like a great book, Amish Furniture will last for generations. Explore all our collections online today.



2020 Modern Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Modern Rustic Furniture might sound like an oxymoron but it can be achieved in interior design.  Whether you want to add  Barn-wood Texture, use an Antique Slate Stain, or choose hardware that nods towards a rustic aesthetic.  Here are some fantastic ideas to incorporate Modern Rustic Furniture into your bedroom.

The Cambridge Collection

The Cambridge Bedroom Set is shown in Oak with Antique Slate stain. Note how the dresser has two different types of drawers and hardware adding a modern touch.  This collection also has clean lines throughout and an angular cut on the feet of the bed and case pieces.   On the bed you can see the nod to a Barn-Door “X” that is half completed making it lean more towards the modern side of the spectrum.

If you want the Cambridge Collection to lean more towards the Rustic side, you could choose a stain color that has warm brown hues, or change the wood type to Rustic Cherry or Rustic Hickory.  By selecting a Rustic Wood Type you would have knots present in the boards that would add a little character and texture to the wood.

Timber Lake Bed


Looking for that completed Barn-Door “X” look, check out the Timber Lake Bed.  This bed has texture and is shown in Brown Maple wood.  The saw marks add texture through out the entire collection.  The Case pieces that go with this bed also feature the full “X”.

Want to lean more toward the modern side of the scale with the Timber Lake Collection?  Change your stain color to a cooler hue, select different case pieces.  All of your pieces in your order are finished at the same time, so they will be stained to match even if the case pieces and bed aren’t from the same collection.


Belwright Collection

The Belwright Collection is shown with optional texture.  When purchasing from this collection you can decide if you want to add the texture or not.  Better yet, you can add texture to any of the available wood species!

Another collection that offers an optional texture is the Farmhouse Collection shown below.

Common features that you will find in the Modern Rustic aesthetic include; rustic wood species, cool tones and hues, clean lines, barnwood textures, rough sawn textures, “X” shapes, brassy hardware, textured hardware, paneled beds, and larger case pieces.


Furniture from Amish Showroom is handcrafted by the Amish in the United States.  Each piece is crafted using only American hardwoods.  It can take up to 12 weeks to have your order built and delivered.  We ship to 48 States including California, New York, and Texas.  Each bedroom collection is constructed of solid wood.  Changing out hardware is done at no extra fee and we have hundreds of options in our hardware catalog.   Shop Online, over the phone, or in store at our showroom located in Coates, MN.

Mod Glam Bedroom Furniture

2020 is here!  Mod Glam, also known as Modern Glam, furniture is making a big wave in the upcoming trends for home interior.  Interior Designers are starting to see more modern designs heading into this new decade.  Here at Amish Showroom, we have something for everyone when it comes to Bedroom Furniture.  Whether you are looking for Youth Furniture, Teen, or for yourself we can build the bedroom of your dreams.

Francine Bed

Mod Glam can feature fabric, metallic embellishments, darker hues for stain color.  Common wood species include Brown Maple and Cherry.  Modern Glam aesthetic typically will not feature rustic wood species. When it comes to choosing your hardware look at shiny silvers or brassy golds in square or rectangular shapes.  When selecting a stain in Brown Maple consider Graphite, Espresso, or Rich Tobacco.  Cherry has a natural red hue and that can be amplified by choosing Golden Brown stain.  For a deep rich red tone Cherry with Acres stain is also an excellent choice.

Legacy Village Upholstered Arch Bed

Whether you are seeking a Twin, Full, Queen, King, or California King sized bed we offer a large variety of options.  Looking for under-bed storage?  Add up to 6 Drawers under most beds, the equivalent of having a dresser. You can choose to have drawers on both sides of the bed, 1 side, or at the foot of the bed.  Select a design that works best for your room!

Are you working with a large space or small space and need the case pieces to be adjusted in size?  We are able to do that in most collections.  Each item of furniture is handcrafted by the Amish to heirloom quality and because each piece is started once the order is placed, we are able to reconfigure drawers, doors, and dimensions to accommodate your room.  Majority of orders are shipped within 12-14 weeks.

Preston Bed

Mod Glam Youth Furniture 

Amish Showroom is the go to place for functional youth furniture. The Cayman Crib shown below converts into a Toddler and Full sized bed.  Because it is heirloom quality it can be passed down through multiple generations.  Heirloom Quality Cribs are a fantastic gift for a mom to be!  Case pieces and bookcases can be ordered to match our cribs.

Cayman Crib

Amish Showroom is located in Coates, MN.  We have an interior designer on staff that can assist in figuring out what size your pieces need to be based off your room size and current dimensions. All wood species are American Hardwoods. Please call us, email, chat, or visit our store with any questions.  We can’t wait to help you get the Bedroom of your dreams.

Why Oak Makes Some of the Best Amish Furniture

You’re ready to invest in Amish Furniture, but you’re unsure about which type of wood to choose. The Amish Showroom provides extensive options, including luxury materials like Walnut and Hickory. Oak is one of our most popular materials, and for good reason. It can be cost effective, it’s long lasting, and it offers a beautiful grain that is suitable for both contemporary and traditional furniture.

What is it that makes Oak such a great material for Amish Furniture, and how will you benefit from incorporating this natural timber into your home?

Amish Furniture That Can Last Forever

Belleville Leg TableThe most important advantage for Oak (and for our other wood options) is the longevity of the material.

We often refer to Amish Furniture as being of heirloom quality, and it’s no exaggeration. Oak can potentially last your entire lifetime and far beyond. It has been used for centuries and many of the oldest examples live on in private collections.

Oak is naturally waterproof, and it was even used for ship manufacturing long before composites and metals were used in the modern era. Oak is also incredibly durable and will resist dents and scratches.

Maintenance is important, but the requirements aren’t extensive. Treatment with a furniture oil can help to protect Oak that hasn’t been finished with epoxy or paint. Depending on your environment and how often you use your Amish Furniture, you may only need to oil Oak every three months or so. When the wood starts to become dry, it’s time for a treatment.

Oak Can Be Finished to Create a Unique Appearance

The finishing options for Oak are virtually unlimited. It can be coated in epoxy to provide a glass-like finish that will protect the wood underneath. Oak can also be stained to give it a hue that matches your décor. Darker stains are often used for modern homes, while lighter stains are ideal for traditional homes where you want the grain to stand out.

You can view all our stain options and explore other wood selections by visiting this page.

The grain is unmistakably beautiful, which is why Oak is a popular choice for living room and dining room Amish Furniture. Country styles are particularly well suited to Oak grain, but there are no real rules on how you should use this wood. Order an office desk, a bookcase, or even an occasional table in Oak, and you’ll be able to appreciate the fine wood grain every day.

What is Quarter Sawn Oak for Amish Furniture?

Oak that is quarter sawn is cut, rotated, and cut again at the mill. This process helps to create an incredibly strong final product that resists warping. For furniture that will last the ages, quarter sawn Oak is an excellent option.

This method also results in a unique grain pattern that is finer and lighter than standard cut Oak. This can be ideal for furniture that you want to be understated or even modern in appearance. Many people simply prefer the grain pattern that comes from this process.

Examples of Oak Amish Furniture for Sale

You’ll find countless Oak furniture options at the Amish Showroom. It’s one of our favorite materials to work with. As you begin your search for your next investment, take a look at some standout pieces in our collection today.

  • Shaker LoveseatThe Belleville Leg Table is an excellent example of a traditional country style. It works well in traditional and transitional homes, as well as modern homes that follow a more eclectic décor concept. The Belleville Table comes standard in Oak with a Sealy Satin finish. This is a showcase of the striking grain patterns that can result from expert Amish Furniture craftsmanship.
  • The Crestline Buffet is another standout piece of Amish Furniture that looks wonderful in Oak with a light stain. Add this to a dining room or even a home bar for an instant touch of class and distinction. This buffet can be handed down through the generations, and the classic styling has timeless appeal.
  • Oak also works well in the living room. The flowing grain patterns can create drama and a focal point, even on your sitting furniture. The Shaker Loveseat can be customized with leather or fabric upholstery, and the wood panels allow the beauty of Oak to really show.

You’ll love Oak for your home. You can get the best pieces by choosing Amish Furniture online. Explore our complete selection today and enjoy the benefits of a classic material that can last forever. When you choose natural timber furniture, you’ll make an investment that keeps on giving back.



Designing a Traditional Bedroom with the Best Amish Furniture

Grace and distinction will never go out of style. When you design your bedroom, your furniture choices will set the tone. You have worked hard to build a home that you love, so it makes sense to invest in furniture that reflects your values.

Tradition, longevity, and high style: this is what your bedroom deserves.

Amish Furniture is an excellent choice when you are working towards a traditional style. Before you consider the disposable and mass-produced furniture that floods the market today, take some time to consider these heirloom quality Amish pieces.

Luxembourg Bedroom Amish Furniture

Traditional Bedroom Amish FurnitureFor many people, a traditional bedroom suite cannot be without a sleigh style bed. This style evokes memories of yesteryear, while also providing significant aesthetic benefits. Sleigh beds incorporate large sweeping panels that allow the natural beauty of wood to shine through. When you choose materials like Oak or even Walnut, you’ll be able to see dazzling grain patterns every single day.

The Luxembourg Bed Suite was created for discerning homeowners like you. This is an exquisite piece of Amish Furniture that would look gorgeous inside your traditionally inspired home. It can also work in a transitional home where you incorporate elements of the past and the present.

This bed has a real presence with a large 52-inch headboard and perfectly sized 25-inch footboard. The sleigh style is making a big comeback, and this is one of the most breathtaking pieces that you will find anywhere today.

The Houston Suite for Tradition with a Modern Twist

Traditional Bedroom Amish FurnitureAre you looking for a traditional bedroom that has a little more of a rustic feel? The Houston Suite is strong on tradition and brings elements of the early settler lifestyle into your home. It incorporates styling features that wouldn’t be out of place on the early frontier of American history. It blends classic looks with modern trends, with big and bold being key to the design philosophy.

The Houston bed is the centerpiece of this suite. The oversized headboard will make a statement in any bedroom. If you are going for a large California style but insist on a traditional aesthetic, then this will be the bedroom suite for you.

Keeping with the traditional rustic theme, the Houston Suite is crafted from rough sawn Brown Maple and is made and priced to order. Contact us today to place your order for this impressive collection of handcrafted Amish Furniture.

The Mission Antique Suite for a High-End Bedroom Makeover

Traditional Bedroom Amish FurnitureIf you lean more towards the conservative side of interior design, our mission collections will appeal. Unique mission designs evoke memories of the past with beautiful slotted features that are unique in a market of bland furniture. The Mission Antique Suite is one of the best examples of why you should always choose handcrafted Amish Furniture for your home.

You won’t find furniture like this in your average furniture store, and you definitely won’t find it through flat packed disposable furniture.

The bed and matching furniture will last for the lifetime of your home, allowing you to pass the furniture down for generations of enjoyment. This Amish Furniture is handcrafted using timber sourced from our own forests. This allows us to maintain quality from the very beginning of the process, right up until the final stain coat and inspection.

You can choose woods like Oak with a classic grain, Hickory, Walnut, and even Rustic Cherry with sap and knots that add real character.

Going to a traditional bedroom doesn’t mean your furniture has to be boring. Order the Mission Antique Suite if you’re looking for a bedroom that exudes beauty and distinction.

Explore All of Our Traditional Amish Furniture Online

You don’t need to leave your home to buy Amish Furniture. You can explore all our collections online today, with full customization options so that you can design a bedroom that is truly unique.

Enjoy the longevity, beauty, and one-of-a-kind nature of handcrafted furniture. Browse the Amish Showroom and create an upscale bedroom that you’ll love to come home to.