Build the Ultimate Living Room with Amish Furniture

Amish furniture history has a rich and deep history in the United States and the origins can be traced back to before the Declaration of Independence was signed. The Amish movement began when the Swiss Mennonite Church split and Swiss people began to migrate from their homeland and settle in parts of the Midwest and Pennsylvania. Over time they created close-knit communities that developed ethics focused on hard work, integrity, and self-sufficiency. These ethics seeped into every aspect of their lives and eventually was incorporated into the furniture they crafted.

Outfitting the Living Room with Amish Furniture

Living Room with Amish FurnitureOne of the focal points of Amish furniture is it’s built to be functional first and stylish second, even though these two aspects do go hand-in-hand with each other. Hardwood furniture has always set a precedent for quality, adding a sense of warmth and character to a room.

The must-have piece of furniture for any living room is a TV stand to provide a place in the home to store consoles, movies, video games, and other items to outfit it. There are a variety of TV stands to choose from that can support a traditional box style television to a fifty-inch flat screen TV. They provide a safe haven to place the TV on its components and will make a nice eye-opener for visitors.

Sofas and Love Seats

Sofas and loveseats are another focal points to any living room that can be incorporated into any home. Amish sofas and loveseats are built to be sturdy, functional, and comfortable so they make a lovely addition to any living room. There are many designs of Amish furniture to choose from like a comfort suite wall hugger reclining sofa or the refined Caledonia sofa to bring out the sophistication in a room.

The sofa servers and carts are another addition any living room can use for a casual, laid-back atmosphere. When there is a favorite program on or a game is just starting to get tense, the last thing anyone wants to do is to leave the leaving room. These convenient servers offer a great way for people to keep eating their snacks and enjoying their drinks without having to leave the living room unless it’s absolutely necessary.

The best Amish furniture is built to be functional and sturdy, so there is no worry it will break down after just a few years of use. It’s excellent for outfitting any living room and will be a welcome addition to any home.

Getting ready to build the ultimate living room for your home? Here is the best Amish furniture to invest in the design the perfect living room to fit all your needs.


Why Amish Furniture is Better than Commercial

When it comes to Amish furniture for many it’s an investment they’re making not only for themselves but for their home. These handmade pieces have been known to last for generations at a time and it can be difficult for people to decide whether they want to invest in it or go with a commercial brand of furniture. When you’re looking to buy Amish furniture you’re not just getting a high-quality product, but a guarantee that every step of the way the piece has been kept up to standards.

Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture is Built to be Serviceable

The idea of online Amish furniture being built to be functional and decorative second seems like a no-brainer, but for many, it can be difficult to tell the difference. There are so much time and effort that goes into making this kind of furniture that it’s built to be functional so it lasts longer. While there are examples of decorative furniture or ones that feature intricate designs, chances are the furnishings you’re purchasing were built to be sturdy.

Compare this to commercial furniture that unlike the best Amish furniture is mass produced with little quality control. These pieces are made cheaply so they sell faster but at the cost of truly being functional for more than a few years at a time. They’re decent pieces for filling in a role, but for the longer-term use, they fall short.

What’s the Difference Between Amish Furniture and the Commercial Variety?

There’s a lot of differences between Amish furniture for sale and the commercial brands you’ll find out there and not everyone knows the difference. The main one is that the commercial furniture is made using inferior materials like particle board that is basically compressed sawdust held together with a type of glues. Over time, particle board can start to wear away and the only protection it has is usually a thin veneer that wears away within a few years.

The Amish furniture store, on the other hand, carries the hardwood variety that is solid, serviceable, and built to serve a purpose. Investing in the handmade variety is well worth it when you consider everything it comes with and how it will last for years to come instead of breaking down in just a few years.


How to Choose the Best Amish Furniture for the Kitchen

When you’re in the market for Amish furniture one of the areas of your home you may want to renovate is your kitchen. Quality furniture at a fair price isn’t hard to come by if you know where to shop and in the long run, it can be a benefit to your household.

Why Should You Upgrade to the Best Amish Furniture?

Amish FurnitureWhen it comes to the kitchen you want sturdy cabinets to hold everything you need from pots, pans, to dishes and cooking utensils. Many people today don’t even realize their cabinets may not be as sturdy as they first thought with plenty of households having only particle board kitchen cabinet drawers.

Particle board is nothing like Amish furniture since it’s usually made from compressed wood leavings like sawdust before being made into cheap furnishings. While this does lower the price for it people are also compromising on the quality of the product they’re buying. Particle board furniture is okay for living situations where you just need something serviceable at the moment and don’t intend to stay in a current place for long. People who are settling down however and intend to spend years in a household either focusing on their careers or family, investing in quality furniture is a necessity.

How is Amish Furniture Better then Particle Board?

The online Amish furniture is vastly different from its particle board counterparts the main difference being it’s made out of hardwood instead of compressed wood leavings. Furniture made from particle board may be lower in price, but it’s also not as durable as the hardwood variety. When it gets wet particle, board reacts like cardboard and swells up to several times its size and the damage is irreversible.

While Amish furniture does swell when exposed to water this only happens if the water is left standing on its surface overnight. Wiping off the excess moisture immediately will ensure the furniture stays intact and won’t suffer lasting damage. Unlike particle board furniture, the hardwood variety also doesn’t have a cheap veneer that will wear away after a few years of heavy use.


Tips for Redefining Your Home with Amish Furniture

How you present your home is up to you at the end of the day since each house is different depending on the day-to-day lives of the occupants. Dreams, desires, hobbies, and other factors will determine how the inner decor of a home will ultimately turn out. For many people, the best Amish furniture is the only way to go to redefine their home as a place where the heart is at the end of the day.

Comfortable & Homey Amish Furniture

buy Amish furnitureHardwood furniture has a way of making you feel right at home due to its old world charm and sturdiness. Unlike modern pieces of furniture, the hardwood variety is built to last for a lifetime whereas commercial pieces have a tendency to break down after just a few years.

There is often an assumption when you buy Amish furniture it won’t fit in with a modern home for people who use computers and other electronics in their day-to-day lives. This simply isn’t true since the furniture can be used for a multitude of purposes for people who keep track of their day-to-day lives on paper to those who do it electronically.

Growing Up with the Best Amish Furniture

Another benefit to Amish furniture is for people who have a growing family, it can grow up with the children. Kids grow up fast and it’s a constant race of keeping up with them in terms of interest, their clothing, and the phases they’ll go through as they grow older. Furniture can be the same way and for many parents, it’s a challenge to find pieces that will withstand a childhood and still be fully functional into adulthood.

Furniture like dressers, a desk, and even a bed can outlast childhood and still be serviceable for when a person grows up and wishes to venture out on their own. Hardwood furniture is amazing this way in it’s so long-lasting you’ll never have to worry about having to replace it with just a little foresight and care. Pick out a few pieces today and see how they work well in your home.


Remodel Your Dining Room with Amish Furniture

The dining room is a major focal point for any home where people will be passing throughout the day whether it’s getting their morning coffee, enjoying lunch, or just grabbing a snack before they head out. Regardless of how busy it gets; the dining room plays host to many social interactions that happen in the home and the furniture probably withstands heavy usage. If you’re thinking of remodeling your dining room why not do so with the best Amish furniture?

Old World Charm

Amish FurnitureIf you’ve been tempted to buy Amish furniture for a while, if you’re remodeling now would be a good time. Hardwood furniture has always carried with it a reputation for being durable, functional, and serviceable. Unlike commercial furniture, the kind made by Amish are handcrafted and the lumber handpicked to complement the finished product.

The Abilene Trestle dining room table is a fine example of the best Amish furniture available that looks at home in a modern house. The dark finish of the table promotes a sense of warmth that will make any visitor feel right at home.

Amish Furniture to Fit Your Needs

The best Amish furniture is built with a function in mind and is incredibly durable even with heavy use. One of the aspects of this type of handmade furniture people don’t often know is they can request to have it made to their specifications.

When it comes to the Abilene Trestle, for example, customers have a choice of choosing how big the table is, the type of wood it’s made out of, and magnet skirts can be added if requested. It’s an elegant dining room table featuring an ogee edge and a curved style base with a spreader for when you have many dinner guests over.

This is just one example of the many dining room tables that can be purchased for your home. You can choose from an assortment of Shaker and Mission styles depending on your preferences and outfit your dining room to be the envy of all of your dinner guests. Feel free to browse our selection and start planning out your Amish dining room today!


Use Amish Furniture to Get Ready for your new Baby

There is nothing more exciting than expecting a new baby and one of the greatest parts about the entire process is furnishing your nursery. You need so many things! You need toys, you need books, you need bottles and diapers, but most importantly, you’re going to need furniture for the nursery. In our opinion, this is a great time for you to start investing in Amish furniture.

Why Use Amish Furniture?

When you’re buying furniture for your child there are a few things that you want to be sure of. First of all, you want it to look good, and secondly, you want it to be safe. There are lots of different options out there when it comes to nursery furniture, some of which are better than others, and when it comes right down to it, Amish furniture simply takes the cake when it comes to safety and elegance.

Real Wood Used in Amish Furniture for Sale

Amish furniture for sale onlineWhen you buy Amish furniture you are purchasing something that is made of real wood rather than particle board and that’s a huge deal! Solid wood furniture is made to last and it is also made to take quite the beating.

You are purchasing furniture from an Amish furniture store that will be placed in your child’s room and you cannot predict what will happen to it over the years.

That being said, you should figure out where to buy Amish furniture, because it will withstand decades of jostling, bumping, and even outright beating. You really could not make a better investment.

Pass it Down

You know as well as we do that at some point your children will outgrow the furniture you purchase for them, but with Amish furniture, you don’t have to worry about it wearing out! The great thing about Amish furniture for sale online is that it lasts a lifetime and you can pass it down to your next child. Best of all, your children could pass it down to their children, creating an incredible family tradition that all started with you reading this article and purchasing your first piece of Amish furniture.


Living Room Tips: How to Choose an Entertainment Center

So you’re finally getting ready to outfit your living room with new furniture and you’re not quite sure where to start. If you’re here reading this then you know that you want to buy Amish furniture, and first, we want to congratulate you on making such a great choice! Amish furniture can last a lifetime and beyond, making it an indispensable part of your home and of course your living room. As you’re setting up your living room one of your biggest decision is going to lie with the entertainment center, so how do you go about making such a decision? What should you be doing? What should you be looking for?

Amish Furniture Tips: Choosing the Right Entertainment Center

Amish Entertainment CenterIf you look for Amish furniture online, especially for an entertainment center, you are probably going to find that it’s a bit tough, for a few reasons. First of all, there are so many different types out there! How are you even supposed to choose one? Don’t worry, it’s not that hard as long as you are taking some of the most obvious factors into account.


There are quite a few different entertainment centers at the Amish furniture store and choosing the right one is a matter of size if we’re being perfectly honest here. You need to choose something that is going to mesh properly with the environment that you’re in and that’s not always going to be easy. Flat top entertainment centers, for example, are going to be a great choice for you if you are working in a limited space, but here are several others to choose among.


What type of entertainment center do you want, exactly? There are lots of choices, but there are two main styles that you’ll want to pay attention to.

Flat TopThis looks more like a cabinet but it is, in fact, an entertainment center. They allow you to place a TV of virtually any size so long as it has a pedestal stand. Beneath these cabinets, you will have plenty of great storage designed for DVD’s and other important audio/video items.

Cabinet StyleThe cabinet style entertainment center is yet another great piece of Amish furniture for sale that you can use to facilitate your love of audio/video equipment. A cabinet ensures that your TV is enclosed and that you can store more items. These even include display case for items that you want to show off.

Get the Style that Suits you Best

As you shop for Amish furniture, entertainment centers especially, it will be important for you to find something that works for you and something that you can enjoy. It won’t be long before you have a house full of Amish furniture!


How to Dry Wood Fast for Amish Woodworking

Hardwood furniture has always been the cornerstone of long lasting furnishings due to its durability and functionality. Amish furniture, in particular, is highly sought after in Washington since it’s hand crafted and is typically made using 100% wood. If the wood is not properly dried within the first two years of being cut it will begin to warp, so the techniques surrounding the drying process are vital to maintain quality craftsmanship.

What is Wood Warping in Amish Furniture?

Wood warping occurs when different parts of a piece of lumber begin to change unevenly causing a deformity. When one part of a piece of wood dries faster than another, the drier part shrinks faster and this causes a stress in the lumber, this changes the shape of the wood and causes it to bend.

Different Types of Wood Drying

Amish furnitureWood drying, especially for Amish furniture, is a vital component in woodworking to ensure the finished product comes out without defects. Wood drying techniques can vary depending on the area with some being more expensive than others. One technique is to allow the lumber to sit passively at any humidity level. This technique is called ‘seasoning’ and it’s the slower form, but it’s also the simplest and least expensive to do. The downside is the drying times can vary depending on the species of wood, the thickness of the lumber, the conditions, moisture level, and the processing techniques used for the wood.

The rule of thumb in seasoning lumber is that for every inch of wood thickness it needs one year to air dry. This obviously means several years of wood laying out to air dry so another technique to process green wood into boards is to use a kiln.

A kiln is a large, insulated chamber which can consist of a room with controlled airflow, temperature, and humidity to dry wood efficiently. The wood drying is necessary for Amish furniture and brings the lumber down to the preferred moisture content. This technique ensures the wood is dried more evenly and minimizes the moisture gradient on the outer shell and the inner core of the lumber.

Improper Drying

The best Amish furniture will be dried correctly and there should be no imperfections in the lumber when it’s used for a new project. Kiln drying has its drawbacks though since it can create internal stresses in the wood. When an improper kiln schedule is being used or corrective measures are not put in place soon enough, this can result in case hardening.

Case hardening is a defect where the outer shell of the wood will dry faster than the inner core. When the shell tries to shrink it’s inhibited by the core that still contains moisture which causes the outer shell to stretch and when the core begins to dry out the reverse happens, the stiff outer shell prohibiting the core from fully shrinking.

Wood drying is important for the making and crafting of Amish furniture to ensure the lumber doesn’t warp within two years. When done properly, wood drying will lead to high-quality lumber that is used for making long lasting furniture.


What Wood Type Should I Choose for my Amish Furniture?

Hardwood furniture is a sound investment for anyone looking for durability and sustainability when furnishing their home. Amish furniture, in particular, is a popular choice due to its longevity for being built for functionality first and decoration second. When shopping around it’s good to keep in mind the type of wood your furniture is crafted from since no two pieces are exactly alike.

Hardness/Janka Rating for Amish Furniture

The hardness of the wood, also called the Janka hardness test, measures the resistance of the wood to wear and denting. The lumber used to make Amish furniture is made of mainly of hardwoods like cherry, maple, beech, pine, northern red oak, and a few others. The Janka rating is typically used to determine whether a species of wood is suitable to be used for flooring and the wood scores on the Janka Rating test if the lumber will be able to withstand wear and tear. The higher the hardness of the wood ranks on the Janka Test, the more durable it will be.

Cherry wood, for example, is popular for its warmth and rich colors and will continue to darken when exposed to heat and light. This lumber only has a 950 Janka rating while Oak scores 1290 on the same scale. The resilience and strength of the Amish furniture will depend heavily on the type of wood used to construct it and the type of wear and tear it will be able to withstand over time.


Wood grain is mentioned consistently for Amish furniture for sale, but many people are unfamiliar what it means in reference to woodworking. The grain of the wood is one of the most important aspects of woodworking and has two basic categories called cross and straight grain. Straight grain is seen to run parallel to the longitudinal axis of a piece of lumber while cross grain will deviate from the axis in two ways by going diagonal or straight.

The type of wood grain Amish furniture for sale has will affect the appearance of the furnishings and add a nice decorative touch. Two types of grain people will often encounter is straight and spiral that deviate in appearance. The straight grain will often be completely straight and may feature grooves in the wood people can feel. Spiral, on the other hand, can go either way often creating natural intricacies in the lumber.


One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between woods in the best Amish furniture is the color and understanding how it can change over time. Cherry wood, for example, is a popular choice due to its rich reddish-brown hue which will darken naturally over time when exposed to light and heat.

Oak is another popular wood with a prominent grain featuring deep grooves in the wood people can feel by brushing their finger across the surface. The pale blond reddish cast is known to oxidize over time and to turn into a deep honey color. Oak is an ideal choice for staining similar to cherry since it enriches the natural coloring of the wood that will only continue to improve with time.

These aspects of wood play a large role in crafting furniture how the end result will turn out. The intricacies of each piece of lumber have its own character and nuances that can make up a truly marvelous piece of furniture.


Create a Living Room Centerpiece with These Amish Furniture Ideas

If your living room is missing that special element that makes it unique, welcoming, and functional, then the perfect Amish furniture ideas could be all that you need to turn things around. Televisions have been the focal point of most living rooms for more than half a century, but sometimes the way we frame them is less than ideal.

If you want to enjoy modern entertainment while still retaining the class and style that will make your home truly unique, then you could consider Amish furniture entertainment centers from the Amish Showroom.

Why Choose an Amish Furniture Entertainment Center?

Amish FurnitureAn entertainment center is the focal point of a modern living room. It serves the function by housing your television and other media equipment, and a large entertainment center can also be used for storage and for displaying important family keepsakes.

Just like your bathroom vanity or kitchen counter, the entertainment center is the most important piece of the room.

When you buy Amish furniture online you will have a choice of styles, material, and finishes. Many people still associate Amish furniture with antique styling. While there’s plenty of tradition that goes into every piece, Amish styles can still be contemporary, and a handmade entertainment unit won’t look out of place in your modern home.

We offer a range of options at the Amish Showroom; your premier destination to buy Amish furniture online. The following are three suggestions that could give you an idea of how your home would look.

An Amish Furniture Corner Unit for Your Living Room

For a traditional corner unit that has both presence and style, you could consider the Boulder Creek Corner Media Console. Available in a range of woods that are finished in high-biomass EcoPoxy, you could get the perfect stain that brings out the style of your living room. If you’re aiming for a contemporary aesthetic, then try using a deep brown maple in Graphite, Onyx, or Espresso.

A Minimalistic Entertainment Center for a Clean Aesthetic

If you prefer to keep things low profile, then the Caledonia TV Cabinet is a great option. It has a strong presence without taking up a lot of physical space, which is perfect if you want your multimedia experience to be fully immersive. At 72” in length, this piece of Amish Furniture won’t leave you lacking in terms of storage from the handcrafted cabinets. Both solid and glass paneled cabinets round out the design. As with all our online Amish furniture, you’ll be able to choose the perfect timber and finish to match your home décor.

Go Big with This Bungalow Wall Unit – A Master Example of Handcrafted Amish Furniture

If you want maximum presence and storage options, then our Bungalow Wall Unit is designed for you. Soft close drawers are available on custom orders. In standard configuration, you’ll find more storage options than you would expect from an entertainment center, and this could help you to streamline your living room storage. A large unit like this would be perfect if you really want to bring the attention of the room to one single area.

Browse our complete collection of entertainment centers and other beautiful Amish furniture for your living room. A beautiful home is just one click away, and with easy online ordering, you’ll find that The Amish Showroom becomes your new favorite place to shop.


Tips for Protecting your Investment in Amish Furniture

Amish furniture is expensive and there is simply no way for us to get around that. If you’ve tried less expensive furniture in the past then you already know that there is a reason to avoid it – there is nothing worse than a chair made from particle board or a dresser that falls apart within the first year. If you’re here reading this then it can only assume that you’ve finally come to the realization that cheap furniture just doesn’t make the grade. With that being the case, you’ve decided to look into Amish furniture prices, and after you spend that kind of money, you certainly want to make sure you take care of the pieces that you do buy.

Tips for Taking Care of your Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture MaintenanceAmish furniture is much like any other piece of furniture that you would keep around the house and there are certain things you can do to take care of it. Let’s go over some of the more obvious things now:

Keep it Dry

This should be a matter of course for any surface in your home – you want to make sure that you’re keeping it dry to avoid rotting or mold growth. It might not happen overnight, but if you leave your surfaces wet too often it will happen sooner than you think. Old growth wood used in the best Amish furniture does help to keep water penetration down to a minimum but as always, common sense does need to be used.

Consider Sanding and Staining

This is a more advanced technique with Amish furniture but if it is something that you can pull off, then more power to you! After a time the stain on your furniture might begin to fade or even degrade. If you want to return that piece to its former glory, you’re going to need to sand it down and restain it.

Avoid Running into It

If you can, always make sure that there is adequate space to maneuver around your furniture so that it is not constantly bumped or jostled. Amish furniture is tough and can take a beating, but you will still want to be as careful as possible.

Perform Routine Maintenance

With even the best Amish furniture you will need to make sure that you are performing routine maintenance. This means tightening screws, adjusting bolts, and so on. This basic maintenance will keep your furniture in good shape for many years to come.

Keeping up with your furniture maintenance is crucial, so follow the above tips and make sure you keep your furniture pieces is a pristine condition for many years to come.


The Top Two Types of Amish Furniture Designs

Not every piece of Amish furniture is created equal, these handcrafted pieces vary in design and have aspects that make each piece unique. This even comes down to the style itself, the two main ones being the Shaker and Mission styles of furniture made by the Amish. Each style has its own unique history and distinctive characteristics that make them stand out compared to other furniture options.

Shaker Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture DesignsThe best Amish furniture made in the Shaker style is easily identified by its subtle curves, round wooden knobs, and tapered legs. The features of this furniture style are traditional and have a gentle appearance. Maple wood is the ideal wood for Shaker furniture, but many pieces have been made using cherry, maple, and pine. This style is often used for bedroom and dining room sets but has also been applied to baby furniture.

The beautiful and simple Shaker style is wonderful for its tapering design that is used to keep furniture light and sturdy. Tapering helps to eliminate excess materials to keep a piece lighter and turned legs offer the same, strong support as thicker pieces. Shaker Amish furniture also doesn’t feature any inlay, veneers, or other woodwork to make it stand out. The furniture showcases a humble lifestyle paired with durability and functionality with a simple, yet elegant beauty.

Mission Amish Furniture

The Mission style of Amish furniture takes some inspiration from its Shaker cousin but has its own distinctive characteristics to tell it apart. The straight angle, sturdy slats, and stable legs are the focal point of this type of furniture. Mission furniture typically has a darker stain compared to the earlier version of the Shaker style pieces. The Mission style does feature some ornamentation, but it still calls for a simplicity in its design.

Durability and functionality are still present in the Mission style with exposed joinery showing off the beauty and strength of the furniture. One of the most distinctive features of this style of furniture is the parallel slats that are present to give the appearance of strength. The uniform lines and the harmony of each piece of the furniture are tedious to make, but it showcases a truly deep appreciation for each Mission style piece made.

Each style of furniture carries with it the reputation of durability and longevity that makes it an excellent addition to any home. The furniture is built to be used every day and over time will become a natural fit to any household.


The Use of Tapering in Amish Furniture

You already know that the quality of Amish furniture is not to be argued with, but are you aware of any of the aesthetic techniques that are used? One used in the best Amish furniture is tapering, which can be seen on many pieces, and while it was seen often in the mid-century pieces, it tapers off (no pun intended) in the latter half of the 20th century. We are however seeing a resurgence of tapering in modern interior design, meaning it is going to be in just about any Amish furniture store that you come across.

Tapering in Amish Furniture – You’ve Seen It Before

Amish furniture for saleThe tapered leg is a product of the Mid-Century Modern period, and even if you aren’t a huge fan of that period there is a good chance you’ve already seen it. Tapering is defined as a gradual thinning as legs become closer to the floor, and it has been used since ancient times. Now, it is the defining feature of Mid-Century Modern pieces. Nearly any antique furniture you see today will probably use tapering of some kind, making it an essential part of furniture design.

Something to keep in mind is that not all tapered legs are created equal – there are some that are set at an angle rather than straight down, with that profile shape which immediately identifies them as a vintage piece of furniture. Some pieces have a rounded leg and some have a square tapered leg, both of which are unique and very useful in furniture design.

The Function of Tapered Legs

The purpose of tapered legs is two-fold if you haven’t guessed yet”

Aesthetics: Yes, tapered legs look great and they go well with virtually any kind of décor, especially if you’re going for the mid-century look. They can be used on dressers, tables, couches, and even coffee tables.

Functionality: The secondary function of the tapered leg that you see in a lot of Amish furniture for sale is weight. You can still have the full support of a standard leg while significantly decreasing the weight of the piece, making it far easier to move. This especially comes in handy with beds as they are large and sometimes need to be moved.

There are many different styles and form factors which you’ll find as you look for Amish furniture online. Make sure you get something that will suit your needs and most importantly, take advantage of that tapered leg style!


Dovetail vs. Rabbet Joints in Amish Furniture

When Amish furniture is being constructed in Oregon there is a heavy emphasis on using the correct joints to hold a piece together and to enhance the style. People unfamiliar with the subject may not realize how important joints are when it comes to furniture. The joints are the primary focal point for many pieces of furniture and are the key to bringing everything together and it from falling apart. Furniture with low-quality joints will wobble and weaken over time due to their poor construction.

Dovetail Amish Furniture

Dovetail joints are one of the most common ones used in Amish furniture and will probably be the first one people encounter. Dovetail joints are characterized by their interlocking fingers that allow for one piece of wood to be connected to another. Chances are the furniture people own probably has dovetail joints like in the front of a drawer that will have tail-shaped cut-outs and there will be pins that stick out on the sides of the drawer to hold it together.

The advantage of this joint is the sheer strength and durability it offers, especially when it concerns hardwood furniture. The wood is interlocked which means there’s less likelihood of the pieces pulling apart and combined with the hand-picked quality of Amish furniture for sale it’s a combination made in woodworking heaven.

Rabbet Joints

Amish FurnitureRabbet joints are another common feature to be found in Amish furniture and chances are people have them in their own home. The joint works by having a reinforced butt joint that has one or both pieces notched perfectly to be fit together. The joints are then reinforced using nails or screws to keep them locked together.

Rabbet joints are popular for woodworking since they’re easy to make and quite strong compared to others. The joints are used mainly for the corners of cabinet pieces, but they’re more commonly found being used for shelving.

The quality of the joints speaks volumes on the type of craftsmanship of Amish furniture for sale and how well the furnishings will hold up over time. Dovetail is used primarily in drawers and is a strong indicator of quality craftsmanship while rabbet joints provide critical support for the corners of cabinet pieces and shelving. Good quality furniture will make use of both of these woodworking joints when they’re needed during the construction.

Searching for the telltale signs of these joints shows quality craftsmanship and ensures the furniture will be serviceable over a long period of time. Amish furniture is typically made using 100% wood and can last for a lifetime if built right. The furniture is made with functionality, durability, and longevity in mind to ensure it’s able to last for generations. Each piece of furniture carries with it the rich history of generations worth of master craftsmanship, trial, and error.

Keep an eye out for these joints in furniture when shopping around since they’re a strong indicator it will last. Well-built furniture is meant to stand the test of time and continue to be serviceable for several years or more.


Three Amish Furniture Facts You Didn’t Know

Amish furniture has a long and rich history surrounding it, with pieces today showing the craftsmanship learned and perfected over several generations. The furniture showcases a distinctive style which varies in appearance, ornamentation, and decoration that’s still celebrated today. Prime examples of the quality craftsmanship can even be found in museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Smithsonian Museum in New York City can be seen on display.

Amish Furniture is One of a Kind

Amish furniture for saleAmish beliefs often prevent the use of electricity so most of the woodworking tools used in the shops are powered by the pneumatic or hydraulic power that is able to run on a diesel compressor. There are a couple of communities that will permit some technology and allowances are made when it involves woodworking. Woodworking is a mainstay in many Amish communities, the crafting of the furniture responsible for supporting multiple families within the community.

Due to these restrictions, each piece of Amish furniture is unique since it’s crafted with durability and functionality in mind. Each piece of lumber is hand-selected for the specific piece of furniture in mind with great attention paid to the grain of the wood. When you purchase a piece of furniture made by the Amish, you’re purchasing a one of a kind piece with no other like it on the market.

The Green Product

Hardwood furniture has always been in great demand for its sustainability and durability, Amish furniture, in particular, is known for being made out of 100% wood which means it’s considered a green product. In the unfortunate event, the furniture breaks down or is damaged beyond the point of repair, when it’s disposed of it won’t harm the environment. The wood is able to break down naturally creating little to no waste and there is little if any harmful byproducts to worry about.

Collection of Wood

The best Amish furniture for sale is typically made from high-quality hardwoods like pine, northern red oak, cedar, quarter sawn white oak, hickory, cherry, walnut, maple, mahogany, maple, and beech. People who have a favorite kind of wood can often find it without much issue, one of the most popular being northern red oak. The northern red oak is known for its long-standing durability, warmth, and color and is typically found in the Appalachian Mountains in the Eastern U.S.

White oak is another popular lumber that is harder than red oak, but the antique appearance of the wood makes it an ideal choice for the Shaker and Mission styles of Amish furniture for sale. The cherry, on the other hand, is one of the most easily recognizable woods used due to its light reddish-brown color that will continue to darken when exposed to heat and light. Maple wood is also another popular option for Amish wood furniture for the wide spectrum of beauty it offers and has been showcased in many fine pieces.

Amish furniture for sale carries with it years of tradition, history, and generations worth of perfecting craftsmanship. Each piece of furniture is unique with its own characteristics and will last for generations to come.


What is Amish Furniture? A Brief Overview


When you hear the word ‘Amish’, you automatically think high quality, and it’s not a coincidence. The Amish take great pride in every single thing they do whether they’re raising cattle, cooking, or building furniture. Before we go any further, what are the Amish? Why is their work so revered, and why is it of such high quality? There are a few reasons, but it all goes back to understanding who the Amish are and what they stand for.

Who are the Amish, and What is Amish Furniture?

Amish furniture storeFirst of all, the Amish are a religious sect that exists across the country. Living isolated, highly regimented lives, they have rejected most modern ideas, which extends to food preparation methods, the use of electricity, modern transportation, and more. This separation from modern life gives them the ability to concentrate on the more important things, such as family, and of course, construction methods for the greatest furniture in the world.

This is something that you will easily find at any Amish furniture store, and you should take note that most Amish furniture is manufactured by those from Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. One of their most notable attributes is the fact that they are made from 100% wood without the use of either particle board or laminate. In addition to that, for the most part, Amish woodworkers tend to stick to the more traditional methods which sets them apart from most other furniture manufacturers in the United States.

A Legacy to Pass On

The Amish have laid their roots in America’s soil in more ways than one. Their methods stretch back through the generations, with virtually nothing changing over the years in terms of their construction methods. These methods passed down through the years, ultimately result in a product that virtually anyone can be proud of.

If you choose to invest in Amish furniture, you will be getting a piece that is of the highest quality, and something that will last for a lifetime. Not to mention you will be able to pass it down to the next generation. By investing in Amish furniture, you are creating a legacy that you can be absolutely proud of, and one that will be highly functional.

Where to Buy Amish Furniture

Fortunately, you won’t have to rush to Ohio or Pennsylvania to buy the best Amish furniture. These days you can buy Amish furniture online, and it won’t take long for it to be delivered right to your home. Just make sure you’re buying from legitimate, authentic dealers, and that you’re getting the right style for your home. Do some research, ask the right questions, and most importantly, get a great piece of furniture for your home.



Best Amish Bathroom Vanities Deals in Minneapolis, MN

When you want a beautiful bathroom that evokes a period when design and craftsmanship were at their very best, then you can’t look past the best Amish bathroom vanities deals in Minneapolis, MN.

Amish furniture design is timeless, blending elements of the past with modern influences. The best furniture pieces are both classic and contemporary at the same time, which means they will never go out of style in your home. When quality is more important than anything else, the best Amish bathroom vanities are the perfect place to start.

Freestanding Amish Bathroom Vanities in Minneapolis, MN

Amish Bathroom Vanities Deals in MinneapolisThere are plenty of modern bathroom vanity designs that use minimalistic and wall mounted design features. However, for a traditional aesthetic, freestanding is the way to go.

A freestanding vanity has more presence, more class, more style, and more quality. You can feel the hand-crafted excellence in every example of our best Amish bathroom vanities, giving you the confidence that your investment will last for many years in your home. From small models like the Landmark Bath Vanity to the master bathroom and family bathroom options like the Mesa Lavatories Free Standing Vanity, there is a timeless elegance that will make your bathroom both comfortable and functional.

Our Amish bathroom vanities deals in Minneapolis, MN mean that you can get the very best pricing on timeless bathroom fixtures. Browse our range to select from different cabinet types, countertops, hardware, and wood stains. You’ll love the aesthetics which are perfect for upscale homes where you want to make a real impact.

You have worked hard for the home that you live in, so reward yourself with the best Amish bathroom vanities that are available to buy today.

Choose Flat Ship Amish Bathroom Vanities in Minneapolis, MN for Customization

If you like the aesthetic of the Amish bathroom vanities at the Amish Showroom, but want some freedom to customize your countertop, then we have options to suit.

The Mission Flat Ship Amish Bathroom Vanities are made from quarter sawed oak with a beautiful finish and the highest quality cabinets. This comes ready for final assembly, and you’ll be able to choose a countertop of your liking.

Suitable for a single sink countertop, this could be the perfect option for a custom project, and it will save you hours on the cabinetmaking. This is one of the best options if you are looking for affordable DIY Amish bathroom vanities for your home.

Explore the Best Amish Bathroom Vanities Deals in Minneapolis, MN

We are your gateway to the timeless elegance of Amish furniture. Exquisite designs, heirloom-quality construction, and the best materials make our Amish bathroom vanities the best investment for your home.

Match styles for a classic aesthetic, or, use an Amish vanity as the focal point for a transitional style that incorporates both modern and traditional fixtures. The choice is yours, and shopping has never been easier than with the Amish Showroom’s online store.


What Kind of Materials are Used in Amish Furniture Making?

When you buy Amish furniture online, you are getting a piece of history blended in with contemporary furniture. The passion that goes into every collection means that you’re getting an investment for your home that has a real story behind it. Handcrafted using both traditional methods and modern innovations, there’s nothing quite like having a new piece of Amish furniture in your home.

For many people, it is the design that makes them fall in love with a piece of furniture. Some are more focused on the materials. At the end of the day, it’s the whole package that comes together to make something beautiful and long-lasting and the material does have a big part in that.

If you want furniture for your home that is of real investment quality, then the best Amish furniture is the right place to start. If you’re curious about the materials that go into making this furniture, then this breakdown will be a great help as you get ready to make your next purchase.

Natural Timbers Are a Critical Element in Modern Amish Furniture Design

Amish designed furniture has always made the most of natural materials. Woods sourced local and from exotic sources are able to provide a beauty and timelessness that works in both traditional homes and modern architecturally designed homes.

Although the best Amish furniture incorporates elements of the old with the new, you’ll never find a modern collection that will look out of place in 2018, or even 2118!

When it comes to wood types, most pieces will offer a selection of quality lightweight and hardwoods that are lovingly treated, shaped, stained, and intended to stand the test of time.


  • Oak is one of the most popular wood types, offering impressive grain and durability.
  • Cherry has a fine and straight grain, and can range from red to pure blonde when naturally treated.
  • Maple is another popular choice, which starts life untreated with a pure creamy white color. Maple grain can be particularly impressive. Hard sugar maple is also available when you buy Amish furniture online.
  • Walnut is another popular choice, and is often oiled to give off a naturally beautiful deep brown color. For durability, this wood can also be sealed. Walnut is particularly good for highly detailed pieces that feature hand carved details.
  • Elm wood is also used in Amish furniture making. This wood sits somewhere between the lightweight and hardwood species, making it perfect for smaller furniture pieces.


All wood types can be stained and finished to give the perfect aesthetic. Some customers love the dark greys and near-black stains for highly modern furniture. Others prefer lighter stains that bring out the inherent beauty of the wood.

Finishing upholstery also makes a big difference. Beautiful fabrics can feature on dining furniture as well as sofas and chairs. Leather can be used for office furniture or for living room furniture when you are looking for something particularly impressive and luxurious.

When you buy online Amish furniture, you can choose from existing collections or even have certain pieces fully customized. It’s handmade, so don’t feel like you have to be limited to what you can see in the catalogue.

Where to Buy Amish Furniture When You Want the Best

If it’s the best Amish furniture that you’re looking for, then the Amish Showroom is the place to go. With a full online shop and custom ordering system, you can make a lasting investment in the most beautiful furniture made right here in America.


Two Amish Furniture Collections That Could Make Your Home Perfect

There’s nothing better than having a home that is perfectly decorated with high quality and beautiful furniture. At the Amish Showroom, we craft and directly supply the best Amish furniture online, and we’re confident that we have the versatility in our collections to improve every room in your home.

Whether you are designing an office or a study, a new dining room, or even a master bedroom, our furniture can give you the ‘wow’ factor that you’re missing. If you want furniture that ‘s going to last the lifetime of your home and even beyond, then you’ll love the three collections that we’ve showcased below.

Bradbury Style Trestle Table for Your Kitchen or Dining Room

Trestle tables are a great alternative to the more common leg tables. With a trestle design, your Amish furniture can stand out, and you’ll see the full extent of the craftsmanship on the underside support of the table.

The Bradbury style offers a magnificent dining table for casual dining in a kitchen, or it can even be used in a formal dining room. The table is available in sizes up to 48” x 72”, and you will be able to select different American timbers including Hickory, Hard Maple, and Rustic Cherry. The tabletop edged can be customized whether you want mission style or a beveled edge, and the solid wood construction will last for years in your home.

The Bradbury style is a great option if you want something that is elegant and that is still relatively affordable.

Amish Furniture Collections

The Ironwood Suite for a Gorgeous Master Bedroom

In your master bedroom, you should spare no luxury. You deserve the very best, and that’s exactly what you could have if you choose the Ironwood Suite of Amish furniture online.

This special collection is available for order in Rustic Rough Sawn Brown Maple. It looks spectacular and can suit both modern and traditional homes. It leans more towards the traditional side, but not in a way that would make it feel outdated.

This is real heirloom quality and could easily be passed down for generations. The collection includes items like side tables, a storage chest, a handmade bed with a spectacular headboard, and dressers/tallboy drawers depending on what your needs are. You can choose from different items in the collection to get the perfect fit for your bedroom.

There’s Plenty More to Choose When You Buy Amish Furniture Online

We’ve only touched on two options here. There’s plenty more to see when you browse our online store. Most of our furniture pieces are customizable, and our collections offer plenty of flexibility so that you can decorate a home in a way that reflects your personality.

Browse our Amish furniture online and give your home the true luxury touch that you deserve.


Three Reasons to Consider Amish Furniture for Colleges

Obviously, not every college will want to consider using Amish furniture but there are some more prestigious colleges out there that really need to up their aesthetic. Today we are going to discuss three different reasons that you should be considering using Amish furniture for colleges, and some of them might surprise you.

Amish Furniture is More Durable

If you know anything about the Amish, anything at all, then it definitely should not surprise you that their construction methods product products that are truly made to last. Using methods that have been passed down from generation to generation, the Amish produce pieces that can stand the test of time. Dovetail joints keep drawers in place for years, and the solid wood used ensures that it won’t be broken or cracked. When held in comparison to furniture from big box stores, you will quickly find that Amish furniture is a much greater investment. It is not made from MDF or particle board, and it does not use substandard joints, especially for drawers.

Amish Furniture

It Simply Looks Better

As soon as you step inside any Amish furniture store or look at Amish furniture online, you will know that you’re not looking at your run of the mill furniture. You are, in fact, looking at something absolutely amazing that can bring you to another place and time. These pieces will look amazing in any setting, but for high-end college, they can really bring the aesthetic to the next level. In other words, they’re definitely something that you’re going to want.

It Has More Functionality

Amish furniture for sale tends to be far more functional than some of the other options out there. For instance, furniture from big box stores tends to be very basic, while Amish furniture finds plenty of new ways to integrate storage. Under-bed storage, for example, is always much better implemented in Amish furniture than in any other type. The same goes for coffee tables and virtually anything else in the Amish furniture arsenal.

Amish furniture can be used for a wide range of different settings. It could be used for a living room, or, as mentioned above, it could be used for a school. No matter what type of environment you place it in, it is going to look absolutely amazing and will raise the aesthetic value of the space that it is in consideration. As always, make sure that you are getting the real deal, and that the furniture you get fits well with the environment. Take into account color, size, and even the hardness of the wood. There is a time and a place for all types of Amish furniture!



The Four Types of Beds you Need to Know About

Solid wood furniture, Amish furniture in, in particular,s a sterling reputation and amazing designs that cannot be ignored. The moment you walk into a room that has been outfitted with items from an Amish furniture store, you know that you are in the midst of pieces constructed with quality in mind. If you are outfitting your bedroom with Amish furniture for sale, then you should know about the different bed styles and what they can bring to your setting.

The Headboard and Frame – A Staple of Amish Furniture

Amish furnitureIf you’re looking for something extremely basic, then this is it. A basic headboard and frame don’t feature any rails, and the headboard can be changed at any time. You have the option of leaving the headboard standing free, or you can attach it to the wall using brackets so long as you can find two adequate studs.

Headboard with Side Rails

Taking it up a notch from the previous entry, it’s pretty much the same thing but with simple rails on each of the three sides. It is more decorative than functional, but it is a great aesthetic for any bedroom.

The Platform Bed

Platform beds have been around for many years as any Amish furniture store will tell you. These might be one of the first you see when you look for Amish furniture online, and will most definitely end up in your collection at some point.

The Sleigh Bed – For Those who Want to go All Out

You’ve seen sleigh beds before – they’re pretty much in every bedroom that has the space for them. Basically, they consist of a platform with a headboard and footboard, with the footboard curving out in the way that an old-fashioned sleigh does. These won’t be delivering presents on Christmas Eve but they can make your bedroom look absolutely amazing. Their area a few different design options, for example, there is the traditional style that has the headboard and footboard while the modern style only has the headboard and the matching rails. Going the traditional route is preferred for most people but it should only be embraced if you have the extra floor space to support it. The biggest problem is the footboard which curves out and claims more space than many people are comfortable with.

Among Amish furniture pieces, beds can be some of the most beautiful. Either highly ornate or extremely plain, beds can bring quite a bit to your life, and are most definitely something that you will want to put a lot of thought into the next time you are redecorating.



Fall Home Redesign Tips – Start with the Furniture

We’re currently in the midst of summer, but fall will be here before we know it, and with it comes to a very important responsibility: making sure that you have the right furniture. So, here’s the big question: are you ready to redesign your home for fall? If so, then it’s time for you to consider buying Amish furniture.

Amish Furniture for Fall – It Only Makes Sense

Amish FurnitureIt’s going to start with choosing the right color furniture for your living room and that isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. So, how do you do it? We would recommend that you start by choosing a base color and working your way out. What piece of furniture would you like to consider the centerpiece for your setup? Some people would choose the couch, and we agree that it’s a great starting point. A couch with a heavier stain would pair well with lighter chairs, and you can contrast the theme around the living room. While this might seem like a horrible mismatch of colors, it works very well in practice and can help to draw the eye to a variety of different places around the room.

Update your Bedrooms

The living room is a great place to start, but you spend a lot of time in your bedrooms and you want to make them look good. It all starts with making sure you have the right type of bed installed, for example, you could choose a four-poster bed, or you could go with the more traditional sleigh bed. The minimalist approach, with the standard headboard and bed frame, is also a good option, so consider that if you are running low on funds.

Think About that Patio

If you have an enclosed patio then you should most definitely visit an Amish furniture store. Amish furniture for sale can help to bring that patio to life in the same way it brought your living room to life. Add some new seating, and perhaps even add a new table in case you want to have an outdoor meal – fall is a perfect time!

Consider the Type of Wood

Ultimately, you will need to think about the type of wood that you want to use in your fall home re-design. You are most likely moving away from the big box furniture, so a serious jump in quality is going to be inevitable. That being the case, you could choose hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is often preferred due to its highly durable qualities but is also more expensive. Additionally, you will not see many hardwoods with ornate designs as they are much harder to carve. Softwoods, on the other hand, allow for far more creativity.

Fall is coming – make sure you look for the best Amish furniture online and get your house in order. There has never been a better time to give your home a complete makeover.


Relax on Brand New Amish Furniture this Summer

If you’ve gotten tired of the same old look in your home, rest easy knowing that you’re not exactly alone. There are many homeowners who want to try something different as the summer months come along, and in our opinion, one of the best things you can do this summer changes it up with Amish furniture in Oregon. It’s a high-quality investment that you aren’t going to regret any time soon.

Start with a Couch – A Common Sitting Area is the Perfect Amish Furniture

If you’re planning to invite guests over this summer then make no mistake: you’re going to need a couch, and when you buy Amish furniture, you are getting products that can potentially last a lifetime – it’s not something that you want to miss out on.

Along with the couch, you will need other common sitting areas, for example, it would be a good idea for you to invest in a set of chairs or even a few benches, all of which can be found among Amish furniture for sale online.

A Higher Quality Furniture Choice

Amish FurnitureAmish furniture prices are high for a reason. These are not the typical items that you would purchase at a big box store; if you buy a couch at an Amish furniture store you can expect it to last for a lifetime as it is made from hardwood rather than the particle board that you would find at most big box stores. The same will go for every other Amish furniture piece, so make sure you know whether you want to go with a hardwood or a softwood.

Hardwood vs. Softwood

As you prepare to outfit your home with Amish furniture for sale this summer it will be important for you to consider hardwood vs. softwood. Take software as a prime example of outstanding furniture material – it can be easily shaped and is perfect for designs that are a bit more ornate. Shaker furniture, for example, will use a lot of softwood while Mission furniture is able to stick with the hardwoods. In the end, your choice depends on how ornate you want the furniture to be, how much you want to pay, and most importantly, how much of a beating the furniture in question is going to take.

Summer is coming and it’s time for you to make the best furniture choice. Check our store and browse our wide selection of beautiful Amish furniture choices.


A Look at Traditional Wood in Amish Furniture

As you already know, Amish furniture is made from solid wood, but what kind of wood? You know about oak, cedar, and pine, but the truth is that there are two very basic categories that encompass the entire industry: hardwood and softwood.

Hardwood – Comes from a tree with broad leaves and no needles. The most common examples of hardwood include cherry, walnut, mahogany, and maple. As the name implies, hardwoods are stronger and boast more stability than softwoods.

Softwoods – Softwoods are harvested from trees that have needles including redwood, spruce, even cedar trees.

Why to Choose One or the Other

Amish furniture for saleMuch of the choice comes down to the type of furniture that is being made. Softwood, for example, is often chosen by carpenters who foresee themselves doing quite a bit of carving. There is much more to it than that, however, so let’s take a look.

In any Amish furniture for sale, careful consideration was put into the piece. For example, the builder will look at each piece of wood to determine how it can fit into their design and most importantly how well it will stand up to everyday life. Additionally, they have to consider how well the wood will absorb stain or paint, and of course how pliable it is. Once all of these things are taken into account, it is then up to them to decide what type of furniture the wood would be suitable for.

For example, pine would not be suitable for a dining room table but it might work well for an end table. Remember: when you visit an Amish furniture store you are purchasing pieces that have been constructed by highly intelligent, highly experienced individuals using methods that have been passed down through the generations.

Wood Availability

A very important factor in the wood selection is the actual availability of the wood itself. For example, in some areas, they may have more access to white cedar than pine, and for this reason, we have taken the time to compile a quick list detailing the different types of woods and where exactly they might be found in the country.

Oak – One of the most popular types found in the best Amish furniture, red oak is found in the Appalachian Mountains while White Oak tends to be found east of the Mississippi River.

Cherry – Black cherry is a commonly used type of wood as it is found often in Canada and Central America. Additionally, you can find some in both New York and Pennsylvania.

Hickory – You can find these throughout the Eastern United States, especially in Pennsylvania.

Maple – Like most other woods used to craft the finest Amish furniture, Maple is typically found on the East Coast.

Amish furniture is an outstanding investment for your home and one that you certainly won’t regret. With the finest woods and the best builders around, you’re sure to get an outstanding deal.


Three Unusual Woods Used in Amish Furniture

In a world of oak and cedar, it is easy to forget some of the lesser used woods in Amish furniture. As you probably already know, Amish furniture uses hardwood rather than particle board, making for furniture pieces that are not only beautiful but able to last for a very long time. Remember: the type of wood that is used in these furniture pieces will depend heavily upon the use that the furniture is going to see, and it often falls to the buyer to choose the piece that will best fit their lifestyle. Today we are going to look at some of the lesser used woods and discuss how to buy Amish furniture online.

Hickory – The Toughest Wood used in Amish Furniture

Amish FurnitureHickory is without a doubt one of the most unusual, so much so that you might have even forgotten that it exists. Due to its hardness (and expense), hickory is typically used on parts that see a lot of ears and tear over the years. Tool handles, wagon spokes, legs, and moving parts in furniture are often made from hickory, and you will generally find it on pieces that are made in the eastern US. Along with being a very durable piece of wood, it is extremely easy to stain.

Elm – A Prime Choice

The durability of elm is similar to hickory but instead of being used in tool handles, we have seen elm used in ship hulls, wagon beds, and much more. If you buy a piece of Amish furniture made from Elm you can rest assured you’re getting a piece that could potentially last a lifetime. Apart from the hardness, however, many people tend to go with elm when they want a deeper hue or a darker piece of furniture. It is a perfect piece of contrasting colors and one that you definitely won’t want to miss out on if you’re looking for something unusual. It can be hard to find when you go to an Amish furniture store, but it is definitely around.

Brown Maple – The More Traditional Route

If you are looking for a more traditional answer to your hardwood needs then brown maple is probably the route that you’re going. Unlike the previous two woods that we mentioned, brown maple is a bit softer, which makes it easier to shape. The real downfall, however, is that it is easier to scratch and dent. If you live in a home that sees a lot of activity, then you may be repairing your furniture piece more than you want. Still, it looks amazing.

These are three uncommon woods, some of which are more expensive, but all of which are excellent. The time you look into Amish furniture for sale, we strongly recommend that you look into these woods and think about creating a one of a kind collection in your home.


Is it Time to Buy New Furniture? How to Tell

If you own a home then one of the big questions on your mind might be whether or not it is time to purchase new furniture for it, and we know that it can be a pretty tough call. In today’s post, we’re going to go over a few things that could play a factor, and it should help you to make an informed decision. You should be out purchasing new Amish furniture before you know it!

Is it Time to Buy New Amish Furniture? A Quick Guide

Before you go to an Amish furniture store looking for an entire house full of items, ask yourself the following questions:

Amish FurnitureIs there Anything Wrong with my Current Furniture?

Take a look at your existing furniture. Do you not like it? Is it broken or cracked? Has it been exposed to too much sunlight? Any of these factors can easily lead to a need to replace all of your furniture and while it might be a bit expensive, it is most definitely worth it.

Are you Looking for a Visual Upgrade?

If you want furniture that looks better, then you should certainly visit an Amish furniture store. Solid wood furniture looks far better than most of the alternatives out there, so keep that in mind when you are working toward your decision.

Are you Planning a Renovation?

For some people, it is perfectly fine to use their original furniture in a new renovation but for others, it is more or less unacceptable. You want a new look, you want a new feel, and furniture is the most visible part of your home. It doesn’t matter if you are working in a bedroom, your living room, or even your kitchen; new furniture can give you a fresh look that will completely change your space.

Get the Best Furniture

After you have finished asking these questions you will likely come to the conclusion that you will not only need furniture that looks good but furniture that can last for a very long time. Amish furniture for sale can go a long way toward giving you the aesthetic you want in your home, and it is built by expert craftsmen who have mastered techniques passed down through the generations.

In the end, you couldn’t do much better when you’re on the search for solid wood furniture. Look at our Amish furniture online and start building your new space.


Complete your Living Room with Occasional Tables

So you have your living room mostly put together but there is a good chance that you feel you are missing something. You have your couch, you have your entertainment center, so what else could you possibly need? If you think that your living room is devoid of tables, you are probably right, and occasional tables are the way to go when you are shopping at any Amish furniture store.

Why Look for Occasional Tables at an Amish Furniture Store?

Amish Furniture Occasional TablesAn occasional table is a piece of Amish furniture that is not necessarily made for a singular purpose and there are a few different types. Today, in this blog, we are going to cover two of them.

Coffee Tables – The Occasional Table Everyone Knows About

What’s not to love about a coffee table? Everyone has them and everyone loves them. You can use them for a variety of different purposes, for example, when you shop Amish furniture online you will find those with storage and those without. So, in other words, they can have an extended purpose, or they can simply be a pretty piece of Amish furniture to look at. The choice is yours.

End Tables – The More Versatile Option

No matter how you look at it, end tables are always going to be far more versatile than coffee tables. A coffee table is designed to sit in the center of the room, but end tables can be placed beside couches and chairs. You can take it a step further however by using these tables to decorate portions of the wall. You could place a lamp or a flower vase, or a few books to make the look of your living room complete. As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to use end tables and they are a great addition to your already established coffee table.

More Storage Means More Functionality

You want your living room to be far more than just a pretty space to look at. You want it to be completely functional and any Amish furniture for sale that you look at needs to fulfill a specific purpose. Don’t worry; you will find exactly what you need in our store whether it is something with a few extra drawers or something with a larger surface area.

As always we strongly recommend that you take the time to ensure that you are getting furniture pieces that are properly measured and that will fit in your space. The right pieces are out there and your perfect living room may be just a few clicks away.


Catalyzed Conversion Varnish – The Toughest Finish Solution

When you buy Amish furniture you are expecting the best – no questions asked. With any type of hardwood furniture, Amish furniture included, the finish will be the first line of defense, and you need to make sure that yours is ready to withstand some of the harshest conditions whether it is in your home, office, school, or elsewhere.

The most important thing to remember, especially when you are refinishing your furniture, is that not all finishes are equal – not by any stretch of the imagination. A good finish will prevent the wood underneath from rotting, becoming stained, and in the process will give it all a bit of color. The problem is that not all finishes will get the job done right and they will certainly not hold up for the long term. This is where post-catalyst conversion varnish comes into play.

The Most Durable Finish for Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture - Catalyzed Conversion VarnisCatalyzed conversion finish is able to resist moisture and damage from common items around the house, and it can provide that protection for years.

Before you install this type of finish on your Amish furniture, remember that it is not an instant fix for all of your immediate problems. In fact, this type of varnish will require a thirty-day set-in period if it is to cure completely, and it needs to be done at a temperature of 70 degrees or greater. Failure to do so will result in it not curing completely, making this one of the most difficult installations.

Maintaining your Finish

If you do choose to use this type of varnish on the best Amish furniture then you will need to make sure that you are properly taking care of it. This begins with keeping it out of direct sunlight as much as possible as failing to do so will cause the finish to fade over time. In addition to that, you will want to keep from performing excess waxing as this will cause a bad reaction to moisture. Finally, avoid using cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia once you have applied your finish as this can discolor certain species of wood.

There is some upkeep involved, as you can see, but it will help to ensure that the best Amish furniture for sale online lasts a lifetime rather than just a few years. The right finish can make all of the difference in the world!


How to Coordinate your Office Furniture

Setting up a new office is always going to be a challenge, but you don’t need us to tell you that, do you? You’ve probably spent quite a bit of time considering your layout, and when it comes right down to it, you might just need a little bit of help to get it all done correctly. So, what should you do? How should you get your office set up? Today we’re going to talk about the importance of proper coordination and the use of Amish furniture in creating the perfect office layout.

Use Amish Furniture to Create a Common Theme

The first piece of advice that we want to give you is to create a common theme throughout your office. If you are using items from our Amish furniture store then we would strongly recommend going with a more conservative design as you need to appeal to anyone that walks through your doors. In the past, we have found that most offices benefit significantly from the Mission style, which is very plain but still very effective. For less formal settings you could consider the more ornate Shaker style, but ultimately it will be up to you.

Color is Everything in Design

Amish furniture onlineAs you look at our Amish furniture online you will probably notice that it comes in different colors, for example, the Alamo desk versus the Artesa desk, with the Alamo being quite a bit lighter. The items you find among Amish furniture for sale online are not painted, but stained, meaning the tint of the stain and the color of the wood beneath shine through. These two combined will create either a darker or lighter design but in the end, it has a lot to do with the type of wood that is being used. When you are choosing a color or theme, you should make sure to contrast the types of woods that you choose so that there is some variance in your environment.

Get the Right Size

Whether you are buying online Amish furniture or some other style, you still need to make sure that you are getting the right size. Amish furniture comes in different styles, different sizes, and different colors, but you don’t need us to tell you that. Before you purchase any furniture, take measurements of your office and make sure that everything fits properly. The last thing you want to do is purchase a chair or a desk that is far too large for your space and makes it painful to navigate.

All in all, Amish furniture is a great choice for your office. It will give you the authentic wood feel that you are looking for, and it will even be comfortable. Shop our store today and get exactly what you need.


How to Decide If your Amish Furniture Needs to Be Refinished

You hear a lot about refinishing Amish furniture, but here’s a good question: does yours really need to be done? It is undoubtedly up in the air for you, and you probably have quite a few questions that need to be answered. Before you start stripping the finish off of your furniture, you should decide, first and foremost, whether or not it should be stripped. In some cases, wood does not need the finish to be stripped away; you can instead use a clear coat. Beyond that, however, there are two different schools of thought when it comes to refinishing solid wood furniture.

Should you Refinish Amish Furniture?

As we mentioned earlier there are two different schools of thought, each one with different implications for your solid wood furniture. The first states that you shouldn’t refinish wooden furniture as it could potentially reduce the monetary value. The second, however, believes that refinishing will give the piece a longer lifespan, and is, therefore, a highly valuable asset. If you feel that monetary gain is not a factor here, then refinishing will allow you to get more out of any Amish furniture for sale.

How to Make your Decision

There are a few important questions that you will need to ask yourself before you can actually make a decision, so consider the following:

Painted Pieces from the Amish Furniture Store

Amish furniture storeWhile you won’t find any painted pieces at an Amish furniture store, you will find that there are pieces being resold that have been painted over rather than stained. What does this mean exactly? In most cases, it means that that the previous owner was attempting to hide some serious damage, which you will uncover if you choose to strip the paint off. In these cases, it might be best to simply leave it alone.

Is it Stable?

How stable is the piece? Will it need to be repaired before you refinish it? Most Amish furniture for sale is sturdy but if you reach a point where it needs to be refinished, then it might also be time to give it a few repairs. Test its stability by trying to sway it from side to side, wiggle the legs, and see if it is coming apart at the seams. If you find any of these imperfections, you may need to have it repaired first.

What Will it Look Like?

The final question that you need to ask yourself, is what will the furniture look like once it has been refinished? If you are refinishing an antique, it will usually turn out a shade darker, so, when you are refinishing, expect it to be a little bit different once you are done.

Make your Decision

These factors should help you to come to a decision – just remember that once you refinish a piece you are committing to keeping it rather than selling it. At the end of the day, it’s going to be worth it, especially if you plan to pass a piece down to the next generation.

If you do choose to refinish your furniture, you will undoubtedly find yourself with a beautiful piece, even if it is a little bit darker. Make your decision and get started!


How to Create your Furniture Buying Timeline

When you’re getting ready to renovate your home you have a lot to do and most importantly, you have a lot of money to spend. If you’re hoping to buy Amish furniture then you’ve probably already priced it and you know that it’s going to be hard on the wallet. That said, we’re going to take some time to help you build a buying timeline. Before you visit the Amish furniture store, make sure that you have a plan.

Amish Furniture Store Guidelines – Get the Essentials First

It all starts with making sure that you have the essentials before you go for anything else at our Amish furniture store. We’ll start with the most obvious spot: the bedroom.

The Bedroom

Starting in the bedroom you should first make sure that you have a bed or at least a bedframe. This is without a doubt the most expensive part of your renovation and it is crucial that you choose one that suits your immediate needs. When we say this, we’re talking about both the bed size and the bed style. Remember, if this is the first piece of furniture that you purchase for your bedroom, it will set the style for the rest of your décor, so make sure that you choose wisely.

The second piece in the bedroom to focus on will be the dresser. While you can technically get by without one for a time, you will want to get one in as soon as possible. Once again, make sure that it matches the rest of the décor.

The Living Room

Amish FurnitureWhile you are busy equipping the bedroom, you should make sure to purchase a sofa and an entertainment center for your living room. These are two priority pieces that will make the room functional, but later on, you should definitely consider investing in a coffee table.

The Dining Room

This one is much more obvious: in the dining room, you’re going to need a table and chairs. As always, make sure that the set you choose has the appropriately sized chairs and that it is the style you want. There are numerous other pieces that you’re going to need to make your dining room complete, but start with the table and work your way up looking for Amish furniture for sale online.

Make it Perfect

We have the best Amish furniture to help you complete your renovation, and it won’t break the bank on the first run if you follow the outline that we have suggested. Now would be a great time to start searching for the best Amish furniture whether you’re doing a renovation, or you’re buying a new home.


Four Furniture Pieces that Every Family Needs

If you’re in the midst of building a family home then you already know that there are certain furniture pieces that you absolutely, positively need in your home. Today we’re going to go ahead and give you a brief checklist that you’ll want to follow if you plan on finding great Amish furniture pieces.

Amish Furniture Living Room Essentials – Don’t Forget the Couch

For a family room, you’re going to want to make sure you have a great couch and we have plenty of them for you to choose from. If you’re outfitting a family room, however, it would be a good idea to go for fabric upholstery rather than leather upholstery. We’re not simply saying this due to the overall expense, but rather for the sake of atmosphere. When you’re installing a couch in a family room you want it to be warm and welcoming – something that leather upholstery just doesn’t do. Check into our range of great couches for the family room from our Amish furniture store.

Everyone Needs an Entertainment Center

Amish Furniture PiecesYou need an entertainment center, there’s just no way around it. The entertainment center is a perfect addition to any living room and will quickly become the center of attention. As you look at our online Amish furniture you will find several different pieces, from traditional stands, all the way to cabinet style entertainment centers. Take a look around and find the right piece for your living room!

The Kitchen Table is Critical

You know that you need a kitchen table when you are looking into Amish furniture for sale, but what type do you need exactly? There are plenty of great pieces out there, as you already know, and when it comes right down to it you’ll want to choose between pedestal tables and leg tables. We wrote a comparison on these two styles recently, so make sure you check it out!

Occasional Tables to use Occasionally

Occasional tables can be defined as end tables or coffee tables and when you are trying to find the best Amish furniture online, make sure you get every table to need of your come. You’ll use them as conversation pieces, a space for your lamps, and much, much more.

These are four of the most important pieces of furniture that your family home is going to need, and as you browse our store you will find that while Amish furniture prices are high, the pieces will last a lifetime.


How to Blend Wood Types in your Home Furnishing

We’ve always been big advocates of matching wood Amish furniture sets in your home, but there are times when you simply can’t, or just don’t want to. It’s an unspoken decorating rule that can be completely subverted if you really wish, and we’re going to spend a bit of time explaining how you can mix and match the different types of wood without consequence. It’s more eclectic and when done right, it can really bring a new level of personality to your interior design.

Amish Furniture

Start by Contrasting your Amish Furniture and Flooring

We can’t say this enough: when you find Amish furniture for sale online, don’t purchase anything that takes on the same shade as your flooring. If you have a wood toned floor it is easy to lose your furniture in it, so choose something that is either lighter or darker.

Get a Good Anchor Piece

Searching for Amish furniture online is difficult, but you will want to start with an anchor piece. For example, you might want to pick a coffee table or even a buffet, and then add two contrasting pieces around it. This will make the room look a bit more ‘busy’ and a lot less boring.

Keep it all in Harmony

If you aren’t careful your room will be a bit heavier on one side, so make sure that you’re trying to keep it all in harmony. You can do this by balancing different finishes throughout your space and using the darkly stained pieces as grounding.

What’s your Dominant Wood Tone?

While we do recommend mixing wood tones when you buy the best Amish furniture, we don’t necessarily mean that you have to go ‘crazy’ with it. You should choose a dominant wood tone that will represent the majority of your room and see just where it takes you. Think of the tone as your anchor, similar to the anchor piece that we mentioned earlier.

Go for Continuity

You are going to need some continuity in your space and you can’t argue that. If you think the mismatched wood grains have reached critical mass, then you should tie it all together with an accent color. Various accessories like throw pillows and lampshades can do a great job of bringing everything together, so don’t dismiss them!

Our Amish furniture store has everything that you could possibly need to really bring out the best in your living room without necessarily going with similar tones for every single piece. For more information, now would be a great time to look through our website and see just what we have to offer you. Amish furniture prices can be very high, but they are well worth it.


Legs vs. Pedestal Table

When customers walk into our Amish furniture store, one of the biggest and most common questions that they tend to ask is whether they should go for a pedestal table or a teg table. While we would normally simply tell you that it is a matter of personal preference, we can definitely understand that sometimes, it just isn’t that easy. Today we’re going to address the pros and cons of pedestal tables vs. leg tables and allow you to cast your own verdict. Either way, any Amish furniture that you purchase is going to be absolutely beautiful and will give you the look that you’re going for.

Addressing the Pros of the Pedestal Table in Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture - Legs vs. Pedestal TableThe first real advantage that you’re going to find yourself enjoying is the fact that there are no legs. While this might sound like a very obvious statement to make, you should take note that with a legged dining table you will quite literally lose an entire foot of usable space at the corners. With those corners freed, you will be able to fit far more chairs and ultimately have greater gatherings within your home. If you find that you host parties and family members often, then a pedestal table is going to be a great piece of Amish furniture for sale.

The second major advantage is that a pedestal table simply looks better than most of the alternatives. It is a work of art really and while you could say the exact same thing for leg tables, we have to say that the pedestal is a bit more ornate. There is simply more real estate for the artist to work with when they are working on this type of table.

Finally, there are a ton of great options for pedestal bases out there for you to choose from. If you look through our store you’re going to find quite a few things that agree with you, we can practically guarantee it. So now that you know the benefits, you probably want to address the very obvious question: what are the cons? There are a few, but not too many.

The Cons of Pedestal Tables

The most obvious disadvantage here is that pedestal tables are far more expensive than leg tables. They’re much larger and they take far more time to build. This accounts for the extra costs, and you will almost always find that the pedestal costs at least $600 more than the leg table. It might sound excessive, but it’s all about the time put into building it.

Support is another con. On a pedestal table the support is all at the center, so if you push down too hard at the edge of the table you will notice it wobbling or it could fall all the way over. This is not reflective of the quality you’ll find at an Amish furniture store but rather a statement on the laws of physics.

Finally, do you remember how we mentioned that you can fit more chairs at the table? That’s a bit of a double-edged sword actually, as you will find that the pedestals sometimes stick out far enough that you are unable to fit your chairs all the way in. Prepare for some knee bumping if you have a lot of guests over.

So what’s the final verdict? Is the pedestal table a good piece of Amish furniture for sale? In the end, it’s up to you, and it all depends on your own personal style. Look through our Amish furniture online and figure out what is going to fit your house best.


Four Reasons Oak is the Best Wood Choice for Furniture

Amish furniture is some of the best in the industry and you probably hear quite a bit about the different wood types. What are the differences, however? Today we’re taking a look at the oak that is used in the best Amish furniture and it won’t be too long before you start to swear by it. We’re going to look at four different reasons that Oak is one of the most popular, but we’ll start with an explanation of the material.

What is Oak in Amish Furniture?

Amish furniture storeOak has a long history; it’s been used by many countries over the last few hundred years, and it can even be traced back to the Vikings. The picture in your mind a Viking longboat sailing through the ocean on the way to a massive conquest, accompanied by thousands of other boats, all in the name of glory. Those boats were made from oak, and today, the same wood can adorn your living room as a part of your furniture. Throughout the middle ages, oak was used for building frames and even shipbuilding. So why is oak so popular?

Reason 1: Oak is Readily Available

Oak is a very easy material to find; you can locate it in more than a few parts of the world, and for that reason, it is a bit lower priced than some of the other woods that you might use. This is not to say that it is inexpensive, but we will say that you can find it in almost any Amish furniture store.

Reason 2: It’s Tougher than Most other Woods

Oak is much tougher than most other woods that you might find yourself working with. It has a density of 0.75 g/cm3, which means it’s extremely dense and extremely strong compared to anything else you might be, and it also has a high tannin content. That might sound irrelevant, but it does make it resistant to insect and fungal attacks.

Reason 3: Two Different Types

When you think of oak, the first thought might be that the wood is a bit dark but there are two different types. White oak is a popular alternative because it is lighter in color and has longer grain rays. Additionally, white oak is waterproof, making it an outstanding choice for outdoor furniture. There is, however, the issue of regional availability, which means white cedar can be more expensive if you’re not in an area that is known for it.

Reason 4: Highly Durable and Guaranteed

When you find Amish furniture for sale that is made from oak you are ensuring that you will get a high-quality piece of furniture that will last a lifetime. It’s a great investment and one that you aren’t going to regret.


What Kind of Furniture Do You Need for your New Baby?

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that having a baby is a scary prospect even if it is one that is full of joy. One way you can alleviate some of the tension is to make sure that you have all of the right furniture for their room, and if you’re getting Amish furniture, you can rest assured that you’ll have some amazing quality.

Step 1: Get a Crib from our Amish Furniture Store

Amish furnitureThe single most important piece of Amish furniture that you can buy for your new child is going to be a crib. It’s where they’ll sleep, it’s where they’ll nap, and it may even become their time out spot. You need a crib that is going to look good but you also need one that is going to stand up to the constant abuse that most pieces of children’s furniture face. The Amish furniture that you buy online fits the bill and will last a lifetime.

Step 2: A Chest of Drawers is Key

Even if the nursery has a closet you will still need a dresser or a chest of drawers. Some of the options among our Amish furniture online include those that come with a mirror or those without. In addition, we have several different types, so start planning your nursery by browsing our website now.

Step 3: You Need a Rocking Chair

You’re going to thank us for this one: Get a rocking chair. While it might seem like a completely unnecessary piece of furniture it is definitely something you want to watch out for when you seek Amish furniture for sale. A rocking chair is instrumental in getting your baby down for a nap and even keeping them down in some cases. Rocking chairs from our Amish furniture store are durable and will stand the test of time, no matter how much of that time you spend rocking.

Naturally, there will be plenty of other items that you’re going to need to get your nursery going but this is definitely a good start! Remember – the nursery is the spot where your child will be spending most of his or her time, from naps to diaper changes, and eventually playing, so make sure that it is properly set up and that it is fully equipped with the best that Amish furniture can offer. Check out our store right now and start planning your nursery layout.


Farmhouse vs. Rustic Décor

Something that comes up quite a bit when talking about Amish décor is style but you probably don’t need us to tell you that. When you buy Amish furniture, something you’re going to face is the difference between farmhouse and rustic, but what is that difference exactly? What is it that you’re going to be dealing with? To tell you the truth, quite a few different things. We’re going to take a quick look at the difference between the two styles and help you to understand a bit better before you go looking into Amish furniture for sale.

Amish Furniture Basics – What’s the Difference Between Farmhouse and Rustic?

Amish furniture for saleThe first thing you need to know when you head to the Amish furniture store is that the two styles are very similar, and they are often confused. They do have very like design elements, and they both do a great job of bringing attention to the natural elements used to create the pieces. For example, you’ll see exposed beams in both styles, and you will also notice that like in other examples of the best Amish furniture, great care has been taken to ensure that the stain used accents the natural wood. It allows the natural marks to shine through rather than covering them up, which already sets it apart from most other types of furniture.

A Look at Rustic Décor

Rustic décor is pretty rough as far as Amish furniture online for sale is concerned. The wood used is much more natural looking and it almost appears unfinished. The joints and tendons are usually exposed rather than hidden, and it gives you more of a ‘woodsy’ feel. If you want your furniture to transport you back to when times were simple, then you’ve found your solution.

The Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse style of Amish furniture still promotes that traditional look and feel but it’s a bit more fresh feeling that the rustic décor. There is still the emphasis on the natural look but the designs are a bit more complex in the farmhouse style. The chairs, for example, have a spindle back and table designs are usually smooth. In addition to that, farmhouse styles are usually much lighter looking than rustic styles, so keep that in mind when you’re decorating.

When you’re in the process of decorating your home with Amish furniture you have a lot of choices to make, but all in all, this one should be pretty easy.


What to Expect When you visit Ohio’s Amish Country

If you’re here then you probably know that you want to buy Amish furniture online but you might not know much about where it comes from. Today we’re going to spend some time covering two Amish communities that you really need to visit. If you want to visit the Amish on their own turf and really see where that Amish furniture for sale comes from, then you’ve come to the right place!

Visit Ohio Amish Country – The Source of Some of the Best Amish Furniture

Ohio is home to one of the best and most historic Amish communities. Much has been lost to the passage of time but much remains the same. If you really want to see where the best Amish furniture comes from, then you couldn’t do much better than this.

Historic Roscoe Village

Ohio’s Amish CountryWe pointed out that much of the Amish culture has been lost over the years but we do concede that the historic Roscoe Village has not only been restored but well maintained. Admittedly it’s a bit of a tourist trap, but it’s a beautiful village that could be considered a living history tour. Stop by and visit the blacksmith, check out the toll-house, and speak to costumed interpreters. It’s an amazing place frozen in time and a good indicator of where your Amish furniture used to come from.

Berlin Farmstead Restaurant

It’s near Downtown Berlin and it’s one of the best places to eat in Amish country – at least as far as Ohio is concerned. It’s a beautiful restaurant and once you finish the best meal you’ve ever had, you can visit the shops, and even stop by some of the gathering spots. Enjoy fried chicken, real mashed potatoes, fresh salads, and seasonal deserts as you partake in everything that Amish country has to offer. You won’t find any Amish furniture for sale here, but you will find a full stomach.

The Breitenbach Wine Cellars

When you visit Amish country, wine might not be the first thing on your mind, but it should be. The Breitenbach Wine Cellars offers tours on Fridays and Saturdays, and there is something here to please your palate, no matter what type of vintage you typically prefer.

Get the Full Experience

There is a lot to see in Ohio’s Amish Country and there is so much more than we were able to list today! Once you visit and take in all the sights, we’re sure that you’ll have a greater understanding and a much greater appreciation for where your Amish furniture online comes from.

Breakdown Vanity – Making it Simpler

There is nothing more irritating than attempting to get a bathroom vanity through the door when you’re in a tight space and for that reason, we’ve created the ultimate flat packing bathroom vanity. It’s a critical part of our Amish furniture selection and you’ll find them very useful for your next bathroom remodel.

Breakdown Amish Furniture – Essential for your DIY Remodel

Unlike other breakdown furniture on the market, ours retains the full quality and the full integrity of any of our other Amish furniture for sale in Oregon. The biggest difference in our breakdown furniture and other people’s breakdown furniture is the fact that each piece is fully assembled in Amish workshops and then broken down so that it can be put back together by you at a later date. There are simple instructions, and because it has already been fitted together, it is guaranteed to assemble easily and without a single problem.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

This is not your typical breakdown furniture by any stretch of the imagination. This Amish furniture online is made from solid wood, as you would have expected from us, and like any other piece of online Amish furniture, it is destined to last a lifetime.

Making your Remodel a Bit Easier

A breakdown vanity is something that you are going to enjoy extensively, especially if you are performing a DIY remodel with limited space. The flat packaging will make it easier to move around your home whether you’re trying to get it around corners, or you’re hoping to move it up a flight of stairs. In addition to that, it will make it much easier for you to get it through your front door, which can make all the difference in the world. As you can see, there is a lot to like with our new breakdown vanity, and it will completely change the way you look for Amish furniture online.

Something very important to keep in mind when purchasing a breakdown vanity from us is that it does not come with attached hardware. This meant that knobs and handles will need to be attached afterward using custom drilled holes. While it might seem like an extra step, it gives you the ability to choose the hardware you want for your bathroom theme.

The Most Important DIY Bathroom Decision

Choosing a bathroom vanity is a very important part of the DIY process and our breakdown model is going to make your life easier. Think carefully and choose a style that will make your bathroom look amazing. There are plenty out there to choose from!


Live Edge Furniture for Hunting Lodges

When you’re working on furnishing your hunting lodge, rustic is going to be the name of the game. You don’t want to find yourself sitting on Ikea furniture when you’re spending an evening with your friends. Not only does it look tacky, it’s really not that durable, and we both know that it’s not going to hold up. How many times are you going to drag yourself in from the forest and plop down on your favorite chair while you’re on a hunting trip? The last thing you want is for that chair to fall apart, which is why we think you should go for Amish furniture. Some of the best Amish furniture, however, is a live edge.

What is Live Edge Amish Furniture?

In a typical setting you probably wouldn’t want live edge but if you’re trying to go for the rustic look and really want your room to look alive, then we’re going to say that live edge is the way to go. In our Amish furniture store, you are going to find quite a bit of it, and it simply means that the edge of the piece is not cut and sanded. Instead, you have a piece that has been left as is, as it was found in nature. It gives you the chance to peer into the soul of the piece, as it would have appeared when it was cut, and it really is an amazing way to add character to your space. Something to keep in mind is that while live edge pieces are certainly finished, they are not always an even surface. Some may have a bit of a hump to them, but that simply adds to the charm.

Amish Furniture

Live Edge Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are always going to be front and center in your living room, and it is one of the most popular pieces of Amish furniture for sale. Our rustic looking coffee tables can make all the difference in the world and are an outstanding way for you to add some serious character to your space.

Live Edge Tables

Along with the coffee table, you can add a typical live edge table to your lodge and some of ours look absolutely amazing. We have a live edge trestle table for example that adds both class and that rustic aesthetic that you’ve been going for.

Dressers for your Bedroom

The rustic look doesn’t have to end at the living room; you can purchase a live edge dresser that will really set the mood and will really make your bedroom look amazing. Dressers encompass some of the best Amish furniture craftsmanship and are an outstanding investment in the live edge category.

Bring Character to your Lodge

Though Amish furniture prices can certainly be high, they are well worth your investment and the live edge variants will really add to the atmosphere. Check out our Amish furniture online today and start picking out your pieces.


How do you Fill a Hope Chest?

The hope chest is one of the staples of Amish furniture that you can buy right here in Oregon, but what is it exactly? Many people use it as storage, but there is a much deeper meaning behind it, and it’s all about taking those first few steps into adulthood.

Hope Chests are the Most Sentimental Piece of Amish Furniture

A hope chest is designed for legacy building, to put it as simply as possible. If you have a daughter, for example, and if she is expected to wed one day, then the hope chest would hold all of the items that she might need for her first steps into adulthood, and perhaps even the items needed for building her first household. There are so many odds and ends that need to be placed in a house, and being prepared to go in, well, that’s absolutely priceless.

The Items You Put in a Hope Chest

Amish Hope ChestAs we said before there are many people who will use their hope chest for storage, but that really isn’t the intended purpose. A hope chest is designed to be passed on to a daughter to be sure that she is ready for adulthood, and that can be a tall order. So what does that mean exactly? The following are a few of the items that you might find inside a typical hope chest:

  • Blankets – Quilted or knitted blankets are essentials for a new home, and they are the perfect item for a hope chest.
  • Dishes – When moving into a new home dishes are essential and they can be prohibitively expensive, at least for the best sets. Plates, cups, and bowls are essential for starting a new life and if you can, throw in some silverware.
  • Sentimental Items – While we won’t go into every single item that you should be putting in a hope chest but we will say that certain sentimental items should be passed down. The definition of sentimental is going to be up to you, so think about it before you fill your hope chest.

Choose Amish Furniture for Sale

Obviously, the hope chest is not a concept exclusive to Amish furniture, but it is one that is better executed in Amish hands. The same can be said for most pieces, and the best Amish furniture will last a lifetime and beyond. Just imagine being able to give your daughter a hope chest that she will then pass down to her children, and even further. It’s an amazing concept and it’s one that you can fully realize by visiting an Amish furniture store. Check out our selection today and invest in a hope chest that will last a lifetime!



Quick Ideas for Extra Seating

At some point you might find yourself taking a look around your living room and maybe, just maybe you’ll come to the conclusion that you need some extra seating. The same could apply to your dining room or even your sunroom. No matter what, you’re going to have some issues, so how do you find extra seating and what should you go with? When it comes to Amish furniture for sale in Washington you happen to have plenty of choices, so let’s get started!

Choose Benches as your Secondary Amish Furniture Seating

A really quick solution for your seating issues would be to use benches. These are available in many different styles, from the typical four-legged option all the way to the trestle style that fits in quite well with the more rustic settings. Benches are perfect for informal environments and are a great item to place along the edge of the room.

Try Some Chairs on for Size

Amish FurnitureAnother great option for you would be to add some chairs to your environment. For example, it would be a great idea for you to consider a Queen Lounge chair which comes in a beautiful leather backed format. You may also think about adding our high back panel chair with cloth upholstery for a more informal environment. Keep in mind that if you browse through our selection, you can easily find chairs that match your existing seating.

Consider a Love Seat

You might not have the space to add a full-size couch to your room but you CAN consider adding a love seat which is a bit smaller and still just as functional as a couch. They normally sit 2 adults, but you can accommodate up to three children if they are small enough. As always, loveseats are available in either the upholstered or the fabric variety, making them incredibly useful on all levels and in all settings.

Add Bar Stools to your Kitchen

Finally, as you browse our Amish furniture store for seating, don’t forget to look at barstools. These are a great addition to your kitchen and you will find that they are the perfect extra seating option for when you have multiple people over and no more room at your table.

When you buy Amish furniture you’re getting a high level of quality for your money. Yes, it can be a bit more expensive than your average furniture investment, but in the end, it’s well worth it. Start looking into it today and make sure you’re ready to receive company.


A Quick Guide to Living Room Arrangement

You already have your eye on some Amish furniture, and maybe you’re thinking about adding a new table to your dining room, but how do you arrange your living room? It’s much easier than you think, but if you’re trying for the first time then it can probably become a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Tips for Setting up your Living Room with Amish Furniture

Starting with your living room, you can really make a difference with the best Amish living room furniture, but where do you begin? We tend to start with the sofa.

Amish FurnitureSofa – Place your sofa at a prominent location in your living room – either against the wall or in an area where it will face the television. Make sure that there is adequate space to walk around it, and ensure that it’s not taking up the entire living room.

Endtables – In our Amish furniture store, we offer plenty of end tables whether they’re the alive edge or fully formed. These tables can be placed at either end of the couch, or you can place one against the wall to hold a lamp.

Coffee Table – You’ll find that we not only have the best Amish furniture for sale, we also have some of the best coffee tables. Just like our end tables, we have a great selection of live edge furniture as well as more domesticated styles. The coffee table needs to be placed near the sofa, but once again, make sure you can walk around it while being able to sue it.

Chairs – The couch provides lots of seating but chairs can give you the little bit of extra you need. An empire style chair can be amazing for the company, but recliners are good for relaxing at the end of the day. Position your extra chairs near the walls or in the vicinity of your couch.

TV Stand – If you look through our online Amish furniture store you will find plenty of plasma TV stands, and they are well suited to your living room. When you are setting it up, place it at the head of your living room and make sure that it is well within view of your couch and the rest of your chairs.

Use the Best Amish Furniture

When you buy Amish furniture you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re making an investment into the future of your home. Our store contains some of the best pieces you’ll find anywhere, and you’ll discover that they can last for generations, giving you something to pass down to your children. That’s just not a claim you can make with most pieces of furniture! Make the right investment and make your home look amazing.


How to Refinish Solid Wood Furniture

Amish furniture is an amazing addition to nearly any home, but as with any other type of furniture there is going to come a point where you need to make sure it remains intact, and that’s not always easy. Today we’re going to be talking a bit about how to properly refinish furniture and how to make it last for a very long time. Let’s start at the very beginning!

Refinishing Amish Furniture

Refinishing Amish FurnitureThe concept of refinishing the best Amish furniture might seem very simple but there is in fact quite a bit to it. You need the right tools, you need to be patient, and you need to get the job done right. Keep in mind that you can turn this into a weekend project, but you do need to make sure that you give yourself the time to complete the following steps:

  • Remove Finish
  • Fill Grain
  • Apply a Sanding Sealer
  • Stain the Wood
  • Apply Clear Coat to the Wood

Now that we know what to do, let’s take a quick look at these steps in detail.

Step 1: Removing the Old Finish

In order to remove the old finish you are going to need chemical strippers, but do make sure you’re practicing safety when using them. For example you’ll need to make sure you’re wearing rubber gloves, eye protection, and most certainly a dust mask. Most importantly, make sure that the room you’re working in has adequate ventilation. Once you use a paint stripper, do make sure that you allow the wood time to dry before you move on to the next steps.

Step 2: Sanding it Down

There is a common misconception that after you use a chemical stripper you won’t need to sand, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. As always, make sure you have adequate ventilation and eye protection! When you are sanding, go in the same direction of the grain, and use a palm sander of 80-150 grit to complete the removal of the finish. Continue until you see bare wood.

Step 3: Time to Fill the Grain

Theoretically this would be an optional step and it all depends on the grain type. If the wood has a tight grain you can skip this step, but if it has open grain, filler might become a necessity. Woods with open grain include oak or mahogany.

Step 4: Sanding Sealer

A sanding sealer is a great idea because it will help your Amish furniture to absorb the stain you apply evenly so that it looks amazing once you are done and have it sitting in your living room. You’ll want to start by applying a heavy coat and permitting it to soak into the wood, and then wipe of excess with a rag before you allow it to dry. Once ready, proceed to sand the surface to get an even application.

Step 5: Stain It!

You’re almost finished! All you need to do is stain the wood, and you can choose from several different types of stain which include:

  • Water Based
  • Oil Based
  • Gel
  • One-Step

As always, no matter which of these you choose, start by applying a generous coat, and then removing any excess with a clean cloth. Then, apply another coat to the surface. This may need to be done multiple times, just make sure you allow the stain to dry between coats.

Step 6: Apply the Clear Coat

Once you apply a clear coat you can make your piece of furniture look just as it did when you first saw it at the Amish furniture store. Simply apply a clear coat tot he wood, and the surface, and apply one more layer. As always, make sure you’re allowing the coat to dry between layers!

You can expand on these steps as you learn your own new tips and tricks, and you’ll definitely want to keep expanding your knowledge! When you pick up any Amish furniture for sale you want to make sure that it lasts for a very long time, and refinishing is one sure way to guarantee that it does!


New Year’s Home Decorating Resolutions

We’re getting close to the end of December and we all know what that means: it means it’s time for new year’s resolutions! Whatever you happen to have planned for this new year, there is absolutely nothing wrong with changing it up a little by adding some new furniture to your home. Maybe you want to add a new chair, or maybe you want to take it a step further by replacing your entire couch.

Decorating for the new year is a serious challenge, but you don’t need us to tell you that. We’re going to spend some time going over the different pieces of furniture you’re going to want to buy fresh or completely replace during your New Year’s shopping trip. Let’s go over some of the best in Amish furniture!

Amish Furniture your Home Needs in the New Year

Amish Furniture

It’s a new year and a new you, so take these suggestions and get your home renovation underway:

Try a New Couch

Whether you like it or not, the couch is the centerpiece of your home and you need to treat it as such! It is front and center when your guests come over and you can rest assured that it’s going to see a lot of use over the years. That said, when you are buying a new couch you need to make sure that it looks good, and you need to make sure that it’s going to withstand some serious use. Tapered legs and leather upholstery are a great combination, but no matter what you choose to go with, you’re going to find that it looks amazing in your living room.

Replace that Old Coffee Table

If you’ve had your coffee table for a while then it might be time to replace it and you have lots of options. Coffee tables come in many different styles, giving you plenty of leeway in your living room design quest.

Consider an Endtable

Endtables are yet another important part of your home whether you’re putting them in the living room or going so far as to put them in bedrooms or sunrooms.

Do you Need a New Bed?

One of the most important questions that you can ask yourself is whether or not you need a new bed. The bed is a crucial part of your bedroom, your children’s bedrooms, and even your guest bedroom if you have one. A bed purchased at an Amish furniture store can last for a very long time and is without a doubt one of your greatest home assets.

Get Ready for 2018

It’s time for you to get into the cleaning and renovation mood! The New Year is almost here and you’re riding into it with a new home aesthetic. Take a look at our inventory today and get ready to renovate!


Designing a New Office? Here’s what you Need to Know About Choosing Furniture

We’re coming up on 2018 very fast and there is no reason you shouldn’t want a new office for a new year. You might be planning on redesigning the entire thing, or you might be planning to completely rework your entire office or maybe you’re just planning to replace a few pieces of furniture. No matter what the plan is, you need to make sure that it all matches and that it’s in place to last for a very long time. Let’s go over some of the things that you’ll need to know about Amish furniture before you really get into it.

Amish Furniture Needs to Match the Room

When we say it needs to match the room we have several different meanings:

Color – When people go out and buy Amish furniture they often pay no mind to the color but there is actually a significant difference and you can see it clearly under the stain. The stain does play a part in whether or not the piece is dark or light, but the tone of the wood is the determining factor in what the piece looks like and how effective it will be in the existing setting.

Style – If you’ve been reading our blog posts then you already know that there is a significant difference between the Mission and Shaker styles, so choose carefully. Remember, Mission style Amish furniture for sale is usually much more plain while Shaker style is more ornate.

Pay Attention to the Size

The best Amish furniture looks great but if you don’t size it properly you’re going to find that it takes up far too much space making your office non-functional or too little space which makes space look ridiculous. It is important to find a healthy medium and to make sure that you’re measuring the space out before you commit to buying any new furniture. The right size furniture can make your space much more functional!

Choose the Right Pieces

There are many great Amish furniture pieces out there and when you’re outfitting your office you will need to choose carefully. Pick from desks, end tables, chairs, and much more, all of which are designed to help you and your office to reach their maximum potential. Check out our inventory today and start building your ideal work environment!


A Guide to Wood Regions – Where is your Furniture From?

buying Amish furniture Buying furniture is easy but getting exactly what you want? That can be a bit of a challenge. In our opinion, buying Amish furniture really starts with the type of wood the furniture in question is made out of. Today we’re going to take a quick look at different wood variants and most importantly, where they come from. The best Amish furniture can be made from any number of different wood species and it all depends on what you need. Let’s start by taking a look at Cherry

Cherry – A Staple of Amish Furniture

Cherry trees are popular, but they only make up 3% of the commercially available hardwoods in the United States. Cherry has a long history, often used in the highest end furniture. It has a high shock resistant, is easy to carve, and brings a smooth finish when properly polished.

Location: Eastern United States


Hard Maple – A Tough Alternative to Cherry

Hard maple is a little more popular than cherry, making up a full 8% of the hardwoods commercially available in the United States and they are often called the ‘cold weather tree’. You will find hard maple in the Northern United States, and the heartwood is a light reddish brown.

Location: Northern and Eastern United States


Hickory – Heavy and Coarse

Hickory isn’t the most popular wood out there as it makes up just 2% of the available hardwood in the US. It has a slow growth rate, meaning the harvesting is not equivalent to the growth rate. In fact, many of these trees will take up to 200 years to mature! The wood itself is very heavy, difficult to machine, but worth it in the end.

Location: Eastern United States


Soft Maple – A Good Substitute for Hard Maple

Soft maple is a great alternative for its more expensive cousin, and it is often used as the substitute. It is a straight-grained wood and features a fine texture, exhibiting good bending properties, and of course being an outstanding candidate for glues, nails, and screws. Soft maple is also very easy to stain, making it a great choice for those who want a cheaper alternative to the more costly woods.

Location: Central and Eastern United States


White Oak – Denser and More Popular

Amish furniture for saleWhite Oak is a bit more popular and more widely available than some of the other options, comprising a full 15% of the available hardwoods. These trees are normally 70 to 80 feet tall, and the resulting wood is extremely strong.

Location: Eastern and Southern United States

These are only a few of the wood types used in Amish furniture for sale, and you now have a pretty good idea of which woods are cheaper, which ones are more expensive, and why. Visit our Amish furniture store today and start the process of outfitting your living room with the best woods and the best pieces.


What is a Butterfly Leaf Dining Table?

When you are working on putting your living room together space is often one of the toughest things that you will need to take into consideration. Small dining spaces are going to require interesting solutions, especially when you’re shopping for Amish furniture, which is exactly why a butterfly leaf dining table is going to be one of the best solutions you can go for. These tables are created with the highest quality craftsmanship and can last a lifetime, just like any other Amish furniture online that you might buy. So, what is a butterfly leaf table? How will it help you to alleviate your space issues?

Amish Furniture Facts: What is a Butterfly Leaf Table?

Amish Furniture Butterfly Leaf TableThe first thing you need to know is where the ‘butterfly leaf’ table gets its name from. When it’s opened in place it appears to have wings, just like a butterfly, and the center seam allows for folding. Butterfly leaf tables are among some of the most popular Amish furniture for sale and they are far more reliable than some of the big box furniture that you are bound to find. Amish craftsmen have invested well over a century into perfecting the mechanism required for changing the shape of the table and expanding it. When you are installing a leaf, you simply need to pull the ends of the table apart and then lift the top half of the leaf open.

Available in All Shapes and Sizes

As you head out to any Amish furniture store and look into butterfly dining tables you will quickly notice that they come in various shapes and sizes. In addition to that they are sold in varying styles including:

  • Trestle
  • Legs
  • Pedestal

Surprisingly, all of these different styles can come in the form of a butterfly leaf and in small spaces it really is the best option. As you are using it in your home, you can simply add a single leaf and have space for two more adults – perfect if you have guests coming over or if you are adding more people to your family. You will also find these tables to be very useful if you are moving to a home with less space but you still wish to bring your furniture with you. They are easy to work, easy to use and they look just as beautiful as any other table on the Amish furniture market. Butterfly leaf tables are an outstanding investment for you, and definitely, something that you should be looking into if you want to bring both beauty and functionality to your house.

Look through our extensive inventory and find a butterfly leaf table that suits your dining room; there are lots to choose from and they’re all bound to make your living room a little bit more complete.


Use Amish Furniture to Create a Warm, Welcoming Environment

Creating a nice, warm, welcoming environment in your home is always going to be a matter of difficulty especially if you have no idea where to start. Using Amish furniture is a great first step, but what else do you need to do? Don’t worry, we’re going to outline a few steps that you need to take in order to build a home environment that you can be proud of whenever guests come to visit.

It’s All about the Color of your Amish Furniture

If you have never looked for Amish furniture online before then you might not realize that the wood grain has a color accent and the accent really needs to match. If you take a look through many of the living rooms in America you will probably come to realize that quite a few people didn’t even consider the color accents when they were shopping and ended up with a completely mismatched living room so yes, for the last time, it DOES make a difference. If you want a cozier environment you should probably go with a darker undertone, but if you want something a bit lighter, you know which direction you want to go in when you buy Amish furniture.

Pick a Style and Stick with It

buy Amish furnitureThere are multiple styles of Amish furniture available and it goes far beyond the Mission and Shaker stereotypes. In each of these types, you will also have multiple sub-types to consider and it’s important that you stick to one consistent style throughout your entire home. If you feel like being creative, you could use a different style in every room, just make sure it’s consistent so that it doesn’t look like a complete mess.

Use Accent Pieces

Even after you buy Amish furniture pieces for your home you will want to add some accent pieces, like a tray, or even a bench. The little pieces can be function and add more utility to your room, making them a welcome addition to a well-designed furniture scheme.

All About Lighting

If you want to justify the Amish furniture prices that you paid then it would be a great idea for you to start considering new lighting options. You can use track lighting or spots to ensure that the right parts of your room are properly illuminated, creating a beautiful space for yourself and for any company that happens to stop by.

You can buy Amish furniture and use it to create an absolutely wonderful living environment, all you need to do is follow the above tips and if possible, try speaking to an interior decorator for more information. The most important thing to remember is that every home is different and will require a completely original design concept. How will you decorate yours?


Amish Dining Tables: Leg vs. Pedestal

Amish Dining TablesTables are an important part of our décor but sometimes it can be very difficult to settle on any particular style. For example, there are some who prefer the butterfly leaf table for more functionality and then there are those who would much rather stick with a one-piece table. In the Amish furniture lineup, you also have to consider the types of legs.

For example, you have the standard four legs and then you have the pedestal, both of which are viable options. The big question is which of these sounds better and which is going to look better in your living room. Before you head out to buy Amish furniture for your home make sure you read through this blog and get a good idea of what you should be looking for.

Amish Furniture Buying Guide: Legged Tables

Amish Leg tables are probably going to be the most versatile option out there; they usually open on wooden slides and can seat more than twenty people when fully extended. If family or group dining is what you’re looking for, then this is an outstanding option. Also, keep in mind that they are extremely easy to store as they are usually the butterfly leaf model.

The stylistic implications are also important to consider with the legged table as with any other piece of Amish furniture that you buy online or in the store. Leg tables are beautiful and they have a place in nearly any dining room. The one drawback is that they are a bit more formal looking than other tables, so unless that is the look that you are going for, you might want to second guess your purchase choice at the Amish Furniture store.

The Trestle Dining Table Look

Amish Furniture storeThe trestle dining room table is a style that goes back hundreds of years and it has been used in many different stings. Public parks, for example, are always home to a picnic table or two, and you can even find them in backyards. Indoor trestle tables are also quite popular and the question is whether or not you need one. Trestle tables are perfect for informal dining and can work well in patios or sunrooms. Additionally, you don’t need to provide chairs for your trestle table as it will already have a bench built in. The only drawback is that it tends to be a bit of a trip hazard, so do keep that in mind as you outfit your dining area.

When it comes down to it this is a choice between formal and informal. Leg tables are great for the formal dining room and trestle tables are better for situations where you want a casual dining experience. Choose your experience by looking for Amish furniture online, especially right here in our store. We have what you need, are you ready to take it home?