Live Edge Dining Tables Offer a Fresh Take on Classic Amish Furniture

When choosing dining room furniture for your home, you’ll have some key decisions to make. Size, design, and color are all important. The material you choose will also be critical. Today, the furniture market is crowded with mass-produced furniture. Sometimes it might seem like you’re getting a great deal, but, wood composite or veneer furniture is not the best investment.

Solid wood furniture, such as live edge Amish Furniture could last the lifetime of your home and beyond. True heirloom quality furniture can return its cost many times.

Here are the reasons why solid wood live edge furniture is an excellent choice for your dining room.

The Wow Factor of Live Edge Furniture

Solid Wood Amish FurnitureWhat’s Unique About Live Edge Amish Dining Furniture?

There’s a misconception that Amish Furniture is suited only to traditional homes. While our unique handcrafted dining tables would look great in transitional and traditional décors, they are also perfect for contemporary homes.

A live edge makes use of the natural shape and grain of high-quality American Timber. Rather than hiding the properties of the wood, we use our furniture expertise to accentuate the positives.

This type of dining room furniture can help you feel closer to nature. We offer several designs so that you can find the perfect fit for your unique sense of style.

A Beautiful Piece of Functional Amish Furniture with a Live Edge

Amish FurnitureOur Barstow Live Edge table incorporates elements of classic Amish Furniture trestle design. The difference here is the beautiful natural edges that add depth and character. Each table is completely unique, thanks to the unpredictable patterns of natural wood. If you want something that is flat, clean, and contemporary, then the Barstow Live Edge dining table could be perfect for your needs.

This table is perfectly matched to our handcrafted Barstow Benches.

A Live Edge Counter Height Table

The Boulder Creek Live Edge table is a jaw-dropping example that shows you how the live edge furniture concept can be paired with a modern trend. Counter height dining tables are becoming more popular in modern homes. For many people, they are more comfortable, and they can be paired with our handcrafted bar stools. Some families simply prefer the look of a high counter table. The Boulder Creek design will easily stand out in your home and will make the right impression when you are hosting your next dinner party.

High-End Design and Sophistication When You Buy Amish Furniture Online

The Bellingham Live Edge Trestle is another design to consider, and it’s one that we are particularly proud of. Sweeping curved lines are used to accentuate the beauty of natural wood. The live edges are separated in the center by a piece of high-quality tempered glass. Part rustic, traditional, and contemporary all at the same time, this is the dining table for you when you demand unique high-end furniture for your home.

This table is perfectly suited to our handcrafted benches. Be sure to check our unique collections made by master craftsmen and women in Minnesota.

Explore More Live Edge Amish Furniture Online

Solid wood furniture is versatile, and our modern designs add a new take to our traditional Amish Furniture methods. Don’t settle for mass produced furniture that is lacking in character and distinction.

Browse all our live edge tables today and choose lasting heirloom quality for your dining room.

Amish Furniture is based on tradition with modern updates that you will love. At the Amish Showroom, you’ll find beautiful furniture collections to suit any home. Whether choosing traditional, contemporary, or anything in between, these are the benefits you’ll gain from handcrafted furniture.

Three Benefits of Solid Wood Amish Furniture

1. Solid Wood Furniture is Perfect for Any Room

Your dining room is one place where wood looks great. There’s something incredibly unique and down to earth about natural timber, which can make your dining room feel both elegant and welcoming.

Solid wood furniture comes in countless styles. Whether you love the mission style, shaker style, or modern upholstered styles, you’ll find that solid wood furniture gives you several options. You’ll never feel limited by natural wood.

2. Handcrafted Amish Furniture Online can be Stained to Match your Interior Design

With a variety of stains and even painted surfaces available, you’ll be able to complement the design choices that you’ve already made in your home. In your dining room, this could mean matching your kitchen. You could even choose contrasting colors to allow for some fresh variation.

3. Wood is Environmentally Friendly

When you choose to buy Amish Furniture, you’ll be helping to protect the environment. Our forests are environmentally sustainable and provide significant benefits to local ecosystems. Because you will never have to replace the best Amish Furniture, you’ll reduce your waste and carbon footprint

Amish Bookcases in Honor of National Reading Month

March is National Reading Month, and it’s the perfect time to bring all the family together to enjoy a favorite pastime. Reading is the core of education and development. It doesn’t matter what age you are, a great book can teach you something new, or take you to a new world.

If your family loves books, then you’ll need a place to store them. Beautiful handmade Amish Furniture bookcases will be perfect for your needs. We put great care into our designs and craftsmanship. Our bookcases aren’t just for today – they’ll last for generations!

Just like a great novel, our bookcases can be used and enjoyed by everyone in the family. Explore our beautiful Amish Furniture bookcases that you can order online today.

Why Amish Furniture Bookcases are Special

Amish Furniture tradition goes back hundreds of years. Even before the Amish came to America, their carpentry techniques were well established in Europe. There’s no substitute for quality, and we don’t cut any corners when it comes to our bookcases.

When you buy Amish Furniture bookcases, you can look forward to:

  • Unique designs that aren’t made by any other furniture company.
  • American hardwood construction with beautifully stained finishes.
  • Exquisite detailing that only master craftsmen and women can achieve.
  • Long lasting quality. Our bookcases will last throughout your lifetime and beyond.
  • Excellent value. You’ll never have to replace you Amish Furniture, so it’s a real investment.
  • Custom options including hardware selections for the perfect look and feel.
  • Sizing options so you can get the perfect bookcase for any room in your home.
  • You won’t find cheap hardware or composite woods on Amish Furniture.

It’s time to look at two standout choices from the Amish Showroom.

Boulder Creek Bookshelf

Our Boulder Creek collection is all about style, tradition, and functional design. This bookcase is perfect for a home office or any other room in the house where you need book storage.

Store your favorite books and have them on hand to celebrate National Reading Month. You can choose this design in one of four convenient sizes, fitting your needs perfectly.

Our largest 4-shelf configuration measures 42″ wide, 14.5″ deep, and 72″ high. If you need something smaller to decorate a living room or even a kid’s bedroom, consider our 3-shelf model. It’s a full 12″ shorter but retains depth and width dimensions.

We even offer a single shelf option which is perfect for occasional book storage or even hall decoration. At just 36″ high, it’s the perfect size for a few of your favorite books or ornamental displays.

Choose a Boulder Creek Amish Furniture bookshelf in Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Cherry, Maple, or Brown Maple.

Modesto Barister Bookcase

Need a special bookshelf to stand out in your home? Our Modesto Barister Bookcase features beautiful wood construction with stained glass cupboard doors. This would look great in a traditional or transitional home. It can also work with art-deco inspired designs or any home where you aren’t afraid of adding a splash of color.

With a tapered profile, this isn’t your ordinary piece of furniture. You’ll love to read when your books are stored in something this attractive. Measuring 37.5″ wide, 14.5” deep, and 63.5″ high, this bookshelf is ideal for large hardcovers or even textbooks. Use this in your home office or display it proudly in one of your living spaces.

Shaped by expert craftsmen and women, this is an heirloom piece that your family will cherish forever.

The Modesto Bookcase is available in some of our best woods, including Elm, Maple, and Walnut. View our product page to see all the options.

Plenty More at the Amish Showroom

You can view all our Amish Furniture bookcases today, and with online ordering, it has never been easier to buy. Go for simplicity with the Artesa Bookcase, or absolute distinction with the Mesa design.

When you demand the best, Amish Furniture is the right choice. Celebrate reading with handcrafted bookcases that bring out the beauty in your home.


The Best Amish Furniture Writing Desks for Your Home Office

Is your office missing that special piece of furniture that sets the tone? Quality furniture can elevate a room. If you’re looking for lasting quality and standout looks, Amish Furniture is the best choice.

Amish furniture writing desks are perfect for creative types. They’re ideal for offices and any nook of your home. Refresh your home this year with handmade furniture from Minnesota.

Know Your Style When You Buy Amish Furniture Online

Amish Furniture Writing DeskMany of the most popular desk styles of today will fall into three main categories. Consider these styles and the look and feel of your home before you invest in Amish Furniture.

  • Traditional writing desks made of wood are often the most beautiful option for a home office. Whether using a desk for writing or even for a laptop or desktop PC, traditional design is all about class. Traditional desks are handmade. They can feature elaborate wood carving for unique shapes and designs.
  • Transitional desks are more modern, but they still incorporate elements from the past. Amish Furniture is perfect for the transitional style. Our furniture creations are elegant and timeless. Transitional style is often rounded with fewer sharp corners. Elaborate design embellishments are less common on transitional furniture.
  • Contemporary style brings traditional crafting methods into the modern day. This style is often understated and uncluttered. Sharp rectangular geometry dominates in this style. Choose contemporary if you want a fresh modern look in your home. Natural wood is still the material of choice for this style, so you’ll find plenty to love at the Amish Showroom.

Three Heirloom Desks to Consider for Your Office

Invest in a quality desk today and enjoy it forever. Consider three beautiful Amish writing desks for your home.

1. Breckenridge Amish Furniture Writing Desk

The Breckenridge Writing Desk is inspired by one of our most popular collections. This is a desk that is very much in the transitional style. There are very few design embellishments. The focus here is quality timber and simple design.

This desk could be used in a home office. It would also suit a small nook of your home or even an entry hall. If you need a study desk for a teenager, this would be a compelling option.

2. Adona Writing Desk with Live Edge

Amish Furniture Writing DeskHere’s one very contemporary piece of Amish Furniture. The Adona Writing Desk features a live edge which gives it an authentic natural feel. The Steel legs give it a contemporary industrial look that is appealing for modern homes.

A large and flat desk surface is perfect for writing. It would also suit as a computer desk for laptop or desktop use. Minimalist design is popular today. This is a stunning piece of furniture. The quality of the wood shines through. If you love functional modern design, this live edge desk is an option you’ll want to consider.

3. Open Freemont Mission Writing table

Looking for a traditional writing desk with the look of real American heritage? The Open Freemont Mission Writing Table could be exactly what you need. This desk looks gorgeous with intricate detailing and heft that is rarely found. We use traditional construction to ensure this desk lasts for generations.

Three convenient drawers take care of light storage needs. Put this in your home office, a bedroom, or anywhere in your home. It can pair well with our other mission furniture. With our most popular wood selections, you’ll get lasting beauty and prestige.

Explore More at the Amish Showroom

Amish Furniture uses exacting standards and expert craftsmanship. Traditional construction and the best materials make desks to last beyond a lifetime.

Don’t compromise when it comes to the furniture in your home. Explore the complete range of online Amish Furniture including unique handcrafted office furniture. Our desks are available to order today, with custom accessories and other furniture.

See it all at the Amish Showroom and create your best home this year.


Handmade Amish Furniture Beds in the Mission Style

There are very few furniture styles that are as popular or as revered as the Mission style. Developed in the late 1800s, the Mission style was a significant aspect of the American Arts and Crafts movement, and today it can be found in homes that follow traditional, modern, and transitional aesthetics.

Mission styles typically incorporate paneling, simple but well-defined lines, and Quarter Sawn White Oak is very often the material of choice. If it’s time to upgrade your bedroom or if you are decorating a new home, take the time to view handcrafted Amish Furniture Mission beds at Amish Showroom.

Mission Beds Handcrafted by the Amish are a Great Investment

The Mission style evokes a very historical look and feel, but it is far from outdated. When looking at a Mission bed or any other type of Mission furniture, the deep-rooted tradition will be unmistakable. With the right decorating choices, you could incorporate a Mission bed or full bedroom set into an ultra-modern home, a period-inspired home, or even a home that mixes elements of different eras.

The choice of stain and wood is often just as important as the style you choose. Dark stains typically allow for a cleaner and more modern look. Light stains are better suited for very traditional homes or homes that make liberal use of timber and stone in their construction.

We offer a diverse selection of Mission styled beds, which are constructed using time-tested Amish Furniture techniques. Furniture made from real wood can last much longer than modern furniture that is constructed using composites and other materials. You can buy Amish Furniture online that will last for generations, and your Mission style bed could even become a family heirloom.

Before you explore our complete Mission style collection, look at two standout beds that represent the best of both Mission and Amish Furniture style.

Flush Mission Bed – Simple and Elegant Understated Aesthetic

The Flush Mission Bed has character without layering on the design embellishments. The bed is simple in nature but reveals expert craftsmanship and some wonderful design touches upon closer inspection. A paneled head and foot board, tapered legs, and clean lines all come together for a bed that has plenty of presence, but it will still allow you to make decorative choices in your bedroom.

This is the type of Mission bed for you if you want something beautiful but don’t want it to fully define the style of your bedroom. This bed can complement other furniture pieces without clashing and it combines the very best of Amish and Mission styles, making it an excellent starting point for a bedroom where you don’t want to be constrained to a single look.

Of course, the Flush Mission Bed is also available in a full bedroom set, so you could choose from the other pieces in the collection to complete your room.  You can add items like the Flush Mission 10 Drawer Dresser to really bring out the Mission charm and incorporate a nice touch of historical beauty into your home. Want to add an extra drawer/s, Jewelry Mirror, hidden compartment?  No problem.

The Empire Mission Bed Offers Bold Style for a Standout Bedroom

When you demand substantial furniture that is big and impressive, the Empire Bed must be considered. Handcrafted by our Amish Furniture craftsmen and women, you can choose the bed alone, or, combine it with a seriously impressive set that could include a dresser, nightstands, chest, and whatever it is that you need to design your dream bedroom in 2019.

The Empire set features heavily detailed solid timber and panels, and an over sized headboard that works well with modern monolithic styles. Finish this bed or furniture set in one of our darker stains and you’ll be right within the zone of ultra-contemporary furniture. Choose a lighter stain and you’ll have a traditional Mission look that works well with a plethora of décor choices.

See All of Our Mission Styles and Buy Amish Furniture Online

You don’t need to leave your home to view America’s highest quality handcrafted Mission bedroom furniture. Whether you are looking for a new bed or an entire bedroom set, we have the collections that will inspire and excite you.

The best craftsmanship, heirloom quality materials, and standout looks can be found in all our Mission furniture at the Amish Showroom.