Create a Warm, Welcoming Living Room Environment

The living room is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your home and with good reason. To be quite honest it’s one of the first rooms that people are going to see when they enter your domicile and if you’re looking to impress, then it would be a good idea for you to look into warm, welcoming Amish furniture. We’re going to cover a few tips that you need to follow when you buy Amish furniture if you wish to create a living room that people are comfortable with, and one that both you and your guests can stand using for many years to come.

Amish Furniture is All About Color

Amish Furniture Living RoomThe first thing that you need to concentrate on when you are working on filling your living room with Amish furniture for sale is color. You need to take into account the color of the wood, but you also need to make sure that you are looking at the stain. If you want to create a warmer environment you will want to go for a slightly darted wood but you don’t want to go too overboard. Remember, too dark can be too cold. If you want to add to the warmth, then you might try going with rustic furniture instead.

The Rustic Choice

While rustic Amish furniture prices can be a bit higher they tend to be well worth it for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that they really bring that frontier hunting lodge feel to your home. If you want to add to it, try adding a roaring fire and some ornate looking scenery. You’re going find that the rustic choice is one of the best that you can make if you want to create that beautiful, warm environment.

Choose the Right Upholstery

The last point we’re going to bring up is the upholstery that you use with your furniture. For more formal settings it’s not necessarily the warmest choice that you can make, but you do have the option of going with fabric upholstery which tends to look better. The fabric is much warmer and it tends to retain heat better, so you get both the physician and aesthetic aspects o the equation.

Finally, though it has little to do with the furniture itself, try choosing softer lighting as it will bring out the best features of your furniture. Once you get the right environment, you will find that the furniture does a great job of adding to it. Use the tips that we mentioned above and make sure that you have the right environment set up to bring out the best in your furniture piece selection.


How to Create your Furniture Buying Timeline

When you’re getting ready to renovate your home you have a lot to do and most importantly, you have a lot of money to spend. If you’re hoping to buy Amish furniture then you’ve probably already priced it and you know that it’s going to be hard on the wallet. That said, we’re going to take some time to help you build a buying timeline. Before you visit the Amish furniture store, make sure that you have a plan.

Amish Furniture Store Guidelines – Get the Essentials First

It all starts with making sure that you have the essentials before you go for anything else at our Amish furniture store. We’ll start with the most obvious spot: the bedroom.

The Bedroom

Starting in the bedroom you should first make sure that you have a bed or at least a bedframe. This is without a doubt the most expensive part of your renovation and it is crucial that you choose one that suits your immediate needs. When we say this, we’re talking about both the bed size and the bed style. Remember, if this is the first piece of furniture that you purchase for your bedroom, it will set the style for the rest of your décor, so make sure that you choose wisely.

The second piece in the bedroom to focus on will be the dresser. While you can technically get by without one for a time, you will want to get one in as soon as possible. Once again, make sure that it matches the rest of the décor.

The Living Room

Amish FurnitureWhile you are busy equipping the bedroom, you should make sure to purchase a sofa and an entertainment center for your living room. These are two priority pieces that will make the room functional, but later on, you should definitely consider investing in a coffee table.

The Dining Room

This one is much more obvious: in the dining room, you’re going to need a table and chairs. As always, make sure that the set you choose has the appropriately sized chairs and that it is the style you want. There are numerous other pieces that you’re going to need to make your dining room complete, but start with the table and work your way up looking for Amish furniture for sale online.

Make it Perfect

We have the best Amish furniture to help you complete your renovation, and it won’t break the bank on the first run if you follow the outline that we have suggested. Now would be a great time to start searching for the best Amish furniture whether you’re doing a renovation, or you’re buying a new home.


Four Furniture Pieces that Every Family Needs

If you’re in the midst of building a family home then you already know that there are certain furniture pieces that you absolutely, positively need in your home. Today we’re going to go ahead and give you a brief checklist that you’ll want to follow if you plan on finding great Amish furniture pieces.

Amish Furniture Living Room Essentials – Don’t Forget the Couch

For a family room, you’re going to want to make sure you have a great couch and we have plenty of them for you to choose from. If you’re outfitting a family room, however, it would be a good idea to go for fabric upholstery rather than leather upholstery. We’re not simply saying this due to the overall expense, but rather for the sake of atmosphere. When you’re installing a couch in a family room you want it to be warm and welcoming – something that leather upholstery just doesn’t do. Check into our range of great couches for the family room from our Amish furniture store.

Everyone Needs an Entertainment Center

Amish Furniture PiecesYou need an entertainment center, there’s just no way around it. The entertainment center is a perfect addition to any living room and will quickly become the center of attention. As you look at our online Amish furniture you will find several different pieces, from traditional stands, all the way to cabinet style entertainment centers. Take a look around and find the right piece for your living room!

The Kitchen Table is Critical

You know that you need a kitchen table when you are looking into Amish furniture for sale, but what type do you need exactly? There are plenty of great pieces out there, as you already know, and when it comes right down to it you’ll want to choose between pedestal tables and leg tables. We wrote a comparison on these two styles recently, so make sure you check it out!

Occasional Tables to use Occasionally

Occasional tables can be defined as end tables or coffee tables and when you are trying to find the best Amish furniture online, make sure you get every table to need of your come. You’ll use them as conversation pieces, a space for your lamps, and much, much more.

These are four of the most important pieces of furniture that your family home is going to need, and as you browse our store you will find that while Amish furniture prices are high, the pieces will last a lifetime.


How to Achieve the Rustic Look with Amish Furniture

When you’re working on remodeling a space you generally have a specific theme that you are going for. You certainly don’t want to mix and match pieces haphazardly – you have a very specific theme in mind and you’re going to need to choose a very specific set of furniture. Today we’re going to talk about some of the trends that you should look for in Amish furniture to ensure that your space gets the rustic look that you’re going for.

The First Amish Furniture Trend: Stain and Wood

Amish FurnitureIf you’re hoping to achieve a certain look and feel you should start with the wood and stain when you buy Amish furniture. While many people tend to think that the stain itself determines the color of the wood, they are only half right. You have to take both of these into account when you are choosing furniture, for example, oak is going to be a much different shade than cedar. White cedar is lighter than oak regardless of the stain that is put on it, and you cannot lighten a darker wood. On the other side of the coin, you can darken a lighter wood. Ultimately you will want to make sure that when you are choosing a wood, that you choose something that goes along with the rest of your furniture. This is the first step toward achieving the rustic look that you want.

Look Into Live Edge Amish Furniture

Another great way to really achieve the rustic look that you are going for in your home is to use what is known as live edge furniture rather than going with the standard issue furniture with smooth, sanded edges. So, what is the difference exactly?

Live edge furniture is pretty amazing for a few different reasons, the first being that it embraces the natural curve of the wood. Looking at it, you see a piece of nature itself, and it all becomes better depending on the type you choose. When you look at live edge Amish furniture for sale it will be very important to make the distinction between rustic style and farmhouse style. Once you find the style that suits you best, stick with it so the rest of your house matches.

Achieving the perfect rustic interior using Amish furniture is not difficult by any stretch of the imagination. Check out our Amish furniture store and get exactly what you need to make your house look amazing.


How to Blend Wood Types in your Home Furnishing

We’ve always been big advocates of matching wood Amish furniture sets in your home, but there are times when you simply can’t, or just don’t want to. It’s an unspoken decorating rule that can be completely subverted if you really wish, and we’re going to spend a bit of time explaining how you can mix and match the different types of wood without consequence. It’s more eclectic and when done right, it can really bring a new level of personality to your interior design.

Amish Furniture

Start by Contrasting your Amish Furniture and Flooring

We can’t say this enough: when you find Amish furniture for sale online, don’t purchase anything that takes on the same shade as your flooring. If you have a wood toned floor it is easy to lose your furniture in it, so choose something that is either lighter or darker.

Get a Good Anchor Piece

Searching for Amish furniture online is difficult, but you will want to start with an anchor piece. For example, you might want to pick a coffee table or even a buffet, and then add two contrasting pieces around it. This will make the room look a bit more ‘busy’ and a lot less boring.

Keep it all in Harmony

If you aren’t careful your room will be a bit heavier on one side, so make sure that you’re trying to keep it all in harmony. You can do this by balancing different finishes throughout your space and using the darkly stained pieces as grounding.

What’s your Dominant Wood Tone?

While we do recommend mixing wood tones when you buy the best Amish furniture, we don’t necessarily mean that you have to go ‘crazy’ with it. You should choose a dominant wood tone that will represent the majority of your room and see just where it takes you. Think of the tone as your anchor, similar to the anchor piece that we mentioned earlier.

Go for Continuity

You are going to need some continuity in your space and you can’t argue that. If you think the mismatched wood grains have reached critical mass, then you should tie it all together with an accent color. Various accessories like throw pillows and lampshades can do a great job of bringing everything together, so don’t dismiss them!

Our Amish furniture store has everything that you could possibly need to really bring out the best in your living room without necessarily going with similar tones for every single piece. For more information, now would be a great time to look through our website and see just what we have to offer you. Amish furniture prices can be very high, but they are well worth it.


Legs vs. Pedestal Table

When customers walk into our Amish furniture store, one of the biggest and most common questions that they tend to ask is whether they should go for a pedestal table or a teg table. While we would normally simply tell you that it is a matter of personal preference, we can definitely understand that sometimes, it just isn’t that easy. Today we’re going to address the pros and cons of pedestal tables vs. leg tables and allow you to cast your own verdict. Either way, any Amish furniture that you purchase is going to be absolutely beautiful and will give you the look that you’re going for.

Addressing the Pros of the Pedestal Table in Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture - Legs vs. Pedestal TableThe first real advantage that you’re going to find yourself enjoying is the fact that there are no legs. While this might sound like a very obvious statement to make, you should take note that with a legged dining table you will quite literally lose an entire foot of usable space at the corners. With those corners freed, you will be able to fit far more chairs and ultimately have greater gatherings within your home. If you find that you host parties and family members often, then a pedestal table is going to be a great piece of Amish furniture for sale.

The second major advantage is that a pedestal table simply looks better than most of the alternatives. It is a work of art really and while you could say the exact same thing for leg tables, we have to say that the pedestal is a bit more ornate. There is simply more real estate for the artist to work with when they are working on this type of table.

Finally, there are a ton of great options for pedestal bases out there for you to choose from. If you look through our store you’re going to find quite a few things that agree with you, we can practically guarantee it. So now that you know the benefits, you probably want to address the very obvious question: what are the cons? There are a few, but not too many.

The Cons of Pedestal Tables

The most obvious disadvantage here is that pedestal tables are far more expensive than leg tables. They’re much larger and they take far more time to build. This accounts for the extra costs, and you will almost always find that the pedestal costs at least $600 more than the leg table. It might sound excessive, but it’s all about the time put into building it.

Support is another con. On a pedestal table the support is all at the center, so if you push down too hard at the edge of the table you will notice it wobbling or it could fall all the way over. This is not reflective of the quality you’ll find at an Amish furniture store but rather a statement on the laws of physics.

Finally, do you remember how we mentioned that you can fit more chairs at the table? That’s a bit of a double-edged sword actually, as you will find that the pedestals sometimes stick out far enough that you are unable to fit your chairs all the way in. Prepare for some knee bumping if you have a lot of guests over.

So what’s the final verdict? Is the pedestal table a good piece of Amish furniture for sale? In the end, it’s up to you, and it all depends on your own personal style. Look through our Amish furniture online and figure out what is going to fit your house best.


Three Reasons to Order a Breakdown Vanity

Here’s an important question: why kind of bathroom vanity should you be considering for your home? You know that you need the best, and you know you don’t want to simply buy something from a big box furniture supplier, so when you hear something like ‘breakdown vanity’, you’re probably feeling a little bit apprehensive, to say the least. A breakdown vanity isn’t exactly something that you hear about often when you are dealing with Amish furniture and with that being the case you might be wondering whether or not it is even a good investment. The truth here is that among our other Amish furniture for sale, we really cannot recommend the breakdown vanity enough. Today we’re going to take a look at three reasons to purchase a breakdown vanity, and before we’re done, we’re certain that you’ll want one.

Reason 1: Breakdown Vanities are still Quality Amish Furniture

Breakdown VanitiesIf you’re looking for a durable piece of furniture then you’ve definitely come to the right place. These are not pieces that come off of an assembly line! Instead, they are designed just the same as any other piece of Amish furniture for sale. The only difference is that once they are assembled at the factory, they are disassembled for distribution to the customer, making them a bit easier to handle. Because they are pre-assembled at our Amish furniture store, you will find that all of the pieces fit perfectly and that there will be absolutely no doubt as to what fits where.

Reason 2: They’re Easier to Ship

While any vanity can certainly be shipped from one place to another it tends to get a bit easier to ship to the location. Most importantly, it is much easier to move these vanities to the worksite whether the bathroom is on the first floor or up a long set of stairs. Shipped in flat boxes, these vanities can be handled with ease and in multiple boxes, they’re much lighter to carry.

Reason 3: Perfect for Assembling in Tight Spaces

When you are working in a tight space, especially for a bathroom renovation, your worst nightmare is going to be working a vanity into that space. When the vanity is broken down ahead of time, however, you have very little to worry about as you can simply build it on the spot. The best part is that you can simply dismantle it when you are preparing to install a new vanity rather than tearing it out.

Breakdown vanities are a great piece of Amish furniture for sale and they are comparable in price to virtually any other vanity in our store. You’re getting the extra convenience, but you aren’t paying the extra price. Check out our Amish furniture online and get your breakdown vanity today. Your bathroom remodel project will definitely benefit from it!


Three Tips for Avoiding Counterfeit Amish Furniture

As you search for Amish furniture one of the biggest concerns you might have is the possibility of running into counterfeits. We can’t exactly set your mind at ease here; counterfeits DO happen and they happen quite a bit. What you can do however is take a quick look at the three tips for identifying counterfeit Amish furniture for sale. In your house, you want only the best.

Tip 1: Avoid Veneer Tops in Amish Furniture

While veneer tops might be popular in the prefab industry, Amish furniture doesn’t use it at all. For someone who is not entirely familiar with Amish furniture, it can be difficult to determine exactly what a veneer is and most importantly, why it is different. Without going into the technical definitions and specifications, we’ll say that you should start by following the grain pattern on the wood. If you find that it changes direction at the edge, you are probably looking at a veneer top and most definitely not a piece of authentic Amish furniture.

Tip 2: Look at the Construction of the Drawers

In any piece of Amish furniture for sale online, or in a physical store, you will want to inspect the drawers as soon as you are in physical contact with the item. When you pull the drawer out, take a look to see how it is actually held in place. If you see staples anywhere then you will immediately know that this is not an authentic piece of Amish furniture! The best Amish furniture makes use of dovetail joints which hold the drawer in place permanent and are not easy to break.

Tip 3: Look for a Stamp

While looking for the telltale signs of a counterfeit job, sometimes the table will actually tell you what you need to know. What you’re for is a stamp that states: Made in China or something equivalent as this will give you some idea of where the table came from. This sticker may be at the back of a drawer or on the bottom of the table. It will almost never be in an incredibly obvious spot, so make sure you go looking for it before you make a purchase.

Amish furniture is very expensive and these counterfeits are doing their best t cash in on the success f these lines. While it might not always be the most obvious counterfeit, there are some pretty amazing telltale signs and to keep yourself safe, always order from our store. You’ll get just what you want every single time.


Tips for Creating a Welcoming Foyer in your Home

The foyer in your home serves a very important purpose; it is the first thing that people tend to see when they walk into your home and you know that you want it to seem welcoming. While purchasing Amish furniture is a great start, there are still a few other things that you could be doing to ensure that you have a great looking foyer and one that will welcome your guests right in.

Pair Light with your Amish Furniture

The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that you layer in some light. The foyer is a pretty small location but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot that you can do with it. A lantern, a table lamp, and even a sconce can help you out quite a bit when it comes to adding that much-needed glow. What you’re going for here are various lighting layers to ensure that your home has precisely what it needs and that it can present itself well for a guess.

Tell a Story

Do more than just find Amish furniture for sale for you foyer – try to tell a story! The best way for you to pull it off will be to purchase art pieces, or possibly even a geometric rug. You want visitors to know that they are entering a stylish home and the best way to do that, is from the beginning.

Make your Foyer a Prelude to the rest of your Home

Amish FurnitureOne of the best things that you can do, makes your foyer a complete prelude to the rest of your home. If you use wood throughout your home, use wood throughout your foyer. You can do a lot of foreshadowing here, and it can all get pretty interesting if you let it.

Get a Rug

To really compliment the items that you grab from the Amish furniture store, you should search for some beautiful area rugs. You can use these con contrast the different colors and really tie the entire foyer together. A rug isn’t just something to wipe your feet on when you walk into the house; it could be the defining feature of your entire entryway.

Consider Using Wallpaper

Pairing wallpaper with the best Amish furniture might seem a little bit tacky, to say the least, but it is something that you should definitely try in the entryway. There are plenty of higher quality wallpapers out there that can really accent your Amish furniture pieces, so make sure that you give them a try!

These are just a few tips that can help you to get started, and that will really help to bring out the best in your foyer. While Amish furniture prices can be high, they’ll bring a quality to your foyer like you’ve never seen before.


Questions to Ask Before you Buy Amish Furniture

As you’re getting ready to buy Amish furniture you probably have quite a few questions. To help you organize your thoughts a bit we’re going to go over a few questions that you should be asking before you invest a large sum of money into your project. Amish furniture for sale can be expensive – make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Ask if the Amish Furniture for Sale You’re Buying is Authentic

As you’re buying Amish furniture, one of the big questions that you need to be asking is whether or not it is authentic. How do you identify authentic Amish furniture for sale? The first thing that you need to do is ask what kind of construction techniques were used. Were hand tools used? Was electricity involved? The Amish tend to use very simple methods in their construction and if you are told that they are using anything highly advanced, then you might not be speaking to someone who is selling authentic Amish furniture – it’s definitely something that you will want to investigate before you make a huge purchase!

Find Out What Type of Amish Furniture it Is

Amish furniture for sale onlineThere are two major types of Amish furniture which are Mission and Shaker. Mission furniture tends to be at the more ornate end of the spectrum when it comes to the best Amish furniture, and Shaker is much more simple. While you could have a mix of both, if you really want to, most are going to stick with one style throughout the entirety of your house. As you’re getting ready to do your decorating, you will need to decide which of these you actually are.

How Do you Maintain your Amish Furniture

While you could look this information up online, sometimes it’s better to hear directly from the source. Amish furniture for sale online and in stores can be very expensive and you want to make sure that yours is maintained properly. From protecting the wood itself to making sure that proper staining techniques are used, you definitely have your work cut out for you and it will be up to you to make sure that your furniture lasts. These furniture pieces are capable of surviving for years, or even generations, but you need to make sure that you’re taking proper care of them.

These are three great questions that you really need to ask before you commit to buying Amish furniture. Make sure you’re getting something authentic and most importantly, make sure you’re getting something that you’re going to like.