How Epoxy Resin Brings Beauty and Durability to Amish Furniture

Ecopoxy ResinOne of the reasons that Amish furniture has so much character is because of the tradition that goes into every piece. Our master furniture builders have a passion for what they do, and this means that an extreme level of care and attention to detail goes into every piece of furniture that leaves our workshop.

While Amish furniture is deeply rooted in tradition, we also appreciate modern developments in furniture making, and we aren’t afraid to adapt with the times if we believe that there are innovations that will bring better furniture to our customers.

The use of epoxy resin to preserve our furniture is one way that we blend the contemporary with the traditional. Our furniture items are finished EcoPoxy, and this modern material is one of the reasons why our Amish furniture is so beautiful and so hardwearing.

How Does Ecopoxy Resin Preserve and Beautify Amish Furniture?

Epoxy resin is a type of curing material that can be applied to solid and porous surfaces to protect against damage. In the case of our Amish furniture, we use Epoxy to protect it and to add a gorgeous sheen that is reminiscent of a highly polished natural surface.

The modern epoxy resin can last forever if it is applied carefully by professionals, and it will prevent scratches, dents, heat damage, and moisture damage on wooden surfaces. Epoxy resin coating is one of the reasons why our Amish furniture tabletops are so shiny and sturdy.

At the Amish Showroom, we have recognized the benefits of epoxy for a long time, but commercial epoxy solutions have not always aligned with our brand and our beliefs. Traditional epoxy is made from highly volatile compounds that cause damage to the environment when they are produced. Amish furniture is about tradition, the preservation of our natural resources, and sustainability.

EcoPoxy is the Best Epoxy Resin for Amish Furniture

Amish furnitureToday, we are proud to offer EcoPoxy finishes on our furniture, a product that meets all our strict requirements for sustainability and eco-friendliness.

EcoPoxy is a modern epoxy resin that is made using high biomass content. In our own testing, we have found that this solution provides surface hardness that exceeds the properties of standard epoxy, and the finish is provided with absolute crystal clarity that brings out the beauty of the wood underneath.

When you want Amish furniture in your home that will retain its beauty for decades, then our EcoPoxy finished tabletops, counters, and other products would be perfect. Our furniture is true heirloom quality, and it will easily last the lifetime of your home. Best of all, you’ll know that you’re making the right decision by choosing natural timber furniture that is finished with high biomass epoxy resin.

Browse our store today to explore all our Amish furniture and experience the difference of shopping from a master furniture producer that has a strong commitment to the environment.



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