Your Guide to Caring for Solid Wood Furniture

You already know that Amish furniture is made of solid wood, but you might not be entirely sure what that means or what it entails. In today’s article, we are going to talk a bit about what solid wood furniture is, what it mails, and how you can properly take care of it.

Amish Furniture Brings Back and Old Tradition

If you have been around for some time then you’ve probably notice that plastic is doing an outstanding job of replacing wood as one of the primary building materials. We are seeing an increasing demand for cheaper furniture but as you probably already know, cheaper furniture is lower quality furniture. As of right now, many consumers are using plastic particle board furniture over real wood but there are still those who are more comfortable with hardwood. At the end of the day, solid wood has a finish that you just cannot argue with, and many of the materials used are environmentally friendly.

A Word on Food

Solid Wood FurnitureThe urge to eat food while sitting in your recliner or sitting in your favorite chair is going to be pretty strong, but remember that you should avoid placing hot dishes on the arms, or even on end tables. Remember: the maximum temperature of anything placed on the solid wood finish, even with the best Amish furniture for sale, should never exceed one hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit.

Environmental Considerations

When we say environment considerations we are not speaking of the world outside, but rather the environment in which you keep your furniture. Any Amish furniture for sale you find will have one thing in common: it will respond to changes in both temperature and humidity in the room. It will either expand or contract depending on the scenario, and for that reason, try to keep the environment tuned as follows:

Indoor Humidity: 30-45%

Indoor Temperature: 60-80 degrees

It is advised that you maintain these temperatures in this manner at all times of the year and that you continue to follow other important routine maintenance procedures.

Basic Maintenance for Amish Furniture

It all starts with the basics, so keep this in mind:

Clean and PolishYou need to make sure that you’re cleaning and polishing the furniture regularly. You don’t need to do it every single day, but you do need to work cleaning into your regular schedule.

Cover Used SurfacesAny surface that you eat on, or do any sort of work on should remain covered when you are doing so.

Watch for InfestationsYou won’t see any bugs infesting your plastic furniture but solid wood can attract termites. If you see any signs of infestation, address it immediately.

When you buy Amish furniture online you are buying more than just a chair to sit in or a table to eat at; you are making a serious investment and one that you will need to make sure you are protecting. The best Amish furniture will last a lifetime as long s you take care of it!


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