Create Your Own Reading Nook with Amish Furniture

Every day, billions of people around the world sit down with a favorite book, magazine, or even a tablet or e-reader. While many assume that books have fallen out of fashion with modern audiences, the opposite is true. A 2016 Pew Research study found that 73% of Americans read at least one novel in that year. The number was identical when the same survey was taken five years earlier.

Of course, there’s also the real reading enthusiasts, who sometimes read a book a week. For smaller novellas and collections, some even read a book a day!

Reading is a pastime that has never died down, and it probably never will. Learning, exploring people and stories, and traveling to fantastic places will never get old.

You can create your own reading nook to celebrate your love of books at home. With a few Amish Furniture pieces, you’ll be able to design the perfect space.

Amish Furniture Helps You Create a Comfortable Reading Nook

McCoy Rocker 960 MROWhen you’ve found a quiet corner of your home, you’ll need to think about seating. Peace and quiet are necessary to become fully immersed in a good book. A comfortable chair can help you with that.

Some of the best Amish Furniture chairs are also the most comfortable for book reading. The beauty of choosing custom made furniture is that you can get the exact fit for your style and needs.

Want a formal reading area? Consider an office chair and a side table. If you want something more relaxed, why not choose an Amish Furniture rocking chair?

With extensive options, you’ll be able to quickly choose a chair to suit your needs. Take a look at a few of our favorites below:

  • The Mission Rocker is a beautiful traditional piece of furniture. With our quality leather upholstery, it could become your favorite reading chair. You can even order a matching ottoman for your reading nook.
  • Want a larger rocker with a fully upholstered seat and back? Consider the Bow Arm Slat Rocker. It’s configurable with fabric upholstery, leather, and a premium American wood species of your choice.
  • The Lewis Rocker is a fantastic minimalist option for a post-modern home. Simple and elegant, this rocker offers affordable Amish Furniture quality.
  • The Aunties Rocker is another stylish traditional rocker with quality that will last a lifetime and beyond. Relax with a new novel on this chair and you’ll easily let your mind float away to another world.

See all our rockers that are perfect for reading. View the full range of Amish Furniture online.

Organize Your Books and More with an Amish Furniture Bookcase

Boston Bookcase 72"Don’t forget about storage when you create your home reading nook. A quality Amish Furniture bookcase will keep all of your books and accessories neatly stored. Do you have kids who will be reading in the nook? A bookcase would be an excellent way to teach them about organization and tidiness.

We offer several handmade bookcases. Amish furniture quality means an heirloom investment with outstanding quality and design. Our bookcases use select American woods and the highest quality hardware. We even offer cabinet bookshelves with stained leaded glass if you are looking for something premium.

  • Consider our Morgan Bookcase for a truly exceptional storage unit in your nook. Glass shelves, sliding doors, and two storage drawers will cover all of your reading needs. Keep books, tablets, and other reading accessories safely stowed away.
  • If you are filling a small space and want something minimalist but beautiful, take a look at our Ashton series. These shelves are perfect examples of Amish Furniture quality and heritage.

Love Reading with Beautiful Amish Furniture Online

Enjoy your favorite hobby, teach your children about the joys of reading, or simply create a new corner of your home where you can rest and relax. A reading nook is a perfect place to escape from your busy lifestyle.

Choose the best Amish Furniture online and your investment will pay off for a lifetime. Just like a great book, Amish Furniture will last for generations. Explore all our collections online today.



Three Amish Furniture Pieces for a Contemporary Home

Amish furniture is embedded in American history. The quality, unique designs, and longevity of this furniture has gained renown in the most discerning households. Tradition is at the heart of Amish craftsmanship, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find collections that are suited to contemporary homes.

Modern furniture is typically understated in appearance, following minimalist design philosophies. You can enjoy a contemporary look with heirloom quality furniture that will last for generations. Before you look to uninspiring mass-produced furniture for your home, consider some of the contemporary options available at the Amish Showroom.

Kalispel Live Edge Amish Furniture

Living room furniture should be both functional and beautiful, the Kalispel Live Edge Coffee Table brings the best of both worlds, with authentic Amish furniture online.

Live edge designs are a modern innovation that allows the natural beauty of timber to come into your home. You can see the raw wood edge on the Kalispel coffee table, making it a real conversation piece as well as a functional item for your living room.

The Natural live edge top is complemented by a modern leg design that will stand out in any large home or apartment. Without embellishments like drawers or an undertray, this piece of furniture will perfectly suit your minimalist aesthetic.

This is an excellent piece of handcrafted furniture when you want something clean and modern but want to be reminded of the beauty of nature.

A Beautiful Double vanity for a Contemporary Home

The bathroom is one room in your home where you should not make compromises on quality. Mass-produced modern bathroom vanities may be affordable, but they often fail to live up to years of usage. When you purchase any kind of furniture, you should aim to make a lifelong investment. That’s exactly what you can do with the Double Bowl Century Vanity.

This beautiful contemporary vanity is designed to bring functionality and beauty into one of the most important rooms of your home. The cabinet work is exquisite, and you can choose to have handcrafted wooden doors or even frosted or smoked glass. With two cabinets and drawers that tie the design together, you’ll have ample storage space for all your personal care needs.

A double vanity setup is perfect for a master bathroom, or even a busy shared family bathroom. The quality of the craftsmanship is apparent throughout the entire piece, including dovetailed drawer boxes, soft close slides, and concealed hinges for cabinets. Unlike most of the mass-produced particle board and laminate furniture on the market, this beautiful bathroom vanity has a fully finished back, so you won’t have to worry about the deterioration in the future.

This is a vanity that will last for the lifetime of your home. Design in modern style with all the tradition and quality that can only come from handcrafted Amish furniture online.

The Hampton Bed is a Contemporary Amish Furniture Masterpiece

Hampton Bed BH-50Your bedroom is another important living space where quality furniture should always be used. Your bed is your place of rest. It should be comfortable, inviting, and effortlessly beautiful.

The Hampton Bed is one of our proudest achievements in modern design. The curved headboard evokes memories of the past, while subtle design elements in the legs and paneling are perfect for a contemporary look. You can choose this bed in a wide selection of our American wood species, including oak, brown maple, cherry, quarter sawed white oak, elm, hickory, and walnut.

Choose this bed to elevate your master bedroom to another level. Quality like this is rarely found on the market today.

Take Inspiration from All of Our Contemporary Collections

There’s a special feeling that comes with finding the furniture that perfectly pairs with your home. At the Amish Showroom, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality for the modern aesthetic that you love.

Buy Amish furniture online and design a contemporary home that has the quality of eras bygone. Natural wood construction, an extensive selection of finishes, and innovative designs all come together in furniture that suits your lifestyle.



The Best Amish Furniture Writing Desks for Your Home Office

Is your office missing that special piece of furniture that sets the tone? Quality furniture can elevate a room. If you’re looking for lasting quality and standout looks, Amish Furniture is the best choice.

Amish furniture writing desks are perfect for creative types. They’re ideal for offices and any nook of your home. Refresh your home this year with handmade furniture from Minnesota.

Know Your Style When You Buy Amish Furniture Online

Amish Furniture Writing DeskMany of the most popular desk styles of today will fall into three main categories. Consider these styles and the look and feel of your home before you invest in Amish Furniture.

  • Traditional writing desks made of wood are often the most beautiful option for a home office. Whether using a desk for writing or even for a laptop or desktop PC, traditional design is all about class. Traditional desks are handmade. They can feature elaborate wood carving for unique shapes and designs.
  • Transitional desks are more modern, but they still incorporate elements from the past. Amish Furniture is perfect for the transitional style. Our furniture creations are elegant and timeless. Transitional style is often rounded with fewer sharp corners. Elaborate design embellishments are less common on transitional furniture.
  • Contemporary style brings traditional crafting methods into the modern day. This style is often understated and uncluttered. Sharp rectangular geometry dominates in this style. Choose contemporary if you want a fresh modern look in your home. Natural wood is still the material of choice for this style, so you’ll find plenty to love at the Amish Showroom.

Three Heirloom Desks to Consider for Your Office

Invest in a quality desk today and enjoy it forever. Consider three beautiful Amish writing desks for your home.

1. Breckenridge Amish Furniture Writing Desk

The Breckenridge Writing Desk is inspired by one of our most popular collections. This is a desk that is very much in the transitional style. There are very few design embellishments. The focus here is quality timber and simple design.

This desk could be used in a home office. It would also suit a small nook of your home or even an entry hall. If you need a study desk for a teenager, this would be a compelling option.

2. Adona Writing Desk with Live Edge

Amish Furniture Writing DeskHere’s one very contemporary piece of Amish Furniture. The Adona Writing Desk features a live edge which gives it an authentic natural feel. The Steel legs give it a contemporary industrial look that is appealing for modern homes.

A large and flat desk surface is perfect for writing. It would also suit as a computer desk for laptop or desktop use. Minimalist design is popular today. This is a stunning piece of furniture. The quality of the wood shines through. If you love functional modern design, this live edge desk is an option you’ll want to consider.

3. Open Freemont Mission Writing table

Looking for a traditional writing desk with the look of real American heritage? The Open Freemont Mission Writing Table could be exactly what you need. This desk looks gorgeous with intricate detailing and heft that is rarely found. We use traditional construction to ensure this desk lasts for generations.

Three convenient drawers take care of light storage needs. Put this in your home office, a bedroom, or anywhere in your home. It can pair well with our other mission furniture. With our most popular wood selections, you’ll get lasting beauty and prestige.

Explore More at the Amish Showroom

Amish Furniture uses exacting standards and expert craftsmanship. Traditional construction and the best materials make desks to last beyond a lifetime.

Don’t compromise when it comes to the furniture in your home. Explore the complete range of online Amish Furniture including unique handcrafted office furniture. Our desks are available to order today, with custom accessories and other furniture.

See it all at the Amish Showroom and create your best home this year.


Benefits of Choosing Amish Furniture

Amish culture is rich in the United States, and it’s an important part of both our history and the present day. One of the biggest ways that Amish culture has impacted society is in the form of the top quality crafts that have been available throughout the decades. Amish furniture is some of the most beautiful that you can buy for your home today, and the quality and finish is a level above everything else on the market.

Your home deserves the very best, and that’s why it’s important that you understand all of the wonderful benefits when you buy Amish furniture online.

Handmade Quality of Amish Furniture

Handmade Quality of Amish FurnitureWhen you want quality furniture, handmade is the only real option. Amish furniture for sale is handcrafted with age-old traditions that ensure quality for many generations to come. When you buy this type of furniture you’re not just making a purchase; you’re actually making a long-term investment.

In this day and age, how many things can you look at in your home and say that they’re truly handmade? Bring back the elegance of the past by choosing online Amish furniture when it’s time to redecorate your home.

The Best materials

Craftsmanship would mean nothing if the best materials were not used. Amish carpenters use the very best solid and laminated timbers when making beautiful furniture. Timber is long lasting, resistant to changing conditions, and is harvested from environmentally sustainable sources.

With so many things feeling artificial and fake today, it can be very special to have natural timber furniture items in your home. You will appreciate how timber ages well, often lasting long after your own lifetime. The best Amish furniture can be handed down for generations – that’s how good the materials are!

Made in the United States by Skilled Carpenters

If you want to support local industries then Amish furniture is one of the best ways to do it. With every piece you buy, you will be supporting the carpenters, the sellers, and even the forest works that harvest the timber. Buying Amish helps to strengthen the economy and ensure that Amish craftsmen can continue to produce beautiful furniture for many years to come.

Consider Amish furniture for sale online when you need nothing but the best for your home. Discover the benefits of buying Amish furniture. Contemporary furniture designed and manufactured with traditional methods.


Does Amish Furniture Work in a Modern Home?

If you’re looking for new furniture then you may have some reservations about buying traditional handmade items. Classic furniture traditions are sometimes seen as outdated and not suitable for a contemporary home.

If you stick to this mindset then you will actually be missing out on some of the best furniture that you could buy today, particularly when it comes to Amish furniture for sale online.

Amish design collections definitely do honor the best traditions in furniture making, however, they’re anything but outdated, and there are some key reasons why you should consider Amish handmade furniture when you need nothing but the best in your home.

Amish Furniture Has Kept Up With Trends

Furniture trends come and go, but the quality is timeless. Amish furniture for sale online takes the best of modern trends without losing what makes Amish design so great in the first place. You could choose furniture pieces for your computer, for your high definition entertainment system, or even for your kitchen that is fitted with all of the latest appliances and modern conveniences.

The furniture collections that you can choose can range from the purely traditional, right up to modern designs with the sharp lines and clean edges that are so popular today. When Amish furniture incorporates modern trends, it does so in a tasteful way that will make your furniture stand out. When you look at your new furniture you won’t be concerned about whether or not it’s suitable for modern times. Instead, you will wonder how the designers and craftsmen were able to blend the traditional and the modern in such a way that the furniture feels as suitable in the present as it would have in the past.

It’s All About the Quality

The quality is a big part of what makes Amish furniture so perfect for a modern home. Quality and craftsmanship is timeless. An exquisite piece of furniture made 100 years ago isn’t any less impressive because of its age; just like modern Amish furniture is not any less impressive because it takes design cues from the past.

The quality of the materials, including rare hardwoods, as well as impressive stains and upholstery, mean that the best Amish furniture can work with any kind of home design and décor choices. Your new furniture will elevate your interior design and make your home more comfortable and practical, and you will have confidence knowing that your furniture will stand the test of time.

In many cases, your new Amish collection could become heirloom pieces, and they’ll be just as impressive in the next 50 years as they are today.

Where to Buy Amish Furniture for a Modern Home

You can buy Amish furniture online without ever stepping into a showroom. This makes your shopping experience as convenient as possible, and with the high-resolution images, descriptions and configuration tools at Amish Showroom, you won’t feel like you’re losing anything compared to shopping the traditional way.

Explore our range today, and see how Amish furniture can be beautiful, contemporary, and perfectly suited to your lifestyle.


Your Guide to Caring for Solid Wood Furniture

You already know that Amish furniture is made of solid wood, but you might not be entirely sure what that means or what it entails. In today’s article, we are going to talk a bit about what solid wood furniture is, what it mails, and how you can properly take care of it.

Amish Furniture Brings Back and Old Tradition

If you have been around for some time then you’ve probably notice that plastic is doing an outstanding job of replacing wood as one of the primary building materials. We are seeing an increasing demand for cheaper furniture but as you probably already know, cheaper furniture is lower quality furniture. As of right now, many consumers are using plastic particle board furniture over real wood but there are still those who are more comfortable with hardwood. At the end of the day, solid wood has a finish that you just cannot argue with, and many of the materials used are environmentally friendly.

A Word on Food

Solid Wood FurnitureThe urge to eat food while sitting in your recliner or sitting in your favorite chair is going to be pretty strong, but remember that you should avoid placing hot dishes on the arms, or even on end tables. Remember: the maximum temperature of anything placed on the solid wood finish, even with the best Amish furniture for sale, should never exceed one hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit.

Environmental Considerations

When we say environment considerations we are not speaking of the world outside, but rather the environment in which you keep your furniture. Any Amish furniture for sale you find will have one thing in common: it will respond to changes in both temperature and humidity in the room. It will either expand or contract depending on the scenario, and for that reason, try to keep the environment tuned as follows:

Indoor Humidity: 30-45%

Indoor Temperature: 60-80 degrees

It is advised that you maintain these temperatures in this manner at all times of the year and that you continue to follow other important routine maintenance procedures.

Basic Maintenance for Amish Furniture

It all starts with the basics, so keep this in mind:

Clean and PolishYou need to make sure that you’re cleaning and polishing the furniture regularly. You don’t need to do it every single day, but you do need to work cleaning into your regular schedule.

Cover Used SurfacesAny surface that you eat on, or do any sort of work on should remain covered when you are doing so.

Watch for InfestationsYou won’t see any bugs infesting your plastic furniture but solid wood can attract termites. If you see any signs of infestation, address it immediately.

When you buy Amish furniture online you are buying more than just a chair to sit in or a table to eat at; you are making a serious investment and one that you will need to make sure you are protecting. The best Amish furniture will last a lifetime as long s you take care of it!


Little Known Facts About Amish Furniture Building Technique

You already know that Amish furniture is a great investment and you are probably looking through several Amish furniture stores for the right type of furniture, but what don’t you know about it? Today we’re going to go over a few little-known facts that will most definitely increase your appreciation of any Amish furniture online that you browse or even choose to buy. Let’s go ahead and take a look at these fun facts that will really bring your furniture to life.

Amish Furniture is Made from 100% Wood

Even with the more expensive furniture retailers, you will often find furniture that is NOT made from 100% wood and this tends to be disappointing to say the least. Many of the more modern furniture designers will use high-end MDF board to simulate real wood, but if it’s not the real deal, then you don’t want it in your house. The Amish are accustomed to using oak, maple, cedar, and even mahogany to create some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture on the market.

All Amish Furniture for Sale is Handcrafted

Amish FurnitureAmish furniture for sale is handcrafted; there are no exceptions to the rule. Each piece of material used is chosen specifically, and your furniture will not come off of an assembly line. You can rest assured that your new chair, table, or coffee table was a labor of love.

Built Without Electricity

Have you ever wondered why Amish furniture is so expensive? Each and every piece is handcrafted without the aid of electricity which easily sets it apart from nearly every other type of furniture on the market today.

It’s an Old Tradition

Amish furniture uses old techniques because it IS old. The building methods that are being sued to create your house full of furniture are passed down from generation to generation, and the techniques don’t change much over time. You’re buying something that is tried and true, and it is something that could sit in your living room for the rest of your life.

These are just a few great facts about Amish furniture and as you research it for yourself you are bound to come up with many more. Keep reading our blog to learn more about Amish furniture, and don’t forget to check out the offerings over in our Amish furniture store. You’re bound to find something you like before you know it!


Plan a Spring Renovation with Amish Furniture

Spring is coming up as you already know, and there is never a better time to re-arrange or add toy our furniture. What are you planning for your spring renovation? In our opinion, you should strongly consider adding Amish furniture to your home. Not only is it an exciting thing to do, it’s something that will last for many years to come. Let’s walk about some of the benefits of finding Amish furniture for sale and we’ll also give you a few tips for getting the most out of your renovation.

Why You Should Choose Amish Furniture

Amish furniture onlineWhen you’re working on renovating your home you have a lot of important decisions to make, the furniture being one of the most important. Thought you might not think too much about the furniture as you’re using it, it is one of the first things that people see when they enter your home. If your furniture matches the rest of your décor, then there is a good chance that no one is going to notice it or pay any mind to it. If, however, it is tacky and falling apart, they’re going to walk away with some stories to tell. Trust us, you don’t want to experience the latter. That being said, Amish furniture is one of the best choices that you can make.

High Durability

One of the items we mentioned above and are incredibly adamant about is the need for extreme durability in your furniture. Mass produced furniture from a factory just isn’t going to stand the test of time, and you probably know that if you’re here reading this. Don’t get a piece of furniture created with particle board and most importantly, don’t get a whole living room full of it – that’s something you are going to regret ten times over.

Great Aesthetics

As you look for Amish furniture for sale you are going to come to realize that it just looks good no matter what. Amish furniture uses a plethora of different design techniques, which includes making use of various wood grain designs to bring out the most in a piece. In addition to that, you have various undertones that completely change the theme of your piece, giving you control of how it blends with the room.

Choose Your Design

Amish furniture is available in many different styles, whether you’re looking at the broad categories (Mission vs. Shaker), or looking at different table leg or support designs. You’re going to find something that suits you, and your spring renovation is going to be amazing.

Star Decorating Today!

Deciding to buy Amish furniture online is really just the start of it. You can outfit your living room, kitchen, or bedroom with the main pieces, and then you can choose your accents, like coffee tables or even endtables. The possibilities are endless and there is Amish furniture for sale that will meet your every need.