Stains Used in Amish Furniture Pieces

Amish made furniture is a fast-growing genre of furniture choice. Known for the craftsmanship, beauty, and durability, Amish furniture is a superb choice for everything from family furnishings to professional offices. The wide variety of classic styles coupled with the warmth of natural wood tones makes the furniture perfect for any decoration theme. Additionally, Amish furniture is a green choice, using locally sourced materials and hand manufacturing with little use of electricity, making it perfect for a society increasingly concerned with its carbon footprint.

What is the Difference between a Finish and a Stain and a Varnish in Amish Furniture

Amish furnitureWood finishing begins by sanding down the surface of the wood to remove imperfections and create an even surface. Staining is a process where the color of the wood is changed permanently, generally of a darker tone than is natural for the wood used. Making a wood tone lighter is usually called bleaching. Staining happens after the sanding of the surfaces. Oil-based stains, which are the most common, consisting of pigments mixed with mineral spirits. These are rubbed into the wood until the desired tone is achieved. Water-based stains have the advantages of a wider range of colors and fewer fumes than the oil-based stains.

Stain only provides color to the wood, not a finish. Finish is the final step of manufacturing that adds water and environmental resistance to the piece. It also adds shine and makes the piece easier to clean. Typical finishes used include wax, lacquer, varnish, and shellac. Most Amish furniture online and in stores is finished with a standard catalyzed varnish. This is recommended by most Amish craftsmen because it provides a high degree of protection, is easy to maintain, and enhances the appearance of stained wood. Catalyzed varnish is formulated from resins, pigments, and solvents and can be cleaned simply by using a non-abrasive damp cloth followed by a dry one.

What Suits Your Plans

Amish furniture is available in a wide variety of stains, both natural woods tones and colored stains. The shade of the stain will vary based on what choice of wood you request and the way in which the wood is milled. While there is a myriad of stain samples available online, for ease in creating your dream furniture, you can order a variety of stain samples delivered right to your door. You can use these samples to match paint colors for walls and even fabric samples for your furniture and curtains. Amish made furniture is a timeless addition to your home and family, the better informed you are in your decision making, the more enjoyable the finished product will be in your home.


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