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Hickory is quickly becoming a popular wood for Amish Furniture. Clients love the contrasting color patters (fig.4) when sprayed clear that is not found in today’s mass produced furniture.  It takes a skilled eye to glue together wood patterns that are pleasing to the eye and gives each piece of Amish furniture a unique look.

Hickory is the hardest wood Amish Craftsmen currently use.  It’s Janka hardness scale rating is 1820, or nearly twice of cherry.  Hickory furniture is very heavy and will last many generations if properly cared for.

A slow-growing but potentially massive tree scattered throughout Ohio’s Amish Country, is often found in moist bottomlands where Shagbark Hickory usually does not grow. Like other hickories, it’s heavy, dense, strong, yet elastic wood is sought after for making tool handles, athletic equipment, Amish furniture, construction timbers, and firewood, and its wood chips are utilized in the smoking of meats.

As a member of the Walnut Family, it is related to other Hickories and the Walnuts.