Little Known Facts About Amish Furniture Building Technique

You already know that Amish furniture is a great investment and you are probably looking through several Amish furniture stores for the right type of furniture, but what don’t you know about it? Today we’re going to go over a few little-known facts that will most definitely increase your appreciation of any Amish furniture online that you browse or even choose to buy. Let’s go ahead and take a look at these fun facts that will really bring your furniture to life.

Amish Furniture is Made from 100% Wood

Even with the more expensive furniture retailers, you will often find furniture that is NOT made from 100% wood and this tends to be disappointing to say the least. Many of the more modern furniture designers will use high-end MDF board to simulate real wood, but if it’s not the real deal, then you don’t want it in your house. The Amish are accustomed to using oak, maple, cedar, and even mahogany to create some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture on the market.

All Amish Furniture for Sale is Handcrafted

Amish FurnitureAmish furniture for sale is handcrafted; there are no exceptions to the rule. Each piece of material used is chosen specifically, and your furniture will not come off of an assembly line. You can rest assured that your new chair, table, or coffee table was a labor of love.

Built Without Electricity

Have you ever wondered why Amish furniture is so expensive? Each and every piece is handcrafted without the aid of electricity which easily sets it apart from nearly every other type of furniture on the market today.

It’s an Old Tradition

Amish furniture uses old techniques because it IS old. The building methods that are being sued to create your house full of furniture are passed down from generation to generation, and the techniques don’t change much over time. You’re buying something that is tried and true, and it is something that could sit in your living room for the rest of your life.

These are just a few great facts about Amish furniture and as you research it for yourself you are bound to come up with many more. Keep reading our blog to learn more about Amish furniture, and don’t forget to check out the offerings over in our Amish furniture store. You’re bound to find something you like before you know it!


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