Amish Dining Tables: Leg vs. Pedestal

Amish Dining TablesTables are an important part of our décor but sometimes it can be very difficult to settle on any particular style. For example, there are some who prefer the butterfly leaf table for more functionality and then there are those who would much rather stick with a one-piece table. In the Amish furniture lineup, you also have to consider the types of legs.

For example, you have the standard four legs and then you have the pedestal, both of which are viable options. The big question is which of these sounds better and which is going to look better in your living room. Before you head out to buy Amish furniture for your home make sure you read through this blog and get a good idea of what you should be looking for.

Amish Furniture Buying Guide: Legged Tables

Amish Leg tables are probably going to be the most versatile option out there; they usually open on wooden slides and can seat more than twenty people when fully extended. If family or group dining is what you’re looking for, then this is an outstanding option. Also, keep in mind that they are extremely easy to store as they are usually the butterfly leaf model.

The stylistic implications are also important to consider with the legged table as with any other piece of Amish furniture that you buy online or in the store. Leg tables are beautiful and they have a place in nearly any dining room. The one drawback is that they are a bit more formal looking than other tables, so unless that is the look that you are going for, you might want to second guess your purchase choice at the Amish Furniture store.

The Trestle Dining Table Look

Amish Furniture storeThe trestle dining room table is a style that goes back hundreds of years and it has been used in many different stings. Public parks, for example, are always home to a picnic table or two, and you can even find them in backyards. Indoor trestle tables are also quite popular and the question is whether or not you need one. Trestle tables are perfect for informal dining and can work well in patios or sunrooms. Additionally, you don’t need to provide chairs for your trestle table as it will already have a bench built in. The only drawback is that it tends to be a bit of a trip hazard, so do keep that in mind as you outfit your dining area.

When it comes down to it this is a choice between formal and informal. Leg tables are great for the formal dining room and trestle tables are better for situations where you want a casual dining experience. Choose your experience by looking for Amish furniture online, especially right here in our store. We have what you need, are you ready to take it home?



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