How Solid Wood Amish Furniture Cabinets Improve Your Home

Choosing kitchen cabinets is one of the most important decisions you will make when remodeling or renovating your home. Your kitchen is a hub of activity and it should always be functional and presentable. Wooden cabinets have been the premium choice for centuries. From the earliest homes of the first American settlers to contemporary kitchens, wood has offered significant benefits that go beyond appearance.

Before you invest in new custom kitchen cabinets, explore the advantages of natural timber and Amish Furniture designs.

Four Top Benefits of Amish Furniture Kitchen Cabinets

Amish Furniture kitchen cabinetsKitchen cabinets made by the Amish are inspired by tradition. They also bring innovations for the modern day. Take a look at four impressive benefits that could help you make the right choice for your home.

1) An Unmatched Aesthetic

Nothing comes close to the timeless beauty of natural wood. When you want a kitchen that stands out and makes a statement, Amish Furniture kitchen cabinets are the obvious choice.

There are many styles that you could choose for your kitchen, ranging from traditional to contemporary. You could even choose to install cabinets designed with a transitional style to bridge the gap between past and present. Take a look at our beautiful Geradot Kitchen Set to see just how impressive a modern kitchen can be.

Choose a transparent finish for beautiful wood grain patterns that bring class and elegance to your home. Your cabinets could also be painted to complement your existing Amish Furniture.

2) Custom Options

Amish Furniture might be based on tradition, but custom kitchen cabinets will never feel dated or inappropriate for modern life. It’s possible to have custom cabinets made for your modern appliances, and you could even add wood paneling to items like dishwashers to create a seamless look in your kitchen.

There are even custom options that can bring convenience to a modern kitchen. Sliding shelves and spice racks, pull out trash cans, and other options could help you to make better use of space, even in a relatively compact kitchen.

We can install soft close drawer and cabinet door mechanisms to protect your cabinets while providing a premium feel.

3) Durability and Longevity

Amish Furniture is renowned for its durability and longevity. Age old crafting methods combined with the latest technology can result in cabinets that will last the lifetime of your home. Even relatively inexpensive wood species like oak will last for decades when properly cared for.

There’s no getting around the fact that a remodeled kitchen is a significant investment. You can make better use of your money when you choose kitchen cabinets that will never need to be replaced. Wooden cabinets from the Amish Showroom can be refinished or even painted with solid colors as trends change over time.

4) Variety in Look and Feel

Amish Furniture kitchen cabinetsThere’s nothing worse than being underwhelmed by the materials selection when you are choosing new cabinets. At the Amish Showroom, we provide a comprehensive selection so that you can explore your unique sense of style. The sheer range of wood available for Amish Furniture kitchen cabinets will surprise you.

When you have your custom cabinets made by Minnesota’s finest craftsmen and women, you could choose wood like:

  • Brown Maple.
  • Cherry.
  • Oak.
  • Hickory.
  • Grey Elm.
  • Quarter Sawn White Oak.
  • Rustic timbers (contact us for availability).

Stain options are extensive, allowing you to create a look that suits your home and your personality. Check out all our materials and stain colors here.

Invest in Kitchen Cabinets for the Lifetime of your Home

Don’t settle for anything less than handmade kitchen cabinets for your home. The quality of Amish Furniture cabinets will bring lasting value to your kitchen, with bespoke styles that are unique and unmatched in the industry.

If you’re ready to design a kitchen that is functional, long-lasting, and breathtakingly beautiful, it’s time to explore your options at the Amish Showroom.


Kitchen Designs 2019 – Remodel with Amish Furniture Cabinets

As the heart of your home, your kitchen requires special attention. Function, beauty, and convenience are perfectly balanced in the best kitchens. Color plays a critical part by setting the mood and influencing your decorating choices.

Your home deserves the beauty and lasting quality of Amish furniture, and the growing trend of darker hues could inspire you to get your remodeling project off the ground.

Black or Dark Cabinets for 2019.

Using black as the base of your design doesn’t mean that everything needs to be finished in a darker shade. Beautiful kitchen design all comes down to balance.

Dark stained Amish Furniture cabinets can be combined with light quartz counter-tops to create a striking contrast that works well in both ultra-modern and transitional homes. Even if you choose dark counter-tops, you could use a white or bright color on a back-splash to break things up.

Black is often thought to be monolithic or even imposing, but it’s all about how you use it. In some designs, it’s possible to alternate your cabinet colors to keep things interesting and attractive. A contrasting white kitchen island in a predominantly black kitchen can reinforce the sense of space and beauty. Feature walls painted in pure white will bring light into a black kitchen with reflective surfaces.

Hardware also makes a significant difference, offsetting darker Amish Furniture cabinets to bring a sense of luxury and style. Gold pairs perfectly with black and is elegant in its presentation. Add gold accents on hardware for cabinets and drawers, hand towel rails, or even gold lighting fixtures can all help you to achieve an aesthetic that stands out.

Amish Furniture Cabinets and Features Made to Last

Black kitchen cabinets make a bold and stylish impact. kitchen cabinetsQuality is tangible. It’s something that you not only see, but you can feel it whenever you are in your kitchen. The way a cabinet opens and closes or the smoothness of a utility drawer could make or break your kitchen design. With Amish Furniture you get lasting quality and practicality.

Our handcrafted Amish furniture cabinets are made from solid timber and will last for generations. An investment in Amish kitchen cabinets is one that will continue to pay off.

We can finish our cabinetry in hard wearing solid paint or dark stains of your choice. You don’t have to go down the route of solid black if it doesn’t work with your sense of style. Graphite or Onyx stains are ideal for darker kitchens.

The extra options you get from Amish Showroom will provide you with convenience. Keep your kitchen clean and organized with sliding trash cans. Conveniently store your favorite gourmet and everyday ingredients with a hidden spice rack. A sliding pantry or fully integrated wine rack will make your kitchen the perfect place to prepare meals and entertain.

Soft close drawers and doors can be added as options to give your kitchen a sense of elegance and luxury, while also protecting your Amish furniture cabinets from damage.

A handcrafted designer kitchen will give you the option to execute your own ideas without limitation. When you want the best for your home and your family, Amish Showroom can deliver.

A Handcrafted Kitchen from Expert Amish Furniture-makers

The time-tested quality of Amish furniture is world renowned. You can have the best in your home when you design a custom kitchen with the Amish Showroom. Furniture is handcrafted, made to order, and are fully customizable to meet your specifications.

Create your own interpretation of the modern black kitchen or incorporate something entirely unique. Make your kitchen your own. Talk to us today about our options and look forward to a better kitchen in 2019.