Beautiful Amish Tables Enhanced with EcoPoxy Resin

EcoPoxy resinThere’s no substitute for real timber Amish furniture. When you want quality, sophistication, and distinction, you’ll find that Amish tables can deliver in every single department. The selection of unique wood gives the furniture personality, and you’ll get a real sense that no two pieces are quite the same, even when they come from within the same collection.

At Amish Showroom, we create beautiful timber Amish furniture that incorporates the traditions of the past with the best modern innovations. The use of EcoPoxy resin means that we can make the most of the unique timbers that other furniture makers simply won’t work with.

If you want a tabletop that will beautify your home, provide functionality, and last through the generations, then it’s time to learn about what makes Amish furniture tables so special.

Design and Functionality of Amish Furniture

The design is one of the first things that you will consider when looking for a new dining room table. When people think of Amish furniture, they often picture antique collections and the styles of generations long past.

Amish furniture does take inspiration from the past, and at Amish Showroom we are very respectful of both tradition and the history of furniture making. However, we are not afraid to adapt to modern trends, and even innovate with our own forward-thinking designs.

Whether you want traditional aesthetics, something transitional, or even something unique, you can find the perfect options with Amish furniture.

Our Alpha Industrial Dining Table is a great example of how traditional carpentry and modern design elements can come together. This table has a solid timber tabletop which can be customized with your choice of wood. The live edge offers a real connection to the wood and the industrially inspired metal trestle legs are completely unique.

Perfect for a post-modern home, warehouse-style apartment, or even for use in a creative studio, this table is just one example of how we bring functional and unique designs to the market with traditional Amish furniture quality.

Explore our collections and you’ll find everything from EcoPoxy resin enhanced tabletops, to flexible tables that come with extra eaves for dinner parties, holidays, and any time that you need a larger seating arrangement.

Always insist on the best designs when you are buying a kitchen table, and never sacrifice practicality.

Materials, Craftsmanship, and Durability

Amish FurnitureTimber is one of the most versatile materials known to man. When working with timber, it’s possible to create anything from the most beautiful and intricate heritage furniture, right up to minimalistic modern furniture. Modern furniture makers typically work with inexpensive materials, low-quality wood, or even veneers so that they can pump out uninspired furniture with the highest possible profit margin.

We believe in providing lasting quality, which is why we never cut corners with material selection. Walnut, cherry, white oak, and brown maple are just some of the examples that we work with. When you choose solid timber furniture you will be making a lifetime investment that can be handed down through the generations.

Tables can be finished with advanced compounds, including EcoPoxy resin, which can provide a glass-like hard surface that resists dents, scratches, discoloration, and heat damage. We can also use resin in creative ways to fill in knots and other imperfections on rustic furniture. Just take a look at this Turnbuckle Trestle to see how we can make imperfections beautiful on Amish Furniture.

You’ll never have to replace an Amish furniture table that has been made by the best craftsmen using the best materials. The same can’t be said for all furniture today!

Learn more about our furniture, high biomass EcoPoxy resin, and our extensive collections by exploring our online store. Pieces can be customized for your needs, and you’ll find that the best Amish furniture is just as relevant in the modern world as it was 100 years ago.

Best of all, when you invest in a quality Amish table you can have confidence knowing that it will last throughout your lifetime and beyond.


How to Choose the Best Amish Furniture for the Kitchen

When you’re in the market for Amish furniture one of the areas of your home you may want to renovate is your kitchen. Quality furniture at a fair price isn’t hard to come by if you know where to shop and in the long run, it can be a benefit to your household.

Why Should You Upgrade to the Best Amish Furniture?

Amish FurnitureWhen it comes to the kitchen you want sturdy cabinets to hold everything you need from pots, pans, to dishes and cooking utensils. Many people today don’t even realize their cabinets may not be as sturdy as they first thought with plenty of households having only particle board kitchen cabinet drawers.

Particle board is nothing like Amish furniture since it’s usually made from compressed wood leavings like sawdust before being made into cheap furnishings. While this does lower the price for it people are also compromising on the quality of the product they’re buying. Particle board furniture is okay for living situations where you just need something serviceable at the moment and don’t intend to stay in a current place for long. People who are settling down however and intend to spend years in a household either focusing on their careers or family, investing in quality furniture is a necessity.

How is Amish Furniture Better then Particle Board?

The online Amish furniture is vastly different from its particle board counterparts the main difference being it’s made out of hardwood instead of compressed wood leavings. Furniture made from particle board may be lower in price, but it’s also not as durable as the hardwood variety. When it gets wet particle, board reacts like cardboard and swells up to several times its size and the damage is irreversible.

While Amish furniture does swell when exposed to water this only happens if the water is left standing on its surface overnight. Wiping off the excess moisture immediately will ensure the furniture stays intact and won’t suffer lasting damage. Unlike particle board furniture, the hardwood variety also doesn’t have a cheap veneer that will wear away after a few years of heavy use.


Amish Furniture Care and Maintenance

So you have invested in a fine piece of Amish furniture, after setting it up, admiring it, walking around it, and admiring it some more, you are probably wondering how you keep it looking just as lovely as it is today.

Daily Care

Amish furniture CareRegular dusting, every few days at least, with a soft cloth is the best way to keep your furniture looking shiny and new. You will want to keep heavily used surfaces covered. Doilies or felt pads under your lamps, placemats, and tablecloths on your tables; this will keep daily wear and tear from affecting your furniture. Monitor the humidity levels in your home.

Humidity causes wood to take on moisture, swell, so the humidity in your home in excess of normal is your enemy. Also keep high heat and flame away from your furniture as solid wood is susceptible to scorching and burning. Lastly, make sure you keep abreast of any pest infestations.

Spills, Stains, and Drips

The very best way to care for your furniture is to make sure you take care of any accidents right away. The furniture is naturally somewhat moisture repellant but anything allowed to sit will definitely make a mark. The first thing to try would be a soft cloth dampened with warm, soapy, water. Avoid abrasive chemicals, ammonia, and silicone, all can damage your furniture.

Try not to use polishes or other ‘quick’ cleaners as they can build up on the furniture and attract dust and grime. Amish furniture doesn’t need those types of products to maintain its sheen. At least monthly after a good dusting and cleaning, wipe your furniture down with a good natural oil, such as olive oil, almond oil, or flaxseed oil.

Cloth and Leather

If you invested in pieces of Amish furniture online that have cloth parts or leather parts, care for that is as important as taking care of the wood pieces. Your cloth should be vacuumed frequently to remove dust and dry stains. Try not to let wet stains dry on your cloth, dab, and blot wet stains with a clean cloth as much as possible.

The same treatment should be used on your leather parts of your furniture, blotting away the spills as soon as possible will protect the integrity of your leather. Wiping and dusting your leather often with a soft, damp, cloth will protect the shine and stop grime from working its way into the leather. Using a leather conditioner regularly will also help keep your leather looking its best.


Why You Should Buy Amish Furniture Online

Amish Furniture OnlineThe world of commerce has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Whereas everything used to be done in stores (sometimes with great inconvenience), we can now simply load up a website and buy all our favorite things. Everything from groceries to refrigerators can be purchased online, and you can even find quality Amish furniture online if you are thinking about improving your home decorating.

If you haven’t yet used the power of the internet when purchasing large furniture items, then you may have some reservations about doing so. If you want the bargains but aren’t quite sure about buying Amish furniture online, then the team at Amish Showroom is here to help you understand why this is the best way to shop for furniture in 2018.

It’s More Convenient

This one is obvious, but it still needs to be said: Shopping online means you don’t need to leave your home. You could shop from work, or even while you’re enjoying a coffee at your favorite café. Finding a good furniture store these days can be difficult, so we eliminate the running around by bringing the store to your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

You Can See Items from The Collection That Wouldn’t Be in a Showroom

Furniture showrooms display only a fraction of what is available. When you visit a showroom, you will more often than not end up browsing from a catalog and placing an order. What’s the point of this when you can do the same thing at home by shopping with an online store?

Amish Showroom furniture is exclusive to our online store, and you won’t find anything quite like our collections at your typical brick and mortar outlets.

You Can Customize Your Amish Furniture Online

Buy Amish furniture online and you will be able to fully customize anything that you like the look of. Change the wood that is used, pick a stain, and choose upholstery for sitting furniture. At a traditional furniture store, you will be limited to what’s on display, or what the staff can obtain from their suppliers. At Amish Showroom we are the supplier, so having custom furniture made is fast and competitively priced.

Most Importantly, You Will Save Money on Amish Furniture

All these benefits and there’s still one more…

Buying your Amish furniture online will give you access to the very best prices. We don’t just sell Amish furniture we’re also the producers. We have control over the entire process, starting from the lumber that is used to make beautiful heirloom furniture for your home. We have low overheads and don’t operate traditional furniture showrooms.

The savings are passed onto you and that means that you will get the very best furniture pieces at the most competitive prices. Browse the store today and see what your home could be with beautiful Amish furniture.


What Kind of Materials are Used in Amish Furniture Making?

When you buy Amish furniture online, you are getting a piece of history blended in with contemporary furniture. The passion that goes into every collection means that you’re getting an investment for your home that has a real story behind it. Handcrafted using both traditional methods and modern innovations, there’s nothing quite like having a new piece of Amish furniture in your home.

For many people, it is the design that makes them fall in love with a piece of furniture. Some are more focused on the materials. At the end of the day, it’s the whole package that comes together to make something beautiful and long-lasting and the material does have a big part in that.

If you want furniture for your home that is of real investment quality, then the best Amish furniture is the right place to start. If you’re curious about the materials that go into making this furniture, then this breakdown will be a great help as you get ready to make your next purchase.

Natural Timbers Are a Critical Element in Modern Amish Furniture Design

Amish designed furniture has always made the most of natural materials. Woods sourced local and from exotic sources are able to provide a beauty and timelessness that works in both traditional homes and modern architecturally designed homes.

Although the best Amish furniture incorporates elements of the old with the new, you’ll never find a modern collection that will look out of place in 2018, or even 2118!

When it comes to wood types, most pieces will offer a selection of quality lightweight and hardwoods that are lovingly treated, shaped, stained, and intended to stand the test of time.


  • Oak is one of the most popular wood types, offering impressive grain and durability.
  • Cherry has a fine and straight grain, and can range from red to pure blonde when naturally treated.
  • Maple is another popular choice, which starts life untreated with a pure creamy white color. Maple grain can be particularly impressive. Hard sugar maple is also available when you buy Amish furniture online.
  • Walnut is another popular choice, and is often oiled to give off a naturally beautiful deep brown color. For durability, this wood can also be sealed. Walnut is particularly good for highly detailed pieces that feature hand carved details.
  • Elm wood is also used in Amish furniture making. This wood sits somewhere between the lightweight and hardwood species, making it perfect for smaller furniture pieces.


All wood types can be stained and finished to give the perfect aesthetic. Some customers love the dark greys and near-black stains for highly modern furniture. Others prefer lighter stains that bring out the inherent beauty of the wood.

Finishing upholstery also makes a big difference. Beautiful fabrics can feature on dining furniture as well as sofas and chairs. Leather can be used for office furniture or for living room furniture when you are looking for something particularly impressive and luxurious.

When you buy online Amish furniture, you can choose from existing collections or even have certain pieces fully customized. It’s handmade, so don’t feel like you have to be limited to what you can see in the catalogue.

Where to Buy Amish Furniture When You Want the Best

If it’s the best Amish furniture that you’re looking for, then the Amish Showroom is the place to go. With a full online shop and custom ordering system, you can make a lasting investment in the most beautiful furniture made right here in America.


Two Amish Furniture Collections That Could Make Your Home Perfect

There’s nothing better than having a home that is perfectly decorated with high quality and beautiful furniture. At the Amish Showroom, we craft and directly supply the best Amish furniture online, and we’re confident that we have the versatility in our collections to improve every room in your home.

Whether you are designing an office or a study, a new dining room, or even a master bedroom, our furniture can give you the ‘wow’ factor that you’re missing. If you want furniture that ‘s going to last the lifetime of your home and even beyond, then you’ll love the three collections that we’ve showcased below.

Bradbury Style Trestle Table for Your Kitchen or Dining Room

Trestle tables are a great alternative to the more common leg tables. With a trestle design, your Amish furniture can stand out, and you’ll see the full extent of the craftsmanship on the underside support of the table.

The Bradbury style offers a magnificent dining table for casual dining in a kitchen, or it can even be used in a formal dining room. The table is available in sizes up to 48” x 72”, and you will be able to select different American timbers including Hickory, Hard Maple, and Rustic Cherry. The tabletop edged can be customized whether you want mission style or a beveled edge, and the solid wood construction will last for years in your home.

The Bradbury style is a great option if you want something that is elegant and that is still relatively affordable.

Amish Furniture Collections

The Ironwood Suite for a Gorgeous Master Bedroom

In your master bedroom, you should spare no luxury. You deserve the very best, and that’s exactly what you could have if you choose the Ironwood Suite of Amish furniture online.

This special collection is available for order in Rustic Rough Sawn Brown Maple. It looks spectacular and can suit both modern and traditional homes. It leans more towards the traditional side, but not in a way that would make it feel outdated.

This is real heirloom quality and could easily be passed down for generations. The collection includes items like side tables, a storage chest, a handmade bed with a spectacular headboard, and dressers/tallboy drawers depending on what your needs are. You can choose from different items in the collection to get the perfect fit for your bedroom.

There’s Plenty More to Choose When You Buy Amish Furniture Online

We’ve only touched on two options here. There’s plenty more to see when you browse our online store. Most of our furniture pieces are customizable, and our collections offer plenty of flexibility so that you can decorate a home in a way that reflects your personality.

Browse our Amish furniture online and give your home the true luxury touch that you deserve.


Three Reasons to Consider Amish Furniture for Colleges

Obviously, not every college will want to consider using Amish furniture but there are some more prestigious colleges out there that really need to up their aesthetic. Today we are going to discuss three different reasons that you should be considering using Amish furniture for colleges, and some of them might surprise you.

Amish Furniture is More Durable

If you know anything about the Amish, anything at all, then it definitely should not surprise you that their construction methods product products that are truly made to last. Using methods that have been passed down from generation to generation, the Amish produce pieces that can stand the test of time. Dovetail joints keep drawers in place for years, and the solid wood used ensures that it won’t be broken or cracked. When held in comparison to furniture from big box stores, you will quickly find that Amish furniture is a much greater investment. It is not made from MDF or particle board, and it does not use substandard joints, especially for drawers.

Amish Furniture

It Simply Looks Better

As soon as you step inside any Amish furniture store or look at Amish furniture online, you will know that you’re not looking at your run of the mill furniture. You are, in fact, looking at something absolutely amazing that can bring you to another place and time. These pieces will look amazing in any setting, but for high-end college, they can really bring the aesthetic to the next level. In other words, they’re definitely something that you’re going to want.

It Has More Functionality

Amish furniture for sale tends to be far more functional than some of the other options out there. For instance, furniture from big box stores tends to be very basic, while Amish furniture finds plenty of new ways to integrate storage. Under-bed storage, for example, is always much better implemented in Amish furniture than in any other type. The same goes for coffee tables and virtually anything else in the Amish furniture arsenal.

Amish furniture can be used for a wide range of different settings. It could be used for a living room, or, as mentioned above, it could be used for a school. No matter what type of environment you place it in, it is going to look absolutely amazing and will raise the aesthetic value of the space that it is in consideration. As always, make sure that you are getting the real deal, and that the furniture you get fits well with the environment. Take into account color, size, and even the hardness of the wood. There is a time and a place for all types of Amish furniture!



The Four Types of Beds you Need to Know About

Solid wood furniture, Amish furniture in, in particular,s a sterling reputation and amazing designs that cannot be ignored. The moment you walk into a room that has been outfitted with items from an Amish furniture store, you know that you are in the midst of pieces constructed with quality in mind. If you are outfitting your bedroom with Amish furniture for sale, then you should know about the different bed styles and what they can bring to your setting.

The Headboard and Frame – A Staple of Amish Furniture

Amish furnitureIf you’re looking for something extremely basic, then this is it. A basic headboard and frame don’t feature any rails, and the headboard can be changed at any time. You have the option of leaving the headboard standing free, or you can attach it to the wall using brackets so long as you can find two adequate studs.

Headboard with Side Rails

Taking it up a notch from the previous entry, it’s pretty much the same thing but with simple rails on each of the three sides. It is more decorative than functional, but it is a great aesthetic for any bedroom.

The Platform Bed

Platform beds have been around for many years as any Amish furniture store will tell you. These might be one of the first you see when you look for Amish furniture online, and will most definitely end up in your collection at some point.

The Sleigh Bed – For Those who Want to go All Out

You’ve seen sleigh beds before – they’re pretty much in every bedroom that has the space for them. Basically, they consist of a platform with a headboard and footboard, with the footboard curving out in the way that an old-fashioned sleigh does. These won’t be delivering presents on Christmas Eve but they can make your bedroom look absolutely amazing. Their area a few different design options, for example, there is the traditional style that has the headboard and footboard while the modern style only has the headboard and the matching rails. Going the traditional route is preferred for most people but it should only be embraced if you have the extra floor space to support it. The biggest problem is the footboard which curves out and claims more space than many people are comfortable with.

Among Amish furniture pieces, beds can be some of the most beautiful. Either highly ornate or extremely plain, beds can bring quite a bit to your life, and are most definitely something that you will want to put a lot of thought into the next time you are redecorating.



Amish Furniture Ideas for your New Condo

There are a lot of great benefits to buying a condo and while you might not be able to customize the outside you can do whatever you wish to the inside. In our opinion, there is where Amish furniture for sale comes into the picture. If you were thinking of going for less expensive furniture then think again: you’ve already spent a considerable amount of money on the location, so why not go the extra mile with the furniture? Amish furniture has a lot of benefits, so let’s take a look at just a few of them.

Amish Furniture will make your Condo Look Great

Amish furniture for sale onlineYour condo already looks good, but now you can make it look absolutely great by adding a few decent furniture pieces. Big box furniture from your local retail store has nothing on the majesty of pure, solid hardwood from the Amish furniture store and under the right lighting, and paired with the right colors, it can be something right out of a dream.

Ideas for your Condo

There are plenty of ways to make your condo look great, and we would always recommend starting with the living room. Your front room can certainly benefit from the entertainment center, of which we have plenty right here in our store. You could also add a coffee table or even some seating. If you want to go the extra mile then we would strongly recommend using accent lighting to illuminate the pieces that you want to show off. It doesn’t need to be an obvious ploy, but just enough to help the flow of your room and to draw eyes to the right places.

After you have finished the living room you can move on to bedrooms which call for furniture that is not only beautiful but perfectly functional. A sleigh bed, for example, offers plenty of stability but often you will see storage beneath that bed, expanding your available bedroom options. At the end of the day, you can never have too much storage and Amish furniture makers are outstanding when it comes to creating useful but practical items.

It’s a Higher Quality Item

If you are looking for a higher quality item and something that will last longer, then you certainly want to start looking for Amish furniture for sale online. As you are shopping, you will need to keep in mind that there are different types of wood and we aren’t talking about the difference between pine and oak. Hardwoods and softwoods are a serious consideration, though admittedly softwoods can be a little bit less expensive than the alternative. The only problem with softwoods is that they cannot take as much of a beating as their harder cousins and are therefore best placed in areas that do not see a lot of traffic. For example, if you were to have a coffee table then you would almost definitely want to go with a hardwood like oak, but if you were buying a bedroom dresser or an end table, then you could definitely get away with purchasing something made from pine.

No matter which type of wood you choose to invest in, you can rest assured that it is going to last for a very long time, as Amish furniture tends to do.

Turn your House into a Home

The fun part about moving into a condo is turning a simple house into a home. You can do this with a mix of your personal belongings and of course the furniture that makes the home more comfortable. Consider our suggestions and make your new condo shine.


Relax on Brand New Amish Furniture this Summer

If you’ve gotten tired of the same old look in your home, rest easy knowing that you’re not exactly alone. There are many homeowners who want to try something different as the summer months come along, and in our opinion, one of the best things you can do this summer changes it up with Amish furniture in Oregon. It’s a high-quality investment that you aren’t going to regret any time soon.

Start with a Couch – A Common Sitting Area is the Perfect Amish Furniture

If you’re planning to invite guests over this summer then make no mistake: you’re going to need a couch, and when you buy Amish furniture, you are getting products that can potentially last a lifetime – it’s not something that you want to miss out on.

Along with the couch, you will need other common sitting areas, for example, it would be a good idea for you to invest in a set of chairs or even a few benches, all of which can be found among Amish furniture for sale online.

A Higher Quality Furniture Choice

Amish FurnitureAmish furniture prices are high for a reason. These are not the typical items that you would purchase at a big box store; if you buy a couch at an Amish furniture store you can expect it to last for a lifetime as it is made from hardwood rather than the particle board that you would find at most big box stores. The same will go for every other Amish furniture piece, so make sure you know whether you want to go with a hardwood or a softwood.

Hardwood vs. Softwood

As you prepare to outfit your home with Amish furniture for sale this summer it will be important for you to consider hardwood vs. softwood. Take software as a prime example of outstanding furniture material – it can be easily shaped and is perfect for designs that are a bit more ornate. Shaker furniture, for example, will use a lot of softwood while Mission furniture is able to stick with the hardwoods. In the end, your choice depends on how ornate you want the furniture to be, how much you want to pay, and most importantly, how much of a beating the furniture in question is going to take.

Summer is coming and it’s time for you to make the best furniture choice. Check our store and browse our wide selection of beautiful Amish furniture choices.


Common Wood Joints You’ll See in Amish Furniture

There is always more to Amish furniture than meets the eye. Whether you’re talking about the expert craftsmanship, the high-quality stain, or the joinery, there is always something amazing to see, and the best Amish furniture can last a lifetime. Today we are going to take a quick look at the joints that hold Amish furniture together and delve into how it all works.

Dado Joints – The Staple of Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture - Common Wood JointsA dado joint is simply a slot that is cut into a piece of wood, and from the cross-section, it has three sides. Dado’s joints are cut perpendicular to the grain and it has a few different types:

Through Dado – Passes through the surface with ends remaining open

Stopped Dado – One or both ends stop before the edge of the surface.

Dados are used to connect shelves in most cases, so, for example, you could be using it to build a bookcase, or you might simply be building a pantry in your kitchen.

The Dovetail Joint

This is usually referred to simply as a ‘dovetail’, and it is a joint well known for its tensile strength. For this reason, you will usually find it in drawers or other pieces that will be under constant stress. The joint features a series of tails, each tail matching up to a slot. Once these are glued together, the joined is permanent and does not require any additional mechanical fastener. Its strength makes it a driving force in many pieces of Amish furniture for sale and will help to ensure that the furniture piece in question lasts for many years to come.

Finger Joints – A Popular but Weaker Joint

This is one of the most popular woodworking joints in the industry and it is much like a dovetail joint, but without the angling on the pins. Instead, the pins are square and do not have the same mechanical strength of their sister joint. This is not the most common joint in Amish furniture but it may be used in pieces that will not see a lot of stress – it all depends on the situation and the builder’s prerogative.

These are three common types of joints used in Amish furniture online and in pieces at any physical Amish furniture store. The omission of butt joints and other low-quality joinery methods have helped to ensure that Amish furniture will not only look great but will stand the test of time! If you want quality pieces for your home, and if you want something that you can pass down from generation to generation, then you’ve come to the right place, and you certainly have the right furniture. Look through our store and start planning your next renovation or remodel.


Amish Furniture – A Classic Tradition in Modern Times

The modern home design is taking over, but you don’t need us to tell you that. You’ve been seeing it everywhere, from bathrooms to bedrooms, and beyond. There is a significant difference between a modern and contemporary look, which we are going to spend some time before we get into Amish furniture and how it can completely change your home.

Amish Furniture – Not Suitable for the Modern Look

When you visit an Amish furniture store, the modern theme is not the first thing that is going to go through your head. So what is the modern theme exactly? What does it mean? The first thing you need to know is that the modern theme generally uses highly reflective surfaces such as glass or steel, but it is also a very minimalist theme. It consists of smooth edges and a very specific type of flow. Basically, it is the opposite of the contemporary or antique themes that Amish furniture for sale encompasses.

Maintaining that Classic Look

Amish furnitureOnce you figure out where to buy Amish furniture you will quickly realize that it hearkens back to a different time, and you will understand that moving forward into the modern theme isn’t necessary, at least not yet. There are several aspects of Amish furniture that make it stand out among all of the other pieces of classic furniture including:

Solid Wood Design

You can always expect Amish furniture prices to reflect the material that they were made from. For example, you aren’t going to find any Amish furniture that is made from particle board. Instead, you can expect pieces made from the hardest woods, from oak to maple, mahogany, and much more.

Inspired Construction Methods

Amish furniture is not made on a production line and it is not mass produced. Instead, it is made by hand by experienced carpenters who use methods passed down from generation to generation. These methods allow the furniture to last for a very long time, and also make it easy for it to withstand some of the harshest indoor conditions.

Multiple Styles

Amish furniture stores carry two different types, mission and shaker. The mission is the simplistic look that can fit in with a modern design so long as you are mindful of the environment around you. Shaker is the more ornate variant that fit in perfectly with any antique room design.

Build your Space Today

In an age where modern design is taking over the scene left and right, Amish furniture is holding is own and helping to uphold the traditional values of room design. In our store, you are certain to find something that you like, and it won’t be long before your renovation project is complete!


Three Tips for Using Amish Furniture to Furnish a Waiting Room

The waiting room in your office is a very important location; it may even be more important than your back offices. Every business has clients to please and let’s face it, the waiting room is going to be the first thing that your clients see as they enter your business. What do you want them to see, exactly? You want them to be comfortable in every way possible and that means finding the best Amish furniture to fit your needs.

Tip 1: Use the Best Amish Furniture to Create a Great Aesthetic

Amish furniture You want your waiting room to be easy on the eyes but you also want to make sure that it looks professional. If you need your area to look a little more modest then we would strongly recommend that you start with the Mission style of Amish furniture as it is not nearly as ornate as Shaker. This, of course, all depends on the type of atmosphere that you want to build. You can look through Amish furniture online and figure out what would work best for your setting.

Tip 2: Make the Waiting Room Comfortable

Making your waiting room more comfortable for your guests is always going to be a challenge; where do you even start? What’s the best way for you to go about it? In our opinion, it all starts with choosing comfortable chairs. To this end, you may want to look at some of our online Amish furniture that uses upholstery rather than the bare wood options. Don’t worry, you can still make a professional looking waiting room with upholstered chairs – just look for the leather variants.

Tip 3: Accessorize your Waiting Room

Furniture is great, but adding accessories is even more important than you realize. A few end tables here and there to hold magazines and lamps is a great start, but if you want to take it a step further, try adding a coffee table. Your customers and clients will thank you, trust us. Finally, a great touch would be to add a children’s play area and this often starts with a shorter table that they can use for coloring or for play. Sometimes, a shorter occasional table will work for this purpose, so make sure you take a quick look at our stock.

Learning where to buy Amish furniture will save you a lot of trouble in the future and it will give you plenty of great ideas as you continue to develop your waiting room. Finally, understand that Amish furniture isn’t just a cheap investment – it can last for years, decades, or even generations. This is one investment that will serve you well for many years to come.


How to Coordinate your Office Furniture

Setting up a new office is always going to be a challenge, but you don’t need us to tell you that, do you? You’ve probably spent quite a bit of time considering your layout, and when it comes right down to it, you might just need a little bit of help to get it all done correctly. So, what should you do? How should you get your office set up? Today we’re going to talk about the importance of proper coordination and the use of Amish furniture in creating the perfect office layout.

Use Amish Furniture to Create a Common Theme

The first piece of advice that we want to give you is to create a common theme throughout your office. If you are using items from our Amish furniture store then we would strongly recommend going with a more conservative design as you need to appeal to anyone that walks through your doors. In the past, we have found that most offices benefit significantly from the Mission style, which is very plain but still very effective. For less formal settings you could consider the more ornate Shaker style, but ultimately it will be up to you.

Color is Everything in Design

Amish furniture onlineAs you look at our Amish furniture online you will probably notice that it comes in different colors, for example, the Alamo desk versus the Artesa desk, with the Alamo being quite a bit lighter. The items you find among Amish furniture for sale online are not painted, but stained, meaning the tint of the stain and the color of the wood beneath shine through. These two combined will create either a darker or lighter design but in the end, it has a lot to do with the type of wood that is being used. When you are choosing a color or theme, you should make sure to contrast the types of woods that you choose so that there is some variance in your environment.

Get the Right Size

Whether you are buying online Amish furniture or some other style, you still need to make sure that you are getting the right size. Amish furniture comes in different styles, different sizes, and different colors, but you don’t need us to tell you that. Before you purchase any furniture, take measurements of your office and make sure that everything fits properly. The last thing you want to do is purchase a chair or a desk that is far too large for your space and makes it painful to navigate.

All in all, Amish furniture is a great choice for your office. It will give you the authentic wood feel that you are looking for, and it will even be comfortable. Shop our store today and get exactly what you need.


Give Your Home a Furniture Facelift this Spring

Though it may not look like it, we are now starting Springtime, and it only makes sense that we should make a few changes in our lives. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say, right? Well, what kind of ‘new’ are you looking for exactly? In our opinion, a new house full of furniture is a great idea if you have the extra money to throw around, and Amish furniture is the way to go. But wait, why should you choose Amish furniture over anything else out there? Why is it so different?

Why You Should Choose Amish Furniture

There are a lot of different furniture options on the market, but you probably already know that. Once you know where to buy Amish furniture, and after you get a good look at what it has to offer, there is a good chance that you are not going to want anything else, ever again. The first thing that you need to know, is that Amish furniture has nothing in common with the furniture from big box stores other than the shape. If you look closely you will even begin to notice that it is nowhere near the aesthetic of solid wood.

It tries to imitate it, of course, with MDF particle board and other materials, but nothing can beat the solid wood that Amish furniture brings to the table. No pun intended. The second benefit is the handmade factor. All Amish furniture for sale online is comprised of solid wood AND it is handmade, meaning that while they are all very similarly made, each piece that you acquire will be unique in its own way.

Spring for New Furniture this Spring

What could be better for your home than the uniqueness of Amish furniture? Honestly? In our opinion, you should start in some of the most used rooms, for example, the living room. A nice coffee table with plenty of surface area and lots of storage can add both beauty and functionality to the room that you use the most, and it will make it more appealing overall.

You will be absolutely shocked at what a pair of end tables or a new entertainment center can do for your space, and if you arrange it all properly, it may feel as if you’ve walked into an entirely new house. As always, consider the rest of your home whether you are adding a new table to your kitchen or changing the beds in your bedrooms.

Remember: Amish furniture for sale is intended to last forever, but that doesn’t mean your tastes won’t change over time. If you want to make a change, make it!


The Difference Between Laminate, Veneer, and Solid Wood

When buying Amish furniture, choosing the right type of wood is a definite challenge, so what should you be doing? It is crucial that you know the difference between the types of wood that you will encounter at an Amish furniture store, but you should also know exactly what you shouldn’t be found. With that in mind, today we are going to take a look at the difference between laminates, veneers, and solid wood.

Veneer – One Thing you Should Never Find at an Amish Furniture Store

Amish Furniture StoreVeneer is not a solid wood – it is a thin layer of hardwood that normally measures 1/8 of an inch thick. In most cases, it is bonded or glued to a cheaper surface, or, in many cases, a particle board. In other words, it looks good, but once you get beneath the surface, it’s a far cheaper piece of furniture. This practice allows furniture to be built at a lower cost an will still retain the beauty of the solid wood furniture.

Objectively, particle board lasts longer in humidity, which often means that it is a better choice for bathroom vanities, but if you are here, then you are looking for the real deal. It is also important to remember that unlike Amish furniture for sale, veneers cannot be sanded as you will break through the top layer and end up at the particle board.

Laminate – A Synthetic Nightmare

We introduce you to another piece that you will not be found among online Amish furniture as you shop. Laminate is made from thinly sliced pieces of wood, or synthetic materials, and it is designed to completely imitate wood grain. It has a shiny finish and is often used in low-end furniture pieces that need more durable surfaces. How durable it really is, and how long it is going to last, will depend on how often it is used.

Solid Wood – The Gold Standard in Furniture

Authentic Amish furniture will always be made from solid wood, there are no exceptions. Unlike those we mentioned above, it can be more expensive but also more durable. In addition to that, it can be easily worked on, ensuring that it can stand the test of time and be a part of your home for many years rather than being replaced at the first sign of damage.

We will always recommend solid wood over any other type of wood on the market, and now you can see why. Make sure that you find the right piece of furniture for your home and most importantly, make sure that it is constructed from the right materials.


How to Decide If your Amish Furniture Needs to Be Refinished

You hear a lot about refinishing Amish furniture, but here’s a good question: does yours really need to be done? It is undoubtedly up in the air for you, and you probably have quite a few questions that need to be answered. Before you start stripping the finish off of your furniture, you should decide, first and foremost, whether or not it should be stripped. In some cases, wood does not need the finish to be stripped away; you can instead use a clear coat. Beyond that, however, there are two different schools of thought when it comes to refinishing solid wood furniture.

Should you Refinish Amish Furniture?

As we mentioned earlier there are two different schools of thought, each one with different implications for your solid wood furniture. The first states that you shouldn’t refinish wooden furniture as it could potentially reduce the monetary value. The second, however, believes that refinishing will give the piece a longer lifespan, and is, therefore, a highly valuable asset. If you feel that monetary gain is not a factor here, then refinishing will allow you to get more out of any Amish furniture for sale.

How to Make your Decision

There are a few important questions that you will need to ask yourself before you can actually make a decision, so consider the following:

Painted Pieces from the Amish Furniture Store

Amish furniture storeWhile you won’t find any painted pieces at an Amish furniture store, you will find that there are pieces being resold that have been painted over rather than stained. What does this mean exactly? In most cases, it means that that the previous owner was attempting to hide some serious damage, which you will uncover if you choose to strip the paint off. In these cases, it might be best to simply leave it alone.

Is it Stable?

How stable is the piece? Will it need to be repaired before you refinish it? Most Amish furniture for sale is sturdy but if you reach a point where it needs to be refinished, then it might also be time to give it a few repairs. Test its stability by trying to sway it from side to side, wiggle the legs, and see if it is coming apart at the seams. If you find any of these imperfections, you may need to have it repaired first.

What Will it Look Like?

The final question that you need to ask yourself, is what will the furniture look like once it has been refinished? If you are refinishing an antique, it will usually turn out a shade darker, so, when you are refinishing, expect it to be a little bit different once you are done.

Make your Decision

These factors should help you to come to a decision – just remember that once you refinish a piece you are committing to keeping it rather than selling it. At the end of the day, it’s going to be worth it, especially if you plan to pass a piece down to the next generation.

If you do choose to refinish your furniture, you will undoubtedly find yourself with a beautiful piece, even if it is a little bit darker. Make your decision and get started!


What Kind of Furniture Do You Need for your New Baby?

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that having a baby is a scary prospect even if it is one that is full of joy. One way you can alleviate some of the tension is to make sure that you have all of the right furniture for their room, and if you’re getting Amish furniture, you can rest assured that you’ll have some amazing quality.

Step 1: Get a Crib from our Amish Furniture Store

Amish furnitureThe single most important piece of Amish furniture that you can buy for your new child is going to be a crib. It’s where they’ll sleep, it’s where they’ll nap, and it may even become their time out spot. You need a crib that is going to look good but you also need one that is going to stand up to the constant abuse that most pieces of children’s furniture face. The Amish furniture that you buy online fits the bill and will last a lifetime.

Step 2: A Chest of Drawers is Key

Even if the nursery has a closet you will still need a dresser or a chest of drawers. Some of the options among our Amish furniture online include those that come with a mirror or those without. In addition, we have several different types, so start planning your nursery by browsing our website now.

Step 3: You Need a Rocking Chair

You’re going to thank us for this one: Get a rocking chair. While it might seem like a completely unnecessary piece of furniture it is definitely something you want to watch out for when you seek Amish furniture for sale. A rocking chair is instrumental in getting your baby down for a nap and even keeping them down in some cases. Rocking chairs from our Amish furniture store are durable and will stand the test of time, no matter how much of that time you spend rocking.

Naturally, there will be plenty of other items that you’re going to need to get your nursery going but this is definitely a good start! Remember – the nursery is the spot where your child will be spending most of his or her time, from naps to diaper changes, and eventually playing, so make sure that it is properly set up and that it is fully equipped with the best that Amish furniture can offer. Check out our store right now and start planning your nursery layout.


Examples of Must Have Amish Furniture for your Business

Building a business can be tough, and choosing the furniture for your office can be even tougher. There are so many different things to choose from, and we strongly recommend that you use nothing but the finest Amish furniture. Why? Because Amish furniture lasts, but mostly because there are so many different pieces out there for you to pick among. Today we’re going to look at a few crucial examples of Amish furniture that you should be looking through and adding to your office.

Add Office Chairs as Your First Piece of Amish Furniture

The low back client chair is just one example of the great pieces we offer at our Amish furniture store that will bring your space to a whole new level. We offer quite a few different chairs, all of which are leather backed and ready to not only provide a comfortable sitting place for clients and employees but also to convey a certain, much-needed aesthetic throughout your space. If a professional is what you’re looking for, then our Amish furniture for sale is exactly what you need.

Check Out our Selection of Desks

For a typical office that conducts business one of our best examples is the Freemont Mission File desk, which features a typical flat top and plenty of space for a computer, papers, office supplies, etc. It also features a number of drawers that can be used for virtually anything office related. If you are building a home office you can be a little bit more liberal with your desk design; for example, you might go with a dual-level desk for additional space.

Try an Entertainment Center

While it might seem like an odd idea in the case of an office, an entertainment center can actually be a great idea. With this, you will be able to place a television in the lobby or even in your office. For offices, we would strongly recommend a stand entertainment center rather than a full cupboard in efforts to save space.

Roll Top Desks

These aren’t the most common piece of Amish furniture in an office but you will see them from time to time. A roll top desk closes from the top using a piece of flexible wood set on rollers so that the contents of the desk in question can be sealed away. This is most often used as a writing desk but it can most definitely support a netbook or a small laptop for work purposes.

No matter what you need for your office we have it in the form of Amish furniture for sale and it won’t be too long before your entire office is fully outfitted.


New Furniture for the New Year – What You Need to Buy

2018 is here and if you haven’t made a new year’s resolution then maybe it’s time for you to start considering brand new Amish furniture! Looking around your house, you might not be sure what you need to add or replace, but we have a few items picked out specifically for you, whether you’re trying to build a modern-looking home, or stick with the contemporary aesthetic. One thing is for sure: when you buy Amish furniture, you’re getting quality, and no one can argue with that.

Consider an Extendable Dining Bench When you Look at Amish Furniture

Amish FurnitureWhile traditional dining chairs are always going to be in style, you are definitely going to like the idea of dining table benches. In our store, you’ll find a great selection of extendable benches that are about 18” tall and can be made to accommodate several people or nearly any size table. These benches are comprised of solid hardwood, and can even be made custom if you call ahead and discuss prices with us. It’s a different way to dine in a more informal setting.

Add some Barstools for Character

If you happen to have a kitchen island (and if you don’t, you can always grab one from our kitchen section) then you should add some barstools for the character. Our Amish barstool designs are, for the most part, based off of the standard 24-inch template but we do offer 30-inch barstools if you need to reach a bit higher. As you’re deciding which type of barstool is right for you, simply measure your countertop and subtract twelve inches. Keep in mind that do offer taller barstools upon request, so decide what you need and either place an order at our Amish furniture store or make a custom request!

Curio Cabinets are Great for Storage

If you want to ditch the old cupboard and go for something a bit different, our curio cabinets are not only great for storage, they can be outstanding for display too. From your chin to your plate collection, glasses, and much more, a curio cabinet is a great piece of Amish furniture for sale. Check out our wide selection, especially the one with the Nutmet stain.

Change it Up with an Empire Chair

For either the living room or the patio, an Empire chair can add some amazing character and is a great seating option. Ours comes in either leather or fabric, and you can choose fabric to drive the price down a bit if you find that Amish furniture prices are a bit out of your league.

Decorating your house for 2018 is going to be a lot of fun, and the quality of the best Amish furniture can drive the value of your home sky high. Call us today for more information or start shopping.



Amish Furniture Buying Guide – What You Need to Know First

Are you thinking about swapping out the furniture in your home? If you’re thinking of going the Amish furniture route then we certainly can’t fault you for that; the wide range of Amish furniture for sale is going to give you a great looking home full of pieces that are going to last a lifetime. Before you rush out and purchase any Amish furniture online or in a physical Amish furniture store there are a few things that you need to know. Don’t worry; it’s not too complicated and soon enough you’ll not only know where to buy Amish furniture but how to choose it.

Buy the Amish Furniture you Want

Amish furnitureThe first thing you need to do is make sure that you’re actually getting the furniture you want and something you’ll probably notice, and rather quickly, is that there are several different styles. Instead of grabbing them blindly and hoping for the best, we would strongly recommend that you learn the styles, of which we are going to list two:

Mission – The most common type of Amish furniture, it’s also the most plain. If you’re not looking for anything fancy and in fact want to go for a more plain look, then Mission is the way to go.

Shaker – It’s the more ornate option with carvings and designs being part of the integral structure of the wood.

Choose Your Wood Carefully

You need to make sure that you’re choosing the proper wood for the job when you buy Amish furniture, but what does that mean exactly? There are many different types of wood and you’ll want to take the following into account:

Wood Type – Some wood types are naturally harder than others, for example, mahogany is a bit harder than oak. The type you choose should depend on how much use it’s going to get and the likelihood of it being damaged. Also, consider that different types take to stain differently which results in a different aesthetic.

Wood Stain – While the type of wood plays a huge part in the coloring, stain does as well. You need to choose carefully, and make sure it matches the rest of your décor, whatever tone you are trying to set in your home or office.

It’s Time to Furnish

Your home needs to be properly furnished and with the items from our Amish furniture store, you can most certainly get the job done. Take a look at our options today and make sure that you’re buying the best we have to offer and the best for your home.


New Year’s Home Decorating Resolutions

We’re getting close to the end of December and we all know what that means: it means it’s time for new year’s resolutions! Whatever you happen to have planned for this new year, there is absolutely nothing wrong with changing it up a little by adding some new furniture to your home. Maybe you want to add a new chair, or maybe you want to take it a step further by replacing your entire couch.

Decorating for the new year is a serious challenge, but you don’t need us to tell you that. We’re going to spend some time going over the different pieces of furniture you’re going to want to buy fresh or completely replace during your New Year’s shopping trip. Let’s go over some of the best in Amish furniture!

Amish Furniture your Home Needs in the New Year

Amish Furniture

It’s a new year and a new you, so take these suggestions and get your home renovation underway:

Try a New Couch

Whether you like it or not, the couch is the centerpiece of your home and you need to treat it as such! It is front and center when your guests come over and you can rest assured that it’s going to see a lot of use over the years. That said, when you are buying a new couch you need to make sure that it looks good, and you need to make sure that it’s going to withstand some serious use. Tapered legs and leather upholstery are a great combination, but no matter what you choose to go with, you’re going to find that it looks amazing in your living room.

Replace that Old Coffee Table

If you’ve had your coffee table for a while then it might be time to replace it and you have lots of options. Coffee tables come in many different styles, giving you plenty of leeway in your living room design quest.

Consider an Endtable

Endtables are yet another important part of your home whether you’re putting them in the living room or going so far as to put them in bedrooms or sunrooms.

Do you Need a New Bed?

One of the most important questions that you can ask yourself is whether or not you need a new bed. The bed is a crucial part of your bedroom, your children’s bedrooms, and even your guest bedroom if you have one. A bed purchased at an Amish furniture store can last for a very long time and is without a doubt one of your greatest home assets.

Get Ready for 2018

It’s time for you to get into the cleaning and renovation mood! The New Year is almost here and you’re riding into it with a new home aesthetic. Take a look at our inventory today and get ready to renovate!


What is a Butterfly Leaf Dining Table?

When you are working on putting your living room together space is often one of the toughest things that you will need to take into consideration. Small dining spaces are going to require interesting solutions, especially when you’re shopping for Amish furniture, which is exactly why a butterfly leaf dining table is going to be one of the best solutions you can go for. These tables are created with the highest quality craftsmanship and can last a lifetime, just like any other Amish furniture online that you might buy. So, what is a butterfly leaf table? How will it help you to alleviate your space issues?

Amish Furniture Facts: What is a Butterfly Leaf Table?

Amish Furniture Butterfly Leaf TableThe first thing you need to know is where the ‘butterfly leaf’ table gets its name from. When it’s opened in place it appears to have wings, just like a butterfly, and the center seam allows for folding. Butterfly leaf tables are among some of the most popular Amish furniture for sale and they are far more reliable than some of the big box furniture that you are bound to find. Amish craftsmen have invested well over a century into perfecting the mechanism required for changing the shape of the table and expanding it. When you are installing a leaf, you simply need to pull the ends of the table apart and then lift the top half of the leaf open.

Available in All Shapes and Sizes

As you head out to any Amish furniture store and look into butterfly dining tables you will quickly notice that they come in various shapes and sizes. In addition to that they are sold in varying styles including:

  • Trestle
  • Legs
  • Pedestal

Surprisingly, all of these different styles can come in the form of a butterfly leaf and in small spaces it really is the best option. As you are using it in your home, you can simply add a single leaf and have space for two more adults – perfect if you have guests coming over or if you are adding more people to your family. You will also find these tables to be very useful if you are moving to a home with less space but you still wish to bring your furniture with you. They are easy to work, easy to use and they look just as beautiful as any other table on the Amish furniture market. Butterfly leaf tables are an outstanding investment for you, and definitely, something that you should be looking into if you want to bring both beauty and functionality to your house.

Look through our extensive inventory and find a butterfly leaf table that suits your dining room; there are lots to choose from and they’re all bound to make your living room a little bit more complete.


Outfit your Bed and Breakfast with the Best Amish Furniture

Amish FurnitureIf there was ever an adequate place to outfit with Amish furniture it would be a bed and breakfast. Throughout the United States, the bed and breakfast stand as a monument to a simpler time and one that isn’t quite gone yet. You can think of a bed and breakfast as a sort of hotel with a more personal touch. In fact, many of them look more like a home than a hotel once you get inside. Guests will normally be housed in private bedrooms that feature private bathrooms, or they might be in a suite of rooms. In some cases, the bed and breakfast will feature a single bathroom shared by the rest of the guests, but the bottom line is that it’s more of a home than a lodging.

While a bed and breakfast need to conform to the typical health standards in the area, you will notice that they are much more customized to the personality of the owner. You will see personal photos, art, decorations, and more as you walk through any bed and breakfast in America. These differ significantly from hotel chains as they are devoid of the blandness of corporate-owned chains. If you are planning to establish a B&B or are thinking of updating yours, then you should definitely buy Amish furniture to get it started.

Buy Amish Furniture Online for your New B&B

Buying Amish furniture online is a great first step and something that you should definitely consider doing if you want to bring that custom, home feeling to your B&B. Your immediate question is going to be what elements Amish furniture can bring to your establishment and we would counter with ‘what can’t it bring’? First of all, Amish furniture is made using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation with the methods perfected over time. These are pieces of furniture that aren’t pulled off of an assembly line, and they won’t fall apart in just a matter of years. Amish furniture is designed to last a lifetime!

Choosing a Theme for your Bed and Breakfast

Amish furniture for sale isn’t cut and dry; it comes in many different forms and several different styles. One of the biggest mistakes that people make, even when outfitting their home, is to choose pieces with contrary style and they end up clashing. To put it simply: you don’t want a budget living room in your B&B. A consistent theme throughout each room will help guests to feel more at ease and will give them the impression that you are highly organized – it’s a great way to bring out the best in your space and your decorating skills.

High-Quality Furniture for Every Situation

From beds, all the way to dressers and tables, there is a piece of Amish furniture for sale to meet any occasion. Start shopping now and make sure that your B&B is up to the challenge of hosting guests.


Home Building: How to Pair Tables and Chairs

Buying furniture is easy but properly pairing furniture is an entirely different monster. There are many things that you need to take into account even when you’re buying some amazing Amish furniture, and today we’re going to be talking about the concept of properly pairing your chairs and tables as you buy them.

Amish Furniture Pairing: Look at the Scale First

Tables and ChairsTo start, you will want to take a look at the scale of the furniture in question. When you buy Amish furniture online you need to make sure that the chairs and table are compatible, so it’s time for you to get your ruler out. In most cases, the dining room table will measure 28 to 31 inches, though you will normally find them to be 30 inches. Measuring from the seat of the chair to the floor, you will normally have 17 20 inches, and in most cases, people are going to feel comfortable with a distance of 8 to 14 between the seat and their legs. If the chair is too low it will be awkward and if it is too high they will have trouble sitting down. As you can see, there is a difference and it is very important.

There are certain factors in Amish furniture for sale that can completely change the situation, for example, chair to seat height, backing, and more. In addition to that, if the table has an apron you’re going to need to reconsider the height of the chair entirely. Finally, is the chair upholstered? If is, note that the seat height will decrease as cushions and change the height of the chair. If you want to get an accurate measurement, you will need to measure from beneath the cushion to the top of the chair.

Width and Depth

Finding the appropriate scale for your Amish furniture is about more than just looking at the height. It is critical that you find chairs that fit under the table, otherwise, you’re going to end up with uncomfortable guests and you might even damage your table. Any chairs that you place at the end of the table should fit underneath without bumping the legs or the base – the same applies if you have a round or square table, so keep it in mind.

If your plan is to place more than one chair along the side of the table you will, of course, want to make sure you have plenty of room to slide them underneath without bumping the base or the legs. Doing this incorrectly will make space feel cramped, and that’s not the effect that you want. Between each chair, you should have at least two inches of space!

When it comes to choosing chairs for your living room tables you might have your work cut out for you but it’s not going to be impossible to pull off. Pay close attention to the specifications that we have mentioned and most importantly, use the tips that we mentioned above.


Bunk Bed Buyer’s Guide

Are you thinking about buying a bunk bed setup for your children? In our opinion, you have plenty of reason to, and you might be looking at all manner of different Amish furniture. Whether you’re looking at a physical Amish furniture store or are looking for Amish furniture online, there are certain questions that will need to be answered before you can settle for anything in particular. Let’s go into some of them so that you can make an informed decision and buy the best possible bed.

Question 1: Does your Amish Furniture Bunk Bed Separate?

You might want bunk beds right now but at some point, things could change. Maybe your children will move to separate rooms or maybe you will imply want a different room configuration. Rather than buying all new beds for them, search our Amish furniture store online to see if you can find one that separates into two beds rather than one that stays a bunk bed forever.

Question 2: How Much Space Between the Bunks?

Amish bunk bedThis is a no-brainer, but you do need to make sure that there is adequate space between the bunks. The last thing you want is to find that your bunks are basically obsolete in the next few years because your children are bumping their heads the moment they sit up in the morning. Sure, they can roll out, but if you’re going to buy Amish furniture you want to make sure it’s something that can last for many years to come.

Question 3: How High is the Top Bunk?

If the top bunk is too high then you are going to have a problem. This also applies if you have a ceiling fan as this will cause a safety hazard. Take some measurements before you head to the Amish furniture store to pick up anything.

Question 4: Is a Trundle an Option?

Trundle beds are very popular at the moment, and with so many people downsizing, having a bed that folds is a great asset. This is also great for guest Amish bedrooms or simply occasional use. Finally, if you need additional space in a room and want to add an extra bed, a trundle is a great way to make that extra room and allow up to three people to sleep in the same space.

Choosing a bunk bed is a challenge but once you find one, you will quickly discover that it’s an outstanding investment and one that will last you for many years to come. You will have better sleeping options for your kids and you’ll save space in their room. Check our extensive inventory and start planning your renovation.


Use Amish Furniture to Prepare your Home for Sale

Selling your home can be one of the most important things you do. A lot of times before you move on, whether it is to the next home or the next area, you have to sell the home you have been living in. A lot of attention seems to be paid to tasks such as power washing the exterior of your home and landscaping prior to listing and these are very important tasks. Even more important is staging your home, setting it up in such a way that potential buyers can envision themselves living in your home. Staging a home is proven to proportionally raise your chances of selling your home and selling it quickly.

The Basics of Staging a Home for Sale

Amish furnitureHow does one stage a home? Some of the steps of staging are common sense. Enhancing curb appeal, power washing the outside of your home, planting flowers, anything that makes your house look inviting at first glance. When you start on the interior of your home, you want to immediately declutter. Clutter raises anxiety for a lot of people, you want your home to feel welcoming and comfortable. Opt for neutral colors, paint your walls vanilla, beige, warm, neutral tones that make it easy for someone to imagine their furniture and their decor in the space. Do not hesitate to move furniture and decorations around even if it means putting them in rooms they were not originally meant for. You want to create and comfortable theme that runs through all of the rooms of the home.

Amish furniture is the Ultimate Neutral

Amish furniture is perfect for staging a home. The warm wood tones are neutral and easily maneuverable into any decor scheme. The patterns used are time-tested and always give off an air of sophistication. The patterns are malleable and it is easy to picture them fitting in any type of setting. Consider adding rockers or a small table and chairs to your front porch, giving the image of a home to stop in and visit randomly, somewhere to pass relaxing moments. A solid wood kitchen table made by an Amish crafter gives a nostalgic and homey feel to a kitchen or an Amish dining room. The living room is considered the social hub of your house, and it can literally make or break a home sale. Consider using the best Amish furniture here to create a conversation area that is at once inviting and comfortable.

Where to Buy Amish Furniture

Selling a house is a lot of work. And any work you put into your home sale will increase your profits in the end. Many Amish furniture stores now sell Amish furniture online for your convenience. You can browse, buy, and even customize your furniture in the comfort of your own home. The Amish furniture for sale online is the same quality as those you would find trekking into the country. You can be assured a faster home sale if you utilize Amish furniture in your staging.


How to Buy Amish Furniture for your Hallway

Every room in your home presents a unique set of needs. Bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, each space is designed not only for function but to reflect the ambiance of your home. Before you begin purchasing furniture for any space in your home, there are a few planning steps that you need to complete. Planning your space, researching your options, and planning your purchases are but a few things on your to-do list before you have the hallway of your dreams. Amish furniture is an excellent choice for lasting and beautiful hallway furnishings.

Measure the Space for your Amish Furniture

The first step you should take in planning furnishings for any area is to get an accurate measurement of the area in question. There are apps that can aid you with this but it is still best to measure by hand because only you can see the areas that need to stay clear, such as doorways. Make sure you measure the entrances and exits to the area so you will know what kind of clearance you will have getting furniture in and out of your hallway. Make sure to take note of kick plates, molding, light fixtures or any other architectural impediments that you will need to design around.

What Kind of Amish Furniture is Available for Hallways

Amish Furniture

What do you need from your hallway? Storage? Places to hang coats? Places to sit and put on shoes? Examining the needs and desires that you envision for your hallway is the second crucial step in planning your hallway furnishings. Amish furniture for sale online offers a wide variety of bed seats that would make a beautiful and functional place for sitting to put on shoes or remove them. Freestanding wall clocks are available to keep you moving on time as you head out the door. Storage for various weather necessities comes in the form of occasional tables, bedside tables, blanket chests, there are so many options that would fit right into any hallway decorating scheme.

Where To Buy Amish Furniture

Shopping for and purchasing Amish furniture is a lot easier now than in times past. Many retailers now offer Amish furniture online, you can browse, shop, purchase, and even have your questions answered all from the comfort of your own home. Your furniture will be shipped straight to your door. The best sites educate your on their manufacturers, can educate you on the patterns and materials uses, and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Remember that the best Amish furniture is only made of solid wood. When you go to buy Amish furniture, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than how the furniture will fit in your home.


A Guide to the Most Common Wood Types Used in Amish Furniture

Amish furniture is an ever-growing choice in many decorating circles. What was once a best-kept secret of country folk has now found appeal with even the urbanest of populations. Furniture generally lasts quite a number of years, if not decades or more, so must fit in with the changing needs of an individual as well as decorating trends. Amish furniture is a sound choice for many needs, it is not only durable but is beautiful and an investment in your future. Due to the high-quality materials use and time-proven craftsmanship, not to mention designs that have endured through centuries, Amish furniture will last through all of your needs, moods, and styles.

Of What is The Best Amish Furniture Made

Amish FurnitureAmish furniture is made in a small family owned workshops using locally sourced, high-quality materials. The secrets of the trade are passed down through the generations and generally kept within the family. The Amish use mainly locally grown, seasoned, hardwoods for their furniture. Hardwoods are denser and more fibrous than other types of wood which makes the wood tougher. The wood is milled in such a way as to make the finished product stronger overall. The seasoning period, which dries out the wood, ensures that the wood is less likely to shrink and warp. The natural density of the wood also gives it some extra protection against wood destroying pests like termites. An aesthetic benefit of hardwoods is that the compactness of the grain gives the finished product a natural glimmer and sheen. Centuries of trial and error have gone into perfecting the builds of the Amish furniture you find for sale.

So What Woods Are Hardwoods

The Amish generally use four different types of hardwood in their manufacturing. Oak is the most popular wood used in Amish furniture. Oak is known for its surface roughness. Its resistant to scratches, stains, and dust, which means it requires less maintenance cleaning. Oak is also a very resilient wood, oak furniture can last a century or more. Cherry wood is not only a tough wood, it has a unique color that can not be mistaken. Cherry is easy to polish which keeps the wood looking lovely for a long time. Hickory is one of the hardest, strongest, heaviest woods available in North America. It is distinctive for the light and dark textures of its grain. Hickory can withstand the heaviest of weights without bending, warping, or breaking. Maple is always easy to spot because of the many colors that make up its grain. Swirls of brown, gray, tan, white, and cream make maple furniture stand out from other woods. Maple also takes stains easily.

Amish Furniture for Sale Online

For visual examples of the woods used in Amish furniture, there are many online Amish furniture stores eager to help you make your choices. It is easier than ever to order authentic Amish furniture delivered straight to your door!


What Specialty Finishes Can I Have on My Amish Furniture

Amish furniturePurchasing Amish furniture can be an amazing addition to your home or office. Amish furniture is renowned for its grace and stability. There is little that can stand up to the craftsmanship of Amish furniture, certainly not the mass-produced, flimsy, products that are the common stock of most stores these days. Amish furniture is always handcrafted by families who have passed their secrets down through the generations, perfecting their craft along the way.

With the advent of stores online who retail Amish furniture for the craftsmen, it is now easier than ever to access Amish furniture. No more trips to the country to order, check on and retrieve your furniture. All of your choices come shipped directly to your door. The only issues left are your choices. Educating yourself on your various choices of woods, styles, and finishes will bring you ever closer to lounging in your gorgeous new furniture.

What Is Finishing in Amish Furniture Anyhow

Wood finishing is the process of refining and protecting the surface of the wood to provide lasting benefits to the finished piece. Often wood is stained during the finishing process, this consists of adding a pigmented compound that changes or deepens the coloring of the natural wood. The staining process happens after an initial sanding that removes imperfections and evens out the surface of the wood.

After the staining, a protective layer is added to the wood which seals in the stain and gives the wood more water resistance than it would have naturally. The finishing layer usually consists of waxes, varnishes, or shellac. These finishes also serve to make the finished piece easier to clean and maintain.

What Finishes Can I Have

Amish ShowroomWhen you are choosing your finish for your Amish furniture, there is quite a few specialty finishes available that are not to be discounted. Burnishing is a technique where the stain is added to the outer edges of a piece, giving it an antiqued look. Distressing is a specialty technique that is most often done with painted furniture but can be done with stained pieces as well. The paint is rubbed off on the edges and in specific areas (like table and chair legs), to give it a more rustic and used/worn look.

An item can be lightly or deeply distressed depending on preference. Another interesting finish is two-toned, where different parts of an item are stained with darker varnish whereas others are bleached or left natural. Controlling the sheen level is another way of customizing a finish, sheen can range from glossy to matte. Regardless of the finish you choose, you can be guaranteed that your pieces of Amish furniture will be beautiful and heirloom quality.


How to Buy Authentic Amish Furniture Online

Amish furniture is a perennial favorite for the savvy decorator. The classic styles and warm wood tones can fit into any decorating scheme and the pieces are created to stand the test of time. In the past acquiring Amish furniture required a lengthy trek consisting of multiple trips into Amish country to order, check on, and pick up the pieces that you desired. There are many sites online that purport to sell authentic Amish furniture, but how do you know that you will be getting authentic Amish made furniture when you order from a website. We all know that the Amish eschew technology, they do not maintain websites, do they?

Where to Buy Amish Furniture

It is very important to protect yourself as a consumer by doing your homework before spending a considerable amount of money on a piece of furniture. Vetting the websites you utilize is vital. Look for sites that do not shy away from providing their physical addresses and contact information. You should be able to find information on their warehouses, craftsman, and inventory. Look for sites that have quantities of information on the styles in which they specialize as well as information on the timeline from ordering to arriving at your door. You should be able to access reviews from other customers and the best websites have endorsements from the Better Business Bureau or other consumer protection entities.

How Do I Identify Authentic Amish Furniture

Authentic Amish furniture is always made from solid wood. You will not find cheap veneers and pressboard in an authentically Amish made piece of furniture. The wood itself will be quarter sawn or plain sawn. Quartersawn and plain sawn wood is more stable and shrinks less, it also lends itself to a more beautiful final look as the rings and lines in the wood add shimmer and flecks. When wood treated this way is finished by hand with sanding and varnish, it is far superior in appearance to anything factory made. Amish furniture is almost always joined using crafted joinery such as dovetails, anything stapled and nail gunned together is likely not authentic Amish furniture.

Protect Yourself but Enjoy Your Shopping Experience

The internet has brought the world closer together than ever before. This enables you to find information on nearly anything you want and shop for anything you want from the comfort of your own home. This means that you can have quality, heirloom ready furniture made by authentic Amish craftsman in every room of your home. Armed with the tips mentioned, you will be able to determine the best sites with the best inventory of authentic furniture to fulfill your every desire. You will have the quality and beauty of a handcrafted, solid wood creation delivered from Amish country to your door.

Save Time and Buy Amish Furniture Online in Washington

Amish furniture is highly sought after in Washington for many different kinds of homes and businesses. Classic styles that suit any design scheme coupled with durability make Amish made furniture a worthwhile investment. Authentic Amish furniture is handmade using tried and true techniques and all-natural materials. This makes the pieces durable and beautiful.

Most people believe that purchasing Amish made furniture is a huge time sink, with driving to a showroom or an Amish business then returning after the order is complete to pick up the pieces you have ordered. With today’s busy schedules, most people do not have the time to make long journeys, regardless of how badly they want to obtain quality furnishings. It is exactly for this reason that many Amish furniture retailers have expanded their businesses into the online marketplace.

Finding a Reputable Site for Amish Furniture

There are many sites online that purport to retail Amish made furniture. It can be anxiety-inducing to try to choose one. The vast majority of Amish sects eschew technology as a tenet of their faith. This means that Amish craftsmen are prohibited from running websites and selling their wares on the online market. In an effort to bridge that gap and open up the customer base, there are Amish furniture expositions in Washington which are highly attractive to non-Amish retailers. A good retailer will develop a relationship with the Amish craftspeople, setting them up to become the middleman for the non-Amish searching online for quality furniture.

  • Choose a site that can tell you who their craftspeople are, the materials they use, and the quality they produce.
  • Choose a site that is vetted with local business organizations and has published feedback of their business practices.
  • Choose a site that allows for ease in answering questions and doesn’t just take orders via an online cart process.

The site and the store representatives should be knowledgeable about styles, wood choices, finishes, and the personal talents of each craftsman. Shopping online gives you the ability to check and cross-check various sites in a short amount of time.

Why Buy Online

Buying online is a viable option for both those who can not travel the distance to a physical Amish furniture store and those who do have the ability. Shopping online gives you access to parts of the country that you can not reach by car in a reasonable amount of time. When you buy online, you will have access to a larger inventory than you would in a small family run local shop. Each retailer has access to multiple families run Amish manufacturers This will undoubtedly save you time as well as giving you a greater choice in furniture pieces. You will have choices of many styles, stains, wood, and upholstery options, no longer being constrained by what is only available locally or the style of the local craftsmen.

You can create the perfect combination that works for you all from the comfort of your own home! Another benefit of purchasing furniture online is delivered right to your door. You do not have to worry about coordinating your delivery through local services. It also saves wear and tears on your personal vehicles. Because many of the online retailers also maintain warehouses, you may not have to wait for a piece that you desire to be made by the craftsman then sent to the staining facility before it is ready to be shipped to you. This can shave months off of your shopping process!

The Choices are Yours

Shopping for a quality piece of Amish furniture, or a whole house full of Amish made furniture, is easier and quicker today than it has ever been. Although it might feel out of place to search for Amish furniture online due to the Amish beliefs about technology, there are many caring companies who have set up as middlemen online to assure that you have access to valuable furniture you desire for your home!


Use Amish Furniture to Bring New Life to an Old Bedroom

It happens to everyone; at some point, you wander into your bedroom and come to the unfortunate realization that you’re going to need a change, and you’re going to need that change soon. So, what can you do? Chances are you’ve already shopping for new carpet, but what about the furniture? If you’re like most people then you would REALLY like your next bedroom to remodel to be your last, and for that, you’re going to need furniture that isn’t breaking after six months. Okay, let’s be honest here, you’re not going to get that with big box furniture.

We all know that telltale ‘crack’ that occurs when you sit on your couch for the millionth time, or that horrific chip that’s missing from your entertainment center which you might later try to glue back in, but you know very well that it’s never going to look the same again. The solution to this is to start purchasing higher quality furniture pieces, and quite frankly, that’s going to mean looking into the best Amish furniture.

Amish Bedroom Set

Why Buy High-Quality Amish Furniture?

When you’re outfitting your bedroom there are a few specific pieces that you’re going to need which can include:

  • Bed
  • End tables
  • Dressers
  • Night Stands
  • Storage
  • Entertainment Center


Naturally, this is not an exhaustive list, and there are plenty of other options for you to explore when creating the perfect bedroom furniture set. The thing to remember, however, is that while there are many high-quality furniture makers out there you will definitely want to stick with buying online Amish furniture, and we’ll explain why. Some of the best furniture makers out there often use green wood, which is wood that has not dried completely. This tends to be a rookie mistake, and it helps to signify the importance of choosing a furniture maker that has been around the block a time or two and knows to use dried wood as this will keep the furniture piece from cracking, warping, or coming loose from its joints in the first few years of use.

Outfit your Bedroom Properly

If you take a look at our website you’re going to find a huge range of products, and unlike many physical Amish furniture stores, you will find that shopping online gives you far more access to different Amish furniture styles and different pieces. From Mission to Shaker, and anything in between, you can create the perfect bedroom set by choosing from our collection. We not only have the items that we mentioned above, we also have them in many different styles. Our beds, for example, come in the typical bookcase style, or you could go with the more stylistic wrap around, depending on your mood and preferences.

If you want to save some time, however, it would be a good idea to take a look at our bedroom sets which allow you to choose the type of wood and the type of stain. Remember that the wood type will change the price of the bedroom set, but it will also give you more control over both the look and quality – keep that in mind as you are about the task of designing the perfect set for your bedroom.

In the end, the Amish furniture for sale online and in stores will make your bedroom look great, and it will definitely raise the overall quality. Browse our selection, choose your material, and change your space in the best way. Amish furniture for sale online is the best way for you to breathe new life into an old bedroom.


Amish Furniture Stands the Test of Time

Amish furniture has become a popular buzzword of late. Rustic styles have had a revolution when it comes to decor and even the urbanest populations seek out the nostalgia and kitsch of more rustic styles. Nothing portrays rustic better than Amish made furniture and city dwellers are fast learning a secret that those who live around Amish country have known for decades: Amish furniture lasts. The quality construction of Amish furniture and the care that is put into building each piece ensures that every item is of heirloom quality and far superior to anything found on the mass market. There are more than a few reasons that Amish furniture reigns supreme.

Wood Choices for Amish Furniture

The Amish use only solid wood in their builds. You will not find any sort of plastics, veneers, or pressboard in an authentic piece of Amish furniture. The Amish source only seasoned hardwoods, mostly from their own local lumber mills. This means they can inspect trees before they are felled for pieces and that they know the techniques used in milling. Likewise, the millers will often pull out special cuts of wood and set them aside for certain pieces of furniture.

This communication from tree farm to carpenter makes for a level of quality control that is unseen in today’s mass produced goods. The Amish also do not use green wood in their furniture. Green wood is wood that is fresh, it still retains a lot of moisture from growth. This wood tends to bend and change size. This is not at all ideal for building. The Amish season their wood, ensuring that the moisture has left the wood before beginning work. Seasoned wood does not warp or shrink, it also takes varnishes and sealants better.

Centuries Old Techniques

The Amish take pride in the work that they do. A family will often have multiple generations working side by side in each carpenter shop. When a family member finishes schooling, which for the Amish is typically eighth grade, they go into the family business beside grandparents, parents, uncles, and cousins to learn on the job. This enables someone to learn techniques by seeing them employed over and over. Since the Amish eschew electricity and most modern technology, there is not a constant learning curve for Amish carpenters. They build pieces using tried and true methods. Some of the designs employed in Amish made furniture are nearly indestructible. A century old set of drawers made using dovetailed joinery often holds up better than a brand new particle board set that is glued together. The Amish do not often use staples, glues, and plastics in their construction if ever, they prefer older methods that have stood the test of time.

Attention to Detail

As mentioned before, the Amish do not use electricity or modern manufacturing methods in building their furniture. As such, they do not spend their days watching chair after chair fly by on an assembly line while air guns slap staples into the wood. Even still, Amish furniture looks as if it was produced by the most precise computer programming. The gloss of the varnish highlights the natural beauty of the wood, the angles of the pieces are sharp, the joints fit together seamlessly. This is due both to the ageless techniques employed and the care which goes into each and every build. Every hand from seedling to varnish is that of someone who knows their job well and relishes seeing a job well done. This work ethic radiates from each piece of furniture and contributes much to the durability of each piece.

Built Tough

Amish furniture is built to last. Attention and care go into every piece of wood, every bolt of fabric, each swipe of varnish, and it all comes together to create furniture that is an investment. Paying for quality today ensures that you will have something to pass on to posterity.

Live Edge Wood Furniture and Natural Edge Wood Furniture

When you think of furniture, even Amish furniture, symmetrical edges and corners come to mind. Let’s be honest, the Amish pride themselves on perfection, even though every single piece is going to be entirely unique. Live edge Amish furniture for sale, however, is something entirely different, and it’s definitely something you’re going to love if the rough, rustic look is something that you’re going for.

What is Live Edge Amish Furniture?

To be quite frank, live edge furniture is precisely what it sounds like. The furniture style involves the carpenter incorporating the natural edge of the wood into the actual design. Due to the existence of this design, there are many furniture makers who are able to incorporate salvaged wood that was otherwise unsuitable for conventional woodworking – it’s conservation at its best. Something important to understand when you’re at an Amish furniture store is that these pieces are not going to be cheap. Typical Amish furniture for sale is not going to be cheap by any means, but there is definitely something special about live edge and the amount of skill required to create unique edges and cuts. To put it as simply as possible, it’s an art form.

Live Edge vs. Rustic

Amish furniture for sale onlineSo what is the main difference between live edge Amish furniture for sale and the age old rustic furniture? Well, to put it as simply as possible, a live edge is a mix between the western and rustic styles. If you want to get down to the basics, rustic furniture features the raw elements of the tree it came from. In the rustic furniture arena, you have two different types of construction, the first being bentwood, where sticks are harvested freshly to create new and interesting shapes. Twig work is the second, in which the twigs are simply assembled to create decorative shapes. It is not abnormal to see hybrid pieces where both techniques are worked in together.

Live edge, on the other hand, uses entirely different techniques and is well adjusted for formal settings as it simply features the rough edge of the tree. You can find live edge furniture in many different styles, from both modern and timeless, making it perfectly adaptable to any setting. We tend to prefer our live edge furniture in walnut, as it lasts the longest and looks the best. Basically, instead of a smooth edge, you’re going to have a curved one that may be slightly sanded, but will most resemble the tree from which it was cut.

Unique Furniture to take Home

You can rest assured that any Amish furniture for sale is going to be absolutely unique and incorporate elements that have been passed down from generation to generation. The construction techniques that have been employed will excite you, and they will ensure that the piece lasts for many years to come. Unlike other furniture makers, you will not need to worry about green wood being used, which means your furniture is not going to warp within the first few years of its life.

This will ensure a more expensive piece, but it will also ensure a piece that is going to last you for the rest of your life. It’s worth the investment, and live edge Amish furniture for sale online will add that much-needed bit of character to your space whether it’s for your conference room, your living room, or your waiting room. Check out our options today and choose something different.


Three Ways to Tell You’re Getting Authentic Amish Furniture in Oregon

Your furniture serves not only a functional purpose but can define the entire atmosphere of your home. Quality pieces of furniture in a classic style are versatile and can last through many incarnations of your style choices. Good quality furniture is an investment and can be handed down to your descendants, becoming family heirlooms. Amish furniture in Oregon is always a good, solid, choice when shopping for furniture. Hand crafted and made from quality materials, any Amish made piece enhances the beauty and durability of your home. Are you seeking Amish furniture but do not know where to start? Perhaps you have a piece of furniture in your home and you are unsure if it is truly Amish made?

Vet Your Amish Furniture Store

Amish furnitureThe chief way to be able to discern if you are getting authentic Amish made furniture is to be critical of the place in which you purchase or look to purchase your Amish furniture. Most people are not lucky enough to be able to drive out to Amish country and stop by the local Amish carpenter’s shop themselves. For the unlucky majority, relying on resale shops and furniture specialty stores is the main way of procuring Amish made furniture. Ask a lot of questions. A salesperson should know where their pieces are sourced and manufactured.

Ask about the location of the craftsmen, what sect they are, what types of tools they employ. The salesperson should be knowledgeable about the wood uses, the varnishes used, even the crafting styles of each individual piece. If they can not divulge their sources and manufacturers, then it is likely that the shop does not sell authentic Amish furniture and you would be best taking your money elsewhere. Do not be afraid to check places like the Better Business Bureau to get your store.

Inspect Before You Buy

Before you place an order for furniture, inspect the sample pieces thoroughly. The Amish take pride in their work, there should be no evident flaws. Amish furniture prices do not run cheap so you want to make sure that you know what you are buying before you make a purchase. Any reputable store will not have any qualms about you inspecting their goods. Ask to see wood samples, varnish samples, and style samples. If you are buying online, these same qualifications should apply. Additionally, you might be able to rely on reviews from previous customers for your information.

Pay Attention to the Quality

Amish FurnitureAuthentic Amish furniture is made on a small scale so little details that can only be found when something is not mass manufactured should be present. Is the piece heavy or light? Most natural wood is heavy so any piece should appear sturdy and feel heavy for its size. The styles will be traditional in nature, shaker, Windsor, mission, rustic, cottage, etc. The Amish do not make more modern looking pieces. Check the wood, the piece should be solid wood, no veneers, particle boards, or laminates.

The Amish only use natural, classic materials for their furniture, the presence of the aforementioned manufactured materials is a dead giveaway that you are not looking at authentic Amish made furniture. Look for signs of the piece having been made by hand. Dovetailed drawers are a good indication of something being handmade and a trademark of Amish furniture. Hand sanding and finishing are also good indications. Do not be afraid to touch the piece, test the finishing under your fingertips, jiggle it, check to make sure it is solid.

Quality Shows in Your Home

It can be daunting trying to decide on what additions to make to your home, especially if you are venturing into a new area. Amish furniture is always a solid decision, it can last for many generations and the Amish classic styles fit into any design scheme. With the right frame of mind and attention to detail, you can assure that you are getting quality Amish furniture for your home.


Is Amish Furniture a Good Investment for Universities?

Amish FurnitureSomething that that absolutely must be said, is that universities are NOT schools. This is often misunderstood, but when you’re dealing with a university, you want something a bit more than the usual fare. You want prestige, you want durability, and most importantly, you want it to look good. This is where Amish furniture is going to come into the picture and there are plenty of differences as well as great options. So, what direction do you want to take this? Your first instinct might be to head to head to the local furniture store to see what you can find, but we’re here to advise you that this would be a terrible idea.

Many furniture stores make the mistake of hosting horrible furniture lines, made from pressed particle board, all of which are going to come apart within the next few years. When your university is all about prestige and honor, the last thing you want is a particle board couch that is coming apart at the seams. No, when you want something that is going to last, you’re going to want Amish furniture.

Amish Furniture – Beyond the Green

As you read this, one of your first thoughts is going to be simply that there are other furniture makers out there, many of which use hard wood, so why should you want to bother going with the more expensive option. Here’s something that you probably didn’t know: many furniture makers forget to allow the wood to dry out before they create their solid wood furniture. Over the course of time, wood tends to shift and change, meaning that when it is placed within a furniture construction, it could warp and crack. Wood that has not been dried out is referred to as ‘green wood’ and is simply a bad idea. Amish furniture makers allow their wood to dry, ensuring that when they put a furniture piece together, it’s going to stay together for many years to come.

Engineered by Hand

The furniture built by the Amish is engineered entirely by hand. One of the things that many people notice when they look at this furniture is that the surfaces are often as smooth as glass and sometimes even appeared to be machined, but most of this is produced with hand tools. This also extends to the complex joints that are used to hold the assembly together, with each joint created for a specific purpose. This hand engineering ensures that the construction will always be amazing and well done, but it also ensures that each piece produced will be unique. Yes, for the most part, they will all look the same, but each one bears the mark of its builder, and the minute differences make any piece of Amish furniture for sale one of a kind.

Fit for a University

Amish ShowroomThe Amish furniture pieces that you buy are going to be some of the most unique and most well built that you ever purchase, and they will be perfect for your university office, or even great pieces for waiting rooms if you want to go that far. Now would be a great time for you to take a look at our website, see what we have to offer you, and start the long process of outfitting your university.

If you need more proof, all you have to do is visit Notre Dame University in Indiana– we just finished up helping with a major renovation job that supplied them with the best Amish furniture the industry has to offer. Just imagine what we can do for you!


A Close Look at Amish Furniture Construction

You’ve heard all about Amish furniture, but here’s an important question: what is it that sets this furniture apart from all the rest? The first thing that we want to say is that over the last few years, Amish furniture really has seen a rise in popularity, but really, should that be a surprise? If you’ve been shopping at the big box stores, then you know that mass produce furniture has some serious quality issues.

You would think that with advanced technology and better machinery, the furniture would get better and better, but the industry has taken the opportunity to simply create lower quality furniture that sells for slightly less. Sure, it makes an entire house of furniture feasible but you’ll be replacing it within a few years, and you’ll be sorely disappointed when your entire bed collapses for virtually no reason. SO, let’s talk about the Amish furniture for sale and what makes it different.

Amish Furniture Construction – Quality Like No Other

To be perfectly honest, there is nothing quite like Amish furniture, and everyone knows that it’s great to outfit a living room with. Any quality and authentic Amish furniture for sale online will start with the selection of the wood, and it just gets better from there.

A Word about Wood Selection

Amish furnitureSo what is it about wood selection that makes a difference? First, let’s talk about high-quality furniture. Even with the best building techniques out there, furniture that is built from green wood will crack or deform after just a few years. Green wood is still moist, and over time, wood stabilizes in moisture content. Du ring this time, the wood will change its size and shape many times. That said, joints will begin to lose their fit, and you will either need to replace or repair the furniture in question.

This is not such a problem with Amish furniture for sale as the wood has already been dried and stabilized. This is just one of the secrets to crafting the best Amish furniture, and it is all just a prelude to the structure.

The Structure of Amish Furniture

Finally, we get to the structure – the important part of Amish furniture construction. You have probably noticed that some of the surfaces are absolutely amazing; they appear to be smooth as glass, so much so that you would think they were crafted using precision machines. As a matter of fact, most of these were actually crafted using hand tools and age old techniques that you wouldn’t believe. In addition to that, Amish furniture uses hand crafted joinery rather than bolts, nails, glue, or staples. These joinery techniques have been practiced for hundreds of years, making them the preferred method for virtually any piece of furniture out there. For example, you have the dovetail joint which is very complex, but also nearly unbreakable.

Amish furniture uses time proven techniques to ensure that everything holds together and that the pieces stand the test of time. If you’re planning a remodel, then now would be a great time for you to start taking a look at our side and seeing what we have available. We have a wide selection of tables, chairs, beds, and living room furniture to ensure that you have a full house of furniture that is going to last for the rest of your life, and beyond.


Three Reasons to Start Looking for Amish Furniture

It’s that time again – the time to start planning a new renovation, and chances are you’re at the stage where you need to plan for furniture. At least we think you are, why else would you be here? Also, if you’re here, we would go so far as to assume that you’re looking for something of the highest quality. Okay, no one can blame you for that one and there are a lot of options on the market – getting confused is far too easy. If you’re here, then maybe you’ve already spent a lot of time shopping through all of the different options.

Maybe you’ve paid your dues going through the big box stores and looking for that perfect piece of furniture, always finding those that simply break after a few years of use. You’re ready to move on to something bigger, something better, and something that’s going to give you the satisfaction that you deserve. Don’t worry, the best Amish furniture is out there waiting for you.

Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture – The Handmade Solution

When it comes to handmade furniture, there are two questions probably burning at the back of your mind. First of all, why do you want to go with it, and secondly, why is it so expensive? We have to take into account that handmade furniture is literally made by hand rather than being made on an assembly line which guarantees two things. It will be of the highest quality, and it will be unique. That’s right, while all pieces of Amish furniture are going to be fairly similar in design, they will be a bit different at their base. These unique factors make Amish furniture highly desirable and still very expensive. After all, a lot of work and love is put into them, even the Amish furniture for sale online. As a handmade solution, there is definitely a lot to love here.

Perfected Technique

The techniques used for the construction of Amish furniture have been passed down through the generations, giving us the perfected methods that we see today. You will find nothing else like it on the retail market, which definitely makes the Amish way the only way when you’re in the middle of your remodel.

Durability you can Count On

We’re talking about furniture in your home, and you know as well as we do that it’s going to see a lot of action, no question about it. So what is that going to mean for you exactly? It means that you need a solution that’s going to stand the test of time – something that isn’t going to break easily, and something that can survive the countless guests that are going to come into your home and plop onto your couch without any regard to how much you paid for it. Amish furniture is built with proven techniques that incorporate different joint types which are correct for their specific application. Amish furniture prices are a bit higher due to this, but they are entirely worth it.

These are three great reasons for you to consider buying Amish furniture online. The cost is definitely offset by the quality that you are going to be getting, and it won’t be too long before you have precisely what you need to outfit your house and enjoy it for many years to come. Your home is going to need the ultimate remodel, and with Amish furniture, it’s going to be done in style.


Renovate your Child’s Bedroom with Amish Furniture

If you have a child, then there is a good chance that at some point over the course of their lives, you are going to find yourself needing to upgrade it to accommodate their current needs. Take that journey from six months to one year, for example. A lot tends to change in one year and you’re going to find that your child is in need of a real bed, to replace that old crib that they’ve been using over the last twelve months. Amish furniture is without a doubt one of the best investments that you can make in this regard, and with good reason. So why is it that you would want to go the Amish furniture route? There are a few things that you’re going to be looking for when you outfit your child’s room with furniture, so let’s go over them one by one.

Amish furniture is without a doubt one of the best investments that you can make in this regard, and with good reason. So why is it that you would want to go the Amish furniture route? There are a few things that you’re going to be looking for when you outfit your child’s room with furniture, so let’s go over them one by one.

Amish Furniture – The Solution to your Décor Problems

Amish furniture for saleAs we said before, there are a few very specific things that you are going to be looking for when you are setting up a bedroom for a child which includes the following:

  • Aesthetics – Yep, you want the bedroom to look great, and some of the big box furniture just isn’t going to cut it. The handmade Amish furniture for sale looks great, feels great, and overall, is great. Could you really ask for anything more? Probably not.


  • Durability – You’re putting this furniture in a child’s room, and you know what? You want it to be as durable as possible. That can be quite a bit to ask when you’re outfitting a child’s room. After all, you were a child once, do you remember what you put your furniture through? Maybe not, but your furniture certainly remembers, wherever it is right now. Amish furniture is known for its durability and its ability to survive some of the most severe stress. Trust us, you’re going to want it in your child’s bedroom.

While there are plenty of other items to consider, these are going to be the two biggest ones that you’re going to be going after when you’re trying to build a new furniture suite or set for your child’s bedroom.

Amish Construction – The Only Option for High-Stress Environments

When it comes to children’s furniture, you ‘re placing the pieces in a high-stress environment, but the good thing is that they’re all handmade, using joints that are specifically designed to hold up to that stress. Take dressers as an example: they make use of a dovetail joint so that the drawers can withstand being pulled on, which is much better than any other type of joint that is being used in the industry, period.

There are plenty of other tips and tricks in use today that make Amish furniture more acceptable and preferable than the other options on the market, and you’ll quickly find that it’s a great way to outfit any child’s room. When it comes to children’s furniture we do offer some of the best options in the industry, for example, our bunk beds are outstanding for space conscious areas, and are just as durable as anything else we have to offer.

Browse our inventory today and make sure that you’re giving your child’s space the attention that it deserves. It won’t be long before you have a full set of quality furniture, and you might even consider outfitting the rest of your house in the same way.


The Best Amish Furniture for Churches

When you’re choosing furniture for a building you have quite a bit of work ahead of you. You need to choose the style, you need to make sure it matches with the other furniture, and most importantly, you need to make sure it matches the other décor. In most buildings, you end up trying to choose between traditional, rustic, and modern, but when you’re working with Amish furniture, things are going to be a bit different. Most Amish furniture is built to the traditional standard, which makes it preferred in more rustic settings. In the case of a church, there is a good chance that rustic is exactly what you’re looking for, so don’t worry. We have exactly what you need.

A Wide Range of Traditional Amish Furniture Looks

The best Amish furniture for sale encompasses a wide range of looks with shaker and mission being the two most popular. You may even find a few other offshoots, all of which are pretty amazing. The most important thing for you to remember about Amish furniture, however, is that it is designed to last, and that’s definitely something that is going to help you out when it comes to setting up a good space in your church. It doesn’t matter if you’re remodeling the narthex or outfitting your office with slightly better furniture. No matter what your purpose is, you’re going to find that the best Amish furniture for sale meets it.

Tradition and Quality Passed Down

Amish FurnitureAmish furniture for sale online or anywhere else is going to do everything it can to make sure that it meets your expectations, even if that can be difficult from time to time. The first thing that we want to say about Amish furniture is that it’s far more than just the furniture that you would find yourself purchasing at a retail store. Handmade furniture is almost always of higher quality, and much of it has to do with the materials that are being used. For example, solid wood is a favorite of Amish builders whether it be maple, oak, cherry, or something entirely different. The opportunities and materials are nearly endless, and Amish furniture can be made from just about any type of wood.

As you probably know by now, Amish furniture is designed by builders from the past, with their techniques passed down to each subsequent generation. This unchanging design ensures that the furniture and its design will remain steady and durable for the foreseeable future. As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to go with Amish furniture, and it’s a great way to change things up in your church.

Because the best Amish furniture for sale is capable of lasting for so long, you will quickly find that it becomes a mainstay for you. We have some of the best Amish furniture in the industry and it won’t be too long before you find exactly what you need, right here in our store. If you’re looking to really up to the ante in your church, or any room in your church that is, the Amish furniture is going to be the way that you want to go. It lasts for a long time and it does a great job of giving you the sophisticated feel that you would be looking for in a church office. Browse our website today and find yourself some of the best Amish furniture in the industry; you aren’t going to be disappointed in the least.


Outfit your Office in Washington With Amish Furniture

Getting your new office set up, or even renovating it is going to come with a lot of challenges, to put it lightly. What do you need exactly? If you’ve never done this before, then that’s probably going to be the question of the day, but don’t worry, we have the answer for you: Amish furniture. Here’s the thing about office furniture: you want something that is actually going to last, and that’s not always the easiest thing in the world to find. Some furniture just isn’t durable, and other furniture, well, it might last but it won’t look pretty. For example, there are some rather bland, modern looking pieces out there that simply don’t do the traditional setting justice. Don’t worry, this is where Amish furniture for sale in Washington can really make up the difference.

Go for the Traditional Office Look with Amish Furniture in Washington

Amish FurnitureWhen you’re looking for Amish furniture for sale and trying to figure out where to buy Amish furniture in the first place, you definitely have your work cut out for you. We’ll get to that in a minute, however. Amish furniture is built using a time proven technique passed down from generation to generation. Each technique is different; it varies from builder to builder, meaning that you’re going to get something unique and wonderful each time you buy from a different builder. To put it as simply as possible, these furniture pieces have a life of their own, and they all have their own unique story. You might never know the story behind them, but it’s still an honor to have them sitting in your front office!

Along with using incredible building techniques, Amish builders are very particular about the presentation of their grain, among other things. Each piece needs to be functional, amazing, and comfortable. All in all, it’s going to be a great piece, no matter what you buy.

Online Amish Furniture is More Convenient

When you buy Amish furniture online in Washington you will have more and better access to a wide range of furniture options. The most important thing for you to remember here is that you aren’t going to be shopping in a small store – you’ll have access to several different tables, chairs, and other great furniture options; more so than you would have if you chose to shop in a physical store.

Impress your Clients

Amish Furniture in WashingtonHere’s the thing about your waiting room: it’s going to be the first thing that your clients see when they enter your office, and with that being the case, you want it to look as good as possible. Amish furniture really does help to make the best first impression, so keep it in mind the next time you’re doing any sort of office furniture renovation. On top of looking great, it’s extremely durable, and is, without a doubt, one of the best investments that you can make for your business.

Admittedly, Amish furniture is going to be quite a bit more expensive than any other type of furniture you might choose to indulge in for your waiting room, with some chairs reaching up to $300, depending on the builder and the supplier, but in our opinion, it’s more than worth it.

Take a look at our website today and find the Amish furniture pieces that really meet your needs. It won’t be long before your waiting room is fully outfitted, ready to impress your clients with the best the Amish world has to offer


Find the Best Amish Furniture in Oregon Now

Amish furniture for saleDo you want to equip your home with a new set of furniture? No, more importantly, do you want to give it the BEST furniture that the industry has to offer? If so, then you’re going to want to get the extra mile and start looking into Amish furniture in Oregon. So, what’s the difference exactly? First of all, you’re going to enjoy your Amish furniture a lot more than you would enjoy any other type of furniture out there. Sure, you could head to your local Wal Mart and buy something off the shelf and you could spend a ton of time putting it together, but at the end of the day, it’s not something that you’re going to enjoy forever.

Furniture, to be quite honest, goes in and out of style pretty quickly, and with that being the case, you’re going to need to find something that is sort of ‘evergreen’, so to speak. Evergreen simply means that it will never go out of style, and you will always be able to enjoy it. Amish furniture really does fit the bill, but if you’re here reading this, then you’ve probably figured that out already. So how do you find the best Amish furniture for sale?

It’s Not Always in an Amish Furniture Store

Your first instinct is going to be to head to an Amish furniture store and find the best pieces, but let’s be honest, sometimes the online approach is better. Shopping online, especially for Amish furniture leads to the following:

  • Better Prices – Online stores have no overhead to worry about, and therefore they are able to offer far better prices for both their current and potential customers.
  • Wider Selection – You aren’t shopping in a small space, and the ‘showroom’ is a lot more inclusive. You’ll have a huge selection of the best Amish furniture for sale in Oregon, and it’s an outstanding experience if you’re a first-time buyer. You will also find that you have a selection from multiple builders, which makes the experience much more varied.
  • Convenient – You don’t have to drive all the way to Amish country just to get your hands on some of the best furniture in the world – all you really need to do is place your order online.

Finding the best Amish furniture online is easy as long as you follow a few very simple rules.

Follow the Rules for Amish Furniture Shopping

Amish furniture for sale in OregonWhen you’re out looking for Amish furniture, make sure you ask the right questions. It doesn’t matter if you want a bedroom set or something a bit more front and center – you need to make sure that you’re getting a piece from a good builder, and one that is able to provide you with a quality, authentic Amish piece. The best Amish furniture will no shoddy screw work, nor will there be any glue leakage to speak of.

That said, when you’re buying, make sure you ask about the builder, and most importantly, ask how the workshop was powered. The right salesperson will be able to answer this question, and it will tell you whether or not you’re getting the best Amish furniture for sale in Oregon.

So here you are, ready to replace the furniture in a single room or perhaps in your entire home. No matter what your intentions are, you need to make sure that you’re ready to bring the best furniture to your home, at the best prices that our service has to offer.


Learn Where to Buy Amish Furniture

If you feel that your current furniture setup is getting a little bit bland, or if your plan is to go for a complete renovation, then Amish furniture might be exactly what you’re going for, and with good reason. Here’s the most important thing for you to remember: when you buy furniture, you want it to last for a very long time. You, most importantly, want to make sure that you have comfortable furniture. It is, after all, going to be standing proudly in your kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms for a long time to come. With that being the case, you want to make sure you’re buying the best. So, where do you buy Amish furniture? Most importantly, where does it come from?

Buying Amish Furniture Directly from the Builder

buy Amish furniture onlineThe best way to buy Amish furniture is right from the builder, but there is a good chance that you already know this. Why wouldn’t you? Amish furniture stores are often located in rural areas, and you can often find them near legitimate Amish town. Lancaster, for example, in Pennsylvania, is very much open to tourism, and if you’re looking for any Amish products, it’s a great spot to consider. Amish furniture for sale is handmade and built using some of the greatest techniques known to man. The designs and methods are passed down through the generations and they make excellent pieces for any home.

Buying Amish Furniture Online

You can buy your Amish furniture online, and it’s actually a great idea. You will have a much better selection when you buy online, and you can have it delivered right to your home. That’ right, you can buy Amish furniture without actually heading out to Amish country, and that’s a pretty amazing concept. If you take a look at our website, you are going to find plenty of great examples that will get you into the mood, and soon enough, you’re going to find a set of furniture that will make your home complete.

Get the Best Furniture

Finding a good set of Amish furniture is a great thing, without a doubt. The most important thing for you to remember is that there are a lot of imitators out there, and it is of the utmost importance that you find a furniture supplier that will be able to ensure you get authentic pieces from a legitimate builder. Something to keep in mind is that real, authentic Amish furniture can be very expensive. For example, some of the tables that we have right here in our store can cost up to $2000, depending on the cut and design. Most Amish furniture for sale is going to be like this, and it’s due to the quality, and the fact that each piece is made by hand.

The good news is that with prices like these, you can expect your Amish furniture to last for many years to come. In fact, you may be able to pass your new Amish furniture down to the next generation, and they may even pass it down themselves. It’s more of a traditional style, so if you’re looking for something a bit more modern than this probably isn’t the route that you want to take, but if traditional is your cup of tea, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re ready to buy Amish furniture online, it’s time for you to head over to our store and see what we have to offer. We can promise that you will be pleasantly surprised.



Amish Furniture for Sale – The Best Investment You Can Make

There are many great investments that you can make in your home, but furniture is definitely one of the biggest. Not only does it give you a place to sit, it really serves to set the tone of your home. For example, if you want a modern looking home, you would go with modern looking furniture. Naturally, there’s a bit more to it than that, but at the end of the day, furniture really is where it’s at. Amish furniture is without a doubt one of the best investments that you can make in your home, especially if you’re going for the contemporary look. Not only does it bring the contemporary look, it really does a great job of raising your home value.

Can Amish Furniture Raise the Value of your Home?

Amish Furniture for SaleThe answer is absolutely yes, one of the things that tend to stop people when they go to buy Amish furniture is the price. It’s true that the price of Amish furniture is extremely high. If you were to go to a big box store, you would most likely find yourself paying somewhere around $200 for a table set, but if you head to an Amish furniture store or even look for Amish furniture online (our site is a perfect example), then you’re going to find that the price for a simple table can be around $2000 or more, depending on the design and of course, the builder. The same goes for chairs, which may cost up to $300. It goes on and on for pieces like end tables, coffee tables, and even Amish bedroom sets.

The question is, would it be worth it? The idea of spending $10,000 or more to equip your entire house with Amish furniture might be a bit unappealing if you’re on a budget (most people don’t have disposable income), but there is the fact that it’s going to last forever.
Amish furniture is made by hand and uses some of the most amazing, advanced techniques to deliver a stable structure that not only lasts but is highly comfortable. How many times have you bought a piece of furniture only to find that it had a weight limit? Well, it’s not a problem anymore – Amish furniture will hold up, and most importantly, you can pass it down to future generations.

Finally, yes, Amish furniture can absolutely raise the value of your home. The most important thing for you to remember here is that it’s worth a lot of money and if you were to ever sell your home, and all of the furniture within, a house full of Amish furniture could raise the value by $10,000 or more, depending on how much you’ve invested. As you can see, it’s worth your while in more ways than one.

Get the Real Thing

When you’re in the market for Amish furniture, you do need to make sure you’re getting the authentic product, and it’s not always going to be easy. Determine who the maker is, and figure out what kind of tools they were using – this is critical information, and we can absolutely guarantee that our furniture comes from an authentic source. Take a look at our store and get the furniture you need today.


Bridge the Generations by Handing Down Amish Furniture

You often don’t think too much about the furniture in your home. You see a chair or a table, and it’s just an item that you use, but what if it actually meant something? When you buy big box furniture you’re buying something that will last for a few years, perhaps ten or fifteen, but it’s certainly not something that you’re going to pass down to your children, and they won’t be passing it down to their grandchildren. Amish furniture, on the other hand, really does mean something, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Authentic Amish Furniture – The Best you can Find for Sale

Finding the best furniture is always going to be a chore, but let’s talk about what sets Amish furniture apart from nearly any other type of furniture on the market. First of all, it’s made by hand, and no one can deny that makes it great. You won’t see any glue seepage and you certainly aren’t going to see any shoddy screw work. This is, without a doubt, not the norm in the furniture industry, especially if you’re used to using the big box suppliers. Let’s explore why for a moment.

The most important thing to remember is that the big box furniture is most often made from pressed particle board, which holds up to an extent, but after a few years it may start to break down, and it can be very difficult to repair or restore. The other components in big box furniture can wear out very easily, so you must be prepared for that! The best way to avoid it is to buy the best furniture, and Amish is the way you want to go.

A Handmade Legacy

Amish furniture is handmade furniture, and there are no compromises. When you’re looking for good Amish furniture for sale, especially online, you need to ask some serious questions. For example, you should try to find out who the manufacturer is, where they came from, how their shop is powered, and much more. All of this information will help you to determine whether or not you are buying from a legitimate source. Is it always easy to figure out? No, but it’s definitely worth your while.

Amish ShowroomHand made Amish furniture bears the signature and personality of the builder as well as generations worth of family knowledge. To add to it, you’re going to have a furniture piece that you can most definitely pass down to your children, and down to their children, and so on.

Our store sells authentic Amish furniture from some of the best makers in the country, and it won’t be too long before you have exactly what you need. Take a look at our shop and start buying, whether you need a new dining room table or a complete bedroom set. It’s time to create the ultimate household that can last for several generations, and beyond.


Best Amish Furniture Lasts Longer – Find out Why!

Amish FurnitureFinding the best Amish furniture can be quite the achievement. If you’re like most people then you’ve probably gone through a few different furniture phases, and you’ve probably ended up at the big box stores at one point. Well, that’s perfectly normal, but you’ve probably also found that some of the big box stores really aren’t up to the task of providing you with top quality living room furniture.

This is where Amish furniture comes into the picture, and if you’re looking for Amish furniture for sale, or even Amish furniture online, then congratulations on finally coming to your senses. You probably know that it lasts for a very long time, but why exactly? What does Amish furniture have that other furniture stores simply can’t offer? To start, they have quality, but that’s a pretty broad term. We’re going to need to go in depth and have a look at what makes Amish furniture stand out and most importantly, what makes it last.

Why Amish Furniture Lasts

You’ve heard all about Amish Furniture at this point, and you’re probably wondering why it lasts. There are a few reasons, so let’s go over them one by one.

Made by Hand

One of the biggest things that set Amish furniture apart from any others, is the fact that they are made by hand. That’s right, they don’t come off of an assembly line and they aren’t assembled by a machine. Each piece is painstakingly assembled by hand and given the attention it deserves. Every joint and every screw is placed by hand, ensuring maximum quality and durability.

High Quality

As we mentioned before, every piece of Amish furniture is handmade, and with that being the case, it really does manage to bring the highest possible quality to the table. That being said, you really do have something to look forward to when you visit an Amish furniture store.

Time Proven Techniques

Amish furniture for saleThe construction techniques that are employed by Amish builders are some of the most amazing in the industry, and they are also some of the oldest. These are secrets passed down through the generations, and they still hold up today. You’re not just buying a piece of furniture, you’re buying a piece of heritage that will last for many decades to come. It’s a great investment and a great way for you to bring some character to your home.

The majority of Amish furniture will use traditional design, which dates back many years. You won’t find any modern designs in an Amish furniture store, or when you’re looking for Amish furniture online, but you will find a wide variety of traditional designs that are made to stand the test of time. There is little doubt that you’re going to find something that will make your house look great or even your office waiting room. Take a look at our website, see what we offer, and find the best Amish furniture for sale.

As you can see, Amish furniture is pretty special, and it brings a lot of great qualities to the table. That being said, now would be a great time to start considering it for your home, and you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at how long it lasts.


Amish Furniture for your Waiting Room

When you’re running any kind of office, the one, most important part, is going to be your waiting room, without a single argument. The waiting room is the face of your business, it’s going to be what your customers and clients see the moment they walk in, and if your waiting room looks like it’s equipped with cheap or disheveled furniture, then they are undoubtedly going to dismiss you as an unfit business. That being said, you have a lot of work to do to bring your business up to par, and one of the best things that you can do here is using Amish furniture. Why? We’re going to explain it.

Why Use Amish Furniture for your Waiting Room?

Amish furniture for saleYou could use any furniture you wanted for your waiting room – we can’t really deny that but when you want quality, then you want to go the Amish route, and you want to be sure that you’re getting the real thing. So, here’s an important question, how can you actually be sure? First of all, when you’re getting ready to make a purchase, ask about the original manufacturer. When you’re buying Amish furniture you’re often going to be buying from a middle man, which means you won’t be buying from the original manufacturer, at least if you’re buying Amish furniture online.

If you ask all the right questions, for example, who the manufacturer is, what their methods are, etc, you will be able to quickly determine whether or not the source you are buying from is legitimate. Secondly, when you receive your item, you should be able to look at it and see whether or not it is made with the typical Amish quality. For example, does the grain look good? Are the screws mostly hidden? Is there any glue seepage? If it looks like a high-quality piece of furniture and comes from the right manufacturer, you can probably rest assured that it’s a true Amish piece, and it’s going to look good in your waiting room.

It’s Going to last Forever

The thing about quality products, such as Amish furniture for sale, is that it tends to last for a very long time. When you find something in an Amish furniture store, you’re buying more than just a chair or a coffee table; you’re buying a product that’s going to last for the foreseeable future, and it’s going to be sitting out there, in your waiting room for a few decades.

Most importantly, if you’re going to a more traditional amish waiting room and can’t’ seem to find the look you want at the big box stores, Amish furniture really does a good job of providing it, without a doubt.

It’s More Comfortable

Along with looking great, Amish furniture is usually much more comfortable than anything that you would buy at a big-box store. It is made with extreme care, and it will undoubtedly keep your customers happy as they wait – that’s the most important thing of all.

Check out our stock today, there is little doubt that you will pay more for Amish furniture online than you would pay for anything else, but it’s well worth it and will give you an aesthetic that you can love for many years to come.


What are the Average Amish Furniture Prices?

When you’re in the market for the highest quality furniture, there is little doubt that Amish furniture is one of the first things that you think of, and there’s a great reason. You see, Amish furniture has plenty of benefits, and when you buy it, you’re buying more than just a chair to sit in or a bed to lay in. You’re buying a piece of furniture that is going to last a lifetime and beyond, and that means you’re going to pay quite a bit more at an Amish furniture store than you would anywhere else. Let’s take a look at a few of the things that really set Amish furniture apart and make it standout in your home.

Amish Furniture – Quality over Quantity

Amish furnitureThe first thing that you need to know, is that Amish furniture is never mass-produced, and with that being the case, you can absolutely expect it to cost more. It isn’t made from particle board, and it certainly isn’t made using pressed plywood. Amish furniture is of the highest quality and built by hand using techniques that have been passed down through a family for generations, ensuring that the technique is absolutely perfect. You’re not buying something that was created on an assembly line or put together by a computer, you’re buying something that was built with love, by someone’s hand, and you’re about to place it right in your home.

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Home

Your home has many rooms, all of which require different types of furniture. From your living room to your bedroom, to your dining room, it’s all going to require something different, but for the moment, let’s talk about the dining room and what you’re going to need to make it work out. First of all, you’re going to need a dining room table, and when you’re looking at Amish furniture prices, you will undoubtedly be looking at something along the lines of $1000 or more, no matter what you want. This seems excessive for an Amish dining room table, but you have to consider that it will last for decades or even entire generations. You will also have chairs to consider, which often cost up to $400 apiece – it’s not going to be cheap, but it’s going to be worth it, so consider that!

You have other rooms to consider, like the living room which will need an entertainment center. On average, that costs around $800 or more, depending on the maker. Also make sure that you’re considering the sofa, which can run-up to $2000.

It’s the Right Choice

Finding Amish furniture for sale will, first of all, open your eyes to how incredibly expensive it can be, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Once again, you need to remember that it will last for much longer than the average furniture piece, and it will most definitely stand out in your living room. Now would be a great time for you to take a look at our website and find something that suits both you and your household. Remember, whatever you choose, it’s going to be there for you for the long haul.


Save Time and Buy Amish Furniture Online

Amish furniture for saleHere’s a fact: you want Amish furniture, and you might not know where to get it. If you’re new to this, then you might be asking the obvious question: why would you want Amish furniture? What’s the benefit exactly? There are a few thing that you need to know about it, the first being that the best Amish furniture for sale can last for a very long time, making it a necessary addition to nearly any household. Did you know, for example, that this furniture is some of the highest quality in the country, and perhaps the world? It is built using traditional techniques that have been passed down throughout the generations, and in many cases, Amish furniture can last for generations. In addition to that, it just looks good sitting in your Amish living room. So where do you get it?

Where to Find Amish Furniture

In most cases, you would want to look for Amish furniture in family run stores. States like Pennsylvania and Ohio are known for their Amish culture and their willingness to sell to the English, which is definitely a great place for you to start your search. If, however, you don’t have the resources to travel to a faraway place, then you might want to start looking for Amish furniture online. It will save you a lot of time and it will undoubtedly help you to get the product you want faster.

When you buy online you’re going to have access to a much larger inventory than you would in most cases, and this is simply because the vendor will have access to more Amish furniture makers and even larger warehouses, ensuring that you’re going to get exactly what you need when you need it.

Delivered Right to Your Door

Your Amish furniture can be delivered right to your door, which is a definite improvement over picking it up in person. You will have the opportunity to browse through a wide variety of different styles, and in the end, you’re going to find that you can get far more variety.

Make Sure You’re Getting the Best

When you’re in the market for Amish furniture, you need to make absolutely certain that you’re getting the best, which isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do. When you buy Amish furniture online, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you are getting an authentic piece, so start by asking who the furniture maker is, and what techniques they used. There is little doubt that the Amish furniture prices you come across are going to be high, so make sure it’s not a scam.

There are plenty of benefits to buying Amish furniture, online or not. You’re getting a high-quality piece that will serve you well for many years, and it may even serve your family for several generations, ultimately making this an outstanding investment for you.

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