Get Creative with Color on Custom Amish Furniture

Color isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when you think about home furnishings. Although most people recognize that color does play a role in the appeal and even the overall beauty of furniture, it’s usually the design, shape, and even the features that are given the most attention. Particularly when it comes to wooden Amish furniture, it’s easy to lean towards traditional stains.

You can make more of a statement with your furniture when you choose a colored finish. Beautiful Amish furniture can be finished in epoxy of any hue, particularly when working with a lighter wood like white oak. Solid paint colors can also be chosen for custom Amish furniture online, providing you with bold, fashionable, and damage-resistant furniture.

If you’re thinking about buying new furniture for your home this winter, or if you’re simply starting to research your options for the new year, then exploring your color choices will be an essential part of the process.

Paint and Epoxy Finishes for Amish Furniture

Although most natural timber Amish furniture is sold with traditional varnish and resin finishes, you could also choose to have your furniture coated with solid paint. Much like resin and varnish, high-quality paint can protect your furniture to ensure that it lasts for generations. Paint can be refinished if it wears over time, and because we use high-quality Sherwin Williams paints, you will enjoy durability and showroom-quality looks for many years to come. Oil-based paints for use on wooden furniture are available in both gloss and satin.

Color on Custom Amish FurniturePastel colors have been seen at a number of high-profile furniture and interior design conventions this year. People are becoming more adventurous with their color choices, and various hues of blue and green have been particularly popular. Some publications have referred to the current trend as the ‘Ice Cream Color’ trend. Think seafoam green, faded lime, sky blue, and baby blue. Pastel colors are more neutral than the vibrant colors that have trended over the past few years.

The advantage of using pastel colors on painted Amish furniture is that they will clash less with your other furniture pieces. Because pastels are cool and subdued, they’re far more likely to work with traditional and transitional design, particularly if you use a single pastel piece of furniture as a visual feature in a room. Of course, pastels also work great in modern homes, particularly those that have predominantly neutral interior design of white, mushroom, beige, grey, and brown. Pastel blues and greens will add a splash of color and personality, which could completely change the way that you look at your interior spaces.

EcoPoxy resin finishes can also be colored to give your furniture a unique look and lasting appeal. The resins we use can be pigmented to create any color that you want to work with. We can even create specialist finishes for the truly adventurous. Colored glitter and metallic finishes can be used for one of a kind furniture. Luxury jewelry boxes, a games table for your den or man cave, or even epoxy coated wooden countertops can be finished to bring life and color into any room.

While pastels are definitely going to be popular over the next year, you don’t have to limit yourself to the current trend. With the freedom to fully customize your Amish furniture, you can choose anything that resonates with your personality and your overall interior design.

Still Not Sure About Color? Talk to the Amish Furniture Experts

If you’ve never carefully considered colors and typically lean towards standard natural wood finishes, then you could gain a lot from some expert advice. As makers of the highest quality furniture in America, we know more than a thing or two about color. We can make recommendations based on individual pieces and collections, or even based on a certain mood that you are trying to create. Color can also help to create authenticity if you are designing a traditional or transitional home, and we’ll be able to let you know exactly what works.

Explore our collections online or talk to us today to get durable, functional, and richly hued furniture that will make your home more beautiful than ever before.



Beautiful Amish Tables Enhanced with EcoPoxy Resin

EcoPoxy resinThere’s no substitute for real timber Amish furniture. When you want quality, sophistication, and distinction, you’ll find that Amish tables can deliver in every single department. The selection of unique wood gives the furniture personality, and you’ll get a real sense that no two pieces are quite the same, even when they come from within the same collection.

At Amish Showroom, we create beautiful timber Amish furniture that incorporates the traditions of the past with the best modern innovations. The use of EcoPoxy resin means that we can make the most of the unique timbers that other furniture makers simply won’t work with.

If you want a tabletop that will beautify your home, provide functionality, and last through the generations, then it’s time to learn about what makes Amish furniture tables so special.

Design and Functionality of Amish Furniture

The design is one of the first things that you will consider when looking for a new dining room table. When people think of Amish furniture, they often picture antique collections and the styles of generations long past.

Amish furniture does take inspiration from the past, and at Amish Showroom we are very respectful of both tradition and the history of furniture making. However, we are not afraid to adapt to modern trends, and even innovate with our own forward-thinking designs.

Whether you want traditional aesthetics, something transitional, or even something unique, you can find the perfect options with Amish furniture.

Our Alpha Industrial Dining Table is a great example of how traditional carpentry and modern design elements can come together. This table has a solid timber tabletop which can be customized with your choice of wood. The live edge offers a real connection to the wood and the industrially inspired metal trestle legs are completely unique.

Perfect for a post-modern home, warehouse-style apartment, or even for use in a creative studio, this table is just one example of how we bring functional and unique designs to the market with traditional Amish furniture quality.

Explore our collections and you’ll find everything from EcoPoxy resin enhanced tabletops, to flexible tables that come with extra eaves for dinner parties, holidays, and any time that you need a larger seating arrangement.

Always insist on the best designs when you are buying a kitchen table, and never sacrifice practicality.

Materials, Craftsmanship, and Durability

Amish FurnitureTimber is one of the most versatile materials known to man. When working with timber, it’s possible to create anything from the most beautiful and intricate heritage furniture, right up to minimalistic modern furniture. Modern furniture makers typically work with inexpensive materials, low-quality wood, or even veneers so that they can pump out uninspired furniture with the highest possible profit margin.

We believe in providing lasting quality, which is why we never cut corners with material selection. Walnut, cherry, white oak, and brown maple are just some of the examples that we work with. When you choose solid timber furniture you will be making a lifetime investment that can be handed down through the generations.

Tables can be finished with advanced compounds, including EcoPoxy resin, which can provide a glass-like hard surface that resists dents, scratches, discoloration, and heat damage. We can also use resin in creative ways to fill in knots and other imperfections on rustic furniture. Just take a look at this Turnbuckle Trestle to see how we can make imperfections beautiful on Amish Furniture.

You’ll never have to replace an Amish furniture table that has been made by the best craftsmen using the best materials. The same can’t be said for all furniture today!

Learn more about our furniture, high biomass EcoPoxy resin, and our extensive collections by exploring our online store. Pieces can be customized for your needs, and you’ll find that the best Amish furniture is just as relevant in the modern world as it was 100 years ago.

Best of all, when you invest in a quality Amish table you can have confidence knowing that it will last throughout your lifetime and beyond.


How Does EcoPoxy Resin Improve the Best Amish Furniture?

At Amish Showroom, we’ve tried our fair share of epoxy solutions and other finishing products. As manufacturers of the best Amish Furniture available to buy today, we never stop pushing when it comes to the quality of our work.

Everything from the design of our furniture, to the timber that we use, and even our finishing products, are hand selected after extensive laboratory testing and real-world performance evaluations in homes just like yours. We want our products to last for a lifetime and beyond, and that’s why we can wholeheartedly get behind good products when we find them.

EcoPoxy resin has become our prime choice for the best handmade Amish furniture, for several key reasons.

Whether you are looking to finish your own furniture, or if you want to purchase artisan-quality pieces from our Amish furniture online store, knowing about this amazing product will help you to make the right choice.

What’s in a Name? EcoPoxy is a High-Biomass Product

Amish Furniture Finished with EcoPoxy ResinThe name EcoPoxy is not just a marketing gimmick.

While the product works just like many other epoxies on the market, EcoPoxy is unique because it is made from high biomass content. Unlike most epoxies which use synthetic and environmentally destructive ingredients, this epoxy is safer for the environment and is perfect if you want to support products with reduced ecological impact.

The biomass content that goes into the EcoPoxy resin is diverse. Everything from soybeans to eggshells is used in the creation of hardwearing epoxies. The manufacturer strives to use as much biomass content as possible, to reduce reliance on synthetics or petroleum-based products.

The development of high biomass products is not just great for the environment. Using biomass can help to support American businesses. Soybeans are especially important to the agricultural sector, and the manufacture of EcoPoxy resin helps to support the industry.

As an American based company with a commitment to both environmental and economic stability, EcoPoxy aligns closely with our brand ideals. We make the best Amish furniture for sale, and natural resources like timber are key to our business. We can appreciate when another company helps to protect the environment that we rely so much on.

EcoPoxy Can Outperform Other Epoxy Solutions for Amish Furniture Making

When you buy Amish furniture you need confidence in knowing that your investment will last. Our collections are made to exacting standards so that your furniture is true heirloom quality. To achieve this, we use the very best resins available.

Ecopoxy Resin is available in a 100% solids-based clear finish, meaning that your natural Amish furniture gets maximum protection, without compromising the aesthetic of the timber underneath. Resins can be treated with a color pigment to achieve almost any finish that you desire.

Whether you are looking for a dark espresso finish for conservative office furniture, or if you want something light and natural, it’s achievable with EcoPoxy resin. Using this type of resin is especially useful when designing furniture that will be used outdoors or in environments that are exposed to UV light. The epoxy will protect the wood underneath, helping to prevent staining and other forms of damage.

Using a high biomass product like EcoPoxy resin doesn’t mean that you’ll have to make compromises on quality. The resin outperforms other market-leading formulations, and this was a key consideration when we decided to supply and use the product on our own Amish furniture collections.

With no downsides and the benefit of being sustainable and less environmentally destructive, there’s literally no better epoxy on the market today.

Choose Amish Furniture Finished with EcoPoxy Resin, or Create Your Own

You can purchase beautiful, durable, functional, and lifetime-lasting Amish furniture online from our showroom. Our handcrafted furniture can be created using a selection of the very best timbers and finished in EcoPoxy for durability and aesthetic.

You can even purchase EcoPoxy for your own projects and discover why it is increasingly becoming the preferred resin solution for DIY furniture makers and restoration specialists today.


See Our Collection of Gorgeous Amish Furniture with Epoxy Tabletops

Amish furniture is renowned for its ability to last for generations when properly cared for. Some antique Amish pieces look almost as good today as the day that they were made, and contemporary pieces have a look and feel of quality that is not found in any other type of furniture.

Some people whisper of there being a ‘secret’ to Amish furniture, but the real secret… is that there’s no secret at all. The way we create timeless, heirloom quality, and cross-generational furniture is all down to the quality of our traditional handcrafting, and the modern innovations that we bring to the market.

Epoxy tabletops are the perfect example of how we blend traditional furniture making with modern techniques.

Epoxy Finishes Make Amish Furniture Tabletops More Durable than Ever Before

In the past, varnish, shellac, and wax or oil finishes were used to give furniture an impressive finish and long lifetime. No matter how well Amish furniture is made, only the right finish can ensure that it will retain its beauty for generations.

It’s a testament to the quality of the earliest Amish furniture that much of it still exists in antique collections today, however, the finishes are not what they once were. While the craftsmanship is easy to appreciate, some heavily used antique Amish furniture can show signs of distress.

Some people love the rustic look; however, most consumers today want to make a lifetime investment, and that’s why Epoxy is so important for our Amish tabletops.

We Don’t Just Use Standard Epoxy Resin on our Furniture

Amish FurnitureEpoxy is a finishing material that is applied in the final stages of production. Much like a traditional lacquer, oil, or varnish, modern epoxy is made to protect the timber of the furniture. The difference is that epoxy does a much better job, and it can last for decades when properly applied.

Modern epoxy solutions are often made from volatile chemical compounds, which somewhat clashes with the idea of Amish furniture. Our furniture comes from natural resources, and we use timbers that are ethical and sustainable.

At the Amish Showroom, EcoPoxy is the finishing product that we rely on. This special epoxy resin is made from biomass and is perfect for high-end wooden furniture, as it provides an extremely hard finish with a high sheen.

The epoxy is crystal clear, with no coloration that would take away from the natural beauty of the wood below it (pigmentation is available if you want a particular stain for your furniture). When we finish our Amish furniture tabletops with EcoPoxy, we are ensuring that the surface is durable and that it will stand up to usage in a busy modern home. Most importantly, a tabletop finished with EcoPoxy can last for a lifetime and beyond.

Not only do we use EcoPoxy for in our own products, but we can also supply this hardwearing finishing compound for your home projects. Now you could create everlasting woodworking to be passed down through generations. We offer a complete range of pigments, liquid plastic for woodworkers, and UV resistant epoxy for outdoor furniture or indoor furniture that will be exposed to natural light.

Explore Amish Furniture Tabletops Today

If you demand quality, beauty, and competitive pricing, then Amish furniture from the Amish Showroom will be exactly what you’re looking for. Epoxy resin tabletops, countertops, and a complete range of home and office furniture await you. With our direct-to-customer online shopping model, we can offer the best prices for some of the best furniture in America.

Explore our collections today and see the what our generations of experience in master furniture making can offer you.