Create Your Own Reading Nook with Amish Furniture

Every day, billions of people around the world sit down with a favorite book, magazine, or even a tablet or e-reader. While many assume that books have fallen out of fashion with modern audiences, the opposite is true. A 2016 Pew Research study found that 73% of Americans read at least one novel in that year. The number was identical when the same survey was taken five years earlier.

Of course, there’s also the real reading enthusiasts, who sometimes read a book a week. For smaller novellas and collections, some even read a book a day!

Reading is a pastime that has never died down, and it probably never will. Learning, exploring people and stories, and traveling to fantastic places will never get old.

You can create your own reading nook to celebrate your love of books at home. With a few Amish Furniture pieces, you’ll be able to design the perfect space.

Amish Furniture Helps You Create a Comfortable Reading Nook

McCoy Rocker 960 MROWhen you’ve found a quiet corner of your home, you’ll need to think about seating. Peace and quiet are necessary to become fully immersed in a good book. A comfortable chair can help you with that.

Some of the best Amish Furniture chairs are also the most comfortable for book reading. The beauty of choosing custom made furniture is that you can get the exact fit for your style and needs.

Want a formal reading area? Consider an office chair and a side table. If you want something more relaxed, why not choose an Amish Furniture rocking chair?

With extensive options, you’ll be able to quickly choose a chair to suit your needs. Take a look at a few of our favorites below:

  • The Mission Rocker is a beautiful traditional piece of furniture. With our quality leather upholstery, it could become your favorite reading chair. You can even order a matching ottoman for your reading nook.
  • Want a larger rocker with a fully upholstered seat and back? Consider the Bow Arm Slat Rocker. It’s configurable with fabric upholstery, leather, and a premium American wood species of your choice.
  • The Lewis Rocker is a fantastic minimalist option for a post-modern home. Simple and elegant, this rocker offers affordable Amish Furniture quality.
  • The Aunties Rocker is another stylish traditional rocker with quality that will last a lifetime and beyond. Relax with a new novel on this chair and you’ll easily let your mind float away to another world.

See all our rockers that are perfect for reading. View the full range of Amish Furniture online.

Organize Your Books and More with an Amish Furniture Bookcase

Boston Bookcase 72"Don’t forget about storage when you create your home reading nook. A quality Amish Furniture bookcase will keep all of your books and accessories neatly stored. Do you have kids who will be reading in the nook? A bookcase would be an excellent way to teach them about organization and tidiness.

We offer several handmade bookcases. Amish furniture quality means an heirloom investment with outstanding quality and design. Our bookcases use select American woods and the highest quality hardware. We even offer cabinet bookshelves with stained leaded glass if you are looking for something premium.

  • Consider our Morgan Bookcase for a truly exceptional storage unit in your nook. Glass shelves, sliding doors, and two storage drawers will cover all of your reading needs. Keep books, tablets, and other reading accessories safely stowed away.
  • If you are filling a small space and want something minimalist but beautiful, take a look at our Ashton series. These shelves are perfect examples of Amish Furniture quality and heritage.

Love Reading with Beautiful Amish Furniture Online

Enjoy your favorite hobby, teach your children about the joys of reading, or simply create a new corner of your home where you can rest and relax. A reading nook is a perfect place to escape from your busy lifestyle.

Choose the best Amish Furniture online and your investment will pay off for a lifetime. Just like a great book, Amish Furniture will last for generations. Explore all our collections online today.



Welcome Your Newborn with Timeless Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture cribsA nursery can become a very special place in your home. You can bond with your newborn in a comfortable and safe environment with everything that you need within close reach. From changing tables to clothes storage, the furniture you choose for your nursery will be critical.

If you’re starting a family, it makes sense to invest in quality Amish Furniture. Natural timber furniture is timeless in its appeal, offering a beauty that mass-produced furniture just can’t come close to. Wooden furniture is also durable and will last for decades. It could be used in your home today and even passed down through the generations.

Don’t just buy baby furniture… make a real investment. If you’re designing a nursery to welcome your child home, you can get started with furniture selections from the Amish Showroom.

A Changing Tower That Provides Function and Storage

Amish Furniture cribsThere are a few things to consider when choosing a changing table for your baby. Storage is one of the most important. Diapers, powders, creams, wipes, and clothing should all be easily accessible. The average parent will change over 2,000 diapers in their baby’s first year, so you’ll need to be prepared with storage from week to week.

A changing table should also have barriers designed for your baby’s safety. These should cover at least three sides of the changing area, without obstructing your hands and arms.

Table height is also important. Between 36 and 43 inches is the standard for most parents. This allows for easy changing without any strain.

For a solution that meets all the basic requirements and more, consider the Berkley 7 Drawer Dresser with a Changing Box Topper. This is a beautiful piece of furniture that can suit your needs now, and the changing box can simply be removed in the future as your child grows. This is an heirloom quality Amish Furniture item that will last your lifetime and beyond.

An Amish Furniture Crib That Grows with Your Child

Amish Furniture cribsA crib needs to be safe and stylish, but you may be apprehensive about spending a lot for something that might only be used for a relatively short time. With our Amish Furniture cribs, we’ve solved the problem for parents around America.

A crib today, a daybed when you need it, and a full-sized single bed in the future, you can make an investment that will last throughout your newborn’s childhood years.

Made to last a lifetime, the Berkley crib is the most versatile investment that you can make today. With an optional conversion kit, this crib will grow along with your child.

A Chest of Drawers for Generations of Your Family

A changing table and dresser can take care of many of your storage needs, but eventually, you’ll need additional drawers for clothing and other items as your child grows into a toddler, tween, and eventually a teenager.

The Berkley 6 Drawer Chest can feature in your nursery today and continue to provide storage for years and decades to come. It’s a perfect match for the Berkley dresser and would look beautiful in any modern or traditional home. Options like undermount soft-close drawer slides will give you a premium feel while also protecting the furniture from damage.

Design Your Nursery with Amish Furniture

Give your child the best start in life with furniture that is made to last. Quality Amish Furniture will help you to create a beautiful nursery that is also practical. You can make an investment now and enjoy the returns for years into the future.

Explore a complete range of newborn and youth furniture at the Amish Showroom. You’ll find a diverse selection of styles to suit any home, with custom wood choices to match your desired aesthetic. Don’t settle for anything less than the best furniture when you design your nursery.


Beautiful Amish Furniture Occasional Tables

Looking for the perfect piece of furniture to add to your living room or any other nook in your home? Furniture should be both beautiful and functional. An Amish Furniture occasional table could give you extra storage space while beautifying your home. Occasional tables are convenient, and with the styles at the Amish Showroom, you can complement the furniture you already have.

From occasional tables in Mission and Shaker styles to contemporary and traditional designs, there’s something for everyone at the Amish Showroom.

Complete the look in your living room. Start your search for heirloom quality Amish Furniture with some handcrafted occasional tables you can order today.

Kalispel Amish Furniture Sofa Table

Natural wood is a beautiful material that will last for generations. With our gorgeous living edge tables, you can see real American timber in its natural state. Living edge furniture gives you a real connection to each unique piece.

Every piece of living edge furniture is 100% unique and cannot be replicated, even within the same collection. Get a true heirloom piece for your home with the Kalispel Sofa Table.

Avion End Table

Need an occasional table for a smaller living room, or even for an empty nook of your home? Add a decorative element to a hallway or fill a bare corner with the Avion End Table.

This is the perfect table when you want something of lasting Amish Furniture heirloom quality, but you want the most compact possible size. Our Avion tables are made to the same high standards as all our larger furniture, and we use 100% natural timber sourced from our own forests.

Artesa End Table with Drawer

A living room end table can serve as the perfect occasional table in your home. Display magazines, a potted plant, remote controls, or even some of your favorite decorative pieces. This Artesa End Table gives you plenty of surface storage, a single shelf, and a drawer for anything that you want to keep hidden away.

The styling of this table is exquisite, and it’s made even better when you choose a highly figured wood like Rustic Cherry.

Your home deserves distinguished furniture that shows your sense of class and sophistication. This is one table that will impress you time and again. If you love the design but don’t need a drawer for storage, then consider our standard Artesa End Table.

Amish Furniture Artistry at its Finest with the Kewask Coffee Table

Amish Furniture ArtistryWhile not strictly an occasional table, the Kewask Coffee Table deserves a special mention. This table is a perfect example of how unique Amish Furniture can become true artwork. The clean lines and offset shelves create a unique aesthetic that will stand out as a centerpiece in your living room. You could even use this table in your study, entrance hall, or anywhere else where you want to add something unique to your home.

Why spend your money on mass-produced furniture made from inferior materials? Make a real investment with Amish Furniture and you will gain functional furniture that you can use forever. Pass the pieces down as family heirlooms and your children and even grandchildren will be able to enjoy them.

Hyde End Tables

Simple, clean, and ultra-contemporary. Hyde End Tables are made to complement a modern décor. Whether you are going for a purely contemporary look or something that blends a little of everything, you’ll find that a Hyde End table fits perfectly. Add a single table or a complete collection throughout your living room.

These tables work especially well with mix and match styles and bohemian trends.

Explore the Best Amish Furniture Occasional Tables for Your Home

You can buy Amish Furniture online, made by Minnesota’s best craftsmen and women. At the Amish Showroom, it is our passion to make heirloom quality furniture that will last throughout your lifetime and beyond. Invest in beautiful furniture that can add warmth, style, and comfort to your home.

Explore our occasional tables and complete furniture collections online today.


Choosing the Best Pub Tables and Bar Stools for a Home Bar

Furniture will be one of the most important decisions that you make when designing a home bar. If you want your bar to have a look and feel that is reminiscent of a commercial pub or club, then you’ll need to find the best quality Amish Furniture that you can get your hands on.

For beauty, functionality, and longevity, nothing can perform better than Amish Furniture. We have years of experience based on centuries of tradition and combine the best of the past and present to bring attractive designs into your home.

Whether you are adding a bar to a man cave or den, or if you’re building a larger dedicated bar as a feature in your home, you can find the best solutions at the Amish Showroom.

What Kind of Look do You Want to Achieve?

Bar Stools for a Home BarJust like any furniture you choose for your home, looks are important. Having a general aesthetic in mind could help you to choose the best Amish Furniture from our extensive catalog.

You could approach this just like a commercial bar owner would. Think in terms of a demographic. Do you want a bar that appeals to a youthful audience? Or, are you looking for something more refined, traditional, and targeted towards more sophisticated clientele? By getting into the mindset of a commercial bar owner, you’ll be sure to impress friends and family when you are next entertaining…

  • Bars targeted at younger demographics typically aim for sturdy but simpler furniture that is utilitarian in nature. Plush seats and intricate designs are usually avoided in favor of options like our Simple Mission Stool.
  • For bars targeted at an older or more sophisticated clientele, owners will typically go for rich natural timbers, leather upholstery, and elaborate designs that portray class and distinction. To get an idea of the look and feel that you would find in the most exclusive bar or pub, simply consider our Boulder Creek Swivel Bar Stool. Boulder Creek stools are available with plush leather upholstery in a variety of colors.
  • You’ll find a variety of tables that are perfect for use in a home bar. Many are interchangeable with different stool designs, depending on the look and feel you want. We can even create custom tabletops using epoxy, or, you could choose quartz Cambria tops for durability and elegant presentation. The Lacrosse Pub Table is a beautiful example of a simple and elegant bar table that could be perfect for your needs.

Do You Have a Preference for Specific Materials?

Amish Furniture is known for its lasting quality and beauty. We’ve touched on some material combinations, such as wood and leather. There are even more options to consider if you choose Amish Furniture for your home bar.

Amish Furniture for your home barOak is a popular wood used in Amish designs. Maple and Walnut are also used for their strength, longevity, and inherent natural beauty. Whether you want painted or stained furniture pieces, we can offer the perfect wood to match your chosen aesthetic and your budget.

If you have questions about materials and would like help selecting the perfect furniture for your project, then you can always reach out to the team at Amish Showroom for expert advice. You could learn about some materials that you may not have considered, or, you could simply get an overview of the advantages of specific materials for your home bar.

What is Your Budget?

A budget will ultimately decide the type of furniture that you are able to purchase. Our bar and pub furniture collections are competitively priced, especially considering the value that you will get from our heirloom quality furniture. Amish Furniture is made to last for generations in homes and you’ll continue to enjoy your investment for many years to come.

You don’t need to compromise when it comes to building your perfect home bar. Traditional and modern styles, extensive material selections, and lasting quality will ensure that your bar stands the test of time. Create the perfect entertainment spot or a personal retreat for a game and media nights with the help of Amish Furniture online.

Browse Amish Showroom for beautiful bar furniture today.