Questions to Ask Before you Buy Amish Furniture

As you’re getting ready to buy Amish furniture you probably have quite a few questions. To help you organize your thoughts a bit we’re going to go over a few questions that you should be asking before you invest a large sum of money into your project. Amish furniture for sale can be expensive – make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Ask if the Amish Furniture for Sale You’re Buying is Authentic

As you’re buying Amish furniture, one of the big questions that you need to be asking is whether or not it is authentic. How do you identify authentic Amish furniture for sale? The first thing that you need to do is ask what kind of construction techniques were used. Were hand tools used? Was electricity involved? The Amish tend to use very simple methods in their construction and if you are told that they are using anything highly advanced, then you might not be speaking to someone who is selling authentic Amish furniture – it’s definitely something that you will want to investigate before you make a huge purchase!

Find Out What Type of Amish Furniture it Is

Amish furniture for sale onlineThere are two major types of Amish furniture which are Mission and Shaker. Mission furniture tends to be at the more ornate end of the spectrum when it comes to the best Amish furniture, and Shaker is much more simple. While you could have a mix of both, if you really want to, most are going to stick with one style throughout the entirety of your house. As you’re getting ready to do your decorating, you will need to decide which of these you actually are.

How Do you Maintain your Amish Furniture

While you could look this information up online, sometimes it’s better to hear directly from the source. Amish furniture for sale online and in stores can be very expensive and you want to make sure that yours is maintained properly. From protecting the wood itself to making sure that proper staining techniques are used, you definitely have your work cut out for you and it will be up to you to make sure that your furniture lasts. These furniture pieces are capable of surviving for years, or even generations, but you need to make sure that you’re taking proper care of them.

These are three great questions that you really need to ask before you commit to buying Amish furniture. Make sure you’re getting something authentic and most importantly, make sure you’re getting something that you’re going to like.



A Guide to Wood Regions – Where is your Furniture From?

buying Amish furniture Buying furniture is easy but getting exactly what you want? That can be a bit of a challenge. In our opinion, buying Amish furniture really starts with the type of wood the furniture in question is made out of. Today we’re going to take a quick look at different wood variants and most importantly, where they come from. The best Amish furniture can be made from any number of different wood species and it all depends on what you need. Let’s start by taking a look at Cherry

Cherry – A Staple of Amish Furniture

Cherry trees are popular, but they only make up 3% of the commercially available hardwoods in the United States. Cherry has a long history, often used in the highest end furniture. It has a high shock resistant, is easy to carve, and brings a smooth finish when properly polished.

Location: Eastern United States


Hard Maple – A Tough Alternative to Cherry

Hard maple is a little more popular than cherry, making up a full 8% of the hardwoods commercially available in the United States and they are often called the ‘cold weather tree’. You will find hard maple in the Northern United States, and the heartwood is a light reddish brown.

Location: Northern and Eastern United States


Hickory – Heavy and Coarse

Hickory isn’t the most popular wood out there as it makes up just 2% of the available hardwood in the US. It has a slow growth rate, meaning the harvesting is not equivalent to the growth rate. In fact, many of these trees will take up to 200 years to mature! The wood itself is very heavy, difficult to machine, but worth it in the end.

Location: Eastern United States


Soft Maple – A Good Substitute for Hard Maple

Soft maple is a great alternative for its more expensive cousin, and it is often used as the substitute. It is a straight-grained wood and features a fine texture, exhibiting good bending properties, and of course being an outstanding candidate for glues, nails, and screws. Soft maple is also very easy to stain, making it a great choice for those who want a cheaper alternative to the more costly woods.

Location: Central and Eastern United States


White Oak – Denser and More Popular

Amish furniture for saleWhite Oak is a bit more popular and more widely available than some of the other options, comprising a full 15% of the available hardwoods. These trees are normally 70 to 80 feet tall, and the resulting wood is extremely strong.

Location: Eastern and Southern United States

These are only a few of the wood types used in Amish furniture for sale, and you now have a pretty good idea of which woods are cheaper, which ones are more expensive, and why. Visit our Amish furniture store today and start the process of outfitting your living room with the best woods and the best pieces.