Four Furniture Pieces that Every Family Needs

If you’re in the midst of building a family home then you already know that there are certain furniture pieces that you absolutely, positively need in your home. Today we’re going to go ahead and give you a brief checklist that you’ll want to follow if you plan on finding great Amish furniture pieces.

Amish Furniture Living Room Essentials – Don’t Forget the Couch

For a family room, you’re going to want to make sure you have a great couch and we have plenty of them for you to choose from. If you’re outfitting a family room, however, it would be a good idea to go for fabric upholstery rather than leather upholstery. We’re not simply saying this due to the overall expense, but rather for the sake of atmosphere. When you’re installing a couch in a family room you want it to be warm and welcoming – something that leather upholstery just doesn’t do. Check into our range of great couches for the family room from our Amish furniture store.

Everyone Needs an Entertainment Center

Amish Furniture PiecesYou need an entertainment center, there’s just no way around it. The entertainment center is a perfect addition to any living room and will quickly become the center of attention. As you look at our online Amish furniture you will find several different pieces, from traditional stands, all the way to cabinet style entertainment centers. Take a look around and find the right piece for your living room!

The Kitchen Table is Critical

You know that you need a kitchen table when you are looking into Amish furniture for sale, but what type do you need exactly? There are plenty of great pieces out there, as you already know, and when it comes right down to it you’ll want to choose between pedestal tables and leg tables. We wrote a comparison on these two styles recently, so make sure you check it out!

Occasional Tables to use Occasionally

Occasional tables can be defined as end tables or coffee tables and when you are trying to find the best Amish furniture online, make sure you get every table to need of your come. You’ll use them as conversation pieces, a space for your lamps, and much, much more.

These are four of the most important pieces of furniture that your family home is going to need, and as you browse our store you will find that while Amish furniture prices are high, the pieces will last a lifetime.


Tips for Creating a Welcoming Foyer in your Home

The foyer in your home serves a very important purpose; it is the first thing that people tend to see when they walk into your home and you know that you want it to seem welcoming. While purchasing Amish furniture is a great start, there are still a few other things that you could be doing to ensure that you have a great looking foyer and one that will welcome your guests right in.

Pair Light with your Amish Furniture

The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that you layer in some light. The foyer is a pretty small location but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot that you can do with it. A lantern, a table lamp, and even a sconce can help you out quite a bit when it comes to adding that much-needed glow. What you’re going for here are various lighting layers to ensure that your home has precisely what it needs and that it can present itself well for a guess.

Tell a Story

Do more than just find Amish furniture for sale for you foyer – try to tell a story! The best way for you to pull it off will be to purchase art pieces, or possibly even a geometric rug. You want visitors to know that they are entering a stylish home and the best way to do that, is from the beginning.

Make your Foyer a Prelude to the rest of your Home

Amish FurnitureOne of the best things that you can do, makes your foyer a complete prelude to the rest of your home. If you use wood throughout your home, use wood throughout your foyer. You can do a lot of foreshadowing here, and it can all get pretty interesting if you let it.

Get a Rug

To really compliment the items that you grab from the Amish furniture store, you should search for some beautiful area rugs. You can use these con contrast the different colors and really tie the entire foyer together. A rug isn’t just something to wipe your feet on when you walk into the house; it could be the defining feature of your entire entryway.

Consider Using Wallpaper

Pairing wallpaper with the best Amish furniture might seem a little bit tacky, to say the least, but it is something that you should definitely try in the entryway. There are plenty of higher quality wallpapers out there that can really accent your Amish furniture pieces, so make sure that you give them a try!

These are just a few tips that can help you to get started, and that will really help to bring out the best in your foyer. While Amish furniture prices can be high, they’ll bring a quality to your foyer like you’ve never seen before.


Essential Amish Furniture Pieces for your Kitchen

As you prepare to outfit your kitchen with Amish furniture you might find yourself stopping and asking “What pieces do I really need?”. Today we’re going to cover some of the essential Amish furniture pieces to get you started and to make your kitchen really stand out.

Amish Furniture Essentials: Get a Kitchen Island

Amish kitchen cabinets As you buy Amish furniture for your kitchen you will want to strongly consider getting a kitchen island. There are so many benefits, the first being that it looks absolutely amazing. The other benefit here, however, is additional preparation space. Rather than being confined to your counter when it comes to food preparation, a kitchen island opens a massive space for you to spread out and cook like a pro. Below the island there will be ample storage space for all of your cooking implements, making a kitchen island an outstanding investment and an invaluable addition to your kitchen arsenal. Make sure you compare the different Amish furniture prices, getting one that not only meets your needs in terms of functionality but also in terms of price.

Set your Kitchen Up with Cabinets

Cabinets are a staple of any Amish furniture store but as with anything else, you buy in the way of furniture you do need to make sure it matches the rest of your décor. We carry both Mission and Shaker style cabinetry in our stores, allowing you to choose just how you want to customize your kitchen. Cabinets might only be a small part of the big picture, but they are an extremely important part. Take a look at what we have to offer and start planning you are remodeling.

Built-in Offices

This one goes right alongside the Amish kitchen cabinets and is a great piece of furniture for sale. Many people tend to do their work in the kitchen and this built-in office set is a great way for you to install a low profile setup in your kitchen. These built-in offices available in our Amish furniture store sit below the cabinets and give you not only space for your work, but also a space to set your office chair. It’s a great innovation for your kitchen and perfect for the 21st-century designer. Take a look at our store and start putting ideas together!

These are three essential pieces of Amish furniture that your kitchen absolutely needs. If you’re in the midst of a remodel or are planning one in the near future, then you’re in luck – we offer some of the best Amish furniture out there, and you don’t have to restrict it to our kitchen! We have plenty of great pieces for every room in your home, making sure that your space not only looks good but that the implements within manage to stand the test of time.