Amish Furniture Shines with Designer Kitchen Upgrades

Amish Custom KitchenYour kitchen is the heart of your home, where family comes together in the mornings, and again at the end of the day. A kitchen that is beautiful, functional, and stylish can set the mood for any occasion, whether you’re entertaining on the holidays or simply relaxing with your family on a lazy Sunday morning. When it comes to upgrading your kitchen or even designing a new one in your home, it only makes sense that you should settle for nothing less than the best.

Amish furniture is known throughout America for its flawless presentation, long-lasting quality, and practical functionality. Even beyond furniture, Amish design and quality can set the standard in your kitchen with cabinets, drawers, and countertops.

At the Amish Showroom, you can explore an inspiring range of kitchen and dining furniture, and we also offer custom-made cabinetry and other features that help you to make the most of your space.

Your Options for Customer Kitchens at the Amish Showroom

modern kitchen cabinetsEvery piece of Amish furniture or cabinetry begins with inspiration and a quality piece of timber. We craft our collections from wood not only because of traditions but because wood is hands down the most beautiful and durable material that can be used in your home today.

Wood resists moisture and other atmospheric conditions, it can be painted or stained to achieve the aesthetic that you want, and it can be carved and crafted for intricate or simple understated designs. Whatever you have in mind, wood is a material that simply works.

All our high-quality American timbers can be used to design the kitchen of your dreams. Options like brown maple, cherry, oak, hickory, elm, and even walnut can be used to create a kitchen that inspires you every morning.

Our stains and paint finishes can bring out the best of any timber, whether you’re looking for classic white on modern kitchen cabinets, or something more traditional like a coffee stain on Shaker or Mission Style cabinets. We also craft to order, so if you have an idea for a design, we can help you with wood selection and the finish that will bring your idea to life.

While Oak is our most popular material, the custom nature of our kitchens means that you will have a choice. You’ll be able to compare different grain patterns that could be more suited to unique stains and finishes. You can take a look at our complete wood selections here, including rough sawn woods for the ultimate Rustic Chic. Rough sawn and distressed kitchen cabinets can be lightly finished to give a matte appearance while still protecting the wood underneath.

If you love the modern trend of rustic cabinets and furniture, then you’ll be excited by what we can create at the Amish Showroom.

The Options That Can Make Your Kitchen Unique

Amish Custom KitchenJust like our Amish furniture for bedrooms, offices, and living rooms, our kitchen cabinets and drawers can be fully customized to give you the functionality that you need. Sliding pantries and smaller vertical drawers can give you convenient hidden storage. Pull-out shelves are also an option if you want to maximize your storage space while keeping everything clean aesthetically.

Some of the smallest custom touches can make the biggest differences, such as our soft close drawers and doors. A special mechanism will prevent slamming to make your kitchen feel more civilized and elegant. You’ll also prevent damage, allowing your custom Amish kitchen to last for generations.

Custom installations can make every appliance feel like an integral part of your kitchen design. We can craft everything from Amish range hood housings and integrated wine racks, to pull out garbage cans or even a lazy Susan for your kitchen island or dining table. You can have matched materials and stains or try some contrasting designs that create a strong visual impact. We’ll consult with you throughout the process so that your own personality and ideas are reflected in the final result. Our extensive selection of hardware can add the finishing touches.

Order a Custom Kitchen That Adds Value to Your Home

Beauty, functionality, and quality that will last for generations; everything that you love about Amish furniture can also be found in custom Amish kitchen designs. No detail is left unexplored, from Cambria stone countertops, to custom modeling for any home.

If you want a kitchen that truly becomes the heart of your home, then it’s time to talk to the team at the Amish Showroom.


The Best Amish Kitchen Cabinets in Rochester Minnesota

Do you envision a home that is beautiful, luxurious, and filled with furniture and fixtures that will stand the test of time? So many things these days are disposable, from the electronics that we use to communicate to the furniture and large fixtures that are installed in modern homes. When looking at the modern world, it’s difficult not to ask where the quality went!

If you want a home that stands out, that has true class, and that is filled with heirloom quality furniture and fixtures, you can’t look past Amish furniture. With the best Amish kitchen cabinets in Rochester Minnesota, you will find that quality has not disappeared in today’s market; you simply have to look for it.

The Amish Showroom is a leading supplier of handcrafted, sturdy, and beautiful Amish furniture. Our Amish kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen the personality and elegance that is sadly missing in most modern homes. Best of all, you can browse our Amish collections online, and have pieces delivered right to your door.

What’s So Special About Amish Kitchen Cabinets in Rochester Minnesota?

Amish Kitchen Cabinets in Rochester MinnesotaYour kitchen is the heart of your home. Used daily, it is where the family starts its day and comes together for meals and conversations in the evenings. When you are entertaining, your kitchen and dining room will be the hub of activity. If you want to be comfortable, with cabinets that are both beautiful and functional, then you can’t look past Amish kitchen cabinets in Rochester Minnesota.

Amish furniture is handcrafted using a combination of age-old traditions and modern techniques. Our craftspeople blend the best innovations of every era, while always maintaining that quality look and feel that made the early days of furniture making so successful. You won’t find cheap particleboard or low-quality laminates. Instead, Amish kitchen cabinets are made from natural timbers that are harvested from sustainable forests.

Real timber will last longer than alternatives and can be considered true heirloom quality. Whether you want to design a period-authentic home, or something contemporary that pays tribute to the past; Amish furniture is the best option.

You won’t worry about fit and finish, and you won’t have poor quality cabinets that start to fall apart within a few short years. Amish furniture is a real investment and one that you won’t regret making.

Buying the Best Amish Kitchen Cabinets in Rochester Minnesota

The Amish Showroom is a family business specializing in handcrafted Amish furniture. We don’t compromise on quality when it comes to our kitchen cabinets or any of the furniture that we produce. We supply direct to consumers and can offer the most competitive prices in the industry.

While tradition is at the heart of everything we do, our Amish kitchen cabinets in Rochester Minnesota can be custom made to fit any style. Whether you want modern, shaker, or mission style kitchens, we can custom build to your specification. You can have a kitchen suited to the modern age, customized for the latest appliances, while still having the unmistakable touch of class and quality that can only come from handcrafted Amish kitchen cabinets.

Browse our online store today and contact us by phone or through our live chat to start discussing your unique Amish kitchen.


Essential Amish Furniture Pieces for your Kitchen

As you prepare to outfit your kitchen with Amish furniture you might find yourself stopping and asking “What pieces do I really need?”. Today we’re going to cover some of the essential Amish furniture pieces to get you started and to make your kitchen really stand out.

Amish Furniture Essentials: Get a Kitchen Island

Amish kitchen cabinets As you buy Amish furniture for your kitchen you will want to strongly consider getting a kitchen island. There are so many benefits, the first being that it looks absolutely amazing. The other benefit here, however, is additional preparation space. Rather than being confined to your counter when it comes to food preparation, a kitchen island opens a massive space for you to spread out and cook like a pro. Below the island there will be ample storage space for all of your cooking implements, making a kitchen island an outstanding investment and an invaluable addition to your kitchen arsenal. Make sure you compare the different Amish furniture prices, getting one that not only meets your needs in terms of functionality but also in terms of price.

Set your Kitchen Up with Cabinets

Cabinets are a staple of any Amish furniture store but as with anything else, you buy in the way of furniture you do need to make sure it matches the rest of your décor. We carry both Mission and Shaker style cabinetry in our stores, allowing you to choose just how you want to customize your kitchen. Cabinets might only be a small part of the big picture, but they are an extremely important part. Take a look at what we have to offer and start planning you are remodeling.

Built-in Offices

This one goes right alongside the Amish kitchen cabinets and is a great piece of furniture for sale. Many people tend to do their work in the kitchen and this built-in office set is a great way for you to install a low profile setup in your kitchen. These built-in offices available in our Amish furniture store sit below the cabinets and give you not only space for your work, but also a space to set your office chair. It’s a great innovation for your kitchen and perfect for the 21st-century designer. Take a look at our store and start putting ideas together!

These are three essential pieces of Amish furniture that your kitchen absolutely needs. If you’re in the midst of a remodel or are planning one in the near future, then you’re in luck – we offer some of the best Amish furniture out there, and you don’t have to restrict it to our kitchen! We have plenty of great pieces for every room in your home, making sure that your space not only looks good but that the implements within manage to stand the test of time.