How do you Fill a Hope Chest?

The hope chest is one of the staples of Amish furniture that you can buy right here in Oregon, but what is it exactly? Many people use it as storage, but there is a much deeper meaning behind it, and it’s all about taking those first few steps into adulthood.

Hope Chests are the Most Sentimental Piece of Amish Furniture

A hope chest is designed for legacy building, to put it as simply as possible. If you have a daughter, for example, and if she is expected to wed one day, then the hope chest would hold all of the items that she might need for her first steps into adulthood, and perhaps even the items needed for building her first household. There are so many odds and ends that need to be placed in a house, and being prepared to go in, well, that’s absolutely priceless.

The Items You Put in a Hope Chest

Amish Hope ChestAs we said before there are many people who will use their hope chest for storage, but that really isn’t the intended purpose. A hope chest is designed to be passed on to a daughter to be sure that she is ready for adulthood, and that can be a tall order. So what does that mean exactly? The following are a few of the items that you might find inside a typical hope chest:

  • Blankets – Quilted or knitted blankets are essentials for a new home, and they are the perfect item for a hope chest.
  • Dishes – When moving into a new home dishes are essential and they can be prohibitively expensive, at least for the best sets. Plates, cups, and bowls are essential for starting a new life and if you can, throw in some silverware.
  • Sentimental Items – While we won’t go into every single item that you should be putting in a hope chest but we will say that certain sentimental items should be passed down. The definition of sentimental is going to be up to you, so think about it before you fill your hope chest.

Choose Amish Furniture for Sale

Obviously, the hope chest is not a concept exclusive to Amish furniture, but it is one that is better executed in Amish hands. The same can be said for most pieces, and the best Amish furniture will last a lifetime and beyond. Just imagine being able to give your daughter a hope chest that she will then pass down to her children, and even further. It’s an amazing concept and it’s one that you can fully realize by visiting an Amish furniture store. Check out our selection today and invest in a hope chest that will last a lifetime!