Use Live Edge Furniture to build the Perfect Living Room

Building the perfect living room comes with some serious challenges but choosing the theme is perhaps the most difficult of all. For the purpose of this article w,e are going to assume that you want to outfit your living room with live edge furniture, which is an outstanding choice! The question however, is how far you want to take it.

Our Amish furniture is some of the best and we can undoubtedly get you exactly what you are looking for. The big question, is how far you really want to go with your live edge furniture, and how rustic you want it to be.

What is Live Edge Amish Furniture?

live edge Amish furnitureOne of the real benefits of live edge Amish furniture for sale is that it brings the power of nature into your domesticated living room. The biggest difference between live edge and the normal fare at our Amish furniture store is that the edge remains unfinished. The table is stained, but we take great pride in making sure to leave the edge intact, as it was in nature. As a result, we have beautiful tables that will help to create that rustic atmosphere you’ve been looking for.

Rustic vs. Farmhouse

When looking into live edge Amish furniture for sale online many people tend to mistake it with rustic or farmhouse, but these are two very different styles. Farmhouse, for example, is closer to the Barstow live edge table that you can easily find in our inventory. It is live edge and it does give the natural feel that you are looking for, but it doesn’t quite go over the top.

If you are looking to go a little bit further then you could certainly consider going the rustic route. Rustic furniture is usually a bit thicker and uses more natural elements in its design. For example, you might see an occasional table that consists of tree stump supported by branches instead of legs. While these might have a very natural look, they are quite stable and are perfect for some settings.

Finish up your Living Room

There is nothing more important than making sure that your living room is set up exactly the way you want it, and you can dot hat by looking into live edge furniture. If you’re tired of the same old Amish furniture, then you can bring it to life by introducing a bit of nature into the design. Look through our inventory and find something that not only suits your tastes, but that helps bring new life to your space.