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Always in stock, beautiful table & chair sets. Call for more info!
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Our Amish Desks are built to work hard, just like you do!
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This Complete Table Set Is A Perfect Addition To Any Home
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Always in stock, beautiful table & chair sets. Call for more info!
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Sleep The Way You Have Always Dreamed In This Amazing Bedroom Set
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Enjoy beautiful Amish hand crafted kitchen cabinets in your home.
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The Perfect Living Room Is Absolutely Possible

The Best Custom Amish Furniture

Welcome to Amish Showroom We started out selling lumber to Amish craftsmen from our family farm. Eric also used the lumber to build custom millwork for his contracting company, Ridgestone Homes Inc. As we met more Amish families, we started selling their products direct from the shop to your home. Our goal is to gather the finest Amish craftsmen in the country and retail their products to you. We have the ability to help you modify the furniture to meet your needs.

Eric is an accomplished home builder and woodworker. He can re-draw the furniture to meet your needs and have the Amish Craftsmen build it for you. We also have some of the best prices in the Country.

We welcome you to shop and compare prices,  you will  see the savings.

We are always meeting new Amish craftsmen in small shops and adding their products to our website. Quality – Large furniture stores are busy building an empire of “throw way furniture.” Year after year, technology allows them to slice a piece of wood veneer thinner. After a couple years of use, the consumer ends up throwing the furniture away because it fell apart.

That is not our style… Our Amish craftsmen use only the highest grade lumber and check each piece for grain, color and consistency when building their products. Their attention to detail is impeccable. Custom made “for you” – We offer a variety of options in which you can personalize your furniture.

From different stain options, mixing of wood types, painting the wood, various glass types, and hardware to match existing cabinetry. You are assured of a product that works well with your household décor!

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