Why are Amish Furniture Prices so High?

Amish FurnitureFurniture can cost quite a pretty penny when you need to get a few pieces to place in your house. Anything from chairs to couches can cost a lot. Sometimes people prefer to go with discounted or used furniture in order to save money. However, most of the time when buying these lower quality pieces of furniture people have to sacrifice for quality. Meaning the furniture is not as well built as it should be and is sure to wear out, or even in some cases even break in a short amount of time.

Amish furniture is very different. Many furniture pieces are made by hand and with great care. A lot of hard work and elbow grease goes into making these pieces, but the price can usually drive people not to buy it. Is Amish furniture worth the high prices? Does the quality of the furniture warrant the extra dollar signs versus buying retail brands of furniture?

Amish Furniture is Made with More Durable Materials

The Amish lifestyle calls for a lot of personal sacrifices when it comes to convenience. When you’re looking to buy Amish furniture durability is usually the first thing you may notice about the product. While many factors can go into the quality of the furniture such as the type of wood, how well it’s constructed, the type of finish used, and the quality of the materials used to make the furniture.

The quality of Amish furniture varies woodworker to woodworker. Some may have better access to high quality materials than others. However, the majority of Amish furniture is usually exceptional in quality. It’s well constructed, sturdy, and made using exceptional materials to help it last for a long time. The design of the furniture can vary too depending on where you go.

However, if in your home your furniture usually sees a lot of heavy use. For example, you may have children who tend to jump around. Chairs at the dinner table that can tend to get knocked over, jumping on couches, slamming of trunks or drawers when closing them, and more. The furniture is built to withstand heavy duty use. While it may not be as shiny or decorative as other pieces of furniture sold in stores. You can rest easy knowing the furniture you purchase will last. There are also many different styles and designs of the furniture which can still have many decorative qualities too.

What Type of Styles Does Amish Furniture Have?

The majority of the furniture is usually constructed in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. It is constructed in other states though. The furniture is known to generally made out of 100% wood without laminate or particle board. While styles can vary, there are a few differences between each one.

Furniture crafts by the Amish is more traditional in nature. A few common styles are Shaker and Mission styles. You can identify the Mission style by its exposed joinery and straight lines. It’s considered one of the modern furniture styles made by the Amish.

Shaker style on the other hand is more plaint. It has a basic design and is very simple. The aim of this style is for its durability and functionality. The furniture made in this style can usually appear more elegant than others though. Making it a good style for someone who wants durable furniture, but wants an elegant design style to their home.

Queen Anne style on the other hand is very different from the two previous styles. Queen Anne style usually consists of carved ornamentation, ornate moldings, and unique foot details. There are a wide range of other styles available to choose from too. These styles are Beachfront, Southwestern, Cottage, and even Rustic for those curious.

Another amazing aspect of the furniture constructed by the Amish is the skill to make such pieces is often passed down from generation to generation. Many Amish children rarely keep attending school after the eighth grade. At that point they will usually help out either in the shop or at home. There are many Amish families who are well known for making furniture in particular niches or for certain design details. There can be woodworkers who specialize in making bedroom pieces or even outdoor furniture.

The furniture constructed by the Amish may not always be as flashy, colorful, or bright as some store bought pieces. However, it’s always well constructed and built to last. The materials used to construct the furniture is usually of exceptional or even high quality. It’s highly functional, and there are many styles to choose from. You can choose pieces of furniture made by the Amish for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, and even outdoors if you want too. It’s this exceptional quality as to why the furniture usually comes with a high price.


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