Where to Buy Amish Furniture that Lasts a Lifetime

Amish FurnitureThe Amish culture is established from a strict Mennonite community that began establishing major settlements in the suburban areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and certain parts of North America in 1720 and has been cultivating a distinct culture ever since. They are well known for their quality in wood workmanship, producing the finest furniture commonly known as Amish Furniture. All of their work is artistically done by hand, utilizing no factories. Our prestigious furniture company, Amish Showroom maintains personal relationships with the finest Amish woodworkers to provide you with a top quality Amish Furniture showroom that you can trust in store and with the added convenience of our online Amish Furniture Showroom

Heirloom Quality You Can Trust

Heirloom Quality is Amish built and lasts a lifetime. The quality of our workmanship surpasses other Amish furniture stores. We only hire the finest Amish craftsmen from around the country to build quality furniture for you. Our website boasts a unique collection of online Amish furniture from quality craftsmen that we meet in their small shops during our travels. While large furniture stores focus on providing modern, “cookie cutter” type furniture in mass quantities, their customers suffer the effects of this furniture that falls apart quickly.
Each year the technology used in the factories that make this modern furniture advances to allow the factories to slice the wood for their furniture thinner and thinner thus providing the customer with a product they must throw away in a couple of years. With our heirloom quality in our furniture, you can trust that you will always receive durable, high-quality wood that can hold up to the demands of your families everyday needs and last long into your future. 

Customizable Options

Because we understand the varying needs of families due to family size and space, we pride ourselves in our ability to help you modify your furniture to meet your specific needs. We offer various stain options to provide our customers with a color variety to match their décor. Additionally, we have the flexibility of mixing the wood types to your specific preference and painting the wood with your selected color. We even offer various glass types and many types of hardware to match your existing cabinetry to provide a fully customizable, quality product. 

Prestigious Woodworkers

Our relationships with top woodworkers ensure that the quality of our work is a dependable feature when purchasing our Amish Furniture. Our craftsmen are Amish families that we have met along our journey that pride themselves and their family name in their work. We purchase their products directly from their shop and sell them to your home. Our craftsmen also use only the highest grade of lumber and carefully inspect each piece for color, consistency, and grain when building your furniture. 

Top Custom Amish Furniture

Amish FurnitureWhen deciding where to buy your Amish furniture, look no further than Amish Showroom. Our prestigious woodworkers can design and re-draw your furniture to meet the needs of your home and fit your specific spaces creating a clean, organized feel in your home and maximizing space. We pride ourselves in providing a quality product at an affordable price. While our prices are some of the best offered in the country, we welcome you to shop and compare and be amazed at the results. Our online catalog is our most modern feature of our business plan. Here you can search our fabric options, hardware options, paint, and wood to fully customize your furniture.
Additionally, we have an extensive online Amish furniture showroom that features a wide variety of our authentic pieces. This is a great place for customers to get ideas for their customized pieces or they can purchase these items straight from our website and have them shipped straight to their home. Our great customer service team is available to help you with all of your purchasing needs. Check out our testimonial section of our website to see how we have built long lasting relationships with our customers and how satisfied they are with our product. We look forward to speaking to you today to help you build the furniture of your dreams that will last you a lifetime.

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