What is Amish Showroom?

Amish ShowroomHere at Amish Showroom we pride ourselves on gathering the best amish furniture from the finest Amish craftsmen in the country and sell it directly to you. We started out by selling lumber from our family farm to the Amish craftsmen. We are continuously meeting with new Amish craftsmen in small shops and take to adding their crafts and products to our online shop and showroom.

Our Specialty Tables – Breadboards

We currently offer nine specialty breadboard tables:

The Barstow Trestle has a planked top that is 1 ½” thick. The standard comes with saw marks in the top with a mission style edge; saw marks removed upon your request.  We can also build a 1” thick smooth top. The leaves are 16” wide and have the same breadboard design. The table is available in 42” x 72” or 48” by 72”.  As this is a real, working plank top table the changes in the humidity levels in your home will “move” the boards – this is normal and helps prevent cracks.

The Ouray is a Massive Mission style with a turnbuckle base mark. This custom self-store trestle-dining table can store one leaf without a skirt. However, if you decide to have a 1” thick top we can add up to four 12” leaves and use our patent pending manga skirt system.

Our Wilmington Trestle Table is available in 42” x 72” or 48” by 72” with up to three leaves, and each leaf if 16” wide with the same breadboard design. While a mission edge and rustic style top with saw marks are standard, we can change the top to a 1” thick smooth top upon request.

The Wilmington Single Pedestal table is available in rounds of 48”, 54”, or 60” with up to three 12” long leaves. Standard components are a mission edge and a 1 3/8” thick, solid wood-planked top. The center is also solid wood.

The Fresno Leg Table is available in the following sizes: 42″ x 60″, 42″ x 66″, 42″ x 72″, 48″ x 60″, 48″ x 66″ and 48″ x 72″ with up to three 16” leaves. The Fresno comes standard with mission edge, 3” sharker legs, 2 ¾” skirt and planked top and all leaves are 16”. Random saw marks are also standard. With tables that contain two or three leaves, a center leg is added due to the weight of the top.

Amish ShowroomThe Marriott wide leg table has a standard 1 3/8” thickness planked top. The leg is solid wood and measures 5 square inches, and has a 5” skirt height. The extra skirt is needed due to the heavy weight of this table. Available in 42 x 60”, 42 x 66”, 42 x 72”, 48 x 60”, 48 x 66”, 48 x 72”, 54 x 72”, 60 x 60”,  and 60 x 72”.

The Alberta Single Pedestal Table comes in 42”, 48”, and 54” rounds. It comes with a standard round 1 3/8” plank top, but a square one is also available. The 42” size takes one leaf, while the 48” and 54”size can take two leaves.

The Victor Trestle Table is available in 36″ x 72″, 36″ x 84″, 36″ x 96″, 42″ x 72″, 42″ x 84”, and 42″ x 96″ in solid top. The thickness is approximately 2”. This table is compiled of individual planks that are finished and then bolted together – the plank-to-plank variance is up to 3/8”. The Victor can also be made with a 1 3/4″ thick smooth top in 42″ x 72″ and 48″ x 72″ sizes with up to four 12″ leaves. This style top will not have bolt details.

The Matina Table comes in 42″ x 72″ or 48″ x 72″ sizes with up to three 16” leaves. The standard top is a plank top with a mission edge, but a regular 1” thick top is also available. This table can only self-store one leaf without the skirt.

Why Choose Amish Furniture?

Amish ShowroomOur amish furniture craftsmen use only the highest grade of lumber and inspect each piece for consistency, color, and grain prior to building their products. This attention to detail is meticulous and something you will not get when shopping at mass production furniture warehouses.

All our amish furniture for sale is custom made “for you” – in so much that we offer an array of options that allows you to personalize your furniture piece to meet your specific needs and wants. We offer an assortment of staining options, wood paints, wood types, glass types, and hardware that can be used to match your existing cabinetry. With Amish Showroom, we can assure you that your chosen product will work well with your household décor. We have some of the best prices in the country to buy amish furniture online.


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