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Why Buy From Amish Showroom?

There are many options out there when looking for Amish Furniture.  We feel our company has many unique features to offer clients that simply can’t be found at other stores.  We have listed them below.    

  •  We OWN hundreds of wooded acres in the Richard Dorer hardwood forest. Our lumber is highly valued by the lumber mills. We understand wood from harvest to the finished product, and every step in between.
  • We OWN a residential construction company, with Amish Framing Crews, and can provide you with the “know how”  to help tie Amish furniture into your home.
  • Our family was awarded the State of Minnesota “Conservation Farm of the year” from the Governor.  This award was given for our leadership role in conserving the forest and planting new trees. We have planted more acres of new trees than we have harvested. 
  • We DO NOT operate a “web store only” business. 
  • We can have your products delivered to 48 States by either our carrier, or Packship USA. 
  •  There are different levels of craftsmanship quality in the Amish Community.  We have spent years finding the very best at their specialty and offer their products here.
  • We gather the furniture from the various shops and have your order stained and sealed at the same time.  This insures the finish will match.  We keep stain records in case you order more items in the future.

We invite you to shop online or visit our Amish Furniture store in Coates MN.   Feel free to place orders by computer or Telephone.

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