The Process to Create the Best Amish Furniture

Trustworthy Amish Furniture Settings

A lot have people have come to trust and appreciate Amish made furniture because of its superior craftsmanship and longevity providing heirloom quality. With skilled hands able to craft dining room sets, living room pieces, bedroom accessories, and more, you can enjoy your purchase knowing that these pieces are designed to last for generations to come.

It has become a sensible investment in home furnishings to purchase Amish furniture because of its exceptional level of quality and craftsmanship. With the ability to furnish your entire home, hand crafted Amish furnishings will provide timeless quality and classic style through out every room.

Amish furniture is more than just beautifully hand crafted heirloom furnishings. The process it takes to ensure long lasting, custom design pieces is eco-friendly and built upon traditional methods of Amish wood working and design.

Harvesting Quality Lumber

The wood selection process is just the most important aspect of crafting superior quality Amish furnishings. With design specifications in hand, Amish carpenters can select the proper wood for individual projects. Working with timber with 6% moisture content or lower, only the most properly cut and fully dried timber is hand selected to craft heirloom furniture.

As master craftsmen, Amish carpenters can best determine which woods will work best for any project design. Individual selection eliminates lumber weaknesses that might slide under the radar in mass production facilities.

Eco-Friendly Amish Furniture

The process of individual selection ensures that weak lumber doesn’t affect the longevity of your heirloom furnishings as they would in mass manufactured home furnishings. Also, the Amish believe in being efficient and eco- friendly. 

Where normal mass manufactured and transported woods leave a trail of chemical poisons and gas emissions that further harm the environment, the Amish maintain a strict following of standards outlined in the Ordnung, by using hand held tools and traditional transport methods. These guidelines prohibit the use of modernized tools and electric powered appliances, but encourage the use of more conventional methods of harvesting.

Amish Showroom

Construction Methods of Amish Furnishing

Abiding by the same rules during the construction period, the Amish rely on long time methods and traditional tools to complete home furnishings. As mass manufacturers invest in the latest gas or electric powered tools, the Amish continue to use the basic tools and techniques; avoiding harm to the eco-system and providing consistent results over a decade’s time. While you may find that some Amish wood workers will use hydraulic tools when building heavy furniture pieces, they don’t normally use heavy machinery equipment such as those found in furniture factories.

Using pneumatic and hand-powered tools, Amish furnishings ensure superior levels of quality and style. The production rate may be slower and more costly than that of warehouse manufactured furnishings; however, the end product provides a much longer life-span as well. This can be due largely to the design of Amish style furnishings.

Wood Shaping & Joint Work of Amish Furnishings

Amish ShowroomJointer planes, smoothing planes, and jack planes shape the woods used to construct Amish furniture; meanwhile, other additional wood working and hand crafting tools are required to cut and fit the final pieces together. Instead of furniture fastened with nails and screws, Amish furnishings are built with fastener-free joints which depend upon the strength of the glue adhesive and the wood itself.

Joint work should be sturdy, no room for faltering or shoddy joints that wobble. The distinct quality of Amish furnishings is based on generational skills and they provide joint work that is not only reliable, but visually seamless.

Final Finishing of Amish Craftsmanship

Finally, Delicate Sanding, Staining, and Finishing complete the Amish construction process of your home furnishings. Protecting each hand crafted piece of furniture, these final touches create a smooth finish and warm surface that characterize heirloom quality.

Where mass produced furnishings offer a limited variety of colors and design, Amish crafted furnishings offer boundless wood and stain options, and a fine finish using a catalyzed converter varnish to accomplish a resistant, hard-wearing surface that displays the wood’s natural beauty. As each piece is hand crafted, they are recognized for their originality from wood selection to final finish with attention to detail that could not be attained in factory settings.

Your Amish Carpenter provides his utmost care, artisan skills, and technical expertise with construction of each Amish style furnishing; producing results that are sturdy enough for everyday use, beautiful, and complete with personal character. While factory made furnishings may wear down over time due to poor construction or wood selection, Amish furniture is sure to stand up to its discriminate title of heirloom quality.



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