The Four Best Tables in an Amish Furniture Store

Best Tables in Amish FurnitureThe dining room table is a place where memories of family, good food and good times are made. Whether you are the type who eats every suppertime meal at the table, or one that prefers to host large gatherings in your dining room during the holidays, the table stands front and center of it all.

When it comes to purchasing the perfect dining room table, there’s only one place that meets your needs in the same caring, family-oriented way as you – an Amish furniture store. At Amish Showroom, we value home and family above all else, creating dining room tables to suit every décor and need. Take a look at the list below to learn about what we feel are the four best tables in our store.

Buy Amish Furniture for your Dining Room

Buying a dining room table is an investment, so don’t leave anything to chance. When you buy Amish furniture, you can be sure you have a piece that provides use and beauty for generations to come. The following dining room tables are four of the best in terms of design and durability on the market today.

1. Shaker Mission Leg Table

Available in many sizes up to 18 feet in length, the Shaker Mission Leg Table features square corners with the classic mission edge. The 1-inch thick top is standard, designed to be highly durable with our standard two coats of conversion varnish finish on top and bottom. This ensures this table withstands spills and scratches easily.

Any large family or group would be proud to own the Shaker Mission Leg Table. Available in several hardwood options, this table can be custom designed to match any décor and service any dining need.

2. Double Pedestal Table

The Double Pedestal table is one of our most popular pieces of Amish furniture for sale online. The standard design features an oval top with a solid double pedestal base with bar spreader. Of course, as with all of table designs, this beautiful table can be customized in size and detail to meet all of your décor and service needs.

The Double Pedestal table can also be made in a square design, giving you more space on the table top, and with up to four leaves available for expanding its usable space even more, you will have no problem fitting generations of family at the table. When choosing this table, be sure to browse the different wood and stain options to best suit your dining room décor.

3. Double Pedestal Mission Table

When you are looking for the ultimate in usability and simplicity, the Double Pedestal Mission table is your best choice. With standard square corners and Mission-style edges, this table does double duty by allowing you to store its leaves right inside the table. Again, this table is completely customizable, coming in different sizes, woods and even corner styles, but be advised that changing corner styles may limit the table’s ability to self-store the leaves.

The Double Pedestal Mission table is one of our favorite Amish furniture dining pieces because of its simplicity. What it lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in versatility. This stunning table looks great in all types of home décor and makes a great heirloom to pass down from generation to generation.

4. Double Vintage Table

When most people think of wood tables, they envision a light stain that shows every grainy accent of the wood used. However, if the light color just isn’t your thing, the brown maple Double Vintage table might just be what you are looking for. Featuring a rich brown maple color, double pedestal legs and self-store options for the leaves in an oval-top design, this simple, yet fantastic, dining table lends a more vintage feel to your décor. This table is also available with a boat or square top upon request. As with all our Amish furniture, quality and durability are standard with this table.

Online Amish Furniture for your Dining Room

When you decide it’s time to purchase a new dining room table for your home, be sure to check out our store for the best online Amish furniture. Not only will you receive the knowledgeable and friendly customer service, you will be purchasing a piece of furniture that’s sure to become a much-loved and favored piece of your family’s history.

Call us today at 763-498-7730 to place an order or to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly representative with any questions you may have. All our Amish furniture is handmade and unique, and we always have new dining sets and dining tables in stock and ready for shipping. Our Minnesota store serves all 48 states and most of Canada. We look forward to helping you create fond family memories with your perfect dining room table. 

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