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Amish FurnitureContrary to many people’s beliefs, Amish furniture is not a style. Furniture is named Amish furniture because it is handcrafted and made out of solid wood. This furniture is then, in turn, desired by many people around the world, making it seem like a trending style. One of the best things about Amish furniture is that it is environmentally friendly. More now than ever, we do what we can to lessen our carbon footprint and to reduce the amount of harm we do to the environment. Our furniture specifically is made hand crafted from slow growth hardwood trees. Then, the furniture is constructed and finished and polished with the best stains and hardware sold on the market. If you are looking for quality furniture that will last, buy Amish furniture for your bedroom set.

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Finding quality Amish furniture can be a difficult process. Locating the different stores and driving to the location can be quite time consuming. This is why we have made our Amish furniture available for online purchases. Also, a benefit of online shopping is that you have the chance to shop around and compare prices. At the Amish Showroom, we have some of the best prices in the Country, you can count on it! At the Amish Showroom, our furniture is made from lumber from our family farm we check each piece of lumber for grain, color, and consistency, when building our products. Then the wood is used by the finest Amish craftsmen in the country, who then go on to create top notch products. These furniture pieces are custom made for you and each piece is created for you when you order, so we are not just shipping from a warehouse– we are making these items for you. When you need bedroom furniture, check out Amish Showroom!

The Ultimate Bedroom Sets at the Amish Showroom

Amish FurnitureFinding a real, hand made, and hardwood bedroom set is hard to find. With all of the furniture manufacturers, it is harder today to find quality made furniture. A lot of the time you think that you are getting real or solid wood pieces, but the truth is you are not. It is some sort of wood alternative that is cheaper for manufacturers. For more information on how to tell if you are buying a real and solid wood furniture piece, browse our education pages for more information.

For a grand bedroom set, you can view all of the different bedroom sets here.

You will notice that all of our bedroom sets are made with solid hardwood and they come with dovetailed drawers. This term refers to the specific construction of the drawers. It is when the drawer box is made of completely solid wood, instead of the common particle board like most manufacturers. Then a dovetail join us used to secure the side of the drawer to the front of the drawer. You can easily spot a dovetail drawer because of the jigsaw puzzle look that happens in the corner of the drawer, where the two pieces come together at a 90 degree angle.

Dovetail drawers are known for their superiority because they are more durable and can endure more wear and tear. Also, just the fact that it is made out of solid wood is an advantage in itself. This creates a strong and durable drawer that is also very visually appealing and made with true marksmanship. Here are the three major benefits of dovetail drawers:

Strength: Because the drawer is joined together completely, there is a much stronger bond, especially compared to a glue or staple, like the particle boards.

Durability: Dovetail drawers have hidden drawer glides that prevent the wear and tear that standard drawers have. All in all, these drawers are carefully constructed so that they function flawlessly, resulting in a long lasting product.

Craftsmanship: Furniture makers are artists. When you purchase dovetail drawers, you are purchasing a piece of furniture that has been perfected by the creator.

All bedroom sets are made with high quality lumber, dovetail drawers, heavy duty full extension drawer slides, and two coats of conversion varnish. Check out our collection of bedroom sets, like the Hampton Suite, Mesa Bedroom Suite, Mccoy Suite, Manitoba Suite, Lexington Suite, and more!

What Is The Process To Buying Furniture Online?

When you purchase a bedroom set from the Amish Showroom, we make the process as easy as possible. Keep the following in mind when you purchase furniture from us:

To purchase the furniture, we require a non-refundable 50% deposit.

Following your purchase, you can expect us to send you stain samples. This will allow you to see how the stain will look in your home. If you want to match a specific stain, you can send us a scrap piece or a piece (that we will return to you), and we will match it for you. The last option is to go to Sherwin Williams to get a stain match and then you can just send us the stain match.

Once purchased, the furniture can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to reach your home. When it does reach your home, you should cut the box open when it arrives. Then you can unload the box one item at a time so that you can lower the weight and reduce the risk of damaging the furniture when you are unloading it. If you nervous about moving your furniture, ask us about our lift gate service.

The Best Amish Furniture For Sale Online

For more information about our top quality Amish furniture, give us a call at (763) 498-7730 and view the pages on our website!



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