Broadway Leg Table

Curved Leg Dining Table. Add up to 4 leaves with each size.  Customize it!  Select your wood, size, and stain color.


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1” thick Bow End top with Mission edge is standard. 3 1/2” skirt standard as shown.  Curved legs standard as shown. Non-geared wooden slides are standard. Select your wood type, stain color, size, and number of leaves.  This table can be built standard height or counter height. 

All furniture from Amish showroom has two coats of conversion varnish finish top and bottom. Conversion varnish is superior to all other stains and finishes due to its ability to resist alcohol.  If someone accidentally spills a glass of wine, it is not going to destroy your table.

Priced at 42″ x 60″ solid top in Oak. 

Can self-store up to 4 leaves; 2 with skirts and 2 without in all available sizes. 

Made in the USA.  Please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery.