More than Meets the Eye: Amish Furniture uses Table Leaves to Transform

The Amish Showroom exists to provide high quality furniture to the public for the best prices on the market. Amish furniture is built using the highest quality wood that is carefully prepared, cut and constructed to create beautiful furniture that will last for generations. This is no ordinary furniture. We work with the best Amish craftsmen to bring this high quality furniture to our showrooms and offer it to the public. Many people enjoy traveling to Amish country to buy Amish furniture because they know the value they will get when they buy homemade furniture made with the experienced and talented hands of the Amish. We provide an avenue to purchase the best of Amish furniture without having to travel across the country. At the Amish Showroom we have a variety of styles, wood types and stain colors that can be customized to your tastes. We can also work with our Amish craftsmen to custom make furniture in the old world style that exhibits the best in woodworking and will last a lifetime.

The Amish Showroom is more than meets the eye: Amish furniture uses table leaves to transform a dining table with self-supporting and hidden table leaves that use a magnetic system to stay out of sight until you need to utilize the expansion feature of your leaf table. This is just one of the many ingenious qualities of our furniture that will bowl you over when you compare this furniture to the mass marketed pieces that are available from most furniture stores today. The current trend in furniture production is to mass produce at the lowest costs possible in order to turn a huge profit. The result is this mass produced furniture does not stand the test of time. Much of this furniture pieces end up on the rubbish heap after just a few years because they were not designed to withstand the test of time. Yet Amish craftsmen are using time proven skills to craft furniture that is beautiful, strong and well made. You will be passing this furniture down to your grandchildren.

Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture for Sale

When it comes to finding Amish furniture for sale without traveling great distances, the Amish Showroom is the place to go. We started our lumber business by selling the surplus lumber from our farm to local Amish craftsmen. This allowed us to build strong relationships with the area craftsmen, and eventually we were able to bring this beautiful furniture to our showroom where we can offer it to the public not only in our hometown of Coates, Minnesota but across the entire lower 48 states and most of Canada. We are also able to offer this beautiful furniture at some of the best prices you will find. Visit our website at to view our wide selection of furniture. You can also find our telephone hours listed where you can call us at 763-498-7730 to discuss your furniture options.

Don’t see exactly what you were looking for? We have the experience to assist you in customizing a piece to your needs. We then pass the design on to one of the Amish craftsmen in order to bring you the best in hand crafted, long-lasting furniture that not only will last your entire lifetime but will be passed down generations to come. The quality and craftsmanship of Amish made furniture cannot be rivaled by modern furniture making techniques. These craftsmen examine every single piece of wood, checking the grain, color and consistency to make sure it is the right piece for the job. You can even decide for yourself the stain color you desire, and since you can never be sure of true color online, we will send you color samples for just a small deposit. You can’t go wrong choosing to purchase high quality Amish made furniture from the Amish Showroom.

Amish Furniture Store

We offer furniture for every room of your home as well as custom décor and jewelry boxes.  We know our store is unique in that we work with the best woodworkers in the world and bring you the value of their work into our showroom where you can buy online. Of course, you can also come into the shop to visit when you are in the area and see for yourself the beauty and excellent work that goes into each piece of furniture we offer. Our Amish furniture store has a mission to gather the best in Amish furniture and retail it to the public, so we partner with small Amish shops and woodworkers to get the best furniture pieces available and offer them for the some of the best prices you can find today. Call or visit us online today at to see just what we have to offer!


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