How to Use Wood Glue Properly

When you’re looking to buy Amish furniture online, you’ll notice the pieces are made out of wood. Wooden furniture itself can be very durable if cared for properly. There are many fine pieces that have an elegant or simple design. What happens when your wooden furniture needs a repair though? Many people will either throw it out or hire a carpenter to fix it for them. If the repair is simple enough, you can actually fix it yourself.

How to Reattach a Part Onto your Amish Furniture

You can usually tell a piece of furniture needs a repair if its parts are either unattached or its wobbly. One of the first things you want to do is make sure you have a good work space to do your repair. Preferably a clean area with good ventilation. You will need wood glue, sand paper, and saw dust.

In the area where you’re going to be doing the repair. Use sandpaper with a grit of 120 to 180. Remove any debris or old glue lingering in the area where you will be making the repair. You will have to be careful not to apply the sandpaper to other ares of your piece of furniture, or you risk ruining the original stain.

Make Sure the Area for the Repair on Your Amish Furniture is Clean

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You want to make sure the area for the repair is completely clean. Next you want to make your batch of glue. You’ll want to make sure you have some saw dust on hand. If you don’t you can use a scrap of wood and a drill to make some. Simply drill a few random holes into the scrap wood to make the saw dust. Mix the sawdust in with the wood glue. At this point you want to make sure there is more wood in your mixture than glue.

Apply some of this mixture to the area where you will be making the repair. You may need a clamp to keep the broken piece in place with the area with glue on it. You can also use gravity or another set up to make sure the piece does not move. It should take about an hour for the glue to set before you can stand your piece of furniture back up. Make sure your piece of furniture is level with the ground.

Allow Your Piece of Amish Furniture to Stand For 24 Hours

Amish Furniture OnlineAt this point your work is done. Now it’s only a matter of allowing the glue to dry out. Leave your furniture alone for at least 24 hours so the glue can dry. Make sure your piece of furniture is level with the ground so the furniture does not end up with a crooked repair. If you’re using clamps make sure the clamps are secure. Poor clamping can result in a poor repair, or you may find yourself having to do the repair again.

Once the glue has set in and finally dried. Be sure to test your newly repaired furniture. The wood should be set firmly in place, and the glue completely dried. If you still notice the glue appears to be partially dried. Be sure to leave the piece alone for a few more hours to allow the glue to completely dry.

Once the glue is dried your furniture should be good as new. The glue mixture is super strong, easy to make, and will make sure your piece of wooden furniture will continue to see many years of happy use. Other ways to make sure your wooden furniture lasts as long as possible is to care for it properly. For some more delicate pieces you may want to check on them at least once a year to make sure they do not require any minor repairs.

Wood is notorious for reacting poorly to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Making sure your home has a steady temperature and humidity levels is recommended for wood is essential to making it last. If humidity levels are to high wood can become swollen and buckle. If the humidity levels are to low wood can shrink and begin to crack.

If your amish furniture requires more heavy repairs than you can provide. It’s recommended you seek out a professional to make the repairs for you. Some repairs for wooden furniture can be dangerous or expose you to injury. Always double check the instructions when it comes to wood glue, and to be cautious if you have to use a power tool during the repair.

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