From Dusk ‘til Dawn: The Best Wood Selections Creates the Best Amish Furniture

Hand Crafted Amish Furniture

Made with great care and attention to detail, hard work goes into every piece of furniture crafted by Amish hands. As they work from provisions of the land and traditional methods of wood crafting, each piece is made with a household set in mind. The Amish believe strongly in working to provide consistent results from dusk ‘til dawn as they complete timeless pieces of furniture to last generations.

100% USA Grown Materials Used in Amish Wood Working

Amish ShowroomUsing materials and woods found right here within the USA, Amish furniture builders can provide you with various looks throughout your home. From bedroom to living room and dining furniture sets, you can have your choices of Wood and finishing.

Here is a listing of the most popular Woods used to craft timeless Amish Furniture in America.

  • A popular choice among traditionalist, Red Oak hardwood is valued for its coarse-texture and its long lasting durability. It makes for strong dining furniture and bedroom settings. Red Oak Wood makes for a great selection because of its ability to stain evenly and becomes a handsome piece of furniture over time. It is also perfect for everyday use and not simply as beautiful fixtures throughout your home. Varying in color, Red Oak wood can be found in colors ranging from pale brown to dusky yellows, and even comes with a light red tint.
  •  Quarter-sawn White Oak is very similar to that of Red Oak Wood; it is extremely popular among Amish Furniture providers for its enduring capabilities, being ultimately sturdy, and providing impressive wear-resistance. It differs with its texture being slightly less coarse. It also comes in a different variety of color; you can choose from Light Tan, to a sheer tone almost white, or even Light Grey. This method of processing wood has been around for decades and provides a unique appeal for your home.
  • If you seek a fine textured wood, the straight-grained Soft Maple Wood is the Hardwood for you. Unlike the former two popular woods, this soft maple comes from either Red or Maple trees and is not as durable as the latter mentioned Maple Wood. It nearly matches the density of Cherry Wood and can be found in tones of light creams or pale browns that occasionally come with dark streaks throughout.
  • Using Sugar or Black Maple Trees, the Amish take advantage of Hard Maple Woods; also known as Rock Maple. Perfectly nicknamed to live up to its heavy density, Maple Wood comes with a well-recognized uniform look, a fine textured finish smooth to the touch, and is excels as a durable furnishing wood. It isn’t uncommon to see this wood with no stain finish, with beautiful tones that vary from off-white to light tan, both coming with an occasional hint of red tint.
  • Popular among those with contemporary tastes and those who prefer brighter, modern home furnishings, Cherry is highly favored for its density, even-grained texture, and natural colors; they vary from light cream to deep reddish browns. This makes for a beautiful, light weight Amish crafted furnishing. It is prized for its beauty and considered an excellent choice for both formal and casual applications. Natural coloration varies from a light cream to a dark reddish brown; however, cherry can darken considerably with age, developing a deep, rich patina over the course of several years.
  • Other popular USA harvested woods Amish use to create hand crafted Furniture pieces are Character Cherry, Hickory, and Walnut. Character Cherry is derived from the same trees as normal Cherry wood; however, it differs in texture grade being a little coarser and varying in Grain design. Meanwhile, Hickory is one of the heaviest woods used and often nearly white in color. It is also surprisingly flexible and great for long term heavy use for furniture made by Amish; such as rocking chairs, baby cribbing, patio furnishings, and others daily-use furnishings. The latter, Walnut, is sourced from the Black Walnut tree and used to make the finest cabinets designed to your specifications by your Amish Wood Crafter. It is also more expensive, not just because of the time taken for your piece to be constructed, but also because of the time it takes these large, deep chocolate trees to grow is extremely slower than others!

Timeless Hand Crafted Amish Furnishings

As you select the best wood for your project, you and your Amish Craftsman can begin design phase of your hand crafted furniture. Each builder tends to explicitly assigned orders to ensure that you receive a consistent quality product; in their work shops, our experienced Amish woodworkers carefully construct each furniture piece according your specifications made while ordering.

Once construction is complete, your hand crafted Amish furnishings are sanded with keen eyes and stained with a delicate touch; finally being sealed with a protective barrier of catalyzed conversion varnish to help it withstand normal everyday wear and tear. Hand crafted Amish furniture requires time and dedication to providing quality household furnishings sure to become long lasting heirlooms for future generations.


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