Don’t Throw it Out – You Can Reupholster Amish Furniture!

Everyone has that moment in life when it comes time to decide if that treasured piece of furniture has met its life’s end. It’s a tough choice to make: on the one hand, it’s a piece that seems to have a lot of life left in terms of quality, but it doesn’t quite hold the same aesthetic appeal because of years and years of wear and tear. Considering whether or not that big box store couch has some life left? It probably doesn’t. But, truth be told, if you’re considering the choice with a piece of Amish furniture, throwing it out would be a real waste.

What’s So Special About Amish Furniture?

Maybe you’re new to Amish Furniture, you’re unsure of what, exactly, sets it apart from furniture that’s manufactured and produced in the big-box stores that can be found in every city on the map. Quality, handmade, classic pieces are essentially its staples; Amish furniture is the alternative to cheap furniture that is easily damaged and otherwise short-lived. Just a few years “living life” on cheap furniture, and you’ll find its life has come to an end; in 10 years, you may have spent $1500 on 6 different couches. If you’re looking for furniture that won’t fall apart, furniture that you can pass down to your grandkids one day, Amish craftsmanship is the way to go. Amish furniture isn’t just practical, it is comparable to a work of art, and can be considered an heirloom item. Lastly, attention to detail is second to none with Amish craftsmanship, and each piece is truly a work of art.

So… What Do I Do if I Don’t Throw It Out?

What’s the alternative to throwing your furniture out? Preserving it. The best way to preserve your furniture and to know that it will last many, many years? Take good care of it, and then it when it’s time, reupholster it. That Amish-crafted couch will last forever whether you take care of and reupholster it or not; however, it will only look good for so long without this kind of maintenance. It’s at this point, when the couch as lost its aesthetic appeal, that people consider tossing it aside. Rather, consider reupholstery a wise move: a minimal investment will bring new life to an otherwise young piece and will provide you several years more of functionality.

Amish Showroom

More About Us

We are the Amish Showroom, and we sell the best quality Amish furniture directly from our location in Minnesota! We got our start simply selling lumber, but not just to anyone – we sold to Amish craftsmen from our family farm. As we began to see the quality products coming from these craftsmen, we began to see the possibilities in retailing the furniture – a benefit to the customer, a benefit to us, and a benefit to the craftsman. Since then, our goal has been to gather the absolute finest Amish Craftsmen in the country, and to retail their products directly to the consumer. A benefit of this service? Our owner, Eric, is a successful homebuilder and woodworker, and is happy to customize an order to meet your needs; beyond that? He’ll hire the perfect craftsman to build it, and quote you the best price you can find. All of our Amish craftsman use the highest grade of lumber, and every piece is hand-selected for quality. If a piece isn’t consistent in grain and color for the project, it’s set aside for use on another project.

At the Amish Showroom, we offer a range of options in all different kinds of furniture, or we can have your dream piece custom built and furnished especially for your home. Each piece can be built with different stain options, mixing of wood types, wood paintings, and may include various glass types and hardware. Maybe you can’t get to our showroom; you’ll be happy to know you can still purchase Amish furniture online! Shop existing sale items, or browse our online catalog for the exact piece that you’re looking for. We have a plethora of options for the Dining Room, the Living Room, the Bedroom, the Home Office, and the Kitchen and Bathroom. Lastly, we offer handmade home décor pieces, like Jewelry boxes. Our page has listed the consistent Best Sellers, so you can see what’s worked well for customers time and time again, as well as New Arrivals and things “hot off the saw”.



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