Buy Amish Furniture: Quality Products Built on Family Values

Amish ShowroomThe Amish lead simple lives much like the early pioneers, forgoing many modern conveniences such as televisions, washing machines and dishwashers in order to focus on family, community and religion. They dress plainly, covering everything but their hands and faces. They use horses and buggies for transportation rather than cars. In short, they live in today’s modern world much like close-knit farm families did more than a century ago.

But even though the Amish lead old-fashioned lives with old-fashioned values, they still appreciate beautiful things such as finely crafted, highly durable furniture that sport simple, clean lines. And the Amish craftsmen excel at making just such furniture in today’s world in the same manner as their forbearers did in the 19th century. Today, Amish furniture is highly sought world-over for it’s clean lines, fine wood quality, extreme durability and superb craftsmanship.

How Amish Furniture Is Made

Amish furniture is created very differently than mass-produced furniture. For starters, most Amish still do not use power tools or mechanical tools so each piece of furniture is hand crafted. The furniture contains only 100% hardwood; you won’t find any cheap plywood or particleboard in a piece of Amish furniture. The Amish craftsmen choose only the best pieces of wood to put into their furniture and use the most durable types of wood such as maple, oak, cherry, and elm among others.

Amish FurnitureOne popular type of wood you’ll often find in Amish furniture is quarter sawn white oak. When a white oak log is quarter sawn, the decorative, wavy pattern of the wood is prominently display. This special cut yields a more limited number of top grade boards and requires a longer drying process than other types of cuts. But the result is worth it to the Amish craftsmen because the board contains a very distinctive grain pattern and it is also very stable and less susceptible to warping and shrinking.

Also when you look at Amish furniture closely, you’ll notice that the boards are not held together by staples, nails or screws. Instead, the Amish use time tested methods such as mortise and tenon joints, dovetail joints and tongue and groove joints. Each type of joint has a specific purpose. For example, a beveled tongue and groove joint is used on furniture that is constructed with a solid wood back because this joint allows the wood to expand and contract keeping the integrity of the furniture intact.

Once the furniture is made, the Amish craftsmen lovingly sand and polish it by hand to giving it a final, finished look. Possibly no where else in the world can you find furniture that has had such care placed in making it the best possible.

Where to Buy Amish Furniture

At Amish Showroom, we offer the best Amish furniture for sale online. That’s because we work with experienced Amish craftsman around the country to bring their furniture from their workshops direct to you. We offer a huge variety of styles as well as a huge number of products. You’ll find beds, dressers, armoires, tables, chairs, benches, nightstands, desks, and cabinets: in short, just about anything you can find in a large retail chain that features mass-produced products but with much higher quality and much more care put into the production.

Amish ShowroomAnd because we work so closely with our group of Amish craftsmen, if you don’t see exactly what you like we can redraw furniture plans and have the craftsmen create the piece for you. We can even stain pieces of furniture to match items you may already have exactly. You can even choose what hardware you want (for example, dresser pulls) on your furniture. Our ability to customize your Amish furniture ensures that you’ll not only have a piece that is beautiful, authentic and sure to last for generations but that is unique to you.

The Best Amish Furniture for Those Who Value Family

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that represents your dedication to old-fashioned family values as well as serves as a standard of beauty in your home, then you need look no further than Amish furniture. And you should start your search at Amish Showroom for the best selection and best quality available. You’ll also find that our prices are highly competitive, as well, even for customized furniture.

While Amish furniture may be more expensive than mass-produced furniture, you can rest assured that because it is so high quality and so durable you’ll only have to purchase that particular piece once in your lifetime. In fact, you’ll be able to pass it down to future generations for their enjoyment as well. What better way to honor the time-cherished value of family than with a handcrafted piece of Amish furniture?


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