Are Hutches a Piece of Amish Furniture that you need?

Amish FurnitureThe word “hutch” is an English word used to describe a cabinet or set of shelves set atop another cabinet with a countertop and drawers or doors beneath. Some hutches can be used as desks, and they are often placed in the dining room or kitchen. People sometimes confuse hutches with china cabinets, but there is a difference between the two pieces of furniture.

Some hutches include mirrors on the back of the display area to help induce the feeling of openness in a room as well as enhance the beauty of the dishes displayed within. Other hutch styles do not have mirrors.

Types of Amish Furniture Hutches

There are typically three types of hutches: the kitchen hutch, the china hutch and the buffet hutch.

Buffet Hutch

The buffet hutch is the smallest and simplest type of hutch. It is usually just a cabinet with a flat top suitable for serving food, tea or coffee off of. Underneath the flat top are shelves typically enclosed by solid wood or glass doors. This hutch design usually does not feature any shelves above the flat top, but might include wheels to easily move it from room to room as it is being used.

Kitchen Hutch

The kitchen hutch rarely ever has wheels as it is too tall to be moved easily. This style features shelving above the flat top surface that may or may not be enclosed with solid wood or glass doors. Some kitchen hutches might have a combination of doors and open shelves to accommodate oddly shaped dishes such as pie plates or cake pans that do not fit in regular cabinets. Some kitchen hutches might even be designed as corner pieces to take up less room but provide more storage space in the kitchen.

China Hutch

The china hutch or china cabinet is the largest and widest of all the hutches. This Amish furniture piece is designed specifically for storing and showcasing beautiful china dishes and silverware. The top section is typically shelving enclosed by glass doors. It may also have lighting installed to further enhance the beauty of the finery within. The bottom part of the hutch usually has solid wood doors, as well as a drawer or two suitable for storing tablecloths and silverware. China hutches are usually placed in the dining room.

How to buy Amish Furniture Hutches

When you set out to buy Amish furniture hutches, it is best to have a purpose in mind. Do you want more storage space in your kitchen? Are you simply looking for storage that doubles as added space for serving food during family gatherings? What about special dishes? Are you looking to showcase family heirloom china? Knowing exactly what your hutch’s function will be is the first step in getting a piece that works best for you.

The next thing you need to consider when shopping for a hutch is the amount of space you have available to put it in. This piece of furniture is likely to be the focal point of the room, so you want to make sure it gets the space it deserves.

Amish Furniture for sale online: Hutches

Amish FurnitureWhen you are shopping for a hutch, you don’t want to jump into the first one you see. This piece of furniture is sure to become an heirloom that will pass from generation to generation. Aside from finding one that meets your needs and preferences, you want one made to stand the test of time. Whether you browse a hundred furniture stores or just one, make sure the last place you look is the Amish Showroom. We offer high quality Amish furniture for sale online you won’t find anywhere else. In fact, we carry over 100 hutches to choose from.

Popular Amish Furniture Hutches

One of our most popular Amish furniture hutches to date is the Albany Hutch. The Albany Hutch is a china hutch perfect for showing off and protecting your best dinnerware. Designed with beveled glass doors and adjustable glass shelving with plate grooves, this piece only enhances the beauty of your finest china. The bottom cabinet features four solid wood doors and four dovetail drawers.

Another popular hutch in our collection of online Amish furniture is the Anglewood Hutch. This simple yet elegant piece stands tall on four legs. Three beveled glass doors on the front allow ample viewing of the dinnerware within, while the fixed shelf with wire rack below offers additional space for storing or showcasing. The bottom cabinet below is completely enclosed by three solid wood doors and three dovetail drawers. Touch lighting is also included.

When you decide to add an Amish furniture hutch to your home’s décor, be sure to look for a piece that not only looks beautiful, but also serves as a functional piece as well. Remember, this piece of furniture is sure to become an heirloom, so choose wisely and shop the Amish Showroom

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