Amish Values Help Craft Beautiful Furniture

Amish furniture holds a great amount of value for its high quality and master craftsmanship. Solid wood furniture has always been in high demand since it remains serviceable after heavy use, with many pieces lasting an entire lifetime. Here at Amish Showroom, we take pride in the heirloom quality furniture we provide for our customers. We are more than happy to give customers access to these excellent pieces of furniture so they can experience the difference for themselves.

Why is Amish Furniture in such High Demand?

Solid wood furniture has maintained a reputation for being known for its durability and craftsmanship, especially the kind made by the Amish. The styles to build this kind of furniture are traditional in nature so there is a timeless quality to each handcrafted piece that comes onto our showroom floor.

Amish furniture was first ‘discovered’ in the 1920s and hailed as early American folk art. Dealers and historians place immense value on the quality and beauty the furniture possessed, with a variety of styles being showcased during this time. The Jonestown School is one of the most widely celebrated examples of beautiful Amish furniture, their most famous pieces being painted blanket chests that have been decorated with flowers on the several panels. These chests have been put on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Museum in New York City.

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What Values does the Furniture Hold in an Amish Community?

When people search for Amish furniture for sale, they’re helping to support generations of skill and craftsmanship. Amish beliefs prevent them from using electricity so many of the woodworking tools craftsman use in their shops are hydraulic or use a form of pneumatic power that can run on diesel compressors. Many Amish communities permit the use of certain technologies and make allowances when it comes to woodworking. The age-old craft has helped to support many families in a community and is a strong form of trade and business. 

Amish furniture for sale is held in high regard for the attention to detail given to the wood. Each piece of lumber is hand-selected and inspected to match the specific piece of furniture being crafted. This attention extends to every small aspect, even the grain of the wood before the craftsman begins gluing pieces together to start building the finished piece.

The high sustainability of the furniture has made it highly desirable for people who wish to invest in a piece they know will last. Amish furniture is never made with sub-par materials like particle board, but instead solid wood to ensure durability. The furniture is even considered a ‘green product’ since it’s made entirely out of wood.

Many Amish woodworkers take pride in their work and consider their products pieces of art and furnishing. The furniture is designed to be used and lived with for generations at a time, many pieces have even been passed down in families.

Is the Furniture a Good Investment?

Amish ShowroomThe best Amish furniture is a sound investment for any home or busy household. The technology and techniques for making the furniture have come a long way in the last several years. There is every kind of furniture imaginable to furnish every room in your home including the study, living room, dining room, and even the bedroom. When furniture is built to serve a purpose, you should expect it to last for if you need it too. The furniture we stock is made by master craftsmen who take great pride in their work and ensure the furniture is of high quality every step of the way.

They inspect everything from the lumber to hand selecting the key pieces to make the highest quality product they can produce. When you purchase the furniture, you’re contributing to generations of craftsmanship, skill, and tradition that has been passed down in families for centuries.

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