Amish-Made Hardwood Furniture that Lasts for Generations

Amish furniture is known for being the highest quality wooden furniture that money can buy. Each piece is handmade with a keen eye for detail, with materials that are naturally sourced and never diluted. The methods that go into the building of the furniture are time-tested, as few, if any, of the practices, involve modern machinery. When you buy Amish furniture, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the finest handcrafted woodworking in the market.

Obsessive Quality

Big-box retail furniture stores can be said to saturate the furniture market. However, the price consumers pay for the lower costs of using this route is in the quality of the product. As technology advances, the amount of wood used in most furniture becomes smaller as manufacturers are able to cut it thinner. Many pieces of modern furniture are comprised of particle board and assembled with equally low-quality methods. The result is a scant few years of use before the piece of furniture needs to be discarded.

Amish furniture is built of solid hardwood from American-grown trees that produce the highest quality lumber, and that wood is closely inspected for grain, color, and consistency throughout the building process. Each piece of furniture is carefully constructed using methods that have produced fine furniture for centuries. The Amish differ from the rest of society in that they do not utilize modern technology, and this translates to their furniture building process. No corners are cut by these craftsmen, who perform every step of the process by human hand.

Custom Made for Your Home

When you enter an Amish furniture store, you may see several pieces of furniture on display in the showroom. These are examples of what styles, wood types, and finishes are available, but usually, Amish furniture is custom made to order. You can choose the wood and finish, and any other details, and the craftsman that the store utilizes will generally build to order. This speaks of the amount of care and work that is put into every piece of Amish-made furniture. The quality and care that goes into building each piece harken back to the 19th century, when quality wasn’t just an option but was the only option.

The primary furniture styles of Amish built furniture are the Mission style, known for its clean, straight lines and exposed joints that create a modern feel; the Shaker style, with its plain elegance and functional, durable, and simple design; the Queen Anne style, which is more traditional and features ornate moldings, unique foot carvings, and carefully carved ornamentation; as well as Southwestern, Rustic, Cottage, and Beachfront styles. Each style can be accented with custom details as well to suit your home’s décor and your personal tastes.

Amish Furniture

Lasting Durability

The methods and techniques that go into creating and crafting Amish furniture have been handed down through generations. To some, it may logically follow that the furniture itself lasts for generations. The solid hardwood materials each piece is constructed of are hardy and durable, and careful attention goes into every step of the building process. There is almost never any laminate wood or particle board on a piece of Amish furniture. Each piece of wood is hand-selected and examined with great scrutiny for its quality and ability to match the other pieces of wood in the product.

The Amish pride themselves on making their furniture, especially for the fact that it is long-lasting and durable. Furniture crafting often supports multiple families within a community, so it is important to them to deliver a product that is well worth the money spent. They also very much believe in the seemingly-lost value of taking pride in their work and what is produced by it.

Finding Amish Furniture Without a Huge Price Tag

Amish furniture tends to be costly, which may turn some consumers away from purchasing it. However, a single piece of Amish made furniture can easily be passed down through several generations and withstand the test of time without sacrificing any quality through the years. The carefully chosen materials, the painstaking processes, and the centuries-old practices combine to create a finished product that will not only be beautiful in any home but will serve several eras in a bloodline and still be usable in a century.

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