About Us

Welcome to Amish Showroom

We are a family business with over 16 years of experience building solid hardwood furniture.  We started out selling lumber to local Amish builders, and over the years built a team of highly skilled craftsmen and women!  Many of our pieces are custom build to meet your needs from the wood and stain choice you pick.

Because we own a lumberyard we can supply some shops with our own lumber.  This lowers your cost and we just pass the savings directly to you.  Amish Showroom believes the internet has changed the way people shop.  Clients no longer “fear” ordering online.  Client’s get exactly what they want at a much lower price.  This model allows us to keep our prices low by not having a large monthly lease and unnecessary operating expenses.


It used to be “flattering” to have others want to copy our designs, but we are finding WAY too much of it with today’s online presence.  With over 16 years designing furniture we are now implementing safeguards to protect our unique design idea’s and copyrighted and/or patented trade marked property.

STOLEN NAME :  Amishshowroom even had our Trademarked Name “copied” by a “retail” store in Colorado.  Amishshowroom Inc. and Amishshowroom.com are Trademarked according to the Trademark laws of the United States, and used in business as required by law.  We are a Minnesota based company.

Amishshowroom Inc. has a steady line of people trying to photograph, copy and re-produce our furniture.  For this reason we limit photography of our unique product and stain designs at our Warehouse and Store.